Drones Over New York City?

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In a world in which the NSA has access to everything, including - soon - one's bank accounts, because "the government is there to protect you", it was only a matter of time before the logical extension of abdicating all privacy was enforced in the city that never sleeps, and which ended up with 24/7 vigilant "alarm clocks" in the form of unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones, "for the sake of security." From RT: "The head of the New York City Police Department announced this week that the largest local law enforcement agency in the United States might soon rely on spy drones for conducting surveillance. During an open conversation held Thursday between Reuters editor-in-chief Stephen Adler and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, the chief of police confirmed that New York’s boys in blue aren’t entirely opposed to acquiring an unmanned aerial vehicle for the sake of security. “We’re looking into it," Kelly reportedly told an audience at the 92nd Street Y Thursday evening. “Anything that helps us.”


Jill Colvin, a producer for the website DNAinfo, says Kelly told his crowd that adding an UAV to their arsenal of surveillance tools could come in handy during future mass protests in the Big Apple. For starters, she reports, Kelly said cops could begin with using basic civilian models that are available for purchase online and in stores.


"You can go to Brookstone and buy a drone," Kelly told the crowd.


“The only thing we would do is maybe use the cheap $250 ones to take a look and see the size of the demonstration or something along those lines,” Colvin quotes him as saying.


Should New York City secure a drone of their own, there is little one could do that isn’t already possible in NYC. As of last year, the NYPD had access to around 2,000 surveillance cameras on just the island of Manhattan.

And maybe attach a few missiles (not sold at Brookstone just yet) to said drone, just in case a little additional militarized firepower was necessary in addition to looking and "seeing the size or something."And why not: it's not like there is a law in the US preventing the government for going all Ezekiel 25:17 on any US citizen just because the pilot at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada, didn't like the angle of attack on some guy's mustache.

Because, remember, "they hate us for our freedoms."

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like this article i have nothing interesting to say except that if GDP was measured by how fucked we are we'd be triple digits

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Drones aren't so bad, it's the scoops you gotta watch out for.

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I don't like the cut of his jib.

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gonna hafta build some DIY laser arrays

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Or change your name to Corzine.

Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture

FPS Russia dude killed




Aaron Swartz hanged



The game is on!  2 numbers less on the Kill list, btches!

Get ready for NDAA and watch for the drones, Inverted Totaliarism time!

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"Anything that helps us".
*Anything*. A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G
Anything, huh Chief? Because your cause is so right, right?
Wow. The world is going unrestrained fucking nuts, and fast.

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Homies get free flying targets. What more could they ask for? Cheer the homies!

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If the people start to panic, they'll put it to music:

"Drones over New York for me and my bab-beeeee ......."

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FPS Russia dude = Kyle Myers.


The videos feature the fictional Russian named Dmitri Potapoff who is portrayed by Kyle Myers. Each video on the channel generally has Myers explaining the characteristics of the weapons he will use in that video, before he demonstrates their abilities on targets such as fruits, bottles of soda....

FPS Russia Manager = Keith Ratliff.

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Cool video, but i'm pretty sure that drone video is a fake. If not totally fake, then heavily manipulated. It's hard to know these days.

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"Like Charles Krauthamme said the first American patriot that shoots down one of these drones that comes too close to his children in his backyard will be an American hero.”  - Judge Andrew Napolitano: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fNP51hZtVI


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About the only thing this neo-con Faux wind bag ever said that makes sense.

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US of Stasi = we are so fucked. But at least drone operators will contribute to employment #'s along with moar cops paid for by moar taxes and moar QE. 

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I'm not sure you should be admittin' you been lookin' at his jib.


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Reuters is owned by the Rothschilds.

Chupacabra-322's picture

As well as The Financial Times, AP and The Economist to name a few.

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If you want to see how badly this could end up, see the latest Tom Clancy, "Theat Vector." The big military drones may be nealry impossible to hack, the smaller ones, not so much.


erg's picture

They're automonous now. They don't need no stinkin' humans to point out a target anymore.

...begun the drone war has...

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Midnight Oil - Helps Me Helps You 


(feel free to sing along!)

