Will Obama Use An Executive Order To Enact Gun Control?

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Moments ago, MSNBC showed a clip in which "gun tzar" VP Joe Biden made it clear that "the President is going to act" on the issue of gun control, and that "executive orders and executive action can be taken." Of course "can" does not mean "will" as the fallout from an executive order bypassing Congress would be rather dramatic, especially on a topic so near and dear to at least half of America, and the response, to put it mildly, would make the Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones screaming match seems like a tranquil discussion between two dignified stoics. If "can" however, does become "will", America may have far bigger issues over the next two months than the debt ceiling, kicking the sequester down another several months, or even the quadrillion yen tuna.

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Facts are facts, he's right; and it seems it's time to water that tree of liberty.

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fuck you, white trash-each day i walk my dog so he can take a "cabot"!

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youre a blind ignorant clueless bigot randall cabot...there is a very strong JEWISH PRO GUN GROUP IN THE UNITED STATES.....http://jpfo.org/....look them up....they view gun control as a cancer.....they are determined not to let fascism take hold in the united states.........

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Want my guns?  Come and get them!  Molon Labe!

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Here is another, quite disturbing headline on-topic here:

« Obama Death Squads Kill Top Gun Activists As New Massacre Fears Rise »

Article says Obama's goons may recently murdered two people, John Noveske, owner of Noveske Rifelworks, and Keith Ratliff, associated with the popular FPS Russia gun videos on YouTube

This is a quite-often-scorned Irish 'conspiracy' site but damn interesting reading ... FWIW:


Article also links to a site with photos and bio info on 119 mysteriously dead research scientists in 2004-2011


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If only Keith had had a gun of his own, he could've defended himself.

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When somebody gets the drop on you from behind, it doesn't matter how many guns you have.

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Nonsense.  The only reason there's any crime in the first place is because there aren't enough guns around. 

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This is not about gun control, this is about American foreign policy, a policy that says it is OK to kill, OK to kill children, OK to kill innocent people, if it gets want you want. OK to take other people's lands. OK to take other peoples resources, if it lets us maintain our obscene lifestyle. Let's make sure we are looking at the real reasons, not the reasons the elite rulers want us to see.

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I find it facinating how Americans have rolled over on the 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10th Amendments but have drawn a "line in the sand" on the 2nd

Aparently "God given rights" are not all created equal

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No guns and BGH contaminated butter.

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Well, most people will do everything to avoid war because they know what war is... the 2nd amendment is the red line that must not be crossed... the 2nd amendment is basically the ``right to life`` of the country...

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Remember something else, too--Paul Revere's ride was to warn the colonists that the gun grabbers were coming to disarm them.

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The right to defend one's life is the ultimate right. We lose that one, and it's game over.

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....and now you understand the thinking behind Fast and Furious. 

Raise the spectre of violence with these weapons (fail, it was exposed - somewhat but no matter), create public uproar (check), create crying mom soundbites (check), push legislation (in process), if it fails, you always have executive order (second term, in process).

this has been in the cards since before he was elected....and a good crisis will not be left to waste.  F&F may not have generated it, but the outcome is the same....

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Still the idiots keep watching TV and Hollywood's shit which supports disarming you and no Fox is not any better.   They control the media and the idiots watch. 

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Hey, we're holding the line on the 3rd Amendment really well!

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Now we just pay through the nose to provide troops with their own digs in over 140 countries.

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Those that think disarmament will be a straight up shoot out need to think again. 


The enemy is not stupid.

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LOCK AND LOAD PEOPLE.  The CRIMINALS have officially declared War on The American People.  Take absolutely NO prisoners and Aim Small.  Pack a Gun and Pay NO Tax!!!

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Now if the 2nd Amendment protects individuals to own firearms, then why are felons, domestic violence individuals PROHIBITED from owning said firearm, wherein your rights shall not be infringed? You see where I am going on this... they can say and do whatever they want. Those laws are ILLEGAL, yet "enforced"... sad but true... yet no one has challenged this, makes you wonder...

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So you want convicted murders to have the ability to get guns, speak freely about forming a mob and assemble in your living room? That makes sense.

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Well, taking the constitution in its form would indicate that yes, a person guilty of DV and a felony should be able to possess weapons. Any laws to the contrary are unconstitutional...

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The US Constitution is based on a long tradition which includes common law.


The roots of felony disenfranchisement laws can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman traditions. Disenfranchisement was commonly imposed on individuals convicted of "infamous" crimes as part of their "civil death", whereby these persons would lose all rights and claim to property. Most medieval common law jurisdictions developed some form of exclusion from the democratic process, ranging from execution on sight to rejection from community processes.[2]



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There is a common theme on this thread.

