Comrade Depardieu: France's Most Famous Millionaire Expat Granted Russian Citizenship

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Thirty years ago, the USSR was better known as the "Evil Empire." Fast forward to today, when its successor Russia, is apparently the "Tax Free Empire", and less socialist than France, at least to infamous millionaire expatriate Gérard Depardieu, who as reported previously has paid €145 million in taxes over 45 years, and who demonstratively decided to give up his French passport in the wake of France's socialist 75% millionaire tax (subsequently ruled unconstitutional), and as of today, has just been granted Russian citizenship.

From AFP, pretty much in its hilarious entirety

Gérard Depardieu, the French actor who has waged a battle against a proposed super-tax on millionaires in his native country, has been granted Russian citizenship.

A brief announcement on the Kremlin website revealed that President Vladimir Putin signed the citizenship grant on Thursday.

The former Oscar nominee and star of the movie “Green Card” has been vocal in his opposition to French President François Hollande's plans to raise the tax on earned income above €1-million ($1.33-million) to 75 per cent from the current high of 41 per cent.

“I have never killed anyone, I don't think I've been unworthy, I've paid €145-million in taxes over 45 years,” Mr. Depardieu wrote in an open letter in mid-December to Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, who had called the actor “pathetic.”

“I will neither complain nor brag, but I refuse to be called `pathetic,” Mr. Depardieu wrote in his response.

A representative for the former Oscar nominee declined to say whether he had accepted the Russian offer and refused all comment. Thursday was a holiday in Russia and officials from the Federal Tax Service and Federal Migration Service could not be reached for comment on whether the decision would require Mr. Depardieu to have a residence in Russia.

Mr. Depardieu said in his letter to Mr. Ayrault that he would surrender his passport and French social security card. In October, the mayor of a small Belgian border town announced that Mr. Depardieu had bought a house and set up legal residence there, a move that was slammed by the newly-elected Socialist government.

Though the two-year tax was struck down by France's highest court Dec. 29, the government has promised to resubmit the law in a slightly different form soon. On Wednesday it estimated that the court decision to overturn the tax would cost it €210-million in 2013.

Mr. Depardieu has made more than 150 films, among them the 1991 comedy “Green Card” about a man who enters into a marriage of convenience in order to get U.S. residency. Most famously, Mr. Depardieu was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as Cyrano de Bergerac in the 1990 film by the same name.

The Kremlin statement gave no information on why Mr. Putin made the citizenship grant, but the Russian President expressed sympathy with the actor in December, days after Mr. Depardieu reportedly said he was considering Russian citizenship.

“As we say, artists are easily offended and therefore I understand the feelings of Mr. Depardieu,” Mr. Putin said.

* * *

And now we have a new goal in life: to see the day Warren Buffett hands over his US passport and becomes a resident of Nizhny Novgorod, dressed in a shuba and driving a Lada 1600.

In the meantime, here is Depardieu conveniently dressed as Rasputin:

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firstdivision's picture

Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!  Russian mafia/government will fleece him of all his wealth in less than a year.  Most idiotic move ever.

TheGermanGuy's picture

Probably. Still better than France

firstdivision's picture

Much better locations to choose to ex-pat to than Russia.  Russian mafia is quite greedy and will hunt you down wherever you are.

GetZeeGold's picture



So will the mafia in America.....just saying.

fourchan's picture




which is truely pathetic?

jekyll island's picture

How can a crappy actor like him make so much money?  THAT is the real question here.  France needs to get them one of those central banks like they have in the US, that would help take care of their problem.

old naughty's picture

Red passports, hummmmmmmmmmm.

May be Hollywood will empty out?

Bravo, Hopp-it.

NoDebt's picture

Wait, question here.  Did he ACCEPT it or is it merely an OFFER from Putin?  I'm a little fuzzy on this.  Forgot to take my crazy pills today.

phyuckyiu's picture

Lets see, 15% flat tax on everything, skinny white chicks not infected with feminism, one of the last countries advocating anything Christian.... Let me get back to you.


Ok I'm done thinking, where's my Grey Goose BITCHEZ.

MiguelitoRaton's picture

Accept Russian citizenship, live elsewhere, pay no tax. The US is the only country that taxes foreign earnings (subject to a minimum threshold like $95K or something). Can the last rich person in France turn out the lights when they leave it to the largely Muslim immigrants?

Ratscam's picture

i love them red passports with a white cross on them, hmmmmmmm

SilverRhino's picture

I think the 13% income tax and low cost of living is pretty nice actually.   

You just have to learn Russian (which can be a bitch) 


samcontrol's picture

I would love to see one of your award winning actors do a movie in can you say he is a bad actor ? Have you EVER seen one of his films in French or you just saw the BS you are fed?
So much haters on this site , you critize just for the sport, in your particular case who the fuck are you to give your opinion on acting ?

