Guest Post: Why You Are Powerless Against The Government

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Via Lance Roberts of Street Talk Live,

Have you ever felt powerless?  That no matter what you do it just won't make ANY difference.  You cast your vote for people to represent your best wishes but are repeatedly let down.   What can you possibly do? This is a great video from Larken Rose that clarifies the problem that we face today in our economy. It is a situation that is just too weird for 99.99% of the people to adequately explain. No commentary is needed.

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It's a big club & you ain't in it...

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I think you need to learn the definition of DEMOCRACY, idiot. In a democracy the government represents the will of the people. The people are unable to represent their own will, so they need politicians to do it for them. Liberal democrats wisely and thoughtfully point out that if the government didn't exist, the people would be unable to act according to their preferences, and the world would become a darker, more brutal place to live in. Ultimately, only politicians can provide us with peace, equality and happiness. But we have to vote for the right politicians - that's the key.

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Hey lookit me! I'm at the top again!

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The United States is not a democracy, it is a republic.  Big difference.

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It's neither, it's a Kleptocracy.

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Just Erase the dot, that's all.

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The simple answer is this: because they have unlimited resources compared to individual.

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“we have to vote for the right politicians - that's the key.

Spot on with that one..  and the hopeless heroin addict needs to exercise discretion in his selection of street drug dealers, too.

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I know I'm gonna get downvotes... but this video is a ridiculous oversimplification.

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Getting junked on ZH can be a badge of honor. I have never moved well within a herd. I'll be damned if I'll start doing it here.

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I down-voted a badge of honor.

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he aptly described the few hundred as a gang.  Gangs, thru promises of wealth (and fear), make tens of thousands of their lieutenants (aka company CEOs) execute their orders... in the form of "payroll deductions".  Last time I checked, I didn't have an opportunity to "decide" if I wanted to give the gang my money.  They have the ability to take a sizeable chunk from the hundred million's "earnings" before the masses' "earnings" are ever paid.  Then, the gang's thugs only have to deal with a small subset... the ones who minimize the automatic cut, and try to keep more on April 15th by fighting the code.  The power of the dot is all about gang leverage.  The lieutenents do their part willingly, because they get wealth as reward... if they refuse, there's a million in line behind them to take the job.

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All upvotes to the Hypnotoad.

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Yeah, the dots should have mouths and eyes and stuff.

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While mildly amusing, this a 3rd grade explanation. A very thin analogy to explain the basic moving parts of civil governance, and the woeful state that we (the throng) have allowed America to get to...

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Went right over your head, I see, the simple truth being so hard for 2nd graders to understand.

Fortunately, recess is only a few minutes away.

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One mising piece would be to show how the "mainstream" media acts as a magnifying glass to make the dot look bigger.

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How many dots read ZH?

Yeah, that's what I thought.


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So the throng, now feeling empowered, spent recess waiting in line to buy the book.

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Uhm, I concur, and the author of this video is missing what should be an obvious truth: A majority of that 100 million are thieves and are morally okay with stealing other people's money.  They also fail to realize that even what comes to them from the government as "free" is not.  At the very least they pay a heavy inflation tax.

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True, we all know what the problem is. WHAT is the solution?

More than half the 'throng" votes for the "dot" that gives them half of the "other" halfs money.

I think we (the throng) need some method of communicating. I mean ALL of us.

The 2 country method seems best, to me. Not that it would ever happen. But as a theoretical exercise.

Red country and blue country. Choose which is MORE to your liking, and move there.

Red country would FLOURISH, blue country would die (without the red countries income and discipline.)

I also am in favor of the notion that anyone receiving income from the govt doesn't get to vote. It's a "conflict of interest."

On a more possible and reasonable scale, I think the electoral college should NOT be a "winner take all" event.

The electoral votes should be split reflecting the same percentage as the popular vote.

(60% of the popular vote gets you 60% of the electoral votes).

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I guess you've never seen the map of red state welfare recipients.

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I guess you've never seen the map of who pays for that welfare.

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Using same vid in ZH article: Dot = FED, the rest of the mass = world.

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As long as you are thinking in red and blue, there will be no flourishing. The red is all purple in reality and feeding the welfare state for votes and spending our tax dollars on global hegemony.

I guess you missed the George W Bush presidency. Man are you a lucky bastard.

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because they have unlimited resources compared to individual.

Which they get by TAKING them from individuals!

