Panic In California As Thousands Of Food Stamps Cards Suffer Brief Outage

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This past weekend, as part of a system update to the CalWIN software of California's Social Services department, HP accidentally cancelled EBT cards for some 37,000 Californians. We can only imagine the resulting panic and the scramble by all these Californians who suddenly could not live within their means to print trillion, and other denomination, coins, in the shining example of their government. The OC Register reports that eighteen counties were affected in the CalFresh chaos (the 'friendly' name given to California's food stamp program - also formerly known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP). While we worry for the strippers and liquor stores, CalWIN and Xerox (the state's primary contractor for administering CalFresh) developed a process to reactivate the cards by Tuesday morning. While this must have been a tough day or two for many, we wonder if Geithner's 'extraordinary' efforts to extend the debt ceiling deadline have perhaps gone a little too far?

Finally, instead of minting coins, perhaps Hewlett Packard can remotely update its software in the Fed printers, which can then proceed to print a few cool extra trillion unsupervised, and voila: all of America's problems are gone.

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Hope & Change!  Winning!  Forward Soviet!

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I was in line at the grocery store the other day when the lady in front of me tried to buy a "Grocery Gift Card" with her credit card.  The clerk told her that the store does not allow the purchase of "Grocery Gift Cards" with a credit card.  They got into a long winded argument regarding how she has been doing that for months, and how the clerk was an idiot.  I wonder how many times the grocery store got burned on that type of transaction?

I was getting a pissed off for having to wait for the idiot lady to STFU so I could buy my Orange Crush!!!  Eventually, she ran out of energy and paid for the groceries with her EDD/SNAP/Obama card, which was conveniently in her other hand!

I should have been making a video of the entire event!!!

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I was in line at the grocery store one time and there was a non English speaking fat as fuck family in front of me buying a shit load of food.  They had their "food" divided up into what they could "buy" with an EBT card and what they had to buy themselves (cash).  I noticed on the floor was a $100 bill.  It was inbetween them and me.  I picked it up and stuck the note in my pocket.  Since I also speak their native language I listened to their conversation.  When it came time to buy their food with their cash they became aggitated because they couldnt find that $100 bill that was now in my pocket.  The male pulled out his wallet and I viewed a very thick stack of $100 bills in his wallet.  He proceeded to pull one out and pay for his groceries.  I smiled.

I kept that money because, afterall, ITS MY FUCKING MONEY!  Those motherfucking parasites are given my money through state confiscation.  It felt good to get a little of it back.  They were not hurting for food OR money.  They are fat as fat can be AND loaded with cash.

I made a point to waste that $100 dollars at the strip club that night.

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Would be a great opening scene in screen play.

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Hmm California

I like your energy level but the target. Should change from the fat F*()_ to the real problem!

Should be the legislators.

California is richer than most country's and broke higher taxes than 48 other states( I think)
and there broke, they pay fox news to run the con that its the poor people that are breaking them.

Its not the entitlement its the banks :-)


I like your choice on getting it back into the economy  LOL
I lived with a stripper in SF and man we didn't need anything she made more that a "good" day trader.
was always buying me crap and flying me to Hawaii


PS. I think you will understand this.
California is like a drunk,hoo((er, that you said go pick me something up here is my credit card go buy something.
and she calls you the next day without returning telling you your the ASSHAT because you only have a ??,000 limit.
and your embarrassing her because it was declined
Call the bank now and get the limit raised. or I'll never return. 


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1. As I understand it, many of California's problems come from ballot initiatives the general populace democratically voted to enact. They can vote to start a project such as a high-speed monorail, but that same bill does not need to include new revenue to cover the cost of the program. Further, the elected representatives cannot remove anything enacted by ballot initiative; only another ballot initiative can do so (as I understand it).

2. Legislative votes, as I understand, they need 50% to spend and 66% to raise taxes.

3. The people get the representatives they vote for.

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Obam and the Dem now can rig the vote in just about any state now.  The 3 west coast states are totally rigged now. 

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Wot no riots?

I guess this was a test to see how far they could go in shutting down EBT.

Just like those "virus attacks" in the UK a few months ago which made it impossible to use ATM's for a week.

The Soma levels are just about right. Collapse and BNW imminent!

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How fresh is CalFresh? Only days old.

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According to Calpers:  A major transmission line was severed during excavation for the { High Speed Rail} project.

Updates will be sporatic, as Calpers employees are striking over their new "Yellow" [safety vest] design.

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You're making this up right??

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Salary 'spiking' drains public pension funds, analysis finds Twenty California counties, including Ventura, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego, allow some workers to make more in retirement than they did while working. The coffers are underfunded by millions of dollars.

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"Ventura County officials have defended the practice, arguing that some pension boosts were meant to make up for pay freezes during lean years. It would be unfair to take them away now, Robinson said during a board hearing last year."

Wimpynomics in action.

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No need to comment the columm headline said it all.

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The future: More and longer EBT "glitches", PMs rise. It's so simple even I can see it.

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Done on purpose to gauge the reaction.

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Oh, the humanity!

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Makes that KFC dish look tastier by the day.

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Now it would be hilarious if Anonymous hacked into all states SNAP databases and desactivated all the cards on the same day... Or when the gov. can't pay them anymore... whichever comes first.

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There was a day last month here in NY where at two supermarkets, an announcement was made that EBT cards couldn't be used because of technical difficulties.  Amazing that we saw people stop pushing their carts and just walk out.  Did my heart good to see that.

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 "In New York an old man died from a heart attack when he found that he'd lost his wallet while shopping for food"


I'd piss myself laughing!

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Adipose encumbered slobs aside... I know an ex-Bear Sterns broker who swam with the big fish who is on the CalFresh program, so if all your current hubris allows you remain untouched, the more to you.

Keep in mind, myself included, a large% of the $$$ we made has been the product of 'work' that produces little or no value for society (at least when I was a commodity broker), was directly influenced by the FIAT falling out of the Feds rump, institutionalized USURY, and the foolish gambling losses of others who played in a manipulated market (they weren't aware).

To the best of my knowledge, she's been looking for employment to no avail. That said, you try competing for washing your neighbor's car, mowing lawns, getting a municipal job, or scrubbing the toilets of city parks in S. CA   NO MUCHO TRABAJO SENOR!

2 thumbs up that the gravy train keep a rollin' so you don't have to come face to face with that hook firmly entrenched.

Hook Line and Spincter ( ! )J

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Call the Amblamps, I'm outta chips, gotta call the man on my gubmit phone 'bout dis

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Was this interruption a joint venture of The Peoples Republic of Mexifornia and the DOHS' Martial Law Division?

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  m_k I have seen just about every variation of /bank-rupt. Here's a sight for you to contemplate new { Acronyms}

Acronym Creator - find a name for your company, project, algorithm

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An incredible amount of Indians work at Amazon.There is no way they are hiring out of college, U.S. programmers. It isnt the worker, its the  employer. 

EBIT is the future for most Americans.

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IT has been handed to India without any care of quality..  same as Mexicans cuttin lawn.. that is how the CEOs see it anyway..  programming is just like cutting lawn to them

raise your daughters to be strippers and your sons to be patent lawyers...  both are whores with endless clients

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Yup, most of the tech majors, including ones that claim labour shortages, don't even bothering interviewing US Citizen new grads anymore.  Their jobs applications are simply ignored, and when questioned, HR usually will point to some standard boilerplate text, to wit:  "only those whose resumes selected for interviews will be contacted".  Absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking for the thousands of people who studied the sciences only to see their job apps go into the garbage or the virtual /dev/null equivalent.