$10,000 Gold And 'Monetary' Roots: From Kunta Kinte To Keynes

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The saga of an American family centered around Kunta Kinte's roller-coaster life through freedom and slavery made Santiago Capital's Brent Johnson reflect on just how critical 'roots' are in many aspects of our lives. From anthropology and linguistics to the root of law in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, Johnson extends the analogy to precious metal derivatives exchanges rooted in trust and explains that money is not the root of all evil. While his political taunts and Keynesian antagonism is well worth the price of admission, it is the discussion of the 'manipulation and debasement of money' as the root of all evil that is key as the manager explains gold's centuries long avoidance of this Lenin- or Keynes-inspired comprehension of how governments can "confiscate wealth" and by a "process of inflation... can overturn the existing basis of society." Gold provides the roots or solid base on which economies have grown (or individuals stored value) for all of recorded history. His conclusion is key - a tree (currency) with no roots simply cannot stand for long and the market will eventually come to the same conclusion it has for the last 5000 years as the OTC derivative bubble implodes. 


3:00 Precious Metal Derivatives

3:20 Money

4:10 Root of Today's Economic Problems

4:50 Lenin and Keynes

5:10 Monetary Roots

6:30 Why Is This Important for Gold

7:30 How much will be needed -

  • To back just 25% of the US Dollar, Gold would need to rise 50% in price
  • To back 100% of the US Dollar, Gold would need to be over $10,000.

9:10 What would a military conflict do to the price of gold?

Always remember Gandhi's dying words of the 'roots of violence' - "wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, and politics without principles."

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So you don't care that your attempts at jokes are not funny, and that your attempts at serious comments are not intelligent?

Well at least you are recognizing your limitations.

Now go fuck yourself.

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I laugh at human maggots like you.

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Just off Kitco _ USD $ 1,739.28 ea.

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Finally you doomers capitulate. Admit Bernanke saved us from a Depression and BTFD already! Stop it with this "FU Bernanke" stuff already.

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trillion dollar platinum why not coin 16 and poof goes the debt, they may do it so buy platinum thats the metal for speculation
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he must have taken a drive thru NJ, those Christmas looking trees with the weak roots, were knocked down everywhere.......

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7:30 How much will be needed -

  • To back just 25% of the US Dollar, Gold would need to rise 50% in price
  • To back 100% of the US Dollar, Gold would need to be over $10,000.

Yet more gibberish promoting the quantity doctrine. The value of a bankers obligation is not a product of its quantity.

Gold does not need to be over $10000 to "back 100% of the US Dollar". No price of gold will back the US Dollar, because the US Dollar is junk. You & everybody else just don't realise it.

To concatenate a couple of quotes from around 1720;

Sunk in Lucre’s sordid charms, all are swallow’d by the damn’d South Sea.

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A very good point.

People often promote this "quantity doctrine", because deep down they hope we can have a painless transition to some kind of gold standard, and have everything continue without any kind of reset.

Of course that's bullshit.

It's only from our viewpoint today that we might make the approximation of 10'000$.

If the dollar continues to die.... at one point it will be dead.... d'uh.

An analogy: imagine a beauty queen who is the beauty standard for all women in the world.

Over the years eventually she will get old and sick ... how long is she going to plaster her face...

Also the ideal of beauty changes over time. Maybe we should abandon the anorexic bony look and return to the thick voluptuous curves of real women?

The two are not comparable with each other... at one point there must be a hard transition.

Gold will simply not be measured in dollars anymore the higher the number gets.


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But what if the anorexic look gives me a woody?

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There is nothing wrong with that CP, but if I had it to do over, I would cultivate an attraction to fat women -- there certainly are a lot of them.

