So You Want To Retire? Five Disturbing Statistics About Retirement: An Infographic

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To all Americans in their twenties, thirties, forties, or even fifties, naively looking forward to their retirement, we have two words: "good luck."

One look at the flow chart below and we can't help but wonder: just how many Americans actually follow the "plan" of what they should do to prepare for retirement. A million? Two? Less? And how soon before the government decides it knows what's best for everyone in this particular touchy topic - because since the US welfare system is now hopelessly broken and unsustainable, then the retirement "option" for virtually everyone is a non-starter - and begins imposing behavioral mandates, not to mention taxes, to "steer" the population into the proper "avenues" and "channels"?

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does this count the public employee pigs who retire at 45 ????

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If you're in your 20s, retirement should be the last thing to worry about. Retire? How about start with imagining how you will possibly be employed past 50. That problem is a rubix cube no one wants to touch. 

Thomas's picture

By my math, there is well under 5% of the population who will retire at a level of income that they are accustomed to while working.

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Just got off work at BAC.


What'd I miss?

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I bet all the Jews will retire well off. Every one of them. Because the Jews rule the world.

Pay attention, it's not the oil barons and defense industry, it's the JEWS.

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I see you have been enjoying that complimentary audio book of Mein Kampf that came with your paid membership to Aryan Nation....

Let us know how it ends,,,

whstlblwr's picture

Yes, thank you. It opened my eyes. Unfortunately I was in the dumpster at the time and now I have an eye infection.

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It's unfortunate that you survived it at all but never mind...

pods's picture

He's just threadjacking cause it seems that the past few articles (fleecebook and Lack Jew) about Jews they got beat up.

Tonight he is really gonzo.  Guess he looked up how to do bath salt anal?


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The quality of the hasbara trolling has been really disappointing lately. I wonder what the issue is? Come on bibi, up the pay a bit and recruit some talent. Americans are paying for it anyway.

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We can only wish to make such an impact and be so important. It was great to meet you BTW. Where's TRAV?

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It is so bad out there that joos are screwing other joos

Remember Madoff and Jewish charities? Madoff said they are just as greedy as any other

Too many joos for the ecosystem .

whstlblwr's picture

I especially appreciate how when we see danger to the message, we all come back to the blog and reinforce each other and make sure message is on point. Comrade!

Jews, Jooooz, joos BAD
Oil Barons, defense contractor, military, Anglosaxons GOOD

phyuckyiu's picture

The economy must be bad, they are cutting the payout per Hasbara Troll post. Now he has to cut and paste shit.

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very interesting to note that your "voice" has changed rather significantly from last year at this time. . . when you were campaigning, y'know?

sticking with your storyline, is this your "wife" posting now?

whstlblwr's picture

I appreciate the positive feedback. I've been working on my writing. Adding articles before nouns was tough.

Cathartes Aura's picture

opinions are good, everyone should have their own.

as you were.

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Never new about Hasbara Trolls until now.

looks like a real thing.

There's got to be an algo to close these accounts when they come out as a troll.

whstlblwr's picture

Totally agree ninja247, shut the Joos, Jews, joooooz out!

whstlblwr's picture

I'm right here, you can talk to me. Too bad you feel it's a threadjack, I'm following instructions. Who got beat up? It's good to point out everyone with the last name that sounds Jew or even if they look Jew, it should be pointed out so more people will learn to blame the JEW instead of YOU KNOW WHO.

I know you visit many blogs all day. Pass along. Jew, or JOOOZ (as buckaroo says) = BAD

pods's picture

Pass what along exactly?

I don't give a shit if anyone is Jewish. I give a shit if people are colluding to extract money from a populace through a central banking cartel that has a stranglehold over almost the entire world.

Maybe if they didn't want such flak they outta GTFO of the business of making money from the blood, sweat and tears of everyone earning a paycheck?

Or do you see our modern banking system as a just and necessary function?

Oh wait, that's right, we need to vote or we don't get a say in how much of our labor is extracted before we ever see it to service fictional debt conjured up out of nothing?

You do know about that, do you not?

Exactly where do the "reserves" of the Federal Reserve come from?  Where did the 16 TRILLION dollar float come from to keep this evil ponzi scheme running?


whstlblwr's picture

Oh okay, I hear you, you think it's better sometimes to say you don't care if it's Jew, maybe for political correctness. Then you include zinger, Jew makes money from blood sweat and tears of everyone else. So it's right, Jew takes for free, lazy good for nothing Jew, never thinks or works hard, just on the back of everyone else. I got you. Maybe I'll copy and paste this for facebook. All kinds of ways to spread hate and diversions away from YOU KNOW WHO. Thanks!

pods's picture

Okay skippy, I am tired of thumping you. 

Who EXACTLY are you referring to as "YOU KNOW WHO" so I can go to bed?


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How does he reconcile the fact there are many poor Jews? Where's their cut of the graft? Did they not enroll in Jewish ponzi 101 at the local yeshiva?

Idiots abound, regardless or race or religion.

whstlblwr's picture

If one of you guys can fill me in on how to hide the Jewish accomplishments in the US would be great. This is only partial list, maybe start from the top.

