French Military Embarrassments Continue As Insurgents Grab More Territory In Mali

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As reported over the weekend, late on Friday French forces launched a military campaign, consisting primarily of airforce incursions, designed to crush the "Islamic extremists" in the country in order to protect "European interests" (it is unclear what these may be). Parallel with this came the first humiliation for French military forces as a French helicopter pilot was killed nearly at the same time as the offensive was launched. But even more embarrassing was the bungled attempt to rescue a hostage in Somalia, in which the hostage is said to have died (by France at least, not his captors), while at least one French commando is also reported to have been left behind. Moments ago, AP reported on the latest French military developments in Mali, which confirm that when it comes to the words "French military" and "success" will hardly ever be seen side by side.

To wit: "Despite intensive aerial bombardments by French warplanes, Islamist insurgents grabbed more territory in Mali on Monday and got much closer to the capital, French and Malian authorities said. In the latest setback, the al-Qaida-linked extremists overran the garrison village of Diabaly in central Mali, France's defense minister said in Paris. Jean-Yves Le Drian said Monday the rebels "took Diabaly after fierce fighting and resistance from the Malian army that couldn't hold them back." In other words, "before France sent its forces in on Friday, the closest known spot the Islamists were to the capital was 680 kilometers (420 miles) away"... while "by now sweeping in from the west, they are now only 400 kilometers (250 miles) from Mali's capital, Bamako, in southern Mali." Yet another French military campaign stupendously executed.


France is urging the "Africanization" of the conflict, encouraging African nations to send troops to fight the Islamic extremists. There have been promises, but no troops movements have yet been publicly announced.


Early Monday, an intelligence agent confirmed that shots rang out near the Diabaly military camp in what was still nominally government-held territory and that soon after, jets were heard overhead, followed by explosions. The agent insisted on anonymity because he is not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.


A Malian commander in the nearby town of Niono said the bombardments did not stop the Islamist fighters and that they occupied Alatona, and on Monday, they succeeded in reaching the north-south road which connects Diabaly to Segou, the administrative capital of central Mali.


The Islamist advance in central Mali came even after fighter jets late Sunday began dropping bombs in the rice-growing region of Alatona. At that point, a rebel convoy had been spotted 40 kilometers (24 miles) southeast of Diabaly, until recently the site of a major, U.S.-funded Millenium Challenger Corporation project.


French radio Europe 1 broadcast a telephone interview with Omar Ould Hamaha, a leader of the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa, which controls part of northern Mali. In it he dared the French to "come down on the ground if they're real men. We'll welcome them with open arms," he said. "France has opened the gates of hell ... it has fallen into a trap much more dangerous than Iraq, Afghanistan or Somalia."

One can only hope the tide doesn't turn so much on the French that the "insurgents" make their way to Paris where the French army surrenders post haste.

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Ignorance is bliss's picture

I wonder if the civil war in Mali is fueled by high food prices. a hungry man seeing the disparity between the rich and the poor makes  a great soldier. They become part of the 7.62 x 39 mm for food program run by TPTB in this great struggle. 

Ignorance is bliss's picture

So France is backing the current Mali regime. Who is backing the rebels? Russia, China, Saudi Arabia...? Anyone know?

nofluer's picture

What's needed is foreign officers over French troops, or French officers over foreign troops. The French seem to do well in either circumstance, but poorly when they have French officers commanding French troops. Perhaps it has something to do with the troops being able to understand the orders, or not?

helping_friendly_book's picture

My source said the French surrendered to a mine field this morning.

Sudden Debt's picture





they didn't win that one...


Iam Yue2's picture

They commence a military campaign to try and take all eyes of Hollande's
non-existent recovery plan, and then they even go and screw that up.

Not to worry, Uncle Draghi will save the day.

loveyajimbo's picture

this is nothing more than a diversion... so the sheeple in France will not notice the disaaster they have in Hollande... Much like the attack on the 2nd amendment by our own insurgent muslim... to divert the US sheeple from the continuing coverup of the failed kabuki kidnapping of our gay ambassador in Benghazi that lead to the deaths of 4 Americans...  Hillary, sorry, but we need you to go down a flight of stairs next...

Frastric's picture

Western military supremacy? Overstated and amounting to something akin to propaganda?

Cookie's picture

Just for a moment, if one assumes peak oil to be long gone, everything makes sense

Sanksion's picture

Our mighty french army has the most military victories in history than any army of this shitty pale blue dot.
No rage.

Itch's picture

Wee wee, were is your hankie!

