Small Business Optimism Stagnates (Even Before Higher Taxes)

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Via Lance Roberts of Street Talk Live,

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Whadaya mean "Stagnates" everyone I know is down right DEPRESSED about their small businesses.


Long Ammo

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the prices for ammo are getting crazy on places like armslist. can't wait to see the prices when(if?) the ammo sellers start restocking and selling.

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Well, my wife is fucking pissed because I maxed out the credit card in order to buy a shitload of Amway. Now I see that I was supposed to buy ammo with the money and I'm stuck with all of these cleaning supplies........

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(Sign on fence in front yard) "Due to the high price of ammunition, NO warning shots will be fired."

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That's exactly what the govt wants. During the American revolution, over 2/3 of residents of the 13 colonies were small business owners, that number has more than reversed. More people employed by large corporations and the govt itself makes them easier to control, and makes it easier to take away their livelyhood if they step out of line.

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The certainty of misery is better than the misery of uncertainty.

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Small business has been screwed for a long long time.

The Too-Bigs have literally taken over the world.

It's like a bad science-fiction novel.

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The official recession calls are bunk - government borrowing and spending are not direct inputs to any reasonable measurement of production.

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Nothing several Trillion more dollars of Federal Reserve fiat shoe horned into the Too Big To Fail banks won't solve.


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Liquidity injections will boost confidence. More ZIRP flowing to the bankers will juice the markets and juiced markets produce wealth effect, wealth effect boost confidence and consumers spend. This consumer spending boost the bottom line for small business. So the Federal reserve is running the right policy to boost the economy and spread the wealth.

Employment will jump, incomes will rise and another round of growth will follow. All that is needed is more money printing and liquidity flow to the finaical serivces sector and big trading concerns.


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So small business owners are fretting over "uncertainty". What's uncertain for them?

Well, I'll give them certainty:

1.  More regulation

2.  More health care taxes

3.  Fewer customers

4.  More inspection and IRS scrutiny

5.  Higher commodity prices

What are they uncertain about?

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Doug Kass & Byron Wien: Stocks Will Hit Their High For The Year By The End Of This Week. S&P 500 Earnings Are Going To Be Down Year Over Year. Too Many People Making Too Much Stuff Out There. ... The World Competitive Environment Is Too Intense.

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 Hey Tyler. Do you remember that spray on shit, when we played "PeeWee" Football?   Firm Grip ®


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If small business is suffering, why is the Russell 2000 soaring?  Total disconnect between the article and the reality of market investment.


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There are a lot more than 2000 small businesses in the US.  But probably not for long.

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Correctomundo, NoDebt.  Any of the Russell 2000 are way bigger than the "small businesses" that are referenced in the survey.  Most small businesses are privately owned, and not even found in the pink sheets.

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The minute that "small business" became the hot topic of federal legislators, it was all over for them.  They are getting "helped" to death.

It's why the phrase "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" is death to anyone who's heard it.  Elephants trying to help ants usually just gets a lot of ants squished.

Actual real world result- when they start to care about you it's for only one reason- to take your money.


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If small business is suffering, why is the Russell 2000 soaring?  Total disconnect between the article and the reality of market investment.


It's called corruption, layoffs, outsourcing and SKYNET and ZIRP fiat.

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Who needs small biz when we have a global monopoly?

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Welcome to "depressflation".  

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and they wonder why small business owners, despise public employees

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 Ahh, Otool care, disinformation>       This is for Buzz! That Man kicks ASS!  "Driving With the Top Down" Driving With The Top Down - Iron Man Soundtrack - YouTube

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Cash Advances on business credit cards at all time high. 70% cannot get out of the "rollover" loop. We process for 17 business types, all 17 are down, all of them. Backing up risk models, revenues down 25% in the past eight weeks, something is happening.

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Eight weeks?  The stolen reelection with election fraud in the swing states.  People have given up.  Many business are closing and people have stopped spending money.  Sad.

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I know several suppliers of mine that have been living off credit cards since 2008.

Two gave up last month and declared bankruptcy,business and personal.

My businesses have gone deathly quiet since the middle of December ,but

by intenion ,my overhead is extremely low.Stliff profitable at 50% of turnover.

Wheteher this is the normal 'sticker shock' period we get every year renains to be seen.

All the classic signs of general  bankruptcy are evident  to any experienced businessman.

All downhill from here,I suspect.

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 You guys will call me a pussy for this. This girl has lungs!  Some tunes have meaning!  Take Me Away... A Secret Place - YouTube

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Have you been drinking tonight? ;-)

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  Is that trick question Freddie? No/ Waiting for Draghi. Just shorted eur/gbp as The pound has been pounded.

 ECB: European Central Bank home page    It's amaazing how you little pukes get excited when I speak!

  Freddie watch and learn. classic H/H patteern on the 4 hour eur/gbp chart . Already scalped it for 18 pips. Now if you watch the m5 chart form a shoulder on the 4 hour chart? Be careful, as the algos will be out with that ECB meeting later.

 I have another trade for you later.  That's called price action... Oh wait. You wouldn't know a candle if it was lit for your funeral!

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You are clairvoyant, Yen: You're a pussy.

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 hey Fuck face? ya you. better hope we never meet in person./

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 Classic/ good luck,  Pachino & De Niro.

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the markets are near lock up, get your money outta the banks is the best advice anyone can give, can't see how our broken society can be saved, humpty dumpty had a great fall.

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"The uncertainty surrounding the economy that currently exists limits the ability for businesses to plan"

As long as that excuse has been used, that rings hollow.  Now it's just an excuse to make things worse.

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small business owners are fubar. some of them knew something was wrong back in 2004. some of them realized they were going down big time in 2009. today more of them wake up to the reality that they are being flushed down the drain. that top graph there, the blue one, i bet you a shiny bullion that graph is going south, way way south. sorry if got a bit direct here, it's the jägermeister that's doin' the talking.