US Mint Sells Massive 3.9 Million Ounces Of Silver Coins In First Few Days Of 2013, Triple December's Total

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Just a few days ago we noted the massive surge in physical gold coin sales from the US Mint, with silver surprisingly lagging. Today, we see an even more dramatic surge in the sales of physical Silver Coins in the first week of January, which in a few short days hit 3.94 million oz, already surpassing the entire December total of 1.64 million ounces. It seems that the paper-to-physical currency rotation is gathering pace even as, or thanks to the trillion dollar platinum coin mercifully ending its 15 minutes of page-clicking, ad revenue infamy. In the secondary market, inventories (via APMEX) of Silver coins remain negligible, if any: American Eagles are available as follows: 2013s may be available 1/18, maybe not; 2012 - 0; 2011 - 0; 2010 - 0; 2009 - 0; 2008 - 0; 2007 - 0; 2006 - 0; 2005 - 0; 2004 - 0; 2003 - 0; 2002 - 0. They do have some 2000, 2001 and 2007, all about $5-6 over spot! It seems ever more people are getting nervous about the impact of currency wars on their "money"... or perhaps just want to make Silver shirts to attract the females?




(h/t Alex Gloy)

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I'm a tiny investor compared to 99% of the ZHers. I just keep on buying my "junk silver" and some gold when I can. The banksters can't keep the lid on the price of physical forever.

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If Just 1% of Strippers Accepted Only Silver Dollars, The Silver Market Would Explode

W74's picture

Hopefully the hot 1%.  Last time I was in a strip club (trucker bar off of I-95 in North Carolina?) the quality of the "ladies" was set very low.

IridiumRebel's picture

Try the Dixie Snail Trail!

r3phl0x's picture

Hedonically adjusted strippers - some of them even take out their dentures.

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The quality of the "money" is also very low nowadays.

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Don't confuse silver eagle with spread eagle.

thisandthat's picture

silver spread eagles ftw!

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Dealers Report 'Very Strong' Gold Demand from China
By Ben Traynor | January 8, 2013
Wholesale gold bullion prices ended Tuesday morning in London at $1,655 per ounce, regaining ground lost yesterday to climb back to where it started the week, with dealers reporting signs of strong demand from India and China, the world's two biggest gold buying nations.

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You just know that lots of people who thought us silver bugs were crazy are someday going to be standing in line waiting to pay north of $100 for their first ounce! I can't wait!

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Best short sale of 2103: CASH and Cash Equivalents

To short cash, buying silver is a very effective means.

Just BTFD and STFU...

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Must, buy, more...

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it be that it be

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Silver bullets bytechez.

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Someone is bullshitting. This article directly contradicts the one from a couple days ago which said gold and silver coin sales were on the wane. Which is it, it can't be both.

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I've been buying junk bags of 90% since the 80's.  Absolutely nobody wanted them and there was hardly any premiums.  I was a skinny teen back then and Dad used to laugh at me because I could barely lift those $1000 face value bags.  He told me they only thing they were good for was door stops.  Respectfully, you were wrong Dad - RIP. 

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And it is AMAZING that despite such selling and demand, the price remains depressed. Yes, I would love higher prices as I have PMs. But, like I have in the past, I am suggesting to other ZHs that the market is telling us something that most on here are not listening too.  We get these amazing threads, that I don't dispute. But I look at reality and the cash price of PMs and I think to myself, why aren't PM's much higher?


Yes, we can get in to market manipulation but this thread disputes that. We are talking physical PMs here. I wonder if my message is going to waste. The market knows better then all of us including me. And the current price when compared to such threads as this tells me a different story that gold and silver bugs want to hear.

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Silver demand has been diverted into a myriad of paper silver products at a ratio way north of one hundred paper to one physical.

fuu's picture

"Yes, we can get in to market manipulation but this thread disputes that."

How so?

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I just do not understand your logic. People that want higher prices are seeking to sell. That is when I want the highest price possible. On the contrary people whom are seeking to buy want the lowest price possible.


Are you seeking to exit the Precious Metals market? I cannot figure out any good reason to do so at this time no matter what happens to the price. With Interest Rates depressed there is no returns on Bonds or Note. If Interest Rates were to rise one Full Percentage Point then that would Double the Size of the Financing Costs of America's Gargantuan National Debt. It will BANKRUPT the country so you can be pretty sure that is not happening in the near future.


Now we can look at the Stock Market...With Prices near all time highs the potential for a downside move is much greater than that of the potential for upside gains. It is just much too risky. Worse it is valued in Dollars which the Central Bankers are Inflating to Infiniity with QE Forever. They have to as any hawkish move will bankrupt the Federal Government.


With no safe havens offering substantial returns then why not leave your Money parked in PMs? The prices are fictitious anyway as they are set by a Paper Market backed by rehypothecated Gold.


Personally I want to see prices drop so I can buy more less expensively. I just do not understand your logic.

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I dont think sessinpo is seeking to exit the PM mkt.

He's posing good questions about a perceived discontinuity between the seeming tremendous demand, and relative invariant PM prices.

