Ackman vs Tilson: The Market Speaks

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Presented with little comment aside to ask the seemingly obvious question - who would you rather piggyback on - Ackman or Tilson? We hate to say it, but - we told you so...

Look away if your name is Whitney Tilson... Herbalife or Herbadeath?

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who's chair is this?  It's not my chair.

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Shot to the heart.

And you're to blame.

You give love a bad name.

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 Very likely they are both fos, just one sooner than later.

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Did Tilson forget the word "Puts" before "Note"?

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Did Tilson forget the word "Putz" before "Note"?

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I wouldn't invest in that MLM crap regardless of who endorsed it.

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Ponzi selling scheme.


Call it what it is.  Don't hide something like that in an acronym.  Tell the world what it really is.

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I hope Ackman was telling the truth about not covering a single share yet.

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Herbalife is sold under MLM scheme. Any product sold under MLM scheme has to be very expensive because of the high payouts. When your purse becomes lighter, definitely you will also feel light. I understand that it is basically a soya based product. There are many similar weight reducing products available over the counter at much economical price. The seller will brain wash you to use herbalife because he is earning money from it.

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It's a vulture company.  There are a shitload of these out there.  Nothing like the desparation of "success" to get otherwise reasonable people to do some very, very fucking stupid things.

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Pity the family with an Amway rep at Xmas time.  

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Actually the 'products' sold by MLMs are not just poor, they are irrelevant.

People suckered into the scam are told they will make money by recruiting other people into the scam. That's the basic business idea, the 'products' are just a fucking beard.

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FED, bernanke, beard with fiat as the product. Hammer that out and you've got a winner on your hands Dr Benway :D

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I don't know what Tilson did to piss off one of the Tyler's but boy did he fuck with the wrong fringe blogger. I'm starting to feel bad for the guy...

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Tilson makes me think of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry says to George that if every instinct he has ever had is wrong, then just do the opposite.  George then hits on the hot chick in the diner by telling her he's unemployed and living with his parents.  


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the costanza trade wouldn't work for tilson because he can't keep his mouth shut

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Yeah but

Robert Chapman probably did OK.

Shorting a cult stock is generally rough sledding bot both boys probably did OK if their respective covers and longs averaged somewhere in the middle.

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Whitney "i can't take the pain" Tilson threw in the towel on his NFLX short right before it plummeted... what a gigantic pussy

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it is a floos for sure..some one should inform that!!!!!!!! 

magento development

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I remember about 10 years ago I got into a little email debate with Tilson about a stock (BreatheRight, the nose strips company), which was selling at $3 a share.  He disagreed with me that it was undervalued.   Thought it was nothing special.  Stock got bought out by Glaxo a couple of years later at $36.

I did my homework.  He just did a cursory drive-by.... 

A nice guy, but way-overrated as a stock guru.

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How does Tilson still have money?