Chinese Military On "High Alert" After It Scrambles Fighter Jets To "Counter" Japanese Jets

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The one thing that most seem to forget in the epic 30 year old story (which has a very sad ending) that is the Japanese floundering economy, is that while the new Abe government may and will likely try everything to crush the Yen (which is already nearing the 90 USDJPY target, however briefly, before it resumes its grind lower once it dawns on investors what it will mean for the Japanese Treasury when bond yields soar), the main reason it has posted three massive monthly trade deficits in a row has nothing to do with its currency, and everything to do with what is now a permanent boycott of Japanese exports by China.

The paradox is that Abe, a well-known nationalist, may well crush the Yen but he will only aggravate Chinese tensions (thus hurting Japanese exports, GDP, and the current account even more) which recently approached boiling point on several occasions over the past few months, most notably in the spat over who owns the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands, and soon over other symbols of nationalist pride. And with the escalations coming faster and more frequent with each passing day, there is little room for optimism that despite all Japan is doing that its economy stands any hope of recovery in 2013 (or later).

In fact, the latest escalation in the seemingly neverending saga over a strategically located rock in the East China Sea, came hours ago, when Xinhua reported that Beijing has scrambled two J-10 jets to counter "Japanese military aircraft disrupting the routine patrols of Chinese administrative aircraft."

From Xinhua:

At a press conference, an official with the ministry confirmed that China sent two J-10 fighters to the East China Sea after a Y-8 aircraft was closely followed by two Japanese F-15 fighters as it patrolled the southwest airspace of the East China Sea oil platform on Thursday.


The two J-10 fighters were sent to monitor the Japanese fighter jets tailing the Y-8 as well as another Japanese reconnaissance plane spotted in the same airspace, the official said.


Furthermore, the official said Japanese military aircraft have been increasingly active in closely scouting Chinese aircraft. The activity zone of Japanese military aircraft has also expanded recently, which is the root cause of security disputes concerning territorial waters and airspace between the two countries.


The Chinese military will be on high alert and China will resolutely protect the security of its air defense force and uphold its legitimate rights, the official said.

Suddenly very real concerns over a flare up in military escalations aside, it doesn't look like anyone is ready to back down in what is becoming an ever more heated and rancorous expression of nationalist pride, and it certainly does not appear likely that China will lift its "blockade" on Japanese imports any time soon.

As to how China continues to see what is going on in Japan, we go to another Op-Ed from China Daily printed earlier today, titled "Unwise foreign policy turns Japan into own enemy" and this time even the Chinese propaganda is 100% accurate:

The Japanese economy, under the burden of years of deflation and an aging population, has been the "Patient of Asia" for the last two decades.


The Japanese people can cite many reasons for their economic malaise, from bad government policies that led to the forming and bursting of a giant economic bubble in late 1980s and early 1990s to cumbersome mega companies that have been losing money and shedding jobs due to increasing global competition.


More recently, the Japanese economy has suffered another blow due to a bitter row with China, a crucial trade and investment partner, ignited by Tokyo's repeated provocations over the Diaoyu Islands, an integral part of Chinese territory.


Yet new Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe turned the facts upside down when he claimed Friday that China has deliberately targeted Japanese companies as part of a strategy to confront Japan over the territorial dispute.


It is true that economic ties between China and Japan have chilled considerably since former Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's cabinet decided to "buy" part of the Diaoyu Islands in September despite strong Chinese opposition.


The outcome is nothing but natural, as good economic relations are always based on sound political ties. It is naive to believe that Japan can maintain strong trade and investment ties with China while repeatedly provoking China on critical issues.


In addition, the pinch felt by Japanese companies results largely from an across-the-board boycott of Japanese goods spontaneously staged by Chinese consumers who felt betrayed by the bellicose Japanese government. The Chinese government has nothing to do with this.


Japanese politicians, including Abe, have only themselves to blame, because their brinkmanship is the root cause of the deterioration of China-Japan economic ties.


They have also been stoking fears about the so-called "China threat" in the broader Asia-Pacific region and trying to build a coalition of countries against China.


For many in China, Abe's latest remarks are just part of an attempt by the Japanese government to depict China as the villain and gain an upper hand in the territorial dispute.


But Tokyo is doomed to lose the gamble, as more and more countries have come to realize that China acts responsibly in the international arena and its development is a real blessing for the whole world.


Meanwhile, Japan has raised concerns in capitals worldwide that its increasingly hawkish policy toward China will further escalate the situation and pose a serious risk to regional peace and stability.


For Japan, its fragile economy is in urgent need of the opportunities a sound China-Japan relationship brings, but Japan's unwise foreign policy has made these opportunities harder to come by.