Look at all the toys I got 
Look at all the things I need 
Look at all the toys I got 
Look at all the mouths I feed 

Have I got a wonderful deal for you 
What belongs to me belongs to you 
I understand what you're going through 
I know the point to push you to 

My policy helps me helps you 
Generosity helps me helps you 
Conspiracy helps me helps you 
Put your trust in me I'll help you too 

Look at all the things I've done 
Look at all the rights I wrong 
The means will justify the end 
For you to save and me to spend 

'Cos I've got a great idea you see 
What belongs to me belongs to me 
I know just what you wanna do 
I know how I can get there too 

Hypocrisy helps me helps you 
Democracy helps me helps you 
Ideology helps me helps you 
Put your trust in me 
I'll help your through

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worst part of drones in New York City - they vote

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Will we be hack hijacking drones and bombing schools with those as well?

Surly Bear's picture

It's like Denny's 'Moons Over My Hammy' only with AGM-114 'Hellfire' missiles...

ACP's picture

Whoa! That's voter suppression and a hate crime! You can't shoot at brainless objects with no conscience that do what they're told without question.

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 this isn't the first time the government used remote controlled planes to control the people in that neighborhood and others

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Increasing drone usage and outlawing high-powered rifles.



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“The only thing we would do is maybe use the cheap $250 ones to take a look and see the size of the demonstration or something along those lines,” Colvin quotes him as saying."

yeh, $250 sounds about right, more like $2,500,000 each when all is said and done. When has ANY government nitwit done anything at a bargain?

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It all sounds great until one of these gets sucked into a jet engine and 300 people get killed in a commerical jet crash.  I'd like to see his Highness explain how drones are keeping us safe after that.

I'm sure there are people in the FAA that would like to speak up, but they don't want to drown in their bathtubs or have a heart attack walking home from a bar.


They could save even more money if they could get the drones to spray the chem while spying on the citizens...a two-for-tuesday sort of giveaway. 

Harbanger's picture

I never understood this random spraying BS.  Do they give an antidote to their family or something?

bunnyswanson's picture

Chemtrails are stated officially to be done to reflect sunlight, slow down global warming.  Here is a site with pictures of this being done. 


Harbanger's picture

I hear you, but we're about to go into a financial depression.  This can cause a global disaster that would affect a large portion of the world population because of the keynesian currency crisis in the US.  It's a concern, but global warming is not on the top of my list right now.  And all that's happening I'm not hopeful that the World will improve it's efforts to curb waste in the near future.

Acet's picture

I could explain you the physics principles that cause water vapour in the below-freezing, moisture saturated air that can be found at heights that planes usuallt travel at (30000 feet, about 10km) to instantly condense when the air is disturbed by the turbulence caused by a plane flying at a bit over 1000km/h, but why bother!?

Also I've seen it from inside a plane and the observation matches the theory: not only does the vapour appear mosty where the most turbulence is (above and below wingtips) it also forms around them and slightly away (as one would expect when the layers of air which are close but not in contact with the wings are is suddenly put under pressure).

Last but not least, it can be simulated in the lab (all you need is cold moist air and then suddenly put in under a pressure: instant cloud).

Sometimes I think the chemtrail crowd are  just paid up shills trying to make the forum look bad for anybody new that's browsing through. Same thing for a the Jew-hating shills.

bunnyswanson's picture

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZFNJplylns  Chemtrails 9 mins or so - thorough analysis and legitimate observations. 

Barium.., barium lights up under fluoroscopy.  There have been experiments performed which have not revealed to the subjects in the past on enough occasions that your assumption tells me you are a presumptive ass  It's fair easier to deal with mental patients when you drug them into apathy. 

I've flown across the seas more times than I can count and I cannot recall seeing these plumbs.  I would have remembered it.  I memorized every fucking bolt and screw on each wing and always, always sat by the wings (husband had long legs). 

Trusting that the people who are making the decisions will do the right thing is beyond comprehension at this point.  Remember the holocaust? They thought they were going to work camps in some instances.  The element of suprise takes place.  the prisoners are confused and disoriented, unprepared and unable to put a stop to it because it's too late.

