Piers Morgan Vs Alex Jones - The "Gun Fight" At The CNN Corral

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With the Notre Dame vs Alabama game a complete one-sided demolition, the night was in desperate need of some entertainment... until Piers Morgan and Alex Jones stepped in. While the headline topic was "guns", it was 13 minutes of unbridled spitting, stuttering, and screaming, which achieves nothing in converting anyone on the fence on either side of the "gun control" argument, but certainly helps with CNN's sagging Nielsen ratings, which after having become disinformation central following the Obamacare "rejection" and the NYSE floor "flooding", is now slowly but surely converting itself into the Jerry Springer show for Gen Y. If nothing else, this is far more fun than watching the all too controlled Notre Dame implosion.

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And thanks for the distraction, TD.  This "national championship" game is more like a snuff film.

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we we gotta be close to the end if this was on cnn

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Or CNN is close to the end.  I think you could argue both sides.

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Ya! Eat a bag of shit Piers! You pompass, lying, cocksucker!

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I don't think the mainstream media sheeple have ever seen or heard anything like this.

I don't care how the job gets done or whose cages get rattled, just so long as the job gets done. The consensus on the blogs seems way more positive than negative.

Made the top of Drudge!

Fucking awesome Alex Jones!

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i am laughing my ass right the fuck off. pwned.

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I'm sorry but it seems Alex Jones has become just as much a shill as Liesman, Pisani, Krugman... et al.

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Their combing every fact out of Jones' mouth right now. Which ones were wrong?

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THE BANKSTERS ARE BRITS!   Throw them out.

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Pasted from a Daily Paul comment;

Building 7
Hatchet Man of the NWO
Elite w/armed body guards
1.6 BILLION bullets
Predator drones
Gang rape
Hacking scandal
Mao/Mass murder
Duck hunting
Red Coat

Who else could have crammed all these gold nuggets into a CNN ambush?

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Last Words;

Jones: Go back to where they took the guns if you don't like it!

Yeah Piers you Red Coat, Go Back to Lousy Britain!

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As much as I enjoy the sheer chaos of it (and I'm not a big Alex Jones lover), please keep in mind Piers Morgan was going to get fired unless he did some extreme attention-getting, which precisely why this event occurred.  This was not an ambush, it was an attempt to get attention because they told Alex Jones he could go off as much as he wanted, and that is precisely what Piers wanted to have something to rally against.  I don't think that worked very well because Piers comes off as a complete turd as usual.  But regardless, whatever the motivation, it was worth it for the initial rant about guns.  molon labe

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The Limey ran real fast from the Gladio comment.

Those of you who do are not aware should read Richard Cottrell, Gladio: Nato's Dagger at the Heart of Europe.

You will never see this referenced on the MSM. Never.

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OMG......Alex smoked that little corksuckers ass.


I was never that big of a fan.....not that big of a conspiracy guy.....but I've gotta give props here.

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AJ came in with talking points; he wasn't prepared to debate, nor was he responsive in any way to any counterpoint.

The gungrabbers ALWAYS point to "gun violence" and try to make that the issue.  It's a red herring.  "gun" violence is not qualitatively different in most respects from any other type of violence, "knife" violence, "fist" violence, etc.

They always bring up the UK and how they have low amounts of gun homicides.  Unfortunately, they have abundance of other kinds; while they have low "gun" violence, they are the highest in the other forms of violence in the EU.  The grabbers continually try to centralize the discussion around guns and only guns because that's a cherrypick and the only point they can succeed on.  Taken in totality, NOBODY should be trying to emulate the UK's policy on crime in ANY way.  And THAT is the point in opposition that needs to be made, look at the freaking UK, the policies have been awful.

Also, there have been other mass shootings in the period between aurora and sandy hook.  They just weren't publicized.  The news only reports on things which tend to fit their agenda.  It's like having a coin toss and you simply don't report when it's a heads.  Anyone watching your report would assume the coin had only tails.  There was a shooting in WI IIRC, where a black guy shot up a mall with pistols, killed 4 ppl I think, but it simply wasn't made news.  Didn't fit the narrative.  Wasn't an assault rifle, wasn't a white man.  So, like in 1984, it never "happened."  Conversely, sandy hook and aurora were hyped so much, they "happen all the time."

