Will Obama Use An Executive Order To Enact Gun Control?

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Moments ago, MSNBC showed a clip in which "gun tzar" VP Joe Biden made it clear that "the President is going to act" on the issue of gun control, and that "executive orders and executive action can be taken." Of course "can" does not mean "will" as the fallout from an executive order bypassing Congress would be rather dramatic, especially on a topic so near and dear to at least half of America, and the response, to put it mildly, would make the Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones screaming match seems like a tranquil discussion between two dignified stoics. If "can" however, does become "will", America may have far bigger issues over the next two months than the debt ceiling, kicking the sequester down another several months, or even the quadrillion yen tuna.

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If they take your money from your mattrass via inflation there's not much you can do.  If they kick your door in to take your money chances are you will do something!

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The government has already and continues to usurp the Rule of Law, where have you been the past 20 years? No one has done shit, and no one will do shit. For all the bunker commando's, the government plans on you staying there. They will Legislate a law, if you don't comply, they simply issue a warrant out for your arrest and wait you out. Pretty simple to me.

They are taking your money now already, and now they will take your guns too.

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Does Waco, TX or Randy Weaver mean anything to you?

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I don't know, every man has his breaking point.  If our savings goes missing I don't think I have any reason not to revolt.

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Executive mandate my white hairy ass.

The Lunatic Fringe stands locked, cocked, ready to rock.

There are millions. MILLIONS like us.

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You are like so many full of hot air and bravado - you will hand over your gun and you will comply

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he/she is baiting everyone.   this seems to be the new tactic.

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He's a Master Baiter if I ever saw one...

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We're still in the "backlash" period from the last election.  It was almost a year before the Kerry-supporters gave up on the notion that Dubya/Cheney were going to round up the "liberals" and put 'em in FEMA camps, too.

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Executive mandate my white hairy ass.

The Lunatic Fringe stands locked, cocked, ready to rock.

There are millions. MILLIONS like us.


My sentiments are with you, but I have to wonder and to ask, why are there not an equal or greater number willing to resist handing over their savings and standards of living to the same unaccountable and tyrannical elite?

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Because the state's corruption and usurpation of free market money was done properly, over the space of three or four generations, so that at every stage it felt like not much of a change.

Some people on this thread have said that the right to defend oneself is the most basic of all rights.  I think that the right to trade with each other, in whatever medium we please, is more important.  Although I wish for both of those rights, I have already lost one of them..

If the idea of America dies, it will have been killed not by the US taking our guns, but by the US forcing us to accept its false money.

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Point to Akak. Your serve, gun-toter.

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I'd say that's unconstitutional........BUT, when has this dickhead of a prez ever followed the Constitution??? 

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Just got back from my 10 mile hike.  If someone came for my guns I will be barricaded across from my property and blow their fucking asses away when they knock on my door.  Granted if I knew it was coming in time.  Which im sure I would I live in the middle of nowhere and everyone here is armed to the teeth.  Probably will never be a knock im sure were drone material.


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And no im not an armchair revolutionary many of us are talking these scenarios and fully expect to be outnumbered and get blown away ourselves.  Only hope is it gets so out of control it settles down and is resolved somehow before it ever reaches your own place.  Ha ha.  This gov't is one rancid bunch of fucking criminals, the entire fucking country has been hijacked, a good majority of the people know too much for the gov't to main control...........9-11 etc.  The internet has exposed them, they can't fucking fart without the entire world knowing about it in .2 milliseconds.  The goonsquad (homeland security) will want to keep one of the only jobs left to feed their own families and will act on order.  And I suspect many of them to be very beastly thanks to rampant anabolic steroid use.  Yes......... a bunch of rabid roid junkies with fully-auto guns.  Prepare for total shithole conditions.

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Just wondered about something, what if the great gungrab plus associated revolution is the big psy op
needed to distract from the big economic collapse, 2 flies in one stroke
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And when the economy collapses, they'll say : see it's the gun owners fault!

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yes, when gunowners use guns to defend gun rights, they will say it's affirmation

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It's all tied together.  Probably one of the best bets would be make people think twice before taking orders from the elites.  Shooting cops and hs agents will do little.  I am hoping the so-called underground safe houses for some assholes will become what is known as a TOMB.

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Bummer that Obama is about to step right smack into the middle of thee worlds biggest hornet's nest.







H E D G E H O G's picture

"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government"

-- Thomas Jefferson, 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334


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"First, there’s a huge difference between being arrested and being guilty. Second, see, the law changes and I don’t. How I stand vis-a-vis the law at any given moment depends on the law. The law can change from state to state, from nation to nation, from city to city. I guess I have to go by a higher law. How’s that? Yeah, I consider myself a road man for the lords of karma." - Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

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Instead of the usual rant I will address my remarks  to the politician class and I will keep it short and simple - If you attempt to take our firearms then a great many people will die and some of you will be among them.  No doubt you are will to fight to the last federal agent but what about the third, fourth, fifth, ect. ect. congressperson.  The American people understand their government fa better than their government understands them. 