* Richard Axel, olfactory system, Nobel Prize (2004)
* Julius Axelrod, neurotransmitters, Nobel Prize (1970)
* David Baltimore, reverse transcriptase, Nobel Prize (1975)
* Baruj Benacerraf, immunologist, Nobel Prize (1980)
* M. A. Benjaminson, microbiologist and biotechnologist, in vitro meat pioneer
* Paul Berg, recombinant DNA, Nobel Prize (1980)
* Richard Bing, cardiologist
* Konrad Bloch, cholesterol, Nobel Prize (1959)
* Baruch Blumberg, hepatitis B vaccine, Nobel Prize (1976)
* Michael S. Brown, molecular geneticist, Nobel Prize (1985)
* Stanley Cohen, neurologist, Nobel Prize (1986)
* Stanley N. Cohen, genetic engineering
* Gerty Cori, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1947)
* Jared Diamond, evolutionary biologist & biogeographer
* Carl Djerassi, contraceptive pill
* Gerald Edelman, biologist, Nobel Prize (1972)
* Gertrude Elion, drug development, Nobel Prize (1988)
* Joseph Erlanger, physiologist, Nobel Prize (1945)
* Edmond H. Fischer, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1992) (Jewish father)
* Judah Folkman, cancer angiogenesis
* Casimir Funk, vitamins
* Robert F. Furchgott, pharmacologist, Nobel Prize (1998)
* Alfred G. Gilman, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1994)
* Joseph L. Goldstein, molecular geneticist, Nobel Prize (1985)
* Paul Greengard, neuroscientist, Nobel Prize (2000)
* Stephen Jay Gould, evolutionary biologist & writer
* Michael Heidelberger, immunochemist
* H. Robert Horvitz, biologist, Nobel Prize (2002)
* Jerome Horowitz, AZT
* Eric R. Kandel, neuroscientist, Nobel Prize (2000)
* Charles Kelman, cataract surgery
* Albert Kligman, dermatologist
* Arthur Kornberg, DNA replication, Nobel Prize (1959)
* Roger Kornberg, RNA transcription, Nobel Prize (2006) (son of Arthur Kornberg)
* Eric Lander, Human Genome Project
* Esther Lederberg, geneticist [1]
* Joshua Lederberg, molecular biologist, Nobel Prize (1958)
* Richard Lerner, therapeutic antibodies
* Rita Levi-Montalcini, neurologist, Nobel Prize (1986)
* Michael S. Levine, developmental biologist, discoverer of homeobox
* Richard Lewontin, evolutionary biologist
* Fritz Lipmann, coenzyme A, Nobel Prize (1953)
* Otto Loewi, acetylcholine, Nobel Prize (1936)
* Abraham Low, neuropsychiatrist, Recovery International founder
* Salvador Luria, bacterial evolution, Nobel Prize (1969)
* Lynn Margulis, Gaia theory
* Matthew Meselson, DNA replication
* A. L. Mestel, pediatric surgeon, separation of conjoined twins (1968)
* Otto Meyerhof, glycolysis, Nobel Prize (1922)
* Stanley Miller, Miller-Urey experiment
* Hermann Muller, geneticist, Nobel Prize (1946) (Jewish mother)
* Daniel Nathans, microbiologist, Nobel Prize (1978)
* Marshall Nirenberg, genetic code, Nobel Prize (1968)
* Gregory Pincus, contraceptive pill
* Karl Pribram, neurologist
* Stanley Prusiner, neurologist, Nobel Prize (1997)
* Martin Rodbell, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1994)
* Albert Sabin, oral polio vaccine
* Jonas Salk, polio vaccine
* Andrew V. Schally, endocrinologist, Nobel Prize (1977)
* Albert Schatz, streptomycin
* Béla Schick, diphtheria test
* Rudolf Schoenheimer, radioactive tracers
* Leo Sternbach, valium
* Howard Temin, reverse transcriptase, Nobel Prize (1975)
* Max Tishler, synthetic vitamins
* Harold Varmus, virologist, Nobel Prize (1989)
* George Wald, retina pigmentation, Nobel Prize (1967)
* Selman Waksman, streptomycin, Nobel Prize (1952)
* Charles Weissmann, interferon cloning
* Alexander S. Wiener hematologist and co-discoverer of the Rh factor
* Rosalyn Yalow, medical physicist, Nobel Prize (1977)
* Charles Yanofsky, geneticist
* Ralph Alpher, background radiation, nucleosynthesis
* John Bahcall, astrophysicist
* Hans Bethe, nuclear physicist, Nobel Prize (1967) (Jewish mother)
* Felix Bloch, nuclear physicist, Nobel Prize (1952) (naturalized citizen)
* David Bohm, quantum physicist, philosopher of science
* Gregory Breit, physicist
* Albert Einstein (German) theoretical physicist, Nobel Prize (1921) (naturalized citizen)
* Paul Sophus Epstein, theoretical physicist, quantum mechanics
* Herman Feshbach, nuclear physicist
* Richard P. Feynman, physicist, Nobel Prize (1965) (though he always refused to appear in lists such as this one and other lists or books that classified people by race [1][2][3])
* David Finkelstein, physicist
* James Franck, physicist, Nobel Prize (1925)
* Edward Fredkin, digital physicist
* Jerome Friedman, physicist, Nobel Prize (1990)
* Murray Gell-Mann, quarks, Nobel Prize (1969)
* Sheldon Glashow, physicist, Nobel Prize (1979)
* Donald A. Glaser, bubble chamber, Nobel Prize (1960)
* Roy Glauber, physicist, Nobel Prize (2005)
* Samuel Goudsmit, electron spin
* Brian Greene, string theorist
* Herbert Goldstein, Columbia physicist, author of standard textbook on classical mechanics.
* David Gross, string theorist, Nobel Prize (2004)
* Alan Guth, cosmic inflation
* Eugene Guth, polymer physics, nuclear physics, solid state physics
* Robert Herman, cosmology, background radiation, operations research
* Robert Hofstadter, physicist, Nobel Prize (1961)
* Robert Jastrow, physicist, astronomer, cosmologist