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Fiat money - ANAGRAM - Famine Toy



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Kunta Kinte is a bogus myth. Can you actually imagine a bunch of fresh off the boat square dancing drunk white guys, press ganged into service against their will, with no rythm and no maps, and no teeth due to malnutrition, running through the jungle in pantaloons, capturing the locals? I wouldn't invest in that plan. The African tribes, the islamic Doheny empire, emptied their prisons and got rid of their political enemies by selling them to the Dutch. Just like when Castro unloaded his convicts on FLA. The European word for slave references the Eastern Europeans, caucs, not Africans. Its roots go back to the Greek empire, prior to the Roman empire, long before the semites invented Abraham - back when they were performing human sacrifices to Ba'al. However the semitic word for slaves is the same as their word for Africans - blacks. And it was the semitic people who ran the global slave trade - and still do.

Of course they taught you a different version, one that clears them of their crimes against humanity. The hidden hand is red with blood. Ask the Greeks.


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how dare you question orthodox dogma!!!!  whitey raped black women, dammit.  And chased down and enslaved hundreds to put on ships.  Then whipped and beat and raped every single day like psychopaths.

I actually met a black girl who was raped by a white man; this was almost literally the only occurrence of this sort of thing in the past god knows how many years.  The opposite is a 30,000-a-year crime epidemic.

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Slavery is an economic condition. What do you call it when the IRS holds you down so congress can take turns on you?

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Forcible Rape. But it's our fault because we wear short skirts.

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Brown shvarzer, how come you taste so good?   Brown shvarzer, just like a lil shmear should.

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If I put a gun to your head and demand your money it's called robbery.

If the government puts a 'gun' to your head and demands your money it's called TAX.

Theft in both cases.

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What part of that made sense?

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Not very coherent, I'll admit, but he's not wrong.  According to the most recent government stats, there are about 30,000 black-on-white rapes per year, compared to fewer than 10 white-on-black rapes, if that.  Not sure what that has to do with the subject, though . . .

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This is the first time I've heard some of this.  Do you have any good sources to read?

monad's picture


Hannibal by Patrick Hunt 2007, iTunes U Stanford collection 

The Empire of the City, EC Knuth  http://archive.org/details/TheEmpireOftheCity

Look at the Lehman brothers and their associations


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So they *forced* the Dutch to buy their slaves? Is that what you're saying?

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Lenin said and Keynes agreed: 'The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.'

Why? Because one lot of powerbrokers want to unseat the other lot of powerbrokers. That is why the founding fathers put specific checks and balances into the Constitution. They understood that government becomes a magnet for venal powerbrokers, and the people must have the capacity to defend themselves in a Republic - a Republic, not that venal thing called democracy whereby the majority can dictate, whether they are freeloaders or honest.

Socialists and communists use the word 'democracy' to tyrannise, grab wealth and power for the inner party, and oppress everyone outside their exalted bureaucracy, and money masters, Fiat debt slave masters.

Just a thought....

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So read the message at the top of Provident Metals page. They have hired extra people and extended there working day to ship to their customers because of the "overwelming" volume they have. And I would think that about the time gold would reach $10,000, 1/4 oz of silver would easily buy a dozen eggs. If you can keep your chickens; because by that time the stores will have been stripped by starving looters and the transportation system would have broken down. Same goes for fuel and anything else outside of the root system. He should have said at the end of the vid, which is ok, as it does have some base in fact, "Good 'Fucking' Luck to all. Because your going to need it."

And I'm never "Sarcastic."

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Reading between the lines, they are selling PM's they don't yet have.

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I'll take Kunta Kinte and raise you a Mansa Musa. Now thats some Gold Bitchezzz!!!

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Gold and Silver Legal Tender Law Introduced in Indiana

January 6, 2013

"SB-99 will add a new Chapter to the Indiana Code effectively making all taxes on gold and silver coins and transactions a thing of the past."


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You can use these last buble months to prepare, but u can also use the collapse to get rich. Own gold or trade gold and silver with leverage using cfd's.

Argentbilly's picture

Reading between the lines, they are selling PM's they don't yet have.