 Zionism is the issue.  I have yet to meet a Zionist.  They are maybe undercover, have disguises.  Maybe they carry business cards with ~z i o n i s t~ after their name. 


One more:


Mr Barroso mounted a strong defence of the EU's handling of the crisis so far.

Asked by a Canadian journalist to explain why North Americans should "risk their assets to help Europe", he replied: "Frankly, we are not here to receive lessons in terms of democracy or in terms of how to handle the economy.

"This crisis was not originated in Europe... seeing as you mention North America, this crisis originated in North America and much of our financial sector was contaminated by, how can I put it, unorthodox practices, from some sectors of the financial market."

Acet's picture

It all boils down to a very simple point: it would be far cheaper to just put some shit directly in people's water or spray it at low altitude than to spray immense amounts of it it at high-altitude where the predominant winds might very well blow it all the way to the ocean.

Occan's Razor applies here: when you have several explanations, the simplest is the most likelly.

The idea that some grand conspiracy has been spending tons of money spreading barium (of all things) and while they are smart enough that the whole thing is kept silent and yet are so stupid that they do it the most visible and innefective way there is - that's just logically inconsistent.

I've also flown countless hours, given that I've been living away from my country of birth fro 14 years now and fly back all the time (at some point, once a month in business) at the kind of height civilian passenger jets fly and have seen it happen a couple of times. It also happens that I have University training in Physics AND training as a Private Pilot, so I know exactly the principles behind dynamic behaviour of air over wings, flight, turbulence and how water behaves at those kinds of pressures and temperatures.

As for Mr Barroso, as a countryman of his, let me just say that the guy is a patso, has always been a patso and is considered a patso in his own country. The only reason that guy ever got his job is that he's such a weak, bland spineless character that nobody had any strong objections against him. Nobody had any strong feelings for him either, he was plan Z that ended up implemented when all the strong candidates were ruled-out due to oppositon of one country or other.

Whatever Barroso says, it's not worth listening to.

trav777's picture

slight problem with your theory:

chemtrails are provable bullshit, while jews actually DO dominate media and finance.  There actually IS a semitic stranglehold on movie and television production, in banking, and in Congress and senior administration positions.

It was a nice attempt at sleight of hand, though...the multicults do this sort of shit all the time.

Acet's picture

Oh, I wouldn't deny that many people that dominate media, finance and politics in the US are jews.

My point is twofold:

  • There are also lot that are not jews and you will notice they're just as big a bunch of sociopaths.
  • One shouldn't blame the righteous members of the group for the action of a shitty minority

So, for example, on the subject of Israel, I make a point of distinguishing between the xenphobic orthodox religious jew parties plus the settlers lobby (which are just disguisting, racist evil people) and your typical Western educated type who happens to be a jew living in Israel.

My point is that around here there are some people tread-jacking to preach Jew-hate in such an extreme and mindless way that they're either complete nutcases or they're paid shills trying to undermine the image of ZH.

Random's picture

Regarding chemtrails, it is my belief (wacky theory warning), that considering the range, schedule and coverage of the Earth's surface vs. the necessary logistics, that it is very difficult to accomplish the task using planes (alone), so something else has to be employed. What the "something" else is I do not know but i have to speculate it has to be something either related to HARP or something related to the device/power that also enables the fake planes/holograms/orbs.

lakecity55's picture

I thought that too. I think it is for weather modification.


"Lucius, take your chempill, honey, they are spraying the proles today."

"Yes, Mother."

"Now, run along to the Rolls. You'll be late for skool."

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Go fly a kite may take on a different meaning in NYC if they have drones buzzing around day and night.

low technology meet high technology... heh, heh

Harbanger's picture

For millenia man has had dominion over nature and his enemies.  Low tech drones  are very effective for hunting or against intruders,  they'll never see them coming. 

Not for the faint hearted,



SilverIsKing's picture

We're gonna need a bigger dog.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Can we get them in Cirque Du Soleil?

formadesika3's picture

I wouldn't have thought that was possible. How much does a wolf outweight an eagle?

formadesika3's picture

I wonder if that would work on wolverines in Alaska. Finish 'em off with the 870 Wingmaster.