Piers Morgan Vs Alex Jones - The "Gun Fight" At The CNN Corral

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With the Notre Dame vs Alabama game a complete one-sided demolition, the night was in desperate need of some entertainment... until Piers Morgan and Alex Jones stepped in. While the headline topic was "guns", it was 13 minutes of unbridled spitting, stuttering, and screaming, which achieves nothing in converting anyone on the fence on either side of the "gun control" argument, but certainly helps with CNN's sagging Nielsen ratings, which after having become disinformation central following the Obamacare "rejection" and the NYSE floor "flooding", is now slowly but surely converting itself into the Jerry Springer show for Gen Y. If nothing else, this is far more fun than watching the all too controlled Notre Dame implosion.

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Yea, they already started a petiton there saying they don't want him back, so you know.... they are kinda begging us to keep him or throw him into the ocean.


No sane nation would actually keep him for long.... I honestly don't get why him and Obama are "friends", I personally wouldn't be able to stand the guy.

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If Piers doesn't like the 2nd Amendment, then the solution is very simple. Leave america and go home to England or an country that prevents people from protecting themselves.



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Well, if he did go home, and someone fileted him with a knife... well, I would be lying if I didn't say I'd have to hold back a smile at the irony.

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And if you don't like the first amendment....

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maybe we should treat the 1st ammendment like the second - only legal citizens/permanent citizens (green card) get to 'use' it. I have no probelm with PM having an opinion, i DO have a problem with him using his MSM-granted platform to proclaim things - of this magnitude - against his guest country. if he wants to bad mouth the US, then he can do from the other side of the pond - Otherwise, pick up a history book, learn 'merican engrish, salute the flag and take the test.

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Morgan looked like Custer at Little Big Horn. What looked like up arrows came raining back down. Alex Jones took no prisoner.

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Jones is right on the issues... But I fear that is not what matters to most average Americans who may watch that. They will only see an angry white male spouting off about a banker occupied government... All true, but Americans don't want to believe it, so instead they will see freedom advocates as dangerous lunatics (especially women). That is why Alex jones gets to go on CNN. The controllers have decided to herd the sheep. Will it work? Stay tuned...

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Agreed - Alex is correct on the issues but does major damage to the cause by making a total @ss of himself and by extension, anyone who agrees with him.

What an embarasment....

CNN's goal was accomplished. The idea of Alex walking around with a concealed weapon doesn't exactly inspire feelings of security.

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Jones knows exactly what he is doing. I watch him here and there, but look, without Jones antics and entertainment, people remain in a deep passive slumber. He isn't going to turn around 5 out of 10 viewers, but 1 out of 10 and that's what it takes. Someone to choke on their popcorn and say "WTF is this guy talking about? He's nuts but it's something new..."

He did great. Sure it's cheese wheez but ot works.

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Exactly right.  The vast majority of people will never be converted, but that doesn't matter.  There are already too many gun owners to disarm, and Jones just added to that number.  To hell with polite debate.  To hell with political correctness.  War is coming, gold hoarders and gun owners, food hoarders are the enemy.  We should all start sounding like Jones. 

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I concur.  War is definitely coming.  The government wants to disarm us to make complete slaves out of our children.  You had better be fucking angry!

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+1 Agree about the polite debate. Wait until the leftards get all the guns then you'll see the nicey leftist mask fall off or you can read a history book about leftist regimes or you can open your damn eyes to leftist regimes like N.Korea etc... BTW anybody heard from Code Pink lately? Now you know where all the leftard "anti-war" protestors went.

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Anger is exactly the expression that should be elicited from every single person in America today.  But thanks to the skewed news we are fed by the big corp, who all own shares in each other's countries, we get sound bits that are used for material on late night comedy shows.

Lack of confidence comes eventually.  That "out of sorts" feeling plagues everyone because we don't know what the fuck is going on. 

Piers Morgan is happy with globalization.  It has a place for him which will allow him to live well.  However, globalization has a message for the middle class on this planet:  "Your lifestyles are unsustainable." 

Now, take a minute and think about what that will mean when the cheap labor allows underbidding to the point there is no competition?  Facism is a miserable life for 99% of the people.  The ability to turn this around once it is set in will indeed take an act of God. 