* Herman Kahn, nuclear physicist
* Theodore von Kármán, aeronautical engineer
* Daniel Kleppner, atomic research
* Walter Kohn, physicist, Nobel Prize (1998)
* Rudolf Kompfner, engineer and physicist
* Cornelius Lanczos, mathematical physicist [3]
* Rolf Landauer, physicist, information theory
* Leon M. Lederman, physicist, Nobel Prize (1988)
* David Morris Lee, superfluidity, Nobel Prize (1996)
* Fritz London, quantum chemistry
* Theodore Maiman, first operable laser
* Albert Michelson, speed of light, Nobel Prize (1907)
* Ben Roy Mottelson, physicist, Nobel Prize (1975)
* Frank Oppenheimer, nuclear physicist (brother of Robert)
* Robert Oppenheimer, nuclear physicist (brother of Frank)
* Douglas D. Osheroff, superfluidity, Nobel Prize (1996)
* Jeremiah P. Ostriker, astrophysicist
* Abraham Pais, historian of science
* Wolfgang Pauli, nuclear physicist, Nobel Prize (1945) (Jewish father, half-Jewish mother) (naturalized citizen)
* Arno Allan Penzias, background radiation, Nobel Prize (1978)
* Martin Lewis Perl, physicist, Nobel Prize (1995)
* H. David Politzer, physicist, Nobel Prize (2004)
* Martin Pope, physical chemist, Davy Medal (2006)
* Isidor Isaac Rabi, physicist, Nobel Prize (1944) (naturalized citizen)
* Simon Ramo, physicist, engineer
* Mark G. Raizen, physicist, quantum physics
* Sidney Redner, statistical physics
* Frederick Reines, neutrino experiment, Nobel Prize (1995)
* Burton Richter, physicist, Nobel Prize (1976)
* Carl Sagan, astronomer & science popularizer
* Arthur Schawlow, laser spectroscopy, Nobel Prize (1981) (Jewish father)
* Melvin Schwartz, physicist, Nobel Prize (1988)
* Julian Schwinger, quantum physicist, Nobel Prize (1965)
* Emilio G. Segrè, anti-proton, Nobel Prize (1959) (naturalized citizen)
* Lee Smolin, loop quantum gravity
* Alan Sokal, Sokal Affair
* H. Eugene Stanley, econophysics, phase transitions, critical phenomena
* Jack Steinberger, physicist, Nobel Prize (1988)
* Otto Stern, physicist, Nobel Prize (1943)
* Andrew Strominger, string theory
* Leonard Susskind, string theory (Jewish father)
* Leó Szilárd, nuclear physicist (naturalized citizen)
* Edward Teller, nuclear physicist
* Steven Weinberg, electroweak force, Nobel Prize (1979)
* Victor Frederick Weisskopf (1908–2002) physicist. During World War II, he worked at Los Alamos on the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb, and later campaigned against the proliferation of nuclear weapons[4]
* Eugene Wigner, quantum physicist, Nobel Prize (1963)
* Edward Witten, mathematical physicist, Fields Medal (1990), founder of M-Theory, only physicist to win Fields medal, and currently the driving force behind theoretical/mathematical physics.
* George Zweig, quarks
* Larry Adler, composer [1]
* Samuel Adler (1928- ) American (German born) composer
* Milton Babbitt (1916-2011) composer [2]
* Irving Berlin (1888-1989) composer and lyricist
* Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) composer and conductor
* Elmer Bernstein (1922-2004) composer
* Aaron Copland (1900-1990) composer and conductor
* Morton Feldman (1926-1987) composer
* Bob Dylan (1941- ) songwriter and lyricist, née Robert Zimmerman
* George Gershwin (1898-1937) composer and song writer
* Jerome Kern (1885-1945) composer and song writer
* Fritz Kreisler (1875 - 1962) violinist and composer, one of the most famous of his day[3]
* Alan Menken (1949-) composer
* Leo Ornstein (1893-2002) modernist composer and pianist
* Lou Reed (1942- ) song-writer, composer and guitarist, a member of the Velvet Underground
* Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951) Naturalized American, Austrian-born composer
* Stephen Schwartz, (1948-), composer and lyricist
* Nicolas Slonimsky (1894-1995) Naturalized American, Russian-born composer, conductor and author
* Morton Subotnick (1933- ) composer of electronic and other music, husband to Joan LaBarbara
* Kurt Weill (1900-1950) Naturalized American, German-born composer and song-writer, who wrote orchestral music and "show music"
* John Zorn (1953- ) composer and saxophonist
* Dianna Agron (born 1986), actress and singer
* Jonathan Ahdout (born 1989), actor (House of Sand and Fog, 24)[19]
* Justin Baldoni (born 1984), actor (Everwood)[20]
* Amanda Bynes (born 1986), film actress and former show host on Nickelodeon (She's the Man)[21]
* Lizzy Caplan (born 1982), film/TV actress (Mean Girls, Cloverfield)[22]
* Lauren Cohan (born 1982), Film/Television actor (Supernatural)[23]
* Matt Cohen (born 1982), film/TV actor[24]
* John Francis Daley (born 1985), actor/director (Freaks and Geeks)[25]
* Kat Dennings (born 1986), film/TV actress[26][27]
* Zac Efron (born 1987; Jewish paternal grandfather), teen idol/actor (High School Musical, Hairspray)[28]
* Jesse Eisenberg (born 1983), film actor (The Squid and the Whale)[29]
* Sean Flynn-Amir (born 1989), TV actor (Zoey 101)[30]
* Jon Foster (born 1984), film/TV actor (Stay Alive)[31]
* Shayna Fox (born 1984), voice actress[32]
* Gideon Glick (born 1988), actor[33]
* Joseph Gordon-Levitt (born 1981), film/TV actor[34][35]
* Max Greenfield (born 1980), film/TV actor[36]
