Will Obama Use An Executive Order To Enact Gun Control?

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Moments ago, MSNBC showed a clip in which "gun tzar" VP Joe Biden made it clear that "the President is going to act" on the issue of gun control, and that "executive orders and executive action can be taken." Of course "can" does not mean "will" as the fallout from an executive order bypassing Congress would be rather dramatic, especially on a topic so near and dear to at least half of America, and the response, to put it mildly, would make the Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones screaming match seems like a tranquil discussion between two dignified stoics. If "can" however, does become "will", America may have far bigger issues over the next two months than the debt ceiling, kicking the sequester down another several months, or even the quadrillion yen tuna.

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Seriously, my jewish neighbour confiscated the guns in Weimar and brought Mao to power? I would never have guessed!

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He had help from my plumber.

They can shapeshift and time travel too.

Joos are sneaky like that.

Especially those Masonic Alien Joos.


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...and my friend the Jewish Carpenter.


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more refusal to see....it's amazing. They manipulate the message so well that you cannot bring yourself to even speak about race.

You acknowledge that they're trying to condition you on finance, morality, the role of government, etc.  That they're shoving lies at you nonstop on everything...but on this, they tell the truth?

There is something "aberrant" about a tiny minority being a massive majority in particular positions of power.  But, nope, let's pretend it's not there and buy the world a coke.  Wouldn't want to be a "racist."

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For a PhD your reading comprehension is pathetic-your neighbor my or may not be a jew supremacist.

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No, I am quite sure he is a jew supremacist as he is highly orthodox and the Torah is quite clear on the issue of who is Gods people and who is not.

My point is this, stop using the word jew as there are many branches of Judaism.
A much better term for what you are describing is: Zionist Mafia

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First you said this: "Seriously, my jewish neighbour confiscated the guns in Weimar and brought Mao to power?

Then you said this:  "I am quite sure he is a jew supremacist"

What kind of an idiot am I wasting my time talking to here?

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Thats it? Dissapointing,

I was hoping this rabbit hole would go deeper.

I guess some do end up in the sewer.

P.s. what about the neo-cons?

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Explain why you defended your neighbor then admitted he's a jew supremacist.

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I did so to illustrate my point, this being that the term supremacist does not have a clearly definition.
Hence, I can define my neighbour to be a supremacist because he is Orthodox. 
Sure, he is not at all the type of supremacist which you are referring to, but trust me, the people you are up against are NOT GOING TO CARE!
They are going to exploit these inaccuracies. They are going to twist them and transform you a tool for their own cause.

I too have studied the history and I agree with you premise, but I find your usage of poorly defined terminology to be counterproductive. 

This is about equality under the law, this is about liberty. Not about races or religion.


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You are correct that it is not about races or religion.  It is about tribes and loyalties to those tribes and disloyality to one's neighbors that are not members of the tribe.

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@Randall, yr post gets a prize for being one of the most hate-filled rants ever to see the 'light' of day at ZeroHedge.


It is also entirely wrong. Neither Hitler, Stalin nor Mao 'disarmed' anyone! The phenomenon of ordinary citizens owning consumer goods such as firearms -- is strictly a modern, post- WWII American phenomenon, like the NFL.


Both China and pre-Soviet Russia were fantastically poor. Russia after World War One and China after WWII had seen fighting for decades. Citizens were lucky if they had clothes on their backs. They didn't have lawn furniture, flat screens, hybrids, slow-cookers or Glocks. 'Upper-class' citizens in these countries had blankets and cooking pots.


Germany after WWI was destitute, citizens did not have 'savings' there were almost zero middle class 'workers', the male population was severely diminished by the fighting, the Reichswehr (and its pets: Stahlhelm paramilitaries) had a monopoly on weapons including machine guns. Hitler took nothing -- neither did Weimar -- because there was almost nothing to take.


Hitler hated Jews, not the Jewish bankers! He despised the Jews he crossed paths with in Vienna and Munich before the war ...  when he lived on the streets as a starving artiste. The Jews he despised were small shopkeepers, peddlers, rag-pickers, beggars, street entertainers ... I suspect these low-level capitalists took pity on Adolf and gave him small amounts of money out of charity ... the deep resentment and humiliation that burned in Hitler became irreconcileable hatred.  ...


Lenin and Stalin seized prosperous Jews' property the same as they seized prosperous non-Jews' property. It was the Kaiser who brought the Soviets to existence and created the USSR. The Bolsheviks were not interested in theory but power: the most important character during the formation of the USSR was Leon Trotsky, who organized the Red Army.


