Argentina President Rents Plane For International Trip To Avoid More Elliott Confiscations

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In a somewhat surprising bid to avoid having even more Argentina assets impounded by the increasingly more belligerent hedge fund hordes, president Kirchner opted to squeeze the government's already dwindling coffers further and instead of using her official aircraft, she decided to pay British air charter Chapman Freeborn $880,000 for an airplane rental to take her to Cuba, the UAE, Indonesia and Vietnam. This happens even as Argentina is once again caught in a messy brawl with the UK over the Falklands. And while the nearly $1 million abuse of taxpayer funds will hardly pass unnoticed, we have no doubt that Argentina should be able to finance itself in the international markets efficiently should it choose to: just slap a high yield on the debt and pitch it to Elliott, already in possession of an Argentina boat, who may (or may not) gladly buy it. Stranger things have happened.

From AFP:

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner will go on a four-nation trip in a rented British airplane for fear that her official aircraft would be impounded in a debt dispute, the government said Monday.


Despite a bitter war of words with London over the Falkland Islands, Kirchner's government is paying British air charter firm Chapman Freeborn $880,000 for the trip to Cuba, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Vietnam.


The government's concern is very real: last year, a court in Ghana impounded the Argentine navy ship "Libertad" for two months following a request from NML Capital, a Cayman Islands-based investment firm.


The company, denounced by Argentina's government as a "vulture" fund," says Buenos Aires owes it $370 million stemming from the nation's debt default a decade ago.


Oscar Parrilli, the presidency's secretary general, said in a statement that it was "highly probable" that funds would try to detain Kirchner's official Tango 01 (T-01) aircraft on her upcoming trip.


Even though using the official plane would be 20 percent cheaper, the foreign ministry advised against using it "due to the aggressive posture of vulture funds," he said. A government source said the trip begins in Havana on Thursday.


Kirchner, who rented a Chapman Freeborn charter for previous trips in 2010 and 2011, has traded barbs with British Prime Minister David Cameron over the Falklands, which Britain retained after a bloody war on the islands in 1982.

We hope CFK does not have a Swiss bank account (like everybody else apparently these days) as breaching through the Elliott cordon of armed guards on Bahnhofstrasse to get to her stash would be worthy of a Bruckenheimer movie.

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She needs to start renting few armed drones.

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Declare Elliot a terrorist organization and send in the black ops forces to deal with them. Oops, I was thinking of another country's likely response.

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Green Shoots!

(man she's turning into a real pruneella)

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My 3rd OT in the last 24 hours (and that's not good), but it's so worth it.

This is pure gold, bitchez -- even cnBSc laughs Joe Weaselthal off the air as he tries to seriously discuss the "trillion dollar coin" ridonkulousness:

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Latin america takes the crown when it comes to overspending and getting into debt fast.

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What is not on that plane: Coke, US$, Gold, explosives or a hot latina?

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everything is a joke nowadays

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Well, since we're low on bread, time to ramp up the circus!

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This botox socilist bitch just needs to mint a $1 trillion Obama coin.

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She must've been something before electricity.

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I defy you to point out just WHERE the Botox was used in that picture! :>D

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I can tell where botox was NOT used.  Her eyeballs.  I think the rest of her/he had botox everywhere.

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Have you looked in a mirror lately?

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vulture funds?

so, the new name for someone who lends you money is  vulture?

if you buy US Treasuries, you are a vulture?

buyers of sallie mae bonds:  vultures?

buyer of fannie mae bonds:  vultures?

Coming soon to a fascist dictatorship near you


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Cortez the Killer said:

if you buy US Treasuries, you are a vulture?

buyers of sallie mae bonds:  vultures?

buyer of fannie mae bonds:  vultures?

You've got a point. They should probably be called patsy funds or bagholder funds.

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sure wish folks would know their critters before using the names - vultures eat what other creatures would die from consuming, vultures are uniquely designed to "dispose" of the shit that poisons "the system" and rarely "kill" their prey, although occasionally will hasten the end of what is already dying.

HYENA FUNDS would be a more appropriate naming - taking down the prey in packs, LOL'ng all the way.

©Vutures for truth

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That is one homely dude.

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Pelosi's slightly less corrupt brother.  Pelosi had most of the Air Force's Gulfstream fleet at her disposal. 

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That's why God gave us Tequila.

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I hope she at least earned some frequent flyer miles for all of that.

Oh, and puh-leeze…  No More Close-ups !

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I see she's getting beauty tips from Nancy Pelosi...

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Botox and gravity donT mix well.

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When extorters want to feel easy in dire times, there is no other solutions than fastening the belt to the extorted.

Carry on with the 'american'styler, you'll need it

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who names a fucken airplane with the callsign "tango"

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Riches, bitches.

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who would win the ugly contest-her or Hillary? I'm going USA all the way.

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So....when do the hedge funds confiscate Air Force One?

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The are being bought off with proceeds from CIA flights of Bolivian Marching Powder.


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NML capital a Cayman Island Based Firm... Decesnded from pirates i suppose? Pirates in suits. the  future is not what it used to be.

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Demanding tribute, as always.

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