Geithner Out Before End Of January

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We are sad to bring you the tragic news that Tim "TuboTax" Geithner, who has long made clear his plans to leave some time in early 2012, will be out before March, and in fact before the end of January as it turns out. From Bloomberg:


We are also confident readers will somehow be able to overcome the unprecedented sadness at this particular rat's departure from the Titanic, metaphorically speaking of course.

And while Timmy's replacement (assuming it is of the Homo Sapiens genus and species) is still unknown, we know what some of the prospects think about serving the public:

American Express Kenneth Chenault had been approached for job, has indicated he isn’t interested


Administration officials had approached American Express Co. Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Chenault about joining Obama’s second-term cabinet, possibly as Treasury secretary. Chenault isn’t interested in leaving his private sector job, according to a spokesman.

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Hedgetard55's picture

Tim "No risk of a downgrade" Geithner, slinking back to his rathole.

Zer0head's picture

Boner looks like he got it

Long live the Tea Party


inevitablecollapse's picture

unfortunately, this didn't happen


edit: posted this late...

Venerability's picture

Just posting this here because it's the latest.

Midday Fast Ninnies SCREAMING "Gold Versus Stocks" propaganda today, even though everyone knows it's the silliest of canards and 100 percent INaccurate.

When they do this very loudly, it means one thing and one thing only: One of Their Own - let's hope Princess Dennis - is in horrible trouble with a Gold Short position again.

The miserable little curs are completely transparent, to the point they'd be much better off just keeping quiet. Heavy-handed propaganda like this has the opposite effect from what one would like it to have.

El Hosel's picture

.... GLD and SPY have moved in tandem more or less in the new normal post crash rigged market. Put up a four or five year weekly of the two....even the Princess can't deny that.

Quinvarius's picture

Meh.  Gold and stocks are rising for the same reason.  Money printing.  I think they are getting upset at the fact that stocks never rise unless gold lets them rise with it.  They want the economy to be doing great.  But it sucks.  Deep down inside they know, as I know, stocks only rise because of the easy money.  And secretly they fear every whack on gold is going to nuke them again.

Quinvarius's picture

Surely the gate is wide open for a US debt downgrade.

Yen Cross's picture

 Someone needs to load this thing with a couple "Hellfire Missiles", and fly it over the N.Y. Fed.

  WATCH: “Superman” Spotted Flying Above SoCal | KTLA 5


Mark123's picture

I'll bet the Arabs can't wait to see the weaponized version of this baby as it rains death and destruction on them!  But it will probably be the Captain America version,


Smart bombs are so 1990's.

Yen Cross's picture

Good one Mark. ;-) The visual of that one is great!

Tsar Pointless's picture

Boehner re-elected Speaker of the House.

Any real doubts? Really?

Meatballs's picture

Chicken shit fucking scumbag should be hanging HIGH.

yogibear's picture

Even if they didn't replace him it would be no big loss. Plenty of tax cheats to act as a placeholder.

UGrev's picture

The dump I took at lunch just notified me that it will be regaining the crown of "Total piece of shit" now that Geither is stepping down. 

Mark123's picture

What happened to our civilization?  I feel like I am living in medieval times in a kingdom with a retarded king who is managed by evil money-lenders and the populace is illiterate and timid.

How we have fallen!

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Christ sakes! I was only joking!

JLee2027's picture

Let's see if Geithner cancels Silver Eagle production before he leaves.

Atlantis Consigliore's picture

Corzine or Maddoff in for Geithner;  same dogs fleas crooks. 

robnume's picture

Anyone who replaces "Turbo Timmah" is sure to be even more a titsucker at the breast of the Fed Res. Whomever Blobama selects will continue the wealth re-distribution scheme via ZIRP, monetary manipulation of commodities, etc. Gotta love these Plunge Protection Phonies! When will they finally jump, fuckers, jump? BTW, Zero Hedge, Christian Mingle ads on site? Really???

dynomutt's picture

Per Drake universal voice

Is the Jeethner going to release confidential records and skip on over to Europe?

Herdee's picture

Bernie Madoff,OK?

loveyajimbo's picture

Good riddance to an incompetent, corrupt queer.  Obunga seems to seek out the worst of the worst... here comes Jamie (Douchebag) Dimon, crime syndicate boss.  the smell still has not cleared from the Kerry nomination... Obama loves traitors and cowards.

dominating's picture

the old "hey guys when i left everything was fine" routine..... 

ebworthen's picture

Jamie Dimon will take care of everything.

unununium's picture

Apparently, Tim needs to be gone when blame time comes.  Question is, blame for what?

What's going to happen between now and bye bye Tim time...


lakecity55's picture

There has to be an economic collapse so they can confiscate our "assault weapons."

Timmah will be in Tahiti with a sack of gold.

RSDallas's picture

He and Berskank will be depitced in history as the worst thing that ever happened to the American people.  They both should be put on trial for treason!

toomanyfakeconservatives's picture

Timmy G. and the Brenanke belong at the front of the prison bus along with the Golfer-in-Chief.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Another Goldmanite no doubt. Hey... what's Jon Corzine doing these days?

lakecity55's picture