Thus it is of pressing importance that Abe immediately arrest his country's self-destructive tendency and put its foreign relations and economic recovery back on track so as not to waste his second chance at the top.

Bottom line: don't bet so fast on anything remotely resembling inflation or GDP growth in Japan yet. In fact, it may be time to take advantatge of the recent euphoria and to double down on red.

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overmedicatedundersexed's picture

seems the paki's and india could benefit with china and japan going at it..all sorts of possiblities, or how about a news mogul sending in his stealth ship to sink a china sampan..all is not as it seems all too often these days..china needs war in a slowing economy anyway and japan does as well. humanity never lets an evil event go by.

Lin S's picture

China has the numbers, but their technology isn't on par with Japan's.  Also, the Japanese military is far more professional than China's, whose officer corps is selected on the basis of their commitment to the CCP over their skill set.

At sea, Japan OWNS China.  The Japanese are outstanding warriors at sea and have been for well over a century, if not longer.

It's a tough call but my money is on Japan if the missiles start to fly. 

I could always be wrong, however.




optimator's picture

Those Red Chinese J-10 beat anything the Japanese have, may even beat the Japanese F-15.

ceilidh_trail's picture

Assuming the j10 engines don't fall off midflight... China not exactly known for high quality hardware...

lolmao500's picture

Well that's why Russia is providing them the engines... China can't build engines worth a shiat.

Lin S's picture


J-10 is unproven, F-15's track record is very well-known: 101 A2A kills, 0 losses.

Also, communist flight training leaves a LOT to be desired due to lack of quality, lack of autonomy, and an emphasis on top-down control.  And, Modern China has no experience fighting and winning a major, regional war with anyone, anywhere.  Not in the air, and not at sea.

Moreover, Chinese communism does not foster the Warrior Spirit, it crushes it; Japan has maintained an awareness of, and placed an emphasis on, the Bushido Code that has persevered even after defeat in WWII, 67 years ago.

Also unknown is whether Chinese pilots will fight, or simply defect to Taiwan.  If things go hot, Japan will use its formidable sea power to effect.

optimator's picture

Ha!  98% of those F-15 air-to-air kills are IAF kills.  And as most of us know Israel has never lost an aircraft A2A despite those pesty Arab gun camera films!  As for ground to air kills, you know why the IAF put those extensions on jet tail pipes!

Lin S's picture

You don't seem to know much about military-technical hardware or history at all.

That, or you're an apologist for China. 

Maybe both.

Colonial Intent's picture

You're confusing the -15/-16 airframes, J10 is for use against taiwan f-16 copies not f-15's.

Israel use a strike version of the f-15 not the air superiority version which japan uses.


rwe2late's picture

 Lost in all this is that it is another example of US deceit and meddling.

 The Diaoyu Islands were occupied by the US after WW2, and were supposed to be returned to China (because they had been militarily seized by Japan).

However, the US did not do that (supposedly because China was "red") and instead eventually handed the islands over to Japan.

(On a somewhat related note, we might point out that the US used Japanese troops to suppress Vietnamese resistance at the end of WW2 until the French could re-occupy "their colony".)

Anyone who thinks Japan is confronting China without urging from the US is mistaken. The US government wants Japan to re-arm with US weapons.

AnAnonymous's picture

A puppeteer pulls strings and gang trustees obey their ganglord.

Such is the 'american' world.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

A Chinese Citizenism Communautist puppeteer from the Ministry of Truth pulls strings and 'propagandan' AnAnonymous begins to dance.

Such is the Chinese citizenism world.

mjcOH1's picture

"A Chinese Citizenism Communautist puppeteer from the Ministry of Truth pulls strings and 'propagandan' AnAnonymous begins to dance."

Well, we have a long tradition of state legislators getting their idiot nephews jobs working the toll boths on interstate highways.   They set their idiot nephews in front of the interwebs.   Same thing.

akak's picture

A pooppeteer pulls down his pants on the side of the road and hanging crusties obey the call of the stankhoard.

Such is the Chinese shitizenism world.

suteibu's picture

A war which achieves US goals without committing the US.  It will not honor its treaty with Japan over these islands.  This tension solves the problem the US faces in Okinawa over the bases, ramps up weapons sales in Asia, and moves more nations into the US umbrella.  It also takes the Chinese eyes off of Iran.  As for oil around the islands, US oil companies are simply waiting to see the sovereignty issue resolved, not concerned in the least which nation wins.

tawse57's picture

You Americans really need to stop having websites that tell the world, and potential enemies, where your carriers are, whether they are working or are being repaired, etc.

Interesting how the Chinese wait to do this until all but one US carriers are back in their home ports.

In WW2 do you think MacArthur would have twittered Tojo and Yamamoto where allied forces in the Pacific were, or Eisenhower sending an instagram of D-Day plans to Von Rundsedt?


