Tom DeMark: "Sell The World" And Soon, The US

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Because there are still some traders who adhere to such old normal traditions as charting and technical analysis (because apparently the FOMC committee sits down each month and observes Ichimoku clouds, RSI indicators and Bollinger bands), it is probably notable that one of the most respected chartists, Steve Cohen's favorite technician Tom DeMark, is now uniformly bearish on virtually all markets around the world which have triggered a sell signal in his studies, and is about to drop the axe on the US as well where a "Daily 13" signal is imminent. The caveat, of course, is that in a world in which fundamentals haven't mattered in years, why should technicals?

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Hmmmm Dollars or Euros......Euros or Dollars?

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If only there were other options...

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Physical precious metals.

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Aaaannndd its the 13th in 2 days!

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Would seem the union dock workers don't have quite the negotiating leverage they believe...

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From a FT article this morning;

"...US equity funds drew in $18.3bn in 2013’s first full week of trading, making it one of the busiest weeks on record as investors took advantage of the positive market conditions in the wake of a compromise deal on the US fiscal cliff.

Thomson Reuters’ Lipper service said the week to January 9 was the fourth largest for net inflows of equity funds since it began calculating weekly flows in 1992.

The data, which include exchange traded funds, come as global equities have reached multi-year highs..."

Investors are bailing out of bonds.  An article I saw a few days ago said Buffett and Soros are selling a lot of their equities.  Not sure if they were just looking for an end-of-the yaer tax break. 

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Has Tom not heard of the Fed?

Probably just another cheap trick to suck in some more shorts...

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Probably also hasn't heard of bayesian updating.

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I subcribe to Demark..I got a 13 on the close yesterday..I beleive the interview was during the day when it was still a "12"..

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I subcribe to Demark..I got a 13 on the close yesterday..I beleive the interview was during the day when it was still a "12"..

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I thought he said 1474.50 was the hurdle...  market closed 1472...

ONward through the fog to the blowoff! full steam ahead pension fundies

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...and don't say Loonies    

Not an option as their are plenty of those in the good ol' US of A today, starting with Washington DC.

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Yahoo Poll: More than $19 billion flowed into U.S. equity funds this week, the fourth-highest uptick since 2000. Are you getting back into the game?

AKA. Time to sell. Sheep moving in for the slaughter.

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Somebody has to be there to take out the Longs and hold the bag (albeit, an empty one).    

Enter... the victims.

This is how "profit taking" works.

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"Hmmmm Dollars or Euros......Euros or Dollars?"

No escape.

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or FSG even should the tracers start flying over in Japan ?

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I like that graphic on the screen... Reminds me of 'The Joker's Wild'...


Joker.... Joker.... JOKER!

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Joker.... Joker.... pot luck picks.

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I am selling Earth, but buying the moon on the rumor that AMZN is going to put a fulfillment center up on it soon to avoid taxes.  

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I'm noticing amazon's prices on products are rising and I see Target is starting to price match amazon also. Target is putting in WiFi so you can look at comparable prices online and then you can show them at checkout to get the better online price applied to your purchase. bad news for AMZN? now if Target would just start stocking ammo and 30 round mags.

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Nobody is going to be stocking 30 round mags in the very near future.  Biden is to report back to "that guy" on Tuesday.  Like the outcome isn't already pre-determined, right?  But it makes for a good show and gives Biden something to do.  I figure the Executive Orders will be issued within a week or two after that.

A 9-10 round limit on magazine size is such a no-brainer you can pretty much take it to the bank it will be covered in the first "Assault Weapon Ban" E.O. off his desk.

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Can't find CCI #400's ANYWHERE

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Good move for Target's survival if they can streamline supply chain.   Best Buy ignored and didnt respond fast enough to Amazon at their peril.

I think the future of retail will be some level of supplier consignment to stock retail stores.   Similar to parts suppliers to auto companies where the parts inventory are stocked by supplier on shop floor and invoiced as soon as they are used.   Big retail will probably go this route more and more.

Secondly, the barcode scan/wifi/QR mobile scan will be the standard for people to scan the code and see an informational video on the product, and get access to reviews.   Retailers will sell much more stuff with an informed consumer.

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BB died to me when they employed an intranet that looked like their internet site in stores that showed jacked up prices compared to the internet prices. bastards. They deserve everything they get. I might stop by when they have their liquidation sale.

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how can this guy know anything-he's not even a JIJ (juiced-in jew)?

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He got his info from European dumbasses, you know those with funny last names.

