Boehner Responds: "The American People Do Not Support Raising Debt Ceiling Without Reducing Spending"

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You heard the president's "we are not a deadbeat nation" speech (transcript coming shortly). Here is Boehner's response. Looks like nobody is rising above anything very fast.

From the Speaker's site

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following the statement in response to President Obama’s comments today regarding the debt limit.


“The American people do not support raising the debt ceiling without reducing government spending at the same time. The consequences of failing to increase the debt ceiling are real, but so too are the consequences of allowing our spending problem to go unresolved. Without meaningful action, the debt will continue to act as an anchor on our economy, costing American jobs and endangering our children's future. The House will do its job and pass responsible legislation that controls spending, meets our nation's obligations and keeps the government running, and we will insist that the Democratic majority in Washington do the same.”

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busted by the bailout's picture

I think he will lose this one.

Stackers's picture

Boner: "We must cut 1% from the increase in spending"

Obobo: "We would kill old women and children if we cut 1% from the increase in spending"

TheSilverJournal's picture

Yes, promise those spending year.

Fiscal Cliff 2 in the works.

lunaticfringe's picture

Citizens are worried whether or not Katie Couric had cosmetic surgery or how she looks without makeup on. That's what the American people are focused on.

trav777's picture

did repugnicons suddenly find fiscal conservatism after how many years now of trillion annual war costs?

smlbizman's picture

yeah we want spending start cutting a few wars, a few less plastic surgery procedures for those female pigs on the hill..looking at you nancy, harry, debbie, ...a few less union gravy trains, etc....but i thinks they may be thinking differently....

in4mayshun's picture

Don't get sucked into the Democrat/Republican debate. It's a lose-lose proposition. There are globalist scum and Patriots.....period! (Most of them being the former)

secret_sam's picture

Not exactly, but they sure want you to think so.

aint no fortunate son's picture

simple solution barry - cut D.E.F.E.N.S.E. and piss off both the dims (for cutting) and the repugs (for it being defense). But we the sheep will be happy.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Jeez, another delusional Psycopath/Sociopath CRIMINAL.  Hey Criminal, The American People aren't falling for your PsyOp Political Therater antics anymore.  Just a matter of time before you arrested. 

WarHorse's picture

The average American is no smarter than a Labrador Retriever .. the vast majority of the American people have fallen for this idiot hook, line & sinker

smlbizman's picture

evidently you have never owned a lab.....

in4mayshun's picture

Agreed. Comparing my dog to a typical US moron is insulting to my dog.

Sands8oo's picture



Typical weak retort from Boehner as per the script.



hedgeless_horseman's picture



Don't you love the theatre?

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Don't you love the theatre?

We were railroaded into purchasing the full-season ticket package.

redpill's picture

How about we don't raise the debt ceiling at all and start acting like responsible adults instead of movie villains.


FL_Conservative's picture

That's way too fucking adult-like, redpill.  I can't even believe you would suggest such a thing!

SamAdams's picture

Refrain from sending our tax money to maintain occupations used to further enrichen the Bankers and their trans-national minions.  We know why every now and again, AlQueda raises its flame, to justify keeping troops in the area (safe pipeline and poppy fields).  Opium wars in the early 1800's and opium wars now.  Greed never changes.

However, if we cut spending on defense, half of our currently employed would be affected.  Eisenhower was right, but the elite could care less.  Americans only exist to ensure the continued success of the banker's agenda.  We are the war machine.  The war machine may soon start the big one, considering its debt is world's greatest and Russia's is worlds least (for major power).  Hope the flock iready, because while grazed on i-gadgets, the overloards prepared using American tax money!

cougar_w's picture

Where do they come up with this crap?

"The American people do not support raising the debt ceiling without reducing government spending"

Whut the feck? Americans will have their spending or someone's head on a pole. Fact. And he knows it.

"The consequences of failing to increase the debt ceiling are real"

Um ... real like unicorn shits?

"The House will do its job and pass responsible legislation that controls spending"

And then I suppose the entire House will line up to have their heads handed to them. That will be the day.

Translation: "I am not even close to serious today. Come back tomorrow."

Stoploss's picture

So.. How are all our min wage pion's doing with the 2% ( -25% "wealth effect" ) tax hike lately?

Freeloading video gamers want to know!

Careful shaking hands now.