Zymurguy's picture

Well, if you put a pin on the map where a carrier is you'd have to put about 30 more pins miles away from it in a perimeter as part of the "carrier group" who work in coordination with the carrier and mutually defend each other.

It would be TERRIBLY difficutl to directly assault one of our aircraft carriers.

tawse57's picture

You mean like that Chinese sub that surfaced right next to the Nimitz off Hawaii a few years back?

earnyermoney's picture

I'll bet that sub was tracked all the way back to China.

Colonial Intent's picture

Any decent chinese skipper would swap his and his crews lives to destroy a CVN, have you never heard of torps with a tac nuke? an old set-65 could handle the payload, then who is to say whether it was the chinese or a reactor malfunction that sunk the CVN.

Parrotile's picture

During numerous NATO Wargames, the UK RN seemed to have no problems in doing just that, on numerous occasions too . . . . . .

Also note that the UK and Russia were developing / have developed vertical launch torpedo pallets designed for long term (decades) "placement" on the seabed at navigational "pinch points". In time of war, launch is triggered in response to sonar i.d. of a target (engine and propeller sonar signature); launch to impact is measured in seconds, and seeing as the projectile is heading near-vertically the opportunity for threat i.d. via traditional side scanning sonar is reduced.

The problem with big, expensive ships is they are also big, expensive targets. You may have 130 support vessels, but without the carrier your air superiority has gone, and believe me the carrier WILL be the first target hit (and sunk)

Tao 4 the Show's picture

Maps like those from Stratfor are just old news for unimportant players. Do you imagine for a moment that all major military players don't know where major naval assets are located? Get a life, mon. Satellites tell all, and even private companies run them. MacArthur lived in a different age. Not relevant now.

And BTW, releases like from Stratfor are most likely for intended effect with news organizations and other players to be manipulated.

tawse57's picture

You took my McArthur twitter joke seriously? How cute.

Elmer Fudd's picture

Those disputed islands were taken by Japan when they were in imperialist mode against a weak Chinese dynasty.  So do those claims stand or not? But since its about oil now its doubtful anyone is going to back down. 

AnAnonymous's picture

The ultimate land grabbers in the world decided it holds.

Land grabbers can oppose other land grabbers but never on the ground of opposing land grabbing.

ceilidh_trail's picture

Anon would know a land glabba when she see one... cHinEse want to steal whole worll...

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous, Chinese citizenism talking mouth, said:

The ultimate land grabbers in the world decided it holds.

Nope. The Mongolians have not issued opinion on the mattering bits of those islands downthere.

Colonial Intent's picture

Jaw-jaw is better than war-war.



Tibet is ethnically, culturally and geographically a seperate nation, yet china claims it?

On 10th September 2001 china sent five squadrons of attack planes to bomb targets in NW china, they bombed their own people while the world was looking the other way.

topspinslicer's picture

Good times a rollin' !!!! Let's get barbaric baby!!!! If they don't be careful someone is bound to shoot an eye out

earleflorida's picture

J-10 = F-16, cost 50% less per aircraft!

Israel gives up technology?

Ps. Pakistan is a great ally of China-- it was through the Pakistani's that China began trade with the U.S. [Nixon/ Kissinger]

Ps2.  India will now by Russian fighter jets to offset Pakistani purchase. [Russia is a strong ally of India]

Ps3.  Where does this leave America's MIC's Flight Industry when China now can turn out same quality and quantity for less than half the cost.

Ps4. China, in 5 yrs. or less, will have more nuclear armed submarines than Russia or the United States... far superior in 'state-of-the-art' technology.


Colonial Intent's picture

India has a 7-1 superiority in quantity and has better quality planes, The SU-MKI wipes the floor with any PAF aircraft

India buys kits that are assembled/reverse engineered in india, especially the engines.

China's 4th and 5th gen are designed to be used against USAF planes not russians.

Chinese Kilo Copycat got within 5NM of a US carrier, SSN's give them a blue/deep water capbability.

When the chinese send some SU' squadrons up to patrol then its getting serious.

lolmao500's picture Japan and China step up drone race as tension builds over disputed islands

Both countries claim drones will be used for surveillance, but experts warn of future skirmishes in region's airspace

China Warns Citizens To 'Prepare For The Worst' As It Sends Fighters To East China Sea Very bullish.
lolmao500's picture

While in Syria... shit just hit the fan...

A military convoy was targeted in Damascus today, the convoy was with the Iranian ambassador in Damascus, it also included two Hezbollah members, two officers from the presidential palace and four Russian generals also.

Apparently they killed some Russian generals and the Iranian ambassador...

Al-Jazeera arabic is reporting it...

