Argentina President Rents Plane For International Trip To Avoid More Elliott Confiscations

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In a somewhat surprising bid to avoid having even more Argentina assets impounded by the increasingly more belligerent hedge fund hordes, president Kirchner opted to squeeze the government's already dwindling coffers further and instead of using her official aircraft, she decided to pay British air charter Chapman Freeborn $880,000 for an airplane rental to take her to Cuba, the UAE, Indonesia and Vietnam. This happens even as Argentina is once again caught in a messy brawl with the UK over the Falklands. And while the nearly $1 million abuse of taxpayer funds will hardly pass unnoticed, we have no doubt that Argentina should be able to finance itself in the international markets efficiently should it choose to: just slap a high yield on the debt and pitch it to Elliott, already in possession of an Argentina boat, who may (or may not) gladly buy it. Stranger things have happened.

From AFP:

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner will go on a four-nation trip in a rented British airplane for fear that her official aircraft would be impounded in a debt dispute, the government said Monday.


Despite a bitter war of words with London over the Falkland Islands, Kirchner's government is paying British air charter firm Chapman Freeborn $880,000 for the trip to Cuba, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Vietnam.


The government's concern is very real: last year, a court in Ghana impounded the Argentine navy ship "Libertad" for two months following a request from NML Capital, a Cayman Islands-based investment firm.


The company, denounced by Argentina's government as a "vulture" fund," says Buenos Aires owes it $370 million stemming from the nation's debt default a decade ago.


Oscar Parrilli, the presidency's secretary general, said in a statement that it was "highly probable" that funds would try to detain Kirchner's official Tango 01 (T-01) aircraft on her upcoming trip.


Even though using the official plane would be 20 percent cheaper, the foreign ministry advised against using it "due to the aggressive posture of vulture funds," he said. A government source said the trip begins in Havana on Thursday.


Kirchner, who rented a Chapman Freeborn charter for previous trips in 2010 and 2011, has traded barbs with British Prime Minister David Cameron over the Falklands, which Britain retained after a bloody war on the islands in 1982.

We hope CFK does not have a Swiss bank account (like everybody else apparently these days) as breaching through the Elliott cordon of armed guards on Bahnhofstrasse to get to her stash would be worthy of a Bruckenheimer movie.

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What a fucking hag.  She has a face like a bulldog licking piss off a stinging nettle.

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Now now, there are a few of us here been known to come out of that blackout and well, skedaddle real quick...

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FUGLY.  I'd overdose on Viagra before I'd ever get an erection.

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if with "Elliott, already in possession of an Argentina boat"  you mean the Fragata ARA libertad that was retained in Ghana and it is right now returning to Argentina and in Argentian territorial waters as I write this, then you are making pipi out of the can as we say.

regarding the 20% extra expense on renting a plane we might think about minting a big coin and call it a deal.

Malvinas Islands are part of Argentina but England is in decadence from always so it makes them feel less irrelevant acting prepotently to others 

Harbanger's picture

They may be a part of Argentina as you say, but when the inhabitants are polled, they prefer England.  The fact that the islands are even a diversion is because the fascist govt in Argentina is going bankrupt, again. 

machineh's picture

'We might think about minting a big coin and call it a deal'

Why mint a coin, when Kristina has introduced 100-peso bills with Evita's mug on them?

Strange that these Polynesian-looking Evita notes are hardly seen in circulation. Evidently the Peronists are afraid that too many people will deface them with mustaches and obscenities.

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They need more investors after confiscating half of the countries productive assets and threatening to confiscate the other half.  No one want to do business there.  A stupid female President, and stupid female central banker.

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If only we could get them to start thinking (and voting!) with their brains instead of with their emotion-driven brainstems ....

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I bet there is a pretty good stash of the old relic yellow metal on that know she just took here retirement funds early...."its OK sheeple...I am not stealing Argentinas wealth...just moving it to where I might have to flee....oh I mean retire...."

What a socialist pig

Super Broccoli's picture

aren't they tired to go bust every 2 years ?

Harbanger's picture

This should show people that just because a Govt goes bankrupt, doesn't mean they go away and you miraculously return to liberty.

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Ah yes the Cayman Islands.  Just remember though folks you can only hide your money there if you have enough of it.  If you're a little guy with a bank account there they will turn you over to your taxing authority in your home country in a heartbeat.  I know of a building in downtown Georgetown that is home to over 1000 large corporations.