* Zena Grey (born 1988), film actress (Max Keeble's Big Move)[37]
* Jake Gyllenhaal (born 1980), film actor (Brokeback Mountain)[38]
* Jonah Hill (born 1983), film actor[39]
* Scarlett Johansson (born 1984), film actress;[40] [41]
* Ariana Jollee (born 1982), pornographic actress and pornographic film director[42]
* Mila Kunis (born 1983), TV actress (That '70s Show)[43]
* Shia LaBeouf (born 1986), TV/film actor (Even Stevens, Holes, Disturbia, Transformers)[44][45]
* Adam Lamberg (born 1984), actor (Lizzie McGuire)[46]
* Samm Levine (born 1982), film/TV actor[47]
* Margarita Levieva (born 1980), actress and professional gymnast
* William Levy (born 1980), actor and model
* Alex D. Linz (born 1989), actor (Home Alone 3, Max Keeble's Big Move)[48][49]
* Jessica Manley, actress (Anne Frank: The Whole Story).
* Eli Marienthal (born 1986), film actor (Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen)[50]
* Scott Mechlowicz (born 1981), film actor (EuroTrip, Mean Creek)[51]
* Sara Paxton (born 1988), actress (Darcy's Wild Life, Aquamarine)[52][53][54]
* Josh Peck (born 1986), actor (Drake & Josh)[55]
* Ashley Peldon (born 1984), film/TV actress[56]
* Courtney Peldon (born 1981), film/TV actress[57]
* Alisan Porter (born 1981), film and stage actress and singer[58]
* Natalie Portman (born 1981), Israeli-born film actor (V for Vendetta)[59]
* Laura Prepon (born 1980), film/TV actress (That '70s Show). .[60][61]
* Nikki Reed (born 1988), film actress/screenwriter (Thirteen)[62][63]
* Seth Rogen (born 1982), comedian, actor, writer
* Emmy Rossum (born 1986), actress, singer, and songwriter
* Jason Schwartzman (born 1980), actor and member of the band Phantom Planet
* Jason Segel (born 1980), film/TV actor[64]
* Jamie-Lynn Sigler (born 1981), TV actress (The Sopranos)[65]
* Sam Smith (born 1989), English actor (Wondrous Oblivion)[66]
* Marla Sokoloff (born 1980), film/TV actress (Big Day)[67]
* Shoshannah Stern (born 1980), TV actress[68][69]
* Lauren Storm (born 1987), TV actress (Flight 29 Down)[70][71]
* Khleo Thomas (born 1989), film actor (Holes)[72]
* Ashley Tisdale (born 1985), actress and singer (High School Musical)[73]
* Michelle Trachtenberg (born 1985), film/TV actress[74]
* Joseph Trohman (born 1984), musician (Fall Out Boy)Joe Trohman
* Raviv (Ricky) Ullman (born 1986), Israeli-born actor, teen idol (Phil of the Future)[75]
* Anneliese van der Pol (born 1984), Dutch/American actress (That's So Raven)[76]
* Mara Wilson (born 1987), film actress (Matilda)[77]
* Evan Rachel Wood (born 1987), film actress (Thirteen, The Upside of Anger)[62][63][78]
* Mario Yedidia (born 1984), former child actor (Warriors of Virtue)[79]
* Anton Yelchin (born 1989), Russian-born film/TV actor[80][81]
* Joey Zimmerman (born 1986), film/TV actor (Halloweentown)[82]
* Max Abramovitz, architect
* Dankmar Adler, architect and civil engineer, partner with Louis Sullivan in celebrated firm of Adler and Sullivan
* Gregory Ain, California architect; protégé of Richard Neutra
* Armand Phillip Bartos, architect and philanthropist, best known for the Shrine of the Book, co-designed with Frederick John Kiesler, housing the gift of the State of Israel of the Dead Sea Scrolls by his father-in-law Samuel Gottesman
* Walter Curt Behrendt, German modernist architect and expert on city planning and housing
* Edward Blum and George Blum, École des Beaux-Arts-trained brothers, of Alsatian-French decent, celebrated for their terra cotta embellished, Art Nouveau Manhattan apartment buildings, ended their career with two Art Deco works [1]. Their work was catalogued in Andrew S. Dolkart and Susan Tunick's 1993 book [2], George & Edward Blum: Texture and Design in New York Apartment House Architecture.
* Marcel Breuer, modernist architect and furniture designer
* Arnold Brunner, considered the first successful American born Jewish architect in the US [3] - and a city planner as well - he is the namesake of an annual award by the American Academy of Arts and Letters and a grant by the American Institute of Architects' New York chapter
* Alan Buchsbaum, high tech architect
* Gordon Bunshaft, modernist architect, partner in firm of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
* Giorgio Cavaglieri, architectural preservationist and painter of gouaches
* Irwin Chanin, designer of Art Deco office towers and Broadway theaters, real estate developer and benefactor to his alma mater, The Cooper Union, which named its school of architecture in his honor.
* Serge Chermayeff, Grozny-born architect of Sephardic descent whose inter-war partnership with Erich Mendelsohn was lauded for bringing modernism to Britain; was also a writer, professor and co-founder of professional societies Stateside, and father of graphic designer Ivan Chermayeff
* Preston Scott Cohen, architect
* Richard Dattner, Bielsko, Poland-born recipient of the American Institute of Architects' Thomas Jefferson Award, its highest honor for public architecture
* Elizabeth Diller, partner with husband Ricardo Scofidio and Charles Renfro in Diller Scofidio + Renfro, the first architectural firm to win the so-called "genius award," a MacArthur Prize
