Hyperinflation In Action: Beer For Bag Of Cash

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In May 2011, Belarus surprised its citizens by devaluing its currency by 50% overnight in an attempt to kickstart its economy, leading to swift and brutal hyperinflation. And while written narratives of the most recent episode of monetary collapse are one thing, nothing is quite as amusing, and grounding for those attempting to "value" money (such as Nobel prize winning economists writing out of their steel exoskeletal ivory towers), as watching a bag of cash be used to pay for seven boxes of beer. And nothing is quite a cathartic as spending several hours trying to count said cash - cash backed by the "full faith and credit" of the Belarus central bank...

h/t Daan

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Monies bitches! (i'm just soooo happy to be just like Trav: first on the ball)

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All that ironic talk of Jews by the wstlblwr guy in a previous post was just aimed to make people think that all people are equally successful in life.

That is simply not true. Jews get most of the Nobel prizes, something the Jew community is very proud of, and by all means, they are EXTREMELY successful in almost all lines of work.

But you should not hate them for that.

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Very soon now the oceans will turn to lemonade just like they promised. 

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you sir just ruined all the comments related to this post.

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This post is all crap anyway. Nothing to discuss really.

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Now, now, nothing to be depressed about, maybe you can figure out how to help me hide the poor Jew problem. We want everyone to believe they are better than us...

"Project ORE has served more than 400,000 emergency kosher meals and provided counseling, case management, and other supportive services to isolated, poor, homeless, mentally ill, elderly Jews--including Holocaust survivors-- since 1987.

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Thank you for your constant Jew information, we will keep it in mind. Can you give it a rest for a few days?

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"Very soon now the oceans will turn to lemonade just like they promised."

will it be real lemonade or paper lemonade?

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I believe in hyperinflation too, but not yet. It will take a while.

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I didn't realize that the Hasbara Trolls are now invading posts with the active word Cash. Makes perfect sense though when you think about it.

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Anyone else notice the absurd number of Jew haters around here and other forums?

Whitewashing an entire race with the crimes of a few is always the start of a fascist society.

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I hope you understand that whstlblwr is NOT a Jew hater.

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No, he is your Hasbara doppleganger.

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What's happened to the comments section in the past couple days??

Anyway, Belarus is another IMF success story to add to their worldwide campaign of excellence. 

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How deep are you into the Jew community? How much do you know about the attitudes in there?

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Pssttt, inside info would be good. But I think check back with YOU KNOW WHO they have intel on all things JEW.

Of course I'm not JEW hater, I'm oil disinfo-er Aren't you?

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Yea the smart Joos like Einstein who plagiarized his shit from James Maxwell and  Olinto De Pretto.  Oh wait didn't Zukerberg plagiarize facebook?


Yea the smart Joos who could not think their way out of a box which is why they have to kill presidents to get the power to print money and rip off the goyim. 

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Economics! brother! Glad to see you back. Were you fracking it up in S. Texas? I'll use the bold in the future, it adds nice sense of urgency. The Joos always steal their knowledge. How true! Always, you can count on it.

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What's your problem with jews? Aren't they lovely people who share peace and prosperity with the whole world. I wish all people in the world would be jews, then we would live in paradise!!!!

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lol, yea I can see that happening in Israel.

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Laozi knows!  Smart 50% devaluation does not mean hyperinflation.  One Nordic coutry has devaluated it's squirrel skins several times after WW II - and much more than a mere 50%.  It coptinues to enjoy strong economy and less real inflation than the USA! 

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I think you're trolling is sloppy. If you want to pretend to be a Nazi you should at least say that Jews are powerful.

To deny that is like claiming there is no Mafia in Sicily.

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And don't forget it's Jews, joos, Jooooz BAD

Oil barons, defense contractors, military spending, GOOD

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Man, that is pure copy paste from previous posts.

You are NOT as smart as the Jews I know.

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I believe he's been sharing his saliva with too many freshly cut penis' (penii?), so he can keep out the goyim.

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You are probably correct sir. As far as I understand this man behaves just like a Hasbara Troll would.

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He only shows up for certain keyword posts. He couldn't care less about any other topic. It's unusual to see him spamming other topics, he must be SERIOUSLY BUTTHURT from something earlier.

LasVegasDave in 3...2....1...

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LOL, you have the jews in your TV, too, it seems!