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fuck you-bet you're the poorest in your trailor park-or park bench

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I'll take that with a grain of salt from a guy who can't spell "trailer" correctly. And don't worry -bitch-my real estate taxes are more than you gross in a year.

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Didnt those lyrics start off as an ABBA song... but the A&R people had to cut the shit out of it.

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nobody suggested they should be massacred.

And they were behaving this way LONG BEFORE the 1940s.

Of course, everyone else is to blame for the group's behavior.  They cry out in pain as they strike.

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We all know what he solutions are, lets not pretend we don’t understand the herd and the implications arising from its arousal.

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We have been nauseatingly reminded about the fact that previous 'solutions' were done in poor taste & execution...


The problem is, therefore... The future... If, due to your 'explanation' as to their PARANOID behavior, they push that reaction envelope too far... & Keep stealing peoples money... I can all but assure you that they'll WALK THEMSELVES into the proverbial ovens of the future... It won't be me that put them there (because I'm trying to give fair warning here)... It'll be at the hands of people who are far less tolerant than myself...

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Oh yeah, "it wont be you that puts them in the ovens", it wont be you that tells everyone they are stealing peoples money through methods they are too stupid to understand, and it wont be you that lights the proverbial match, it will be people far “less tolerant “of them stealing all the money. Have you fucking heard yourself lately? You're a stupid cunt of man.

"Poor taste"? What the fuck does that make you... nonchalantly blasé about extermination? You’re a stupid poisonous cunt, and you should close your mouth surgically.  

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Well ~ Since you asked... & for the record... I'm no more 'nonchalantly blasé' about the Holocaust than I am about the Holodomor...


As for closing my mouth surgically... I'll leave it up to deep thinkers like yourself to determine if THAT is the proper solution which will put humanity on the path to prosperity, equality, & freedom...

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Has nothing to do with deep thinking, stop trying to turn this pathetic skirmish into some kind of pro/anti chin stroking debate. Heh, and when you talk about "prosperity, equality and freedom"(talk about muddying the waters?); yourself being a moaning yank, i would gladly concede you know next to nothing about atleast two of the three. Considering that the majority of the planet lives off a $1 a day, you can guess which two i'm hinting at. Freedom? equality? Freedom to kill and freedom to be $$$ more equal than others? Makes sense. There has never been a breeding ground more fertile for fascism. Youre a case in point.

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You asked me a direct question... You said:

""Poor taste"? What the fuck does that make you... nonchalantly blasé about extermination? You’re a stupid poisonous cunt, and you should close your mouth surgically."


I responded with a direct answer & now you're lamenting about a chin stroking debate...

You insist that my mouth should be closed surgically... [and then accuse me of fostering 'facism', making ME your personal poster boy]...

Ummmmm... Carry on [I suppose]... If you want to practice your punctuation techniques in the process, I'll be patient [& meanwhile use the pro-offered time to perfect my alliteration skills]..

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Because they are neurotic and paranoid as fuck...

Maybe they have a guilty conscience?


Unfortunately, any deep-down discussion of [Central Banking] involves the Jewish question. We cannot honestly discuss the subject without revealing—and commenting on—the fact that the founders of [Central Banking] were Jewish. ... These are facts of history over which we have no control. But we are faced with the very serious problem of how to reveal these facts without being labeled—and treated—as "anti-Semites."

Behind it



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"But we are faced with the very serious problem of how to reveal these facts without being labeled—and treated—as "anti-Semites."


What he really meant was that he was faced with the very trivial meathead problem of stating "there is no way to be anti-semite without sounding anti-semite". The same way as the clan try to be anti-nigger without sounding anti-nigger... its just so much of an oxymoronic argument. If truth be told, there cant actually be an argument between us because nothing is ever actually stated; its up to you to know the bounds of your jew hate, and up to me to figure where the bounds lie. I dont see that as an argument, I see that as a pain in the hole. 


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"....and is about to drop the axe on the US as well where a "Daily 13" signal is imminent."

I was hoping for the Daily Double, but I will settle for this. 

The only way the Fed would let the market drop more than 10% is if they want it to drop to further some other agenda.

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The market need never drop again.

Until the wheels come off completely.

I believe this is a 100% unpredictable event.

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"I believe this is a 100% unpredictable event."

The FED's job is to hide that event as best they can. Another job is to set up traps to rip the face off of any investor who bets on collapse.  If you want to win that bet you'll have to outlast the entire power structure.  If you are a trader, you won't make it.

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like K.Bass says- the govt's job is to instill confidence- most of which comes from lying.