* Dan Dworsky, architect
* John Eberson, Romanian-born architect best known for his atmospheric movie palaces
* Leopold Eidlitz, architect
* Peter Eisenman, architect
* Sidney Eisenshtat, architect best known for modernist synagogues including the House of the Book
* Sheldon Fox, architect, co-founder Kohn Pedersen Fox
* Ulrich Franzen, architect
* James Ingo Freed, architect
* M. Paul Friedberg, landscape architect
* Frank Gehry, architect, Pritzker Prize (1989)
* Ofra Gelman, Architect, RedRock Design, Las Vegas, Nevada. Hospitality.
* Nir Golan, architect
* Bertrand Goldberg, architect of Chicago's Marina City Center
* Percival Goodman, urban theorist and architect who designed over 50 synagogues; brother of sociologist/author Paul Goodman
* Ezra Gordon,[1] architect
* Alexander Gorlin, FAIA, Principal of Alexander Gorlin Architects in Manhattan, specializes in high-end residential, synagogues, master plans, and affordable and supportive housing.
* Arthur Gross, partner of Schwartz and Gross, designer of pre-WW2 Manhattan apartment buildings
* Victor Gruen, father of the shopping mall
* Lawrence Halprin, landscaper architect/educator
* Franklin D. Israel, architect
* Herman Jessor, the architect of more than 40,000, union-sponsored, publicly-assisted, cooperative housing units in New York City
* Albert Kahn, industrial architect
* Louis I. Kahn, influential, world-renown, modernist architect
* Frederick John Kiesler, Czernowitz-born theater designer, artist, theoretician and architect (see Bartos)
* A. Eugene Kohn, architect, co-founder Kohn Pedersen Fox
* Robert D. Kohn, one-time American Institute of Architects president, best known for his designs of Reform synagogues and buildings for the New York Society for Ethical Culture
* Reed Kroloff, architect/critic, former editor of Architecture, former dean of Tulane School of Architecture, director of Cranbrook Academy of Art
* Morris Lapidus, once maligned architect of "gorgeous", but now celebrated as exemplar of MiMo
* Paul László (1900-02-06 – 1993-03-27), Hungarian-born modern architect and interior designer whose work spanned eight decades and many countries.
* Edgar M. Lazarus (1868–1939), prominent in the Portland, Oregon area for more than 45 years, best known as the architect of the Vista House[2]
* Daniel Libeskind, architect
* John Maksai, architect
* Richard Meier, architect, Pritzker Prize (1984)
* Erich Mendelsohn, architect, co-founder of the German architectural collaborative Der Ring, later practiced in Mandatory Palestine before settling in the US in 1941
* Robert Moses, this "master builder" was the subject of Robert Caro's Pulitzer Prize-winning biography, The Power Broker
* Eric Owen Moss, architect
* Barbara A. Nadel [4], an architect specialized in health care and justice facilities, much in demand for her expertise on design for public and institutional building security [5]
* Richard Neutra, modernist architect
* James Polshek, architect
* Emery Roth, apprentice to Daniel Burnham and architect of classic Jazz Age New York apartment buildings and hotels, who founded firm known as the "builder's architects"
* Moshe Safdie, architect
* Taal Safdie, architect
* Stanley Saitowitz, architect and emeritus architecture professor at UC Berkeley [6]
* Lawrence Scarpa, architect
* Rudolph Schindler, Austrian-born modernist architect known for his private houses in LA.
* Denise Scott Brown, architect, city planner and partner/spouse of architect Robert Venturi
* Martha Schwartz, landscape architect
* Simon I. Schwartz, partner of Schwartz and Gross, designer of pre-WW2 Manhattan apartment buildings
* Raphael Soriano Rhodes-born architect/educator of Sephardi descent whose work epitomized Mid-Century modern
* Michael Sorkin, architectural theorist and academic with non-profit practice, currently directs the graduate program in urban design at CCNY
* Clarence Stein, urban planner, architect and writer, best known for advancing the garden city movement in the US, as evinced by his own collaborations with architect Henry Wright, Sunnyside Gardens and Radburn
* Robert A. M. Stern, architect
* Edgar Tafel, architect; Frank Lloyd Wright protégé
* Stanley Tigerman, architect
* Joseph Urban, architect, set designer[7] and book illustrator
* Paul Zucker, architect/city planner in Berlin who joined the University in Exile at the New School for Social Research
* Neal Adams, comic book artist[2]
* Ralph Bakshi, animator (Fritz the Cat, Lord of the Rings)[3][4]
* Brian Michael Bendis, comics book writer[5]
* Dave Berg, cartoonist[1]
* Sol Brodsky, comic book artist and Marvel Comics executive
* Al Capp, cartoonist (Li'l Abner)[6][7]
* Roz Chast, cartoonist (New Yorker)[8]
* Howard Chaykin, comic book writer[9]
* Daniel Clowes, alternative comics writer (Ghost World)[10]
* Gene Colan, comic book artist (Daredevil)[11]
* Sophie Crumb, alternative comics artist (Jewish mother, see below)
* Peter David, comics writer & "writer of stuff"[12]
* Kim Deitch, comics artist
* Will Elder, cartoonist (MAD Magazine)
* Will Eisner, comics artist (The Spirit)[6][13]
* Miriam Engelberg, comics writer (Cancer Made Me a Shallower Person)