Roll belly over and allow this fantasy of rich sheltered delusional power hungy men and you will be cursing your descendents to LIVING HELL.

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And some think calm reason will actually work ?   Wake the f*ck up !

They don't want to debate you

They want to disarm you

Get it ?

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Yeah I think a lot of people turn off any receptivity they may have had when you go full "truther" on them, regardless of the facts of the matter.

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meh. it's alex effing jones. big deal. he ain't running for office.  these one-party elections don't matter anymore so where's the harm?  who cares if pussified zombie america is offended?  fuck them.

some people are figuring out that the name of the game is survival, not nanny-state fallacies. corporatized western "democracies" are in decline (by any metric) and the correlating western monetary system is hanging by a thread. the charade of normalcy (in the US) is just about over.  look at the ratings trend of establishment-owned media - they're crumbling.  every day a passive TV-watching zombie dies, and a cynical wired noob is born. the FRB-sponsored wave of globalization is receding, and the little guys from all the nooks & crannies are meeting on the internet beach looking for truth shells and trying not to notice the garbage rotting all around them. long live the internet.

so jones is bleeding raw facts on primetime MSM.  good on him.

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The banksters & their paid off traitors have raped this country . . . which the banksters see as an obstacle to creating their NWO.

Theyve set it up to bring it all down, and the results could be hellish.

Not a good time to be disarmed, at all.

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He's more of a psycho than 'truther'

He really lost it in 2005/06----the tone of his show changed-----and the frequency of the rants increased-----I became bored by the constant attacks day after day

After this, though, I will make certain never to watch him again   he's a bore/boor/boar   om

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Curiously, Piers LET AJ spout off with little interuption. Not like Piers at all. Something fishy here, even though AJ did get a lot of good information to the viewing audiences. Depends on what they heard and how they process it. Used to be an AJ fan but further research points to some doubt on his real agenda. Hard to trust anyone but your own common sense.

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Alex could have done so much better.  I normally don't watch videos involving Alex Jones because he comes off as such a ranting buffoon, and this video was no exception, but he had that little limey wanker on the run, and he could have made him cry.  Alex was given a nice fat pitch..."the UK only had 35 gun murders last year."  Alex's response was batshit crazy...what he should have done was say "The number should have been ZERO since you have banned gun ownership.  Why did the UK government allow 35 of its citizens to be murdered with a gun?  Because the government cannot control every inlet for guns into the UK.  The criminals will always find a way to get guns and this is why the common citizen needs to be equally armed.  And if 35 people were murdered with a gun in the UK last year, that means there are way more than 35 illegal guns in the UK, since the percentage of people who murder with a gun is vastly smaller than the percentage of gun owners.  Why isn't the UK government doing its job?" etc.  For future interviews (assuming there are future interviews, which I doubt), Alex needs to tone down the batshit crazy and actually learn to counter the arguments he's presented with.  Then his legitimate talking points won't be dismissed out of hand and he might actually get through to some people and wake them up.

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Zero Grace Jones' rant did not help the cause. He was psychotic on that show and his brit accent mockery was cheap. Jones behaves like a fucktard. 

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Piers Morgan would still be a pompous prick with or without the pompous prick accent. In'nit mate?

vast-dom's picture

As per below Ventura did it with grace, respect (both self and for someone who's opinions he clearly did not care for) and intelligence. Jones was a hysterical nutjob.

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Morgan came across as a professional journalist. Jones came across as a fucking loon. There was no debate, just Jones behaving like an ADHD or ODD child with a profound penchant for violence. Morgan attempted to have a debate and that fucking gun loving lunatic Jones over talked and bulldozed his way acting like a threatened little schoolgirl about to be told she couldn't go to the dance. He completely and utterly destroyed any credibility or legitimacy that he thought he had, and annihilated much support due to his outburst of the 2nd amendment. He showed himself to be the true confrontational threat he so readily despises by not at least attempting to have a civil debate. His performance may now stand as the biggest threat to gun owners in America. And so it should.
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As was it was supposed to be.

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Jones the NWO plant. I wouldn't disagree.

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What would it be like if MSM TV gave Jones the full hour to debate in a more calm manner?

vast-dom's picture

Why give him an hour when he so royally fucked up the 13mins? Job accomplished. You don't get a second chance to make his several bad first impressions.