Now if it's true...

While this is happening :

Russian Navy Holds Syria Exercises

Ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and Baltic Fleets are to start exercises off the coast of Syria the Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday.

mjcOH1's picture

"A military convoy was targeted in Damascus today, the convoy was with the Iranian ambassador in Damascus, it also included two Hezbollah members, two officers from the presidential palace and four Russian generals also."

4 down, 871 to go.   They can spare a few.   When they run short they'll stop parading them through war zones.

Zwelgje's picture

August 4th 2012 the 'rebels' killed the first Russian in Syria: General Vladimir Kojeve.

e-recep's picture

beggar-thy-neighbour strategy. anglo-american empire will not go down silently. it will push everyone else deeper down the hole.

ZFiNX's picture

Pretty sure the Japanese have kicked Chinese ass in every war they've fought against them.

Don't see any reason to think differently now.

And everyone thought the Middle East was going first : "When you are near, you must seem far" - Tzu


Has ANYONE one these boards read "The Grand Chessboard" , Zbigniew pretty much lays it out for all to see.



Zymurguy's picture

The Japanese have always had an issue with the Chinese - look back in history and you'll see many conflicts with the Japanese brutally assaulting the Chinese in warfare.  I'm sure they still feel that they should have imperial rule over parts of China - I think it's in their blood.

Also, note another time in history where Japans economy was in shambles and they were being economically/financially blockaded by another big bully country - it drove the Japanese to carry out a huge surprise air assault on a major naval base of their adversary (know who that was?)

This is sounds like a very similar situation but this time it's China bullying them both financially/economicaly AND annoying them militarily.  Not good.

Chaos_Theory's picture

Yea, but late 1941 "bully" didn't have ICBMs.  The 2013 "bully" does and Japan doesn't. 

One nitpick at the overall article...China is acting responsibly on the world stage????? They're practically saying if a Chinese man pissed off the side of a boat 2,000 years ago off the coast of Vietnam/the PI/Malaysia/Thailand that the waters and land belong to them.  The way it's going in the Western Pacific, we'll look back on the Chinese regional policy from 2010-2050 as very similar to the 1890s-1939 "small wars" in the Western Hemisphere by the United States.

rwe2late's picture

They're practically saying if a Chinese man pissed off the side of a boat 2,000 years ago off the coast of Vietnam/the PI/Malaysia/Thailand that the waters and land belong to them.

That is a stupid, absurd, and false argument.

I'll give you a thumbs up for the laugh provided.

mjcOH1's picture

"Yea, but late 1941 "bully" didn't have ICBMs.  The 2013 "bully" does and Japan doesn't. Yea, but late 1941 "bully" didn't have ICBMs.  The 2013 "bully" does and Japan doesn't. "

But Japan does have F-15s with fast packs, a boat load of plutonium, and what most believe are a sizeable number of nuclear gravity bombs ready to go on those F-15s, when someone walks the nuclear pits over to the bomb casings.

suteibu's picture

Meanwhile, the US is working behind the scenes to resolve the situation.

"Despite lingering mistrust between China and the US, Campbell said he's confident that both countries have people who are committed to improving bilateral relations. But he lamented that there aren't enough Americans with expertise on Asia to fill important positions in the US government.

Orville Schell, director of the Asia Society's Center on US-China Relations, recently told China Daily that the two countries' relationship could benefit from experience like that of Henry Paulson, who was George W. Bush's Treasury secretary.

Paulson, who developed knowledge about China during frequent business trips as a top Goldman Sachs Group Inc executive, played a "constructive and positive role" as a cabinet official, and made his Chinese counterparts feel "comfortable", Schell said.

He said he hoped Vice-President Joe Biden might be designated for a similar kind of role during Obama's second term." - China Daily

Everyone should be confident in knowing that Goldman Sachs is involved.  As for the idiot Biden...

helping_friendly_book's picture

Oh boy!....this is great!!! the rmb is up 2.25% against the dollar in the last 6 months. I'm loaded up on rmb and waiting for China to wipes its ass w/ UST bonds. 

Bank of China has two branches in NYC, offer rmb denominated savings accounts, and are FDIC insured.

Fuck the stock market. I am saving in the currency of the future.

Fuck the JAPS!!!! Let the Chinese rape Tokyo! It's been a long time coming but payback is due the Chinese.

loveyajimbo's picture

This may end badly... but since Obunga is a known coward, he will never get involved in a hot war with China... maybe we can use this as an excuse to default on all the debt they hold?  I hope Japan's military is ready to rock...

earnyermoney's picture

Japan is Barry's implementation of a Chinese pivot.

lakecity55's picture


he's on their team.

lolmao500's picture

China needs to give some payback to Japan for 9/11!