Roosevelt had nothing to do with Mao: the President sent a competent general -- Joseph Stillwell -- to act as liaison with the Chinese ... forces controlled by Chiang Kai-Shek. Chiang's politics were similar to of Al Capone's ... what ran Republican (post-Sun Yat-Sen's) China was various mafias ... and the Japanese. Mao and his associate Chou En-Lai were competent military organizers, not so Chiang or the warlords. Any areas conquered by the Japanese were easily captured by Mao or convinced to associate with the CCP. Since Japan had conquered 30% of China, mostly in coastal areas and the whole of northern China, the surrender of Japan handed the bulk of the country to Mao. Blame Mao on Imperial Japanese ambition and over-reach.


Chiang would have to have been a military genius to dislodge Mao ... and he was far from it. Meanwhile, the Chinese did not have widespread firearms ownership, the country was destitute from 45 years of war.


Thanks for your time!

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Good. There is a very huge difference between a peace loving Jewish person, and a very hateful racist murderous zionist.



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Those Jews sure are dumb. Every one of their coups results in their own genocides to a greater or lesser degree. How can they still be so rich after making all these losing investments? And what about their brilliant retreat into a sliver of desert wholly surrounded by the religion of peace? They need to get in another line of work other than world domination if you asked me. 

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you people have to wake up - Alex Jones is a shill - are you all that brainwashed.

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I notice, krispkritters, that it was a gun these media chicken cacklers were going to use on Alex Jones.

“These chicken &&%@#s are saying for someone to kill Jones? Am I hearing right? These *&%@#s are inciting violence! They need to be arrested. How easy for them to want everyone else disarmed while they want to send armed "men in uniform"? ie; the government, "TO POP" Alex Jones! What a bunch of NUTS! You wonder why the majority will not disarm? Bcs of hypocrites like these.”

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I am shocked the self-declared Zionist and author of the Patriot Act is now claiming he and TOTUS can nulify the 2nd ammendment at will.  All that together almost sounds like a Fascist Socialist agenda.  Perhaps a dual-citizenship congressperson will clarify?

If this traitor does execute, I guarantee the sleeping giant will begin to stir!!  Do they want this?  They have in fact been preparing for such occasion for some time.

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A billion+ rounds of gut-pulping hollow point .40 cal says you are right.

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Those?  Ohhhh!!!! Those are just for training. /sarc

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Yeah, training on the temple of a defiant citizen.

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If the collateral damage by NYPD is any indication of the ability of the average gummint employee to shoot their way out of a barn....we have little to worry about.

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Unless you're standing behind and a little to the right of the guy they're trying to mow down.

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true... but close does count with predator drones

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Keep watching TV and Hollywoods crap - your viewership supports your serfdom.  TV (including Fox) and Hollywood are NOT your friend and they do want to disarm you.

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You sound like a broken record. Keeping repeating that won't dissuade anyone from watching TV or films. More likely the opposite.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Freddie is right.  Their programming is programming.

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot's picture

Of course he's right. It's common knowledge. Doesn't change the fact that he's a broken record. Just like the people on here who bring "da joos" into Every. Single. Thread.

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And.yet.you.are.still.faced. with a Fed board that is 90% composed of them.

You have nearly every significant congressional chairmanship held.  Dominance of media and finance.

Gross disproportionality in representation...anecdotes from people who've worked in those professions about how they get in and work to purge gentiles from the rosters and promote their own.

I mean, how do you reconcile this?  SHRUG?

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Freddie sold me my new 60" LED HD and my cable subscription, which is cool because I've never seen either Idol or Dancin' or that wife of the New Jersey Governor (What's her name?  Snooky Boo Boo or something?).  He also convinced me to convert to Islam ("Le Allah ila Allah he wa Mohammed ar rasul Allah") and consider running for the Oval Office.  Now if only I can convince him to be my campaign manager.  West Wing Office Freddie!  Hey, wasn't that also some TV show with Charlie Sheen?

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I encourage you to keep beating the drums Freddie, the have no idea that bell tolls for all of us.

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Eh, the knife cuts both ways and doesn't care--nobody in government is going to have much of a taste for attacking the citizenry once their houses burn down with their families (and many of them) inside.  They should be very scared of picking a fight with their own countrymen.  Only the few despots at the top will have security teams to protect them and those security folks have families, too.

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And 200 million plastic coffin liners as well.




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Gee, it's almost as if they're trying to start a real civil war to cover up their crimes.