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I think you are mistaken.  People I talk to, randomly, when I ask point blank what their perception is of what is going on is they are so angry words cannot describe it.  Spittle and arms across the chest, shifting from one foot to another, that is their reaction.  This is the neighbors, people in Costco, store cashiers and patrons, anyone who stands by me for 30 secs is interviewed. 

Americans are polite when social graces are at stake.  But of course, a straw will fall eventually, and they will raise their voice and ask their representatives:  "Why with warning after warning, do you continue to steer the ship toward the iceberg?" 

Free press no longer exists.  I have not watched CNN since 1/12 and today am so proud of it.  (gave them all up other than local news).

 "For, By and of the People" but it looks like a coupe from here.  Craftly accomplished but not over yet.  One guy, about 70, said when I asked him, what if they confiscated guns, "it'll never happen." 

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"People I talk to, randomly, when I ask point blank what their perception is of what is going on is they are so angry words cannot describe it."


What actual question(s) do you use? How are things phrased?

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Somebody should check what drugs Jones is on... 

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Check this link out by way of contrast.  Jesse Ventura debating Piers Morgan on gun control from back in September.  Jesse gets the whole studio audience on board with his argument very effectively.  Jones just looks like an idiot.





Cman5000's picture

Great debate Piers nearly wet himself.

Poor Grogman's picture

Great link,

No one ever said that standing up for what is right would be easy.

I stand with the Big Guy...

vast-dom's picture

Thanks Jam -- this illustrates my point perfectly. Ventura made his points respectfully and effectively. Self-respect by respecting the host whom he clearly did not agree with. Let me say I'm for guns and despise MSM. Jones is a moron and proves it, again. As per Tyler: we devolve again into Jerry Springer grade bs, again and again.

nmewn's picture

When Piers brought up semi-auto rifles Jones should have brought up the Georgia mom hiding in the closet with her twins and only a .38 revolver.

If she would have had a Bushmaster...


the fucker would be dead.

HardAssets's picture

There's no problem with mutliple attacks from mutliple angles. From calm to fanatic.

What many don't seem to understand, is this is not a debate. The bankster controlled antis don't give a rip about debate.

They want the American people disarmed so they can have their NWO.

People are so damned lame and passive today, that when they see a little anger - they don't seem to be able to handle it.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

AJ's fake Brit accent made him look 10yrs old. I was sitting watching and couldn't believe how he fell into Piers trap. The gun nuts loved the interview but the majority of balanced Americans would have been horrified.

Cathartes Aura's picture


The gun nuts loved the interview but the majority of balanced Americans would have been horrified.

to which the "gun nuts" would reply,

"Fuk da sheeple they're too stupid to love AJ, but we're on the ball, and we KNOW, and WE HAVE THE GUNS, and the TRUTH, so come AT US, we're all WAITING FOR YOU, stupid SHEEP"  

etc. etc.

which is exactly where amrka is in this moment, taking sides, hating on the "others" and wanting what THEY want, whatever that might be - a perfect space for whatever happens next.

for the record, I'm against disarming folks, but those angry, spittle-flecked arm crossed CostCo shoppers that bunnyswanson mentions above?  they don't inspire any confidence in me.  nor do most of the shouty, fuck everyone who disagrees with ME on this thread and others.

from over here, it just looks like those who love to follow have found another man to fit the leader bill. . .


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Piers looked a little putrid when Alex went full rant..........first time I've seen a grown man wet himself in on TV. Good Job Jones.

Everybodys All American's picture

That was one helluva rant!!!  Guys if you have not seen this you have to watch it.

ball-and-chain's picture

Why does Alex got to yell all the time?

He can't control himself.

He needs meds.


Michaelwiseguy's picture

Thanks for the link Pink.

vast-dom's picture

AJ using all of these examples as excuses in the vid. Is AJ working for the other side? And what "mafia" did AJ tell off? He's playing the fool and the idiot. And the idiots here at ZH root for this.

TheProphet's picture


Congratulations Piers, you found the one guy on the planet who would be your shill for his own benefit in order to make you look reasonable.

TheProphet's picture


Congratulations Piers, you found the one guy on the planet who would be your shill for his own benefit in order to make you look reasonable.