* Jules Feiffer, cartoonist[14]
* Lyonel Feininger, cartoonist (Kin-der-Kids) [13]
* Al Feldstein, cartoonist (MAD Magazine)
* Bill Finger, comics artist (Batman)
* Dave Fleischer, animator; brother of Max Fleischer
* Max Fleischer, animator (Popeye, Betty Boop); father of director Richard Fleischer
* Friz Freleng, animator (Looney Tunes)
* Max Gaines, founder of EC Comics, pioneering figure in the creation of the modern comic book[1]
* William Gaines, comics artist and MAD founder[1]
* Leo Garel, cartoonist for Playboy and The New Yorker
* Rube Goldberg, cartoonist[6][15]
* Steve Greenberg, editorial cartoonist
* Milt Gross, Gross Exaggerations[13]
* Allan Heinberg, comic book writer (Young Avengers)[16]
* Herblock, cartoonist (three Pulitzer Prizes)[17]
* Harry Hershfield, cartoonist (Abie the Agent, Desperate Desmond)[18]
* Al Hirschfeld, caricaturist[19]
* Al Jaffee, cartoonist (MAD Magazine)[15]
* Bob Kane, comics artist (Batman)[13]
* Gil Kane, comics artist (Green Lantern)[20][21]
* Jack Kirby, comics artist (Captain America, Hulk)[22]
* Neil Kleid, cartoonist, graphic designer[13]
* Aline Kominsky-Crumb, cartoonist (Dirty Laundry)[23]
* Adam Kubert, comics artist[13]
* Andy Kubert, comics artist
* Joe Kubert, comics artist[13]
* Harvey Kurtzman, comics artist and MAD editor[24]
* Mell Lazarus, cartoonist (Momma, Miss Peach)[25][26][27]
* Stan Lee, comics writer (co-creator of Spider-Man, creator of X-Men, The Hulk, Fantastic Four)[22]
* Jeph Loeb, comics writer (Batman: The Long Halloween)
* Robert Mankoff[8]
* Clifford Meth, comics writer and editor (The Futurians)
* Josh Neufeld, Xeric Award-winning cartoonist (A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge)
* Martin Nodell, comics artist (Green Lantern)[28]
* Paul Palnik, cartoonist, writer, (The God of Cartoons)
* Harvey Pekar, comix writer (American Splendor)[29]
* Rachel Pollack, comic book writer (Doom Patrol) see also "Authors"
* Trina Robbins, comix writer[24]
* Julius Schwartz, comic book and magazine editor
* Joe Shuster, comics artist (Superman)[30]
* Jerome Siegel, comics artist (Superman)[30]
* Joe Simon, comics artist (Captain America)
* Art Spiegelman, comics writer (Maus)[6][31]
* William Steig, cartoonist & children's writer
* Saul Steinberg, cartoonist & illustrator
* Hilda Terry, cartoonist (Teena)
* Lauren Weinstein, comic book artist
* Mort Weisinger, comic book and magazine editor
* Morris Weiss, comic book and comic strip artist (Margie)
* Judd Winick, comics writer & artist (Pedro & Me, Green Lantern)
* Marv Wolfman, comic book writer
* Zeke Zekley, cartoonist on Bringing up Father and several others
* Hal Abelson, artificial intelligence
* Len Adleman, RSA cryptography, DNA computing, Turing Award (2002)
* Paul Baran, packet switching
* Dan Bernstein, cryptologist (unconfirmed)
* Manuel Blum, computational complexity, Turing Award (1995)
* Dan Bricklin, creator of the original spreadsheet
* Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google
* Peter Elias, information theory
* Robert Fano, information theory
* Edward Feigenbaum, artificial intelligence, Turing Award (1994)
* William F. Friedman, cryptologist
* David Gelernter, parallel computation, Unabomber victim
* Herbert Gelernter, artificial intelligence.
* Seymour Ginsburg, formal language theory
* Adele Goldberg, Smalltalk design team
* Herman & Adele Goldstine, developers of ENIAC
* Shafi Goldwasser, cryptographer
* Philip Greenspun, web applications
* Martin Hellman, public key cryptography
* Douglas Hofstadter, academic & author (half Jewish)
* Bob Kahn, TCP/IP
* Richard Karp, computational complexity, Turing Award (1985)
* John Kemeny, BASIC
* Leonard Kleinrock, packet switching
* Joseph Kruskal, Kruskal's algorithm
* Solomon Kullback, cryptographer
* Raymond Kurzweil, OCR, speech recognition
* Jaron Lanier, virtual reality
* Leonid Levin, computational complexity
* Herman Lukoff, helped develop ENIAC and UNIVAC
* John McCarthy, artificial intelligence, LISP programming language, Turing Award (1971)
* Marvin Minsky, artificial intelligence, neural nets, Turing Award (1969)
* John von Neumann, computer scientist, mathematician & economist
* Seymour Papert, LOGO
* Judea Pearl, Bayesian networks
* Ken Perlin, fractal noise
* Alan J. Perlis, compilers, Turing Award (1966)
* Lawrence Rabiner, digital signal processing
* Frank Rosenblatt, perceptrons
* Azriel Rosenfeld, image analysis
* Bruce Schneier, cryptographer
* Adi Shamir, cryptographer
* Herbert A. Simon, cognitive & computer scientist, Turing Award (1975)
* Abraham Sinkov, cryptanalyst
* Daniel Sleator, splay trees (Jewish mother)
* Gustave Solomon, error correction
* Ray Solomonoff, algorithmic information theory
* Richard Stallman, GNU, FSF
* Gerald Jay Sussman, Scheme
* Eric Tobis, optimized Viterbi error correction algorithms
* Peter J. Weinberger, awk
* Joseph Weizenbaum, ELIZA, artificial intelligence critic
* Norbert Wiener, cybernetics
* Terry Winograd, SHRDLU
* Jacob Wolfowitz, information theory
* Lotfi Zadeh, fuzzy logic (Jewish mother, Muslim father)
* Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook