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Which they accomplish by

-legislating their right to legislate, ex nihilo

-legislating your duty to obey their legislation

-legislating their right to punish you if you don't obey

-legislating their right to make you pay for the privilege of their service

-bonus: legislating their right to print essentially unlimitied fiat ""money"" at essentially 0 cost to them, which they can then exchange for things of REAL value  --- much easier than paying an army to take it by force

Which they get away with doing because ... ay (t)here's the rub ... because once a certain percentage of people decide the optimal strategy is to sit down, shut up, and go along with it, that becomes the optimal strategy for anyone (who doesn't like getting shot).

It is nothing but the application and exploitation of game theory.

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Can someone please point me in the direction of the government official who can properly tell me how to wipe my ass? I thought I had been doing it right all this time, but want to make sure I am 100% in compliance, for fear of imprisonment or a sentence of death.

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There is a lot wrong with the cartoonish representation of how the "system" is supposed to work.  They left out the buying off of a large part of the population by the dot.  They left out the fact that the enforcers (dah-dah-dah) have fully automatic weapons (whereas, the populace do not) and are stockpiling ammunition. They left off the imprisonment of a representative sampling of those few citizens who do oppose the dot, thereby infusing some fear into the populace.  They left out the part of those who vote for Michell Bachmann -- year after year after year.....  They forgot to divide the populace into those who are sheep and the wolves.  I could go on.  The cartoon will appeal to that part of the population who lives day to day, hand to mouth, and are just too busy to delve into the reality of how broken the system actually is.  Well, not really, since most of them will never even see the cartoon.  Never mind.

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Indeed.  "Taxpayers" do not choose from among two dots, "voters" do, about half of whom are not "taxpayers".  To be accurate, there should be an equal-sized sea of dots backing up the tiny dot and enforcer, who represent those on the take (whether they be companies or individuals taking from the taxpayers, it really doesn't matter, they all represent the power base of the tiny dot).  It should have shown money being sucked from the sea of dots on the right, the little dot and enforcer skimming a bit, then handing the balance over to the sea of dots on the left.  And attempts to bribe even more taxpayers to join their fellow takers.

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Even worse, what they put down as "enforcers" it the video are just the IRS employees.

The real enforcers are the police, courts and the military - the ones with the guns - which are far more in number and far more well armed. The IRS are just administrative personnel.

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+1 they left out two thirds of the big dots

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No, but I'm sure there are plenty of government officials who would love for you (and the rest of us) to wipe their ass.

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Not to worry, defication is going the way of guns and protest:

No shit. No shot. No shout.

Meanwhile, the state can kiss my ass.

And eat my shit.

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Keep watching TV and Hollywood's sh*t because they form and shape the sheeps opinions and keep this elite scum in control.   Your viewership keeps you a slave. Nice job.

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Still angry about finding out that Howdy Doody wasn't real.

Scarred for life.

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The maker of the "Tiny Dot" posted another video--he teases the book, which seems to say we should, en masse, ignore the dot. That's what the oligarchs have more or less done--which ties quite nicely to the ZH post on rule of law.

The problem isn't so much the laws, or maybe even the dot. It's that voters are now justified to vote themselves perks when they see the oligarchs being bailed out.

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The United States is not a democracy, it is a republic.  Big difference.


Not quite.

The former is a species of the later.

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Big difference in how long they last...

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The United States WAS a republic.

Fixed it for ya.

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...and MUST become one again or slip into a new dark age. 


Remember when the Constitution and Constitutional money existed?  I don't either... 

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Was a republic. Read definition thereof.

Was a democracy. Read the definition thereof.

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It is a Constitutional Democratic Republic. Unfortunately the Constitution has been

aborted on several fronts. We are now a nation of "men", not law.

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The law of rulers over the rule of law.

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I understand your point, but how about the "R" in USSR?  How about the People's REPUBLIC of China?  We could go on.  Rome was a some point you just have to call it what it is.  Tyranny and subjugation.  Now in America, each of us has a special tool called a gun.  So our numerical superiority is even more overwhelming.  It may be time to crush the dot and its enforcers once and for all (at least until the next time).

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See this is the one of our problems. Yes this country used to be a Democratic Republic, balance the MOB rule in a democracy so that the little voices could be heard over and along with the big voices. But that all changed in 1933 and we became a democracy run government. Leran your history and then and only then will you be able to why things are the way they are today.


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In a democracy people choose their leader like them self. Stupid people choose idiot leaders and jooos banker are taking advantage. leeches will stick till the last drop of blood.

Oh and the Jooos media is keeping people stupid.

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There MUST be some dead rodent on a spinning wheel inside that cavernous dark and stench filled hole you call a head... you're either an industry shill, or worse, actually BELIEVE what you spout. Friend... you need Jesus.