Two Covers To Commemorate The End Of The 112th Congress

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Presenting two covers to commemorate what may be the most dysfunctional Congress in the history of the US: the 112th, whose final official day is today. The only Congress that will be worse is the 113th, then the 114th and so on.

First, from Bloomberg:

And from the Economist:

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Babies? hmm so we're comparing sociopaths with innocent not yet brainwashed creatures now?

Europe? Where's the austerity in the US? At least Europe has some.

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To me, the notion of America becoming Europa is one big mindfuck.

Europe wants to go federalist just like the US, while the US is going the direction of Europe: an unbalanced broken system completely unable to change direction. Economically, both are treading water, and neither has any prospect of getting out of the hole they are digging for themselves.

Who needs more proof that 'Western civilization' is fucked?

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We need Banzai to give us a proof of a patriot holding an elephant gun, aimed at the elephant in the room.

Looks like the GOP is one trigger pull away from oblivion as it is.

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today I commemorate the congress by changing my registration from republican to libetarian on the plantation no more.

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No...reject all political handles. That is how your judgement becomes managed. Partisan atheism is always the right choice

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I wanted to start an Anarchy Party, but by definition, anyone who would join was excluded.


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Several yearsa go, I tried to start the Libertarian-Anachist Party ("LAP").  Same result.  Plus, the first meeting was fire bombed.

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I wouldn't want to be a part of any organization that would accept me as a member.

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until one re-cognises it's the whole System thats rotten, beyond any Party-ing, then looking for solutions within the System will continue.

just close the door, walk away, no second thoughts. . .

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What would Bagehot say?

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"Of course, banks are not the only lenders in our economies. The current crisis owes a lot to the non-bank

financial sector – funds, conduits, SIVs, securities dealers, and so on.  But the excessive leverage and 

maturity transformation in the shadow banking system was in general predicated on the plentiful 

availability of credit on too-easy terms from the commercial banking system.  Up to a point, the same 

goes for the abundant liquidity in asset markets that preceded the crisis.  Of course, persistently strong 

demand for financial assets – crudely, rising prices – created liquidity.  But, beyond that, the willingness 

and terms on which ‘market-makers’ and traders underpinned liquidity depended on generous access to 

credit for financing inventory and positions.  And the ultimate private sector providers of such credit are 

always the commercial banks"

Or maybe that's Steve Keen. ;)   (actually Paul Tucker from BoE to the Bank of Japan Lulz)

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I would say that putting a guillotine in the middle of the senate floor, with the caption "It's Time" would be the most appropriate cover.

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speaking of guillotines

Two centuries after handkerchiefs were dipped in the blood of the beheaded French king Louis XVI, scientists believe they have proved one such rag kept as a revolutionary souvenir contains his bloodstains.
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YES . 

With the Constitution inscribed upon the blade.

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'sic semper tyrannis' would do ... and would be legible in the YouTube videos!

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Yeah but what does MAD Magazine have for its cover????  That is where the real news is....

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What does playboy have to say? Honestly their political commentary isn't bad, I'm curious.

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A caricature of the Senator from Tokyo Prefecture.

If you can draw it well enough, you get a free art course!


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What is going on, William Banzai works for both Bloomberg and The Economist now?

Zerohedge should go in print edition with the best-off blogs and links of the month.



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When it hits the magazine covers the end is nigh.

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they are all members of the one-percent-gang, or candidate members.

they will never do what is good fot the country, they will do what is good for the gang.

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They never state the true point, they just state the talking point. They are divided because Obama and the Dems are spending us into oblivion and the Republicans are losing the battle which turns to them folding. They have no effective speakers. This is by design. Any bonehead knows that spending yourself into insolvency is unwise and no one is conveying that message. Get used to this. I say just let them keep going. Give everyone everything and collapse the damn thing. 

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Please spread this link far and wide if you want to know the game plan for the new American Revolution. Assymetric warfare can succeed and does not require centralized command.

 Our rulers want to disarm us peasants. We cant be trusted.