[edit] See also

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Seriously, this is what hyperlinks are for.

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Over one hundred years and this is all you have? Over half aren't even impressive contributions. Cartoonists? Actors? Architects? Looks like we would have been just fine without all of them. The ones with products we wanted, we could have bought them.

Now, what are you going to do about the ones that instigated world wars, the zionists that supported Stalin, Hitler, and central banking? How does this measley list make up for the horror from the actions of all the others? 

Every race has made significant contributions to science and industry. What makes you think jews are special in this regard? Compared to the tragedy and death they have created? 

Let them go back to Israel and stay there. If they're so great, maybe they should help each other and leave the rest of the world alone. You're so impressed with yourselves, I'm surprised you haven't figured this out already.

whstlblwr's picture

See what you're doing here. Pretty good, but seems there are peace activists. Looks like the Jew is just like everyone else a cross section of America, but I like the talking points, I'll use it.

AIDS activists

* Elizabeth Glaser, founder of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
* Larry Kramer, co-founder of GMHC
* Mary Fisher

[edit] Anti-corporate activists

* Judi Bari, environmentalist (Jewish mother)
* Robert "Gypsy Boots" Bootzin, Health food and fitness guru
* Laurie David, environmental activist
* Rob Reiner, actor, director, producer, writer and anti-tobacco activist; son of Carl Reiner[1]
* Henry Spira, animal rights activist

[edit] Anti-racist

* Kivie Kaplan, head of the NAACP
* Winona LaDuke, Native American activist & environmentalist (Jewish mother)
* Stanley Levison, Communist Party USA member, advisor to Martin Luther King
* Abel Meeropol, composer of anti-lynching song Strange Fruit
* Michael Schwerner & Andrew Goodman, CORE activists, KKK victims
* Joel & Arthur Spingarn, early NAACP leaders
* Tim Wise, anti-racism activist

[edit] Anti-war

* Leslie Cagan, founder of United for Peace and Justice
* Daniel Ellsberg, leaked the Pentagon Papers
* Allen Ginsberg, poet and Pentagon-levitator
* Allard K. Lowenstein, politician and anti-Vietnam war leader
* Bernard Lown, co-founder of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Nobel Peace Prize (1985)
* Murray N. Rothbard, writer

[edit] Progressive

* Elmer Berger, Reform rabbi, deceased
* Noam Chomsky, linguist, historian and author
* Norman Finkelstein, former professor, (denied most recent tenure at DePaul University)
* Fred Newman, founder of International Workers Party
* Adam Shapiro, member of International Solidarity Movement
* Anna Baltzer, author and public speaker.

[edit] Civil liberties

* Felix Frankfurter, Supreme Court Justice, helped found the American Civil Liberties Union
* Nadine Strossen, head of ACLU (father half Jewish holocaust survivor)

[edit] Conservatives and neoconservatives

* Midge Decter, writer
* David Horowitz, writer, activist, commentator
* Irving Kristol, founder of American Neoconservatism.
* William Kristol, editor, writer
* Rabbi Daniel Lapin, founder of Toward Tradition
* Mark Levin, radio commentator and writer
* Jay Lovestone, AFL-CIO cold warrior; earlier, chairman of Communist Party USA ousted on orders from Joseph Stalin
* John Podhoretz, writer and commentator
* Norman Podhoretz, writer

[edit] Counterculture

* Abbie Hoffman, co-founder of the Youth International Party (Yippies)
* Ed Rosenthal, cannabis activist
* Jerry Rubin, co-founder of the Yippie movement
* A.J. Weberman, Yippie activist, author

[edit] Electronic rights activists

* Mitch Kapor, co-founder of Electronic Frontier Foundation
* Bruce Perens, open source advocate, co-founder of Software in the Public Interest
* Richard Stallman, founder of Free Software Foundation
* Jonathan Tasini, National Writers Union leader, fighter for electronic rights for authors

[edit] Feminism and gay rights

* Bella Abzug, feminist politician, deceased
* Gloria Allred (1941–) lawyer and radio talk show host[2]
* Bettina Aptheker (1944–) lesbian activist, author, and educator[3]
* Andrea Dworkin, feminist writer
* Susan Faludi, feminist writer
* Leslie Feinberg, transgender activist & author
* Clara Fraser, founder of Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party [4]
* Betty Friedan, co-founder & first president of NOW
* Franklin E. Kameny, gay rights leader[5]
* Harvey Milk, murdered gay rights activist and openly gay politician
* Robin Morgan, editor of Ms. Magazine
* Ernestine Rose, feminist
* Gloria Steinem, founder of Ms. Magazine (Jewish father)
* Rebecca Walker (1969–) feminist writer[6]
* Naomi Wolf, feminist writer
* Evan Wolfson, gay marriage activist

[edit] Cults

* Maurice Davis, Rabbi, testified to joint-Congressional panel in 1976
* Steven Hassan, exit counselor author, Combatting Cult Mind Control
* Rick Ross, consultant on cults

[edit] Gun rights advocacy

* Sandra Froman — President of the National Rifle Association (NRA), second female president and first Jewish president[7]