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Laf, I think they have some over the counter ointment for your butthurt.

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Wow, you're clever, but not clever enough to work for the oily dudes, so you must be a dumb follower. Welcome aboard!!

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Isn't there a new post for you to troll yet?

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phyuckyiu, glad you're a follower man, but tell you starting to think the Jews are pretty smart, and maybe prominent because they work hard. And smart, shit, maybe the only way to win is to make love with them, you know, get some of those DNAs. Get me JEW DNAs. Too much herb this morning. I need the paycheck.

Oil barons GOOD


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I realize you are running low on herb, but making two cents per post is not the way to a better lifestyle.

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Everything bad in America stems from OJ Simpson. You know, The Juice!

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He just wanted to be Jewish.

Unfortunately,at cicumcission they threw the wong piece away.

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Have you looked for a professional help, or is your family doctor a jew?

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That's how Hitler got pissed. His mom's doctor was a jew, and he couldn't do anything to save her from dying. Ergo holocaust. :(

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Go. Away. Nobody wants to hear your vitriol. Tyler can we get a bouncer over here? I'm ready to stop reading ZH, this is getting ridiculous.

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Step 1: verify that all the bills in each stack are the same denomination

Step 2: use deli scale. Count a stack and weigh it.

Step 3: weigh all the stacks by denomination.

5 minutes maximum.


Bill counting machine is a good investment if you run a small business during a hyperinflation, especially if it also verifies authenticity of the bills.

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When I was in Laos 10 years ago, the largest bill was 10 kip (I think?). Anyway, to buy something worth $10 you just handed a pile of bills to the seller. They never counted OR weighted the bills. They just looked at the height of the pile. They knew that it is no use counting that many bills.

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LOL! I was in Vientiane end of 2001.  I recall paying 21,800 Kip for a steak dinner.

Mind you they had great bread (first had seen in SE Asia) that French colonial past paid off in that aspect. Along with the architecture.

Place was sureal and wierd.... all the mansions outside the Thai boarder on the mud road... all the Mafia dudes I understand.

Matt's picture

With practise, you can know how many bills are in a stack based on thickness. By eye and by feel, you can know if the right amount is in the stack.

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This post is all crap anyway. Nothing to discuss really.

Quite a lot to discuss actually, because currency printing and debasement is the core problem.

It affects everybody, rich, middle class, poor. 

The only people who escape it are currency printers.  Their currency is debased too, but they can print more of it.   And printed currency receivers too, let's not forget them (govt, banks).  Their currency debases too, but they receive more of it.

Everybody else is screwed.

Belarus devalued their currency 50% overnight.  Fed has debased USD 50% too, but over a 4 year span of time, and not "officially".

How can Belarus say their currency is suddenly worth 50% less?  Or 50% more?

These govt edicts are bullshit.  Their currency was already down 50%.  They just made it "official" (whatever that means).

The market determines what a fiat currency is worth, not govt.  Notbody cares what govt says it's worth.

Govt may control how many FRNs are printed, but they can't control what FRNs are worth in the marketplace, not directly anyway, certainly not by some "decree". 

They can't control how many FRNs somebody wants for their stuff.  They can do price controls, holding prices down by some law, but they can't make someone sell their stufff at that price.

A currency worth less than 1 cent is bullshit.  They lay one of their "bank notes" on the counter.  I lay a penny next to it.  My penny is worth more than their "bank note".

A currency worth less than 1 cent is toilet paper pretty much.  Forget it.  Not worth messing with.

8700 Belarus ruble = 1 FRN.  That's bullshit.  Fucking currency is worthless.

There's gonna come a time when US military can't maintain FRN value anymore.  It'll be when Russia & China openly challenge US superiority in the midde east.   The "showdown" I believe is coming before much longer. 

I believe US will back down.  It'll be the end of the "petrodollar", and the end of FRN as reserve currency.  Not sure what will replace it, time will tell.

That's when FRN starts losing value rapidly, quickly reaching a point where 1 FRN today will be worth 1 cent then.  A $3.50 gallon of gas today will be $350 then.  That's when FRNs become toilet paper too.

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"It took the Federal Reserve 98 years to devalue the dollar 97%, the next 97% won't take as long." Dr. Marc Faber 2011

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I'd hit that cashier for a bitcoin