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The American government funds and arms the terrorists in Syria... How long before Russia and China start sending crates of anti-tank and anti-air missiles to the American people?

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A violent empire making violent people kill others around the world, while extolling militarism and more violence of every sort in its domestic and foreign policy - how about dismantling the empire, ending military spending, focusing on people's happiness and well being? Ya think?

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What is the bus czar going to do about tour buses driving off a cliff?

9 people in dead in one shot, horrifying.

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Waco on a national scale will suck.

XitSam's picture

Slight difference. The Branch Davidians were surrounded, this time ...

Spastica Rex's picture

... the government will burn to ashes whoever they want with fire from the sky.

Oh, well - I'll enjoy some Bon Jovi while I can.

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"The real answer is to use our individual economic power. Boycott any company that is donating to the inaugural. That'll get things started. "

as a poster here said - how do we get the ball rolling on that?

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Bank run, pull money from markets etc. If they want to take what's important to us. Take what's important to them.

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Don't forget that people may also Default on credit cards and self employed might stop paying taxes.

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Dictators.  Yeah.  That'll work.

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I wonder if the guys that program the HFT robots have adjusted their algorithms to react to the speech(s) that will be forthcoming from Biden & Boner, etc.?

Which way do you think the R2000 & SP500 will move after they try to take the guns?

If the answer to the above question is; DOWN, then it will never happen

Q.E.D.  (where have I seen "Q.E.D." lately)

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18 USC 922(r) defines, in part, what firearms can be legally possessed, made, or imported.  More specifically, it states that only firearms designed for a "sporting purpose" are legal, and provides a list of firearm parts that count towards a gun not being for a "sporting purpose."  

The BATF has wide latitude to define firearm parts (grip, magazine, receiver, etc.), and thus can through regulation make a gun legal or illegal via 922(r) (i.e., not for sporting purposes).  See 27 C.F.R. 478.89.

My guess is that the President will instruct the head of the BATF to redefine the parts listed in 27 C.F.R. 478.89 in such a way as to make many semi-automatic guns that were legal, illegal.  There will be a temporary delay in implementation, though, since the BATF must publish proposed rule changes and give the public a comment period of at least 30 days.

Of course there are many related considerations, such as the status of existing guns, but you get the flavor.  And query whether 30 days is "too slow" for O-Biden.

While one may argue that the BATF cannot or should not make "law" in this manner, they most certainly do make rules that have the effect of law with regard to anyone holding a Federal Firearms License (gun makers, sellers, distributors, etc.).  If you want to keep your FFL and not go to jail, you comply with BATF rule making.

Just my 2 cents.


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What next, "Executive Order" sending the Congress home permanently cause they are not needed?  (If he wants to do something useful , how about an Executive Order eliminating the FED!)

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How can you elminate your Boss with a Executive Order? If we could do that we would all be self employed.

Guns don't kill Banksters, Debt slaves with Guns kill banksters.

Thats who wants them out of our hands. Thats who has been running this country since 1913.


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Who posted the info/links regarding the fathers of the two guys (Colorado and Newtown) being involved in the LIBOR case (due to testify)?  Please re-post.

Or the CNBC executive whose nanny killed 2 of his 3 kids in NYC with a knife (as no gun was available)?

Life might be full of weird & crazy coincidences, but -- for operational reasons -- not in matters of hi-crime (Trillions of dollars involved).  Nobody can allow themselves to be that naive and gullible...  except 80-90% of the country?

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funny, i havent heard anything today about the $50 BILLION they do NOT have, for Sandy cleanup

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I don't know what I would actually do if the cops who I know showed up. I know what I THINK I would do. I would rather move to a red state and secede, it would only be for a short time anyway. Obama can rule the blue as a dicator full on if he can, but a separate coutnry in the red heartland would be tough to control.

Otherwise, it is only a matter of where the civil war begins, not when or if.

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Death by Gun Control


We live in interesting times.

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I hope Biden personally comes for mine.

One of these is not like the others..'s picture


I bet they send a young female cop, first...



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RedPill, If you're gonna quote, quote it right:

Amendment II - A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the 

security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear 

Arms, shall not be infringed.

Some folks take this to mean milita people - now a days the states' National Guard units (of which I was once a member), are the 'people' with the right to keep and bear arms.

I don't agree with that interpretation, but it is not an unreasonable read of the amendment.


My basic take is the cat is so WAY out of the bag with the number of guns laying about in the population that the horse is out of the barn, and more attempts at regulation are meaningless.



dwdollar's picture

Read the Federalist Papers and/or quotes from the founders. They intended the whole body of the people to be the Militia. Some even considered yearly musters of the entire population but Alexander Hamilton argued against it as impractical. I really don't care what CONgress presumes today. They have proved themselves to be traitors many times over.

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Bless you, Mr. President!  Would you mind telling this to your successor?

Kind regards to your dad.