[edit] Immigration reform

* Kinky Friedman, country singer, 2006 candidate for Governor of Texas

[edit] Leaders of Jewish communal organizations

* Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe
* Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League

[edit] Liberal and left-wing activists (miscellaneous)

* Michael Albert, co-founder of Z Magazine
* Saul Alinsky, community organizer
* Ben Cohen, founder of TrueMajority
* Jeff Cohen, founder of FAIR
* John Garfield, blacklisted actor, left-liberal activist
* William Kunstler, civil rights lawyer
* Al Lewis, actor, Green Party candidate, anti-prison and anti-drug war activist
* Eli Pariser, campaigns director of
* George Soros, founder of Open Society Institute
* Barbra Streisand, entertainer, liberal activist and fundraiser

[edit] Jewish Defense

* Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League, deceased
* Mordechai Levy, founder and chairman of the Jewish Defense Organization,
* David Marcus ("Mickey" Marcus), U.S. Army Colonel, hero of Israeli War of Independence
* Avi Weiss, Orthodox rabbi, leader of Free Soviet Jewry movement

[edit] Nazi hunters and Holocaust educators

* Marvin Hier, Orthodox rabbi, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center
* Eli Rosenbaum, director of the Department of Justice's Office of Special Investigations since 1995; Nazi hunter since early 1980s

[edit] Pro-life

* Nat Hentoff, author and columnist

[edit] Rights of Ethiopian Jews

* Graenum Berger, founder of American Association for Ethiopian Jews

[edit] Socialists, anarchists and communists (historical)

* Alexander Berkman, anarchist leader
* Daniel De Leon, revolutionary socialist leader
* Emma Goldman, anarchist leader
* Murray N. Rothbard, anarchist leader
* Charles Ruthenberg, early leader of the Communist Party USA
* Max Shachtman, democratic socialist leader and theorist

[edit] Weather Underground and its offshoots

* Kathy Boudin, Weather Underground member, leader
* David Gilbert, Weather Underground member, leader
* Terry Robbins, Weather Underground member and bomb maker (died in explosion of his own bomb)
* Bernardine Dohrn, Weather Underground, member, and leader of Days of Rage
* Mark Rudd, Students for a Democratic Society leader during 1968 Columbia University strike; later a Weather Underground member and leader
* Laura Whitehorn, Weather Underground, member and leader

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Nice list, means absolutely nothing, nor does it answer my questions. 

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And it may well be that this same astounding race may at the present time be in the actual process of producing another system of morals and philosophy, as malevolent as Christianity was benevolent, which, if not arrested, would shatter irretrievably all that Christianity has rendered possible. It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ and the gospel of Antichrist were destined to originate among the same people; and that this mystic and mysterious race had been chosen for the supreme manifestations, both of the divine and the diabolical. Winston Churchill International Jews.

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Cool story brah! Btw, butt hurt much?

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My only complaint against most Jews is that they are ardent gun control-confiscation supporters. Did The German people have guns to stop the genocide of their neighbors? A gun-less neighbor is quite docile.

whstlblwr's picture

Hear you, but guess not all.

[edit] Gun rights advocacy

* Sandra Froman — President of the National Rifle Association (NRA), second female president and first Jewish president[7]

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In the long run, if you stereotype, that's gonna kick you in the ass. 

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well from the scorecard on whstlblwr above stmt, either a lot of jews read this OR TOO many people don't understand how wicked the edomite-zionists-jews really are...

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Shush, I tell you the Jews are everywhere. You have to be very careful. Whatever you do don't turn on your TV because they can SEE you. I'm starting to panic. I want to get back home to Belgium, where men know how to be men. Where the Anglosaxon lives.

"A friend told me that he had heard that Monica was actually a sex-changed man. I could not believe it. My son heard similar rumours," he said.

"Even during sex, I never noticed anything," he said.

"I pushed her against the wall and said: Now I know the truth. Are you a man? She then announced that she was born as a boy and that she had been operated on. She was now a woman, and so she did not need to tell me about her past as a man. My world collapsed. That evening came to blows. The police came."

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Trolling from tel aviv... Never see that on the net.

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Johnny baby, I'm right here, man. Freaking me out dude. All these Jews. You know what I mean?

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Indeed, typical Hasbarat behavior.

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Blazed, tell me what to do, they're watching me, dude. You seem like you know so much. Make the Jews stop watching me.

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PLEASE spell it's spelled JOOOOOZ.

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Thanks so much Buckaroo, I don't want to make mistakes. It feels so good to HATE, know what I mean?

I read from memo that it's okay to say Jew? Maybe you can help me figure out how to get them off my TV.

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If you turn the TV off,

then the Jews disappear.


Have you been taking your meds?

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They just want you think that, no still there. Even tried to unplug.

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An acquaintance of the Bank Guy from Belgium perhaps?

He often has "interesting views" on life and everything else.

Pity his views on Britain are, shall we say, a little uninformed. . . . .

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either that or we're all a bit fed up of dick heads trying to blame everything and anything on Jews...

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Like Pol Pot I blame everything on people who wear glasses.  Ooohs, I wear reading glasses.  I guess most of my problems are likely due to me.  Yep, I'm sure of it.  I'm guessing that's true for the vast majority of people.  However, then solving said problems requires personal responsilibiity-not scapegoating.  Which is why there are so few true libertarians.

"If you want to identify the source of a problem, first look in the mirror"   (Doesn't apply to Nancy Pelosi as the mirror would break) 

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Blame it on the psychopaths.

Every group has their fair share.

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I'm insulted, this is coordinated, strategic. Give me a break. We spend all this money to divert attention from oil prices, drones, and wars and you call it psychopaths.