Winston Churchill's picture


Seem to be in a big hurry as well.

Just dumping boiling water on us victim frogs.No foreplay at all.Whats just

around thats corner thats  upsetting the slow progressive raise in temp.

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I think it's odd they're in such a hurry as well. Either this is groundwork, or maybe someone (Anonymous?) got a hold of something special.

Remember last week O used some very odd language that hinted at him not completing his term, I can't help but wonder if the two are connected.


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I wonder if there's a 'Nobel Civil War: Leave Your Country In Pieces' Prize? You know, so Odumbo can win again?

In ordinary circumstances I think the average citizen would be shocked that the Progressive/Left would advocate violence to make their points(see my post above) or that a person who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize would continue to wage, and even start, wars/conflicts overseas while carrying out class warfare at home and railing against guns which in fact afford a citizen a degree of safety Government cannot provide. I guess these days the only thing that shocks me is that people watch Honey Boo Boo and call it 'Reality TV'...

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This Obama is just like Lincoln BS - pushed by the scum in Hollywood and TV must be an inside joke.  He wants to be the next Lincoln.  We know how that turned out.

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Obummer wants to observe by drone while DHS and some willing brown shirts and U.N. eurotrash burn their way to Atlanta and on into Texas.  He won't be content until he has us "pacified", shut up for good, one way or another.

Napolitano in drag might make a passable Sherman.  

Obummer will get higher than a kite watching the bloodbath, final revenge exacted.

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You, and everyone else, are getting the shit trolled out of them...  hence the tylers' note of biden's use of the word "can"... 

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I honestly do not believe an excessive measure will be passed, as in complete ban through executive order.  I do think that a version of Feinstein's bill will pass, just as in the early 90's. 

Biden is simply talking up the idea to garner support from the brainwashed masses, thus making Feinstein's bill more palatable.  And that my friends is the long and short of it....

MachoMan's picture

Yep...  incrementalism is the game...  and the sunset of the prior bill created a panic amongst the incrementalists... 

I find it fairly disingenuous for one to now proclaim that prior bills were bad/unconstitutional/etc. after close to 20 years has passed and not shit was ever protested...  better late than never I suppose...  Seems pretty easy just to fall back into the old law, albeit with some cleverly drafted subtle changes/additions...  the redcoats feel victory for getting something passed expressly violating the second amendment and gun owners enjoy the spoils from the recent buying spree (appreciation of firearm values)...  win win...  kick the can.

SamAdams's picture

Indeed, slow and steady with increasingly strict aspects. On the other hand, they did expect to be further along in the destruction of US sovereignty and integration into world government. We are now 13 years beyond schedule. I think things are moving along much quicker. Perhaps they will try to take a large bite?

CPL's picture

Why would they?


It would create a huge schizm in all government agencies working towards your defined goals.  Turn up the heat, the frog jumps.

Whereas a frog boiled slowly won't leave the pot.  If you've been plotting a major change for a hundred years, what's 10 more?

Totentänzerlied's picture

By definition, incrementalism eventually leads somewhere. Not knowing where it's going or when it'll get there ... that's kinda the whole point.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture


And that my friends is the long and short of it....


But what about the Long Rifle? Catch-22!

SamAdams's picture

catch .223 to be precise...  guns of scarey appearance are first, but it will eventually be all semi-auto.  Austrailia is left with bolt-action Mosins.  Not something you want to brandish against an M4 or 16 unless you have backup. 

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True enough but there is no need to fight fair or by their rules.... no need to hold out in your fortress to get gassed, stun grenadied and then cut to pieces.

Mosin-Nagnat scoped will do just fine... urban situations, or even a hill top and trees, offer plenty of areas for cover.  A small group can cause mayhem on a patrol and you may even pick up some M4's that are lying around... then disappear.

Will be plenty to get once TSHTF.

steve from virginia's picture




If yr 300+ yards away the Mosin-Nagant is the way to go.


If you bother to read US after-action reports from Afghanistan or Iraq you would be surprised to know that the M4 carbines uniformly jam after a few rounds leaving soldiers defenseless.


Old M-60 machine guns and (Belgian-made) SAW along with grenade launchers are most effective-and-reliable small arms in battles in our current wars. US should go back to bolt-action rifles ... we don't fight actual wars any more. Instead, our forces are glorified SWAT teams.


Simple pump 12 ga shotguns are also reliable, cheap and effective. Old is good under the right circumstances.


BTW: good thing the US doesn't fight actual wars any more b/c the public would be horrified/outraged by the human costs.