At the local gun show last week, pre-ban Colt AR-15's were going for $3-4,000, about twice their price a month ago.  Prices rose with demand.

I echo sessinpo in asking why Ag prices are not rising with this seeming tremendous demand.

Is the rest of the world all out of whack, or do we ZH'ers have faulty radar and engage in inbred self-supporting discussions with erroneous conclusions?

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Update for the Tylers: Us Mint now reports 4,287,000 Silver ounces sold.

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carlo slim had meet with the persianites to some how make currency by coin of the precious and it's lessor cousin gold void of making quarrel with the jekyll isle cartel. the mestizo has been the master in coin strikings; first to strike the 1 ozt round in 1949ce .925; by far the grandest of all. a proper coin must tell of it's weight and purity. these states united did favor for those forward looking by striking coinage void of it's metal make up.

ParkAveFlasher's picture


Big Slick's picture

"a proper coin must tell of it's weight and purity. these states united did favor for those forward looking by striking coinage void of it's metal make up."

On the back of my Eagles the US government tells me its made of 'Fine Silver'.  What else do I need to know??  /sarc/

You raise a REALLY interesting point.  Its a reason I prefer the '9999 pure' on th Maple Leaf.  The little man in me has a real problem with the lack of 'labelling' on US. 

But I dont get your saying "a favor to those forward looking".


OldNewfy's picture

No issues of silver supply (SML's) noted on Albern Coin (no affiliation) Canada website; unchanged for many weeks, AFAIK. The outlet near me gets busier when BTFD arises, though.

zerotohero's picture

I get silver maples $1.70 over spot in Canada and thankfully no shortage - keep stackin.

Freddie's picture

I want me one of those Japanese commemorative Fukashima platinum coins with the MOX plating.  They will glow in the dark for 250,000 years but they need a stronger lexan case to shhield you from gamma rays.  

One side of the coin has TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) and the other side has Godzilla. 

JohnGaltsChild's picture

Just be careful. There are knock-offs with tungston inside.

VonManstein's picture

January silver sales 4,287,000 oz

pasttense's picture

Some of you don't seem to remember that silver reached $49 in April, 2011. The comments on the gold and silver forums then was that while there might be some short-term retreats, the sky was the limit.

JLee2027's picture

The sky is the limit. They can't grow or mine enough silver to meet demand. Thats why we have paper silver, to fool people until they figure out the truth.

GrinandBearit's picture

Anyone who bought Ag @ $49 is probably frustrated as hell... extreme patience is necessary.  Hopefully a few lessons were learned April and May of 2011.  You never buy something when making, or close to making new highs.

The recent consolidation is a very good thing.  I hope we see $26 Ag again soon.  I'm sure a few trucks will be backed up if/when that happens.


Tall Tom's picture

That is why you stay away from Stocks at this point. There may be upside potential but the potential for downside losses far outweigh the potential for upside gains.

samsara's picture

You are absolutely right. I would recommend to YOU is to put all your money in the stock market and 30 yr Tbills. FULL faith in the government and all that.

Have the last laugh at the silly heavy metal crowd.

bullnutz's picture

I'm done supporting APMEX as there is much better establishments being run by stackers with much lower prices.  My preference is ran by the Doc of 

JLee2027's picture

Nice place, but they need to fix the software. I just ordered 99 million 2012 silver eagles and they let me do it. Since they only minted 34 million, I think thats a problem.

GrinandBearit's picture

Hi Doc -lol 

I've never had a problem with Apmex.  Their customer service is the best I've ever dealt with.  About a year ago I ordered $500 fv bag of 90% JFK halves.  There were about ten 40%'ers in the bag.  I told them about it and immediately sent me ten 90%'ers... they arrived in the mail in 2 days.  The best thing is they told me to keep the ten 40%'ers as an apology for their error.

Would SD Bullion do that?... I doubt it.





ziggy59's picture

Agreed..since opening an office in NYC, they charge tax... Plus, their bank is none other than JPM. I wonder who is custodian of their vault?

just-a-girl's picture

What are you talking about that APMEX "bank is none other than JPM"??? 

APMEX bank is Bank of Oklahoma, N.A.

Tulsa, OK



yogibear's picture

Print Benny Bernanke and Inkjets. People are realizing your fiat your fiat will be worthless.

Eventually a run from the US dollar. The man pulling the levers (Bernanke ) behind the Federal Reserve curtain has no clothes.

Argentbilly's picture

Has anyone noticed The Debt Clock's webpage added 2,000,000,000 oz's os silver to The World Reserve? 

JLee2027's picture

Must count silver yet to be mined for the next 500 years. According to them the silver reserve is decreasing at a rate of 1200 per minute or 630 million ounces per year. So it's all screwed up.

samsara's picture

You mean the reserves that are in "DEEP" Storage. As the Fed says.

Henry Hub's picture

For everyones information: the 1oz American Eagle gold coin contains 91.67% pure gold. While the 1oz Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin contains 99.99% pure gold. Just saying.

secret_sam's picture

Do you understand the implications?  Just asking.