: sports betting....
I will take this opportunity to go completly out of wak topic. I love sports betting, only on major events i like . I ususally travel to watch how my bets unwind. I have been to the last rugby and 3 soccer world cups, i know it doesn't mean much to americans but it's a big thing.
In South Africa in the second stage(knockout rounds) leading to the final i got every game right exept GANA- USA. I thought you guys had grown football wise but no....Anyway , i made loads of $ and trip of a lifetime.
My biggest win was getting top scorer in New Zealand, i got 14/1 on 10k. Lost half in the FINAL ,that i saw LIVE and in TEARS how France was stolen that final. I'm still not over it.
My most consistant bet, world rally championship, won five of those in a row now. I would look into it...
I know this is Chinese to most of you, so i'll talk English. IRISH/ TIDE. I will go with the slight underdog, and since last time they where relevant i was living in the US, i like them.

Not to mention my father sent me to some PADDLE trigger happy fathers and sisters in Saint Lawrence catholic school, Tampa. Thank you for that marvelous education. Off topic there , sorry , add...
Any betters out there ? ,, besides stocks ;)

Graph's picture

Being a productive member of society as you are no wonder that you are smitten with actors.

As a world traveler you should now go to Russia and wash his undies - I think that you would feel honored to do that.


samcontrol's picture

i'm not productive , just fruits..
i don.t like him , he treats women like shit, not the point.
you want a go ..? .stop tickling my g point.

phyuckyiu's picture

Congratulations, I take it you are the new Tourette's Syndrome victim that SSI called us about. We were told to be nice to the new employee, no fun beating up retards ya know.

samcontrol's picture

i have add , don't know what SSI is, i have no employer and you couldn't beat me up in a hundred tries. my iq is 138 , not genuis but probably making you the retard if we compared. still tickles MF.

AgAu_man's picture

He was in a LOT of movies?

But riddle me this: How can someone like Judge Judy (Judith Sheindlin) make $60,000,000 a year? Now scale that to Depardieu's career length, and she is a multi-billionaire!?

And there are plenty of other Hollywood "actors" who made/make amazing incomes that boggle the mind.

And then there's the irony & hypocrisy that Mitt Romney paid little to no taxes for the years preceding the ones he disclosed.

smiler03's picture

$60 million a year doesn't necessarily make you a billionaire. Besides, she's probably rich because lots of stupid Americans watch her on TV. 

Gérard Depardieu has not surprisingly appeared predominantly in French films, they don't have anything like the box office turnover of English language films.

I hope that riddles you.

Raymond Reason's picture

Got news for you.  The Russian mafia are communist Jews, and are being systematically driven out.  Most end up in New York and Israel...and other places where Christians are not welcome.   

phyuckyiu's picture

Russia: the last Christian country. No joke.

Raymond Reason's picture

Serbia is probably the most devout of the few remaining, hence the never ending financed persecution. 

e-recep's picture

not if you are that close to putin.

TotalCarp's picture

Classic.. I actually wonder if he did ask for it or they just sent a red passport over to him just for the hell of it..

Roandavid's picture

Not.  Nether Mr. Depardiu nor his money will ever reside in Russia and as a result both will be unavailable for fleecing.

magpie's picture

yeah yeah yeah, Back in the EUdSSR

fonzannoon's picture

I thought Warren Buffet's secretary would be the one handing over her passport first?

otto skorzeny's picture

actually better looking than the real one

fourchan's picture

ayan rand + harvy kitel= depardieu

LetThemEatRand's picture

And just as "productive" as the real one.

So basically people who made a lot of money entertaining people don't want to pay taxes because that will make them less "productive."  Now I get it.

 "I've never actually built any railroads, but I read an Ayn Rand fiction novel last night and acted in some movies so...."

Matt's picture

What do you think is the maximum acceptable tax rate? 99%? 99.99%? Should wealthy people, once wealthy, work for free?

FFS, he paid 85% of his income last year out as taxes in one form or another. Are you advocating slavery?

BobPaulson's picture

is he dressed as a Kardassian in Deep Space Nine there? Great makeup work there.

Jason T's picture

One day, I want that kind of beard.. that is mint

otto skorzeny's picture

"His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man's entire body"-The Most Interesting Man In the World

Chuck Norris's picture

I am very jealous of his beard

Dr. No's picture

Chuck Norris jealous of something???  2013 will not be good.

Mad Mohel's picture

Spitting image of Grigori Rasputin, the Mad Monk.


Edit: Found out he played him in a movie. Must have gotten lost in the role and never made it back to reality.

homersimpson's picture

Hmm.. taking citizenship in a country known to steathily eliminate all that go against the establishment. This guy isn't the brightest bulb. I'm sure Sergei Magnitsky, if he was still alive, would have given Depardieu a huge pimp slap with his elbow fully extended for thinking of this nonsense.

Not a wise move, man! Doh!

Dave Thomas's picture

If only he read the Sovereign Man's blog!

smiler03's picture

Hmmm, Simon only recommends chile, peru, georgia, switzerland, singapore, mongolia, kosovo, new zealand, monaco and hong kong. He could probably fill a roulette wheel with suggestions.


No letter "c" unless I opy and paste, my Dell keyboard is fuked.

agent default's picture

"Hmm.. taking citizenship in a country known to steathily eliminate all that go against the establishment. "  Didn't know the US also made him an offer.

Yes_Questions's picture



“As we say, artists are easily offended and therefore I understand the feelings of Mr. Depardieu,” Mr. Putin said.

Why does this statement stand out?


Yes_Questions's picture



Let's hope he gets the eyes better than Adolf.


otto skorzeny's picture

I have one of those every time my wife won't give me some.