Tax Fraud Investigation Opened Into French Minister Tasked With Battling Tax Fraud

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It is one thing for Pineapple republics like Greece (because only the US has full faith and credit in the "Banana" adjective) to have their former Prime Minister's mom be uncovered with $700 millions in Swiss accounts, or its former finance minister get caught literally whiting out his relatives (and perhaps himself?) from a list exposing tax evaders and offshore bank holders, but when the rulers of that bastion of neo-socialism, where everyone is equal, are shown as having done the same, and ostensibly "laundering tax fraud" and hiding unpaid taxes in some bank vault deep under the Swiss alps, implicitly having been part of that group of much hated "rich people" that the same regime is doing all it can to expel to progressive places such as Russia and Belgium, one can't help but wonder, are some more equal than others?

From Reuters:

The Paris Prosecutor's office said on Tuesday that it was opening a preliminary investigation into French Budget Minister Jerome Cahuzac over allegations that he had an undisclosed bank account in Switzerland.


The prosecutor's office said that given the sensitivity of the allegations, which Cahuzac denies, and the time it would take to investigate them, it had no option but to open an inquiry immediately.


"The Paris prosecutor has as a result decided to open a preliminary investigation for tax fraud," it said in a statement.

For those who are unfamiliar, Jerome Cahuzac is the minister tasked with battling tax fraud!

Next: Jerome Cahuzac resigns in disgust with his government's own policies, hands over his French passport, and gets Russian citizenship?

Because the "unintended consequences" of the second coming of global socialism appear to be just as predictable as those in its first iteration, which incidentally, did not end too well for those subscribing to its policies...

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What a bellend. The French political class are all champagne socialists. They'll all run off to Switzerland (sic. Russia) when the shit hits the fan.

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one can't help but wonder, are some more equal than others?


Ah, but 'americans' answered this question a long time ago.

Human beings are equal in rights. It just happened that some are not human beings. They are sub humans, non humans etc

AnAnonymous's picture

Of course, Tibetans. No one escaped 'americanism'

Tibetans are more equal than some others. Just read the Free Press (an 'american' middle class institution) to get some clues.

Here's an example:

One time, Tibetans rioted and started to burn down shop in Tibet. The military was sent in to regain control.

Read the Free Press (the voice of their master, the 'american' middle class) about that

Now compare negroes rioting in the good old mecca of 'Americanism' on Earth, the US, and burning down shops in the US. The military was sent in to regain control.

Read the Free Press (the voice of their master, the 'american' middle class) about that.

Yes, Tibetans even. Especially Tibetans.

'American' justice trademark. Same actions, different treatment. It is the way 'americanism' works.

Bear with it.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

It is somehow very something how Chinese citizenism citizens like to project their fantasies onto others.

Save that as Chinese citizenism is real, well, it gives situations like Tibet.

Chinese citizenism world odor. Chinese citizenism algebraic coconutism will make that endeavor an assured thing.

akak's picture

Chinese citizenism fault projectionism is indeed the most mattering thing --- very crusty, very can-kicking.

Chinese citizenism inability to self-indict is the direct cause of Tibetan ability to self-ignite.

But when the Han is caught in the Tibetan cookie jar, never expect admissions of guilt or culpability --- no, faults always lie with mythical 'americanism', brought to you courtesy of the roadside-crapping Long March of insanitation, blobbing-up, and desperate seeking of symmetry in order to force blame to the exterior.

Thus is the typical throating of hypocritizenistic Chinese citizenism 'ideas'.

But when the dog is in need of a wok, one can always expect a Chinese citizenism citizen to show up.

AnAnonymous's picture

The good times were when there were Indians around, fleecing them ensured some kind of comfort.

Today, the only solace is fleeing into fantasy.

One system prevails over the world today: and that's 'americanism'

And one thing should be remembered: it is no longer 1777 and it is quite hard to bamboozle 'americans' about 'americanism'

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous said:

The good times were when there were Indians around, fleecing them ensured some kind of comfort.

Redirectmentation with high purpose to strawsman. Made me laugh.

Today, the only solace is fleeing into fantasy

...for Chinese citizenism AnAnonymicans.

One system prevails over the world today: and that's 'americanism'

Emerges now with revealment immediacy the duplicitous nature of Chinese citizenism stealth is eternal.

And one thing should be remembered: it is no longer 1777 and it is quite hard to bamboozle 'americans' about 'americanism'

Expression with merriment now the offuscation scenario, a well known song, have broadcastings from Chinese citizenism propagandist commenter. Circonvolutionated Chinese citizenism offuscationary tactic as here deployed.

Just Ice's picture

Lowlife, mentally degraded AnAnusmouse projects onto others his own, current, Chinese citizenism at work unburdening subhumans of property: and  AnAnusmouse and his ilk unworthy to be relieved upon by dog.

catacl1sm's picture

Is anyone surprised by this? love the pic, BTW.

earleflorida's picture

Russia: The 'Neo-Neutrality State of Moneye'd Law'... placating the 'herd`ead' ring-fenced masters of the 'Vatican Guard?', via a totalitarianism quasi-nuance of predicated folly-- a 'symbiotic constructive ambiguity', found only in a exogenous rehypothecated'esque cess-pool of a 'Born-Again Russkie`Put'!

Bernake's 'Put`in'= Putin's Call`out'... goes fatigue'd revenue?

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  Political corruption exists throughout the world.  Here in the good old USA, fraud is legal. When our government officials aren't using insider information for their own profits, are selling it to hedge funds.


falak pema's picture

socialist/dirigiste france : the prime example of Machiavelli's prince; say one thing do the opposite. Time and time again : in Indochina, in Suez, in Algeria, in Francafrique, all the while singing (along with that other scion of freedom fries, the USA) : "we believe in universal human rights... "

Living off borrowed money and tax breaks galore for forty years...and crying Enlightenment to the blind. 

THat had the Prince tipping his hat to them in repeated encores all along their Folies Bergeres performance of "look how high we kick our legs in name of Libérté, égalité and free access to Françafrique Fraternité!"  ( mainly oil, now Uranium).  

Their model is now broken. Having been outflanked by the world oligarchy trend of Reaganista Thatcherings, having been hog-tied and butt bashed since 1975 oil crisis, incapable of stopping the social layoffs/debt hemorrhaging, all they can do is up the TAx ante to save their Gargantuan state structure, and welfare state spending. 

Now its being called out by the markets, as for all of first world, going bottom up.

So its time to pay the piper and change the model; like everywhere else in first world. 

Tipping times and the Prince is now changing sides.

I wonder if he is going "slit eyed"?

That would be a game changer. Marco Polo hatched a good egg there!  

About time too! Every dog has his day. 


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If you think this guy is corrupt, deal with a "notaire".

The first step France should take is prosecuting corrupt notaires, like all of them.

Grin Bagel's picture

Inthemix96; No need to sugar-coat, just say it like you think it.

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