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WTF is going on with WTI?

forrestdweller's picture

that is what my parents taught me; try not to spend money you don't have, because you are gonna have to pay it back one day.

but i guess that is not what everybody learned.

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I believe it is your parent's generation that is running congress now? When they said you can't spend money you don't have they were referring to "you" not them.

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I think Obama is much more Eastern Eurpoean than a French Socialist.  I would have shaved his head and put a Gorbachev birth mark on his head.  Boner is the French Socialist he has the same dumbfounded look François Hollande has.

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How does one stop "The Chocolate Revolution"?

I've got my flowers ready. ;)

Salon's picture

The links I posted above were broken within thirty minutes of my viewing them. It talks about how thousands of small cells operating autonomously with the same overall goals do not need a central command.

Also apparently I cant order anything from

Oh well. I guess the American Spring was called off. Proly due to weather lol.

Everybody go home.

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At least try not to show your total lack of computer skills. You added a /comment to the end of your URL, thus rendering it to a 404, since you've probably either logged out or the site won't parse you straight to comments.

It still works, so it's not the NSA blocking it. It's also total fantasy, and utter bollocks. If you need that kind of itch scratched, at least read something with a bit of analysis and thought behind it: try 5GW, here.




In future use this site to check if you're being a simpleton or not.

GMadScientist's picture

What you said (and learn to recognize when you're being suckered into an ad).



Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Oh, indubitably my dear chap.

Malforming your own blogspam is just too much not to scratch, however. (And that site is hardly white-listed, meaning my visit adds no revenue).

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The Skilluminati website has some fresh material, but to me it does not invalidate the Bob Owens article or explain why it's fantasy. It may well be fantasy, but stories about bullets flying in collapse or revolution scenarios always get people fired up. Many people believe the Great Sandy Hook false-flag gun grab photo-op is the end of guns as we know them. The gun market is at an all-time frenzy. Certainly the lone wolf threat-excuse fits a federal grab at small arms.

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They misunderstand the ballet of hormones and internal controls that regulate cell's not nearly the great analogy to "spontaneous order" you might think.


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I'm keeping an eye on who and what entities are being added to the list that is going to force foreign banks,domestic banks,oil firms and others to trade their "swaps" in the OTC derivitives market out in the open with the CFTC.Trillions of dollars of these derivitives will now be forced to trade under a regulated entity.All because of Dodd-Frank.I expect a lot of volatility which happens to come in the same timeframe as this debt ceiling debacle and other major economic events like the devaluation of the Yen.Maybe manipulation in the Gold and Silver Markets(and others) will have to be unwound under the new Dodd-Frank rules?The Banks in New York will no longer have the secrecy to move their dirty derivitives work over to foreign Banks in Canada,England and Europe.All foreign Banks must sign up.I'm watching for a big move up in Gold in the next month or two as scams by Central Banks and Governments are forced to unwind.Trillions of formerly unregulated derivitives is sure lot to try to control.And the big part is the increased collateral that needs to be put up by Banks in order to try to continue their scams.Like Warren Buffet said about these things,these mass destructive elements need to be brought under control.It always helps to be a respected investor and good friend of Obama.

GMadScientist's picture

The whole point of the derivatives is that they can build notional mountains from relative molehills of collateral (as in almost no underlying real assets whatsoever...purely fictional side-bets).

I don't think one more captured exchange frightens the Too Big to Dissolve who have had months to prep for this eventuality.

You think Dodd and Barney weren't taking dictation as to what would or would not construe real hardship to their "Geppetos"?

There are rules about how much the gubbamint will cover for them (too much) but there's no real enforcement mechanism and they're one more emergency bill from reversing anything in that bill anyway. Seriously, don't ever cry for Wall St; they're covered. Always.


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These covers are great.


Instead of a French beret, Obama should have Scottish golf cap. Didn't he just hit the links in Hawaii on another one of his vacations?

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A dull axe would work also, live on cspan ?

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America turns European?  Just last week, it was turning Hispanic.  So confusing.