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I think AJ was brilliant. The TRANSCRIPT to the conversation is what matters most and he got in the high points. This is what will be studied by TPTB. If they don't find it chilling, they are idiots.

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Piers was on the wrong end of a fully automatic weapon, Alex Jones' mind and mouth.

The machine gun of truth was locked and loaded ready to spray a fountain of truth on this mouthpiece of the NWO.

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I see this very different and actually question if this was staged.  Without a doubt AJ's points are on the money.  However he comes off as a raving lunatic which is exactly the stereotype the MSM tries to paint of those who want to keep guns.  He's yelling, uncivil, talking about boxing...I mean c'mon this is a nightmare from a PR stance for gun ownership.  If I'm on the fence in the debate and see Alex Jones being the "spokesperson" for gun owners, I'd question supporting their stance. 

There's tactics for taking on a news anchor.  In this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L2513JFJsY)  notice it's Bill Clinton's nonverbal communication that intimidates the host along with giving commands to the host on what he wanted him to do and flipping questions to to help bolster his point.  No name calling. No screaming and yelling.  Very little cutting off the host.  

NLP and Covert Persuasion is an art...and IMO Alex Jones failed miserably in convincing anyone who was on the fence about legislating more gun control.  

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Jones is a Pitbull, Clinton a Doberman, both can rip an interviewer to shreds.  Ted Nugent fed on Piers in 2011:


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There are many diffeent approaches, effective with different people. Sometimes soft works, sometimes loud. Support all the voices out there

 'the enemy of my enemy .  . is my friend'

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AJ always comes off as a six-year old, pro-wrestling wannabe.  That is why TPTB let him continue.  They know his rants will most certainly scare the sheeple and prevent the truth from being taken as anything but a conspiracists diatribe.  Plus, they can make a buck off it in the process.  That's the long and short of it my friends.

At any rate, at least the message is getting out.  Maybe if the sheeple hear it often enough, they will begin to believe it?  Now where have I heard that before...

On the way to work this morning, I came upon a mini-van adorned with a barrage of bumper stickers.  There was US NAVY VET, and God Bless the USA, along with I love Israel and others.  Of course I had to see who this deluded idiot was, so pulled up next to him and immediately recognized the white-haired, navy cap wearing old man from my Republican precinct meeting.  I clearly remember him as he sat directly across from me and told me that Obama was a Muslim Communist that needed to be assassinated.  Ironically, these are the types of people that think Jones is a delusional nut-case!  Wonder if he realizes that Israeli citizens Feinstein and Schumer can't wait to take his 2nd ammendment rights away?  :-p

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Spot on.  Also the Oregon mall shooter who decided to kill himself as soon as someone produced a concealed handgun.  The guy with the CCW didn't take the shot because he couldn't be sure his bullets wouldn't strike people fleeing in the background.  Responsible gun owner stopping a rampage does not fit the narrative.

“I’m not beating myself up cause I didn’t shoot him,” said Meli.  “I know after he saw me, I think the last shot he fired was the one he used on himself.”


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Morgan will go back to his 300k viewers a night redpil. I'm not worried about his ratings.

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Gotta love Jones' British accent.

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You know what I find too funny?

Even before Morgan's show was over, Jones' segments were posted on Youtube.

This interview is the next great leap for Reality TV.

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Totally Off Topic-- It looks like AIG is contemplating suing the United States for bailing it out (from the "you can't make this shit up" files):

After Bailout Rescue, A.I.G. Weighs Suing Its Savior By BEN PROTESS and MICHAEL J. DE LA MERCED

A lawsuit claims that the rescue by the government deprived A.I.G.’s shareholders of tens of billions of dollars and took private property for public use without appropriate compensation.

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It hardly went as CNN "planned". No doubt they wanted and expected it to be an ambush, but clearly one that mostly went awry. Sure, they expected Jones to act like Jones and told Moron to act "professional", but they did not have much control over that "debate" and did not know what to do with Jones as he ranted quite effectively in fact. If it had gone according to plan then why did they cancel Jones "scheduled" "debate" with that cocksucker Dershowitz? Also, why did the CNN producer cry and apologize to Pierce Moron?