That theme is people expect the US government to protect them from the US government.

To me, that seems kind of stupid, but whatever.

It goes like this: "Obama cant take away our guns because the government promised us we have the right to keep them."  If you cant see the problem with this thought process then perhaps you dont deserve freedon nor guns.

I am a free human being. I am alive. I will do whatever is necessary to protect myself and remain alive and free. There is nothing that will stand in between me and my ambition to remain alive and free.  I do not care what anyone else says or does.  Their actions or words will not affect my desire to remain alive and free.

Ulitmately, the Constitution is just a piece of old paper.  It will not protect you. You are on your own in this world. It is up to you to remain alive and free.  You must fight for yourself and fend for yourself.  As soon as you abdicate your responsibility to stay alive and free to someone else, you lose.

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Don't forget those little things we still have called state governments.

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Never forget the worst firearms crimes are committed in the sacred name of the State. The horrors visited upon Connecticut are the very ones routine for Gazans, Iraqis or Afghans.

We have reared thousands, even millions with the notion that we can fix every ill with an invasion and mass killings. No wonder some lunatic will take this propaganda to its ultimate and deadly conclusions.
Check out the videos these children watch daily.

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A democracy cannot survive as a permanent form of government. It can last only until its citizens discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. (DONE) From that moment on, the majority (who vote) will vote for those candidates promising the greatest benefits from the public purse (DONE), with the result that a democracy will always collapse from loose fiscal policies, always followed by a dictatorship (AND DONE)!

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Tyler...Executive orders are not laws in the 50 states of the Union...They are merely suggestions... The president has executive authority only with regard to federal territories and the military...We see how well gun laws have done in federal territories like Puerto Rico and military bases like Ft Hood....Nuff Said

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Banana republic: Where they take your guns and mint trillion dollar coins.

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They are making a full court press to get the guns. WOW!!!!

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I kinda hope he does, just to satisfy my morbid sense of humor. It'd be the political equivalent of doing Olympic diving off of the Sears tower, and landing on pavement. Sure, he'd likely get style points, and the "audacity" can't be questioned....but that landing is sure to leave a mark, and repeat performances will be unlikely.

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but but but... back in 2008 he swore he wouldn't take away our guns.


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Dude - all of TV and all of Hollywood are the same aand support disarming you.  Turn it all off. 

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Remember, this is the same dude who, when he was a lowly (part-time) senator used to rend his garments and gnash his teeth over his predecessor's "signing statements". Something about abuse of executive power and flaunting the Constitution, and whatnot.

Now Mr. Constitutional Law Schollar is sending his idiot Veep out there to tell the world "Constitution? Never heard of it!"

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Could not have said it better myself.  I doff my chapeau to thee, sir...

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Chaos, right on schedule.

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How better to render the debt ceiling moot? (and nearly every other government induced social problem)

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All your guns are belong to us!


We pwn you!

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Take our guns, eh? 

Well, it's time for Samurai Steak Knife to take them back, one at a time. 

In a situation where the state has taken our guns,police officers and others carrying weapons should be very suspicious of people just walking by minding their own business. 

pods's picture

Already there I'm afraid to say.


"[Police are] going to be in SWAT gear and have AR-15s around their neck," Stovall said. "If you're out walking, we're going to stop you, ask why you're out walking, check for your ID."

(Stovall is the police chief)


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pick 2.  You won't have the 3rd.

Oh but wait, I'm not allowed to say that; we can't have nice things because brown colored young males are criminally inclined and violent. And the "no snitch" policy in these neighborhoods makes it IMPOSSIBLE to police them.

So the cops will go gestapo and start IDing people....papers please.  but AT NO POINT can we have ANY kind of REALISTIC conversation about who it IS that commits crimes.  We must DESTROY OUR SOCIETY in order to refrain from speaking any kind of truth.

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The Batman-theater shooter guy and the asshole who just shot all the Sandy Hook kids were actually negroes, they just had severe vitaglio.  Everything would be perfect here if it weren't for those damn brown-skinned folks.

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If he does, there will be a civil war... or hopefully the military will intervene before that and overthrow his ass along with congress.

The next realistic step is SCOTUS... but you bet there's already threats being made against Scalia, Roberts, Kennedy, Thomas and Alito that if they rule for the second amendment, they, or people they love, are gonna end up dead... or worse.

Remember, the statists only need ONE VOTE to give them a 5-4 majority.

America is a breath away from total chaos... a civil war would mean the whole world economy going kaput.