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I didn't know Ozzie Ozborne was head of Argentina....i need to read the news more

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It's not her default that she was born that way.

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I've made alot of crazy bets in my life, but none that would equate to hitting that if I lost.

Would rather have a dog fart in my face.

XitSam's picture

If I was a despotic head of government, and had some "private" gold to stash ... might I make a "trip to Cuba, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Vietnam"?

AgAu_man's picture

"Schadenfreude" anyone?  Unless you can save your a$$sets with a nice trick called Reserve Currency Status -- which lets you finance all kinds of $hit, --this is coming to a place near YOU.  Thanks, CBs'!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled ZH-programming:  "Fools, Sheep and Shills hijacking the stage for mud-wrestling."

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Don't fly for me Argentina

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Too good for Delta, president Kirchner?

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Judgment Proof Nation! Viva la revelucion!

pashley1411's picture

I know its hard to be sympathetic, but the Argentine President is simply doing what we will all be doing in the 21st century, managing which jurisdiction is more likely to keep her solvent and out of jail.

MyBrothersKeeper's picture

They invented inflation manipulation in the modern least a 15% difference in the official vs non-official version.

"one minute I held the key, the next the walls were closed on me....I discovered that my castles stand upon pillars of salt, pillars of sand.."  - Coldplay

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so grab that old whore and put HER to work.  Shake that money - maker!

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Time to attach Chapman Freeborn's fee.  Great name, though.

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She must have some sort of reverse Dorian Grey thing going on with her economy.  As long as she keeps it in default she remains ugly.  No, that can't be it.

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...let her plane develop engine trouble on the way back from Asia and be forced to make an emergency landing at Port Stanley.

Pretty please ?!?:o)

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When can I start reposessing our government's stuff?  Seriously, we're bankrupt.  I'll never see social security.  That's 15% of my income since I started working 25 years ago.  That's some serious cash. I'd like to reposess Moochelle's various national and international vacations.  Can I do that?  How about their dog?  Did they use my tax money on that ugly thing?  I'd like to reposess the oral office's desk, and a few rounds of golf too.  And, while I'm at it, I'll take me a few GM vehicles.  They ain't worth a dime on dependability, so I'll need a few of them.  Thanks.

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She looked hot in the thumbnail - aged when I opened the article.

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Her official ride is a B757. Surprised her ego fits in such a puddle-jumper.

Salon's picture

If it were anyone but the Kirchner's or Argentina I would be sympathetic.

Fuck the bankers.
Fuck the Peronistas

americanspirit's picture

I think its great that she can't travel on a state-owned aircraft for fear of its confiscation - sorta like George Bush can't travel to Europe for fear of being arrested as a war criminal. 

And what's with Cuba, the UAE, Indonesia and Vietnam? OK - UAE for investment capital, and Indonesia for (maybe) an energy play, but Cuba and Vietnam? Seriously? Is there something I'm not catching here? Oh, wait - she's visiting her pal Hugo in Cuba. Big hug before he croaks. That leaves Vietnam. WTF does Argentina want with Vietnam? Wait Wait - I know. A base for their Navy. That's gotta be it - except, then their navy would be confiscated by the vulture hedge funds. So, maybe not. My head hurts.

UGrev's picture

WAIT .. WTMF!! Did I just read that she rented a "British" charter.  Oh yeah.. she really wants the Falklands back..fer sher

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No armed guards on bahnhofstrasse but if you ever do come here buy lunch at the zeughauskeller. I'll keep an eye out for you all

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Looks like somebody has drawn a face on a scrotum.... 

DR's picture

"court in Ghana impounded the Argentine navy ship "Libertad" for two months following a request from NML Capital, a Cayman Islands-based investment firm."


How the hell can a piss ant hedgefund track the global movements of a sovereign leader? Do they have access to US secret intelligence? It's not like you can hire a private detective to follow the movements of a Presidential Leader.


Scary,if you ask me....

Bazza McKenzie's picture

They probably just read the press releases.  Scary, eh?

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is she missing a tooth? her mouth looks like a crack or meth smoker, and her neck? maybe her partner is into strangulation fantasies, (who could blame him)? other than that, she may have a great personality.

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I suspect that she was not quite finished transmongrifying back into a human when that photo was taken.

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