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

I'd probably be doing better if Hot Pockets and Bagelfuls went on sale.  Holy fuck the price inflation.  

q99x2's picture

Not this again. How much ass can that guy kiss in a year. Oh ya; this is a new year.

azzhatter's picture

I wonder if boehner forgets whose cock is in his mouth from time to time. This jizzbag has been blowing everyone in DC for a long time

Renewable Life's picture

How the fuck did the GOP house not bury this whiny fuck, this is like watching a different movie with the same actors, over and over and over! JFC at least switch up the cast, if you want us to pretend along with you!

Cut spending!!!! Now I know your bullshitting Boner!! Your masters in the military complex and corporate service sectors, are going to chop your nuts off, if you even think about talking shit, about this?!!!?!

TheAlchemist's picture

More mouthpiece speaking.

Congress creates the problem and then acts like they should get credit for "fixing" it.

There's a small part of me (<5%) that still wants to believe they'll do the right thing, but my cynical side has grown by leaps and bounds after seeing the gap between their words vs their actions.

a growing concern's picture

That hopeful, optimistic voice inside you? That guy is an idiot. The voice inside you that thinks we're totally fucked? Listen to that guy.

tango's picture

Alchemist, I think many in Congress "know the score" and would like to do the right thing but they realize - as Ron Paul confessed - that we are too far gone. The GOP is terrified of media reaction (as if the media were balanced) so they're reduced to mouthing platitudes - "we need to cut.. get a handle on spending.. do something about entitlements.. get our finances in order, blah blah blah blah.

The situation cannot be fixed, especially by short term tricks. Charles Smith said it best when he described the situation as a widening gap between what has been promises and what can be delivered with tax receipts. 

Super Broccoli's picture

yeeeeeah ! you're the man !

Shizzmoney's picture

The American People hate all of you people, and really would wish that you and Obama would stop talking for all of us.

Renewable Life's picture

I'm more of a realist, then a conspiracy theorist, but these assholes are doing everything they can these days, to play on ever paranoid bone in our bodies!!

The government is buying ammo by the semi truck load, while saying they are going to ban guns!

Executive orders for everything at this point!!

No jobs, no budgets, wars without end over seas, over taxation, inflationary monitary policies on crack cocaine!!!

At some point it stops being conspiracy theory and starts being reality!!!

aerojet's picture

It is desperation--by 2020 there may not be any federal agents left to enforce all those gun laws or anything else.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



The consequences of failing to increase the debt ceiling are real, but so too are the consequences of allowing our spending problem to go unresolved.

He used the word consequences? 

lol's picture

The options are truth or consequences. Therefore we'll get the consequences.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Correct, until we reach the other side of the Platonic fold, then we should see real consequences.

TooBearish's picture

Bullshite Boner  - gimme my 'bamaphone now bitch!

905ozs's picture

Yeah, he wouldn't do Rothschild inc's bidding.
What a joke.
53cents of every tax $1 go to the military budget.
Yep, he creepy ass wouldn't want that.

War stimulates the the economy, who can we bomb into the stone age now?

trav777's picture

we bombed Germany and Japan into the Space Age

Bay of Pigs's picture

Thank goodness we have people like John Boehner holding the fort down.

Super Broccoli's picture

Let's answer to the question : is america a debtbeat nation ?

Well, let's see the options :

1. reduce the deficit, even more, reduce the debt ... and take money out of the economy = more problems

2. keeping on runing a huge deficit ... and paying more interest taking money out of the economy = more problems


So the answer is : since there is nothing we can do about it, america IS a debtbeat nation !


Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

Assets vs. Liabilities:  we're currently at negative 29.5 trillion and counting.

Gross debt/GDP:  105.78% and counting.

If we didn't have unlimited printing, we'd be talking severe bond haircuts at this point.  The haircuts are instead being done via USD devaluation.  

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

Another way of looking at it:  the $85 billion per month in QE?  That's a tax.  Our taxes are going up $1.02 trillion this year, not including the "fiscal cliff" tax resolution.  If we're not cutting spending by at least $1 trillion this year, then we haven't "approached this is a balanced way".  

secret_sam's picture

C'mon.  We're up-to-date on all our interest payments.

deerhunter's picture

my lunch almost came back up  with "the House will  do its job and pass responsible legislation",  oh well one can always dream right????  We haven't had a budget in what,  3 years now? 

yogibear's picture

When will Boehner start crying and buckle into voting yes to removing the debt ceiling bill.