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The best part was how subdued Pierce Moron was while Jones was talking. Under those conditions that was not his natural demeanor at all and you could tell he hated sitting there. I can't help but envision some kind of cartoonish caption above his head that read something to the effect "CNN made me have this guy on and told me to act 'professional', and now it just occurred to me that: (1) that was a bad strategy, and (2) I may now be a target for Alex Jones' supporters & I now wish I had never said what I said, (3) I want my mommy, and (4) do you think I can get my old job back? ..."


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All I know is that was thoroughly entertaining.

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Indeed.. I don't think that shook out as well as CNN would have hoped..

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OF course it didn't go well...CNN is a gungrab "news" organization.  Jones brought up points that didn't fit their narrative and he refused to play on their field of "*gun* violence."

The grabbers NEVER talk about overall violence.  They don't mention muggings, stabbings, robbery, home invasions, etc.  It's always gun violence and nothing but violence with guns.  Overall violence is NOT their concern.

What IS their concern is a person with a gun, a citizen, a regular joe (as opposed to someone *authorized*, aka, an elite).

Look at the Secret Service, look at the security profiles of all the bigwigs- they are telling you what is their PRIMARY concern, a person with a gun.  All the scanning the crowd, the snipers, the metal detectors.  All of it is to find that person with a gun.  People with guns scare them.

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Yup, what they are worried about is an armed Joe sitting behind the kitchen door when the storm troopers barge in and get a face full of lead.

Have that happen a few hundred times and those storm troopers become much less compliant.

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red coat was especially inspired, i thought.

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The problem with the show was Alex was only preaching to his choir. I understood

what he said but anyone not familiar with Alex's points would have missed most of what he said. Alex was hitting so many points at such a rapid rate and many while Puke Morgan was trying to speak at the same time that the sheeple couldn't gain anything from it. IMHO

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Like a professional boxer having a speed bag workout.

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Britain's violent crime record is worse than any other country in the European union, it has been revealed.

Official crime figures show the UK also has a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and even South Africa - widely considered one of the world's most dangerous countries.

trav777's picture

RSA is *significantly* more violent than the UK.  The numbers are BS here.

But, UK to EU, the UK is pretty violent.  Point that must be made is NOBODY should be trying to emulate the UK in any way in terms of how they've "dealt with" violent crime.

If when they banned guns there they told people "we will mostly eliminate gun homicides but ALL other forms of violence will be unaffected and will continue to go up," I don't think the population would have said "that sounds GREAT" and gone along with it.

But, by consistently framing the argument around the red herring of GUN violence, they were able to make people forget about all the other forms, forms that the media downplays because they don't fit the agenda.

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UK's crime statistics are completely different - aren't even comparable with the other EU countries

and don't get me started on how difficult it is to convince Brits to adopt comparable standards

according to their methods they report more "violent crime" and, strangely, less murders

I agree with you with the media's report methods, btw, particularly in "what fits the narrative"

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I also note Alex Jones' mention of "globalism" - is this becoming an US word for "global socialism"?

Or another way to cover up the globalization meme?

AJ mixes "globalism" up with the Big Banks, at which point I'd like to confront him with a few facts...

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Western: "I'm sorry but it seems Alex Jones has become just as much a shill as Liesman, Pisani, Krugman... et al."

A shill for Liberty . . .

let us all be such 'shills'.

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Alex is right on his facts, Piers is scum, but Alex was over the top for my taste.

I have no problem with Alex treating Piers like the arrogant, manipulative snot he is - or with any of the points he raised - but the performance (especially the insulting accent) was way too much.

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And when "uncomfortable" usurps the message, the message gets lost (to too many).


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That was NOT supposed to go down like that. That's why they didn't let Alex debate Alan Dershowitz immediately afterwards as previously agreed.

Alex Jones OWNED piers morgan and said things that that audience never hears. He had to be loud, fast, and angry to keep Piers from obfuscating the issue. He should be angry. Advocating the disarming of the people is morally equivalent to advocating legalized rape, genocide, or slavery. You would be mad about any CNN host pushing those wouldn't you?

I sense that Alex Jones is in big trouble. I expect him to have a "heart attack" like Brietbart, or be killed by "some crack head."