Cathartes Aura's picture

"shitty pale blue dot"

would that be the planet Earth you're referring to?  if so, it would appear your level of thinking matches your apparent actions. . .

nofluer's picture

Pardon, but could you perhaps tell us what percentage of those victories were over your own citizens? And would the French Revolution count as a victory of the French army, or the anti-monarchist people? And since Napolean was a Corsican, would his victories count as French victories or Corsican? (Napolean was born in 1769 on Corsica - the same year the French conquered the Corsican Republic.)

Fix It Again Timmy's picture

French women can fight, send in a platoon of Les Bitchez...


Poster_Boy's picture

Why is the word insurgents in quotes? it seems this Fascist site that claims that words freedom and than bans those that speak against stated ideology as professed by the coward Tyler Durden is so unoriginal he can't come up with his own name or own site. One would hope you get sued for copyright infringement since you are so big on property rights but then just steal others ideas. Byt point in fact, the Malian insurgents are more like terrorists who use Islam to impose thier will.vMoroever, this site's defense of all things ebil puts you in the same category. Go ahead thumb me down mock me as if i care what your toothless welfare hating but collecting followers think. You're all a bunch of pussies from Rush Limbaugh and this site lost its relevence in 2011. It once was good. Hey I bet after this comment I get deleted by Herr Goeblles again so you Nazi fucks can rejoice.

AnAnonymous's picture

'Americans' vs 'americans', the next big fight to come...

Going to be fun.

AnAnonymous's picture

Ah, that moment.

Been following the development of the Malian crisis. Been stated that numerous times on this site, waiting for the time when 'americans' on this site,out of boredom, and always hungry for factoids that might reinforce their bias, will pay some attention.

I am loaded on the Malian crisis, which is another nice 'american' engineering.

Going to be fun indeed.

More opportunities to come in the future as 'americans' must obey their 'american' nature...

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous said:

I am loaded

I very much believing truthness of this statementation.

hooligan2009's picture

one of the two c-whatevers from the UK has broken down in logistical support from the UK at its finest!

AnAnonymous's picture

Just to pretend, just to pretend...

AnAnonymous's picture

The idea that an 'american' nation could buy a relief from this type of war is another day in the propaganda streak by 'americans'.

This war is nothing more than a new episode in the forceful urge felt by the 'american' servants to the middle class (id est politicians, corporations) to push one part of the 'american' middle class under the train in order to save the rest of it.

It is all about uranium, oil etc which at the moment are still under the custody of the 'american' trustee to the US ganglord, France.

But for the middle class to survive, some has to be sacrificed.

You wont find much middle class in the usual suspect countries, so they cant fit the bill.

But you'll find a lot of it in 'american' nations.

Hence the meek support from the other members of the gang. With France losing the custody of these resources, well, it will provide for others.

Welcome to an 'american' world, it is a cosy place to be, criminals of all types, creed, races etc love living in it.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

The idea that a Chinese citizenism nation could buy relief through flush toiletry is another day in the propagandation streak by AnAnonymous.

This effort is nothing more than a new episode in the forceful urge felt by the AnAnonymous servants to the propagandist class to squat and push the digested part of wokked household pets onto the roadside in order to consume the rest of it.

It is all about empty craniums, which at the moment are still under the custody of the Chinese Citizenism Communautist Ministry of Truth.

But for the propagandist class to survive, some dogs and cats have to be sacrificed to stir frying deliciously.

You won't find much cat frying and dog roasting in countries outside the domain of Chinese citizenism, so they can't fit the bill.

But you'll find a lot of it in Chinese citizenism nations.

Hence the cooked puppies and kittens support other members of the gang. With neighbors losing the custody of these pets, well, it will provide for others.

Welcome to an AnAnonymous world, it is a cosy place to be, cooking of all types, pets, species etc love wokking in it.

Sandmann's picture

Why anyone thinks the Mali armed forces are going to stop anything eludes me. They have 7000 soldiers and no equipment. Now the Tuaregs want to fight with the French so the Mali army has to stay out of the North. France will need Tuareg fighters but have to accept partition of Mali with a Tuareg State in the North if it wants to defeat the Muslim terrorists no doubt funded by Saudi Arabia

AnAnonymous's picture

You mean redrawing borders to fit ethnical purposes?

Ummm, 'americanism' in action...

Matt's picture

Actually, anti-Americanism. America disallowed the confederacy from seperating. If an area of a country wants independance, via majority vote of the people, why shouldn't they be allowed to seperate? 

W74's picture

In a lot of African countries rifle training consists of shooting 10 live rounds per year and the basic load they carry is, what 40 rounds in 2 standard AK mags?  So when they spray and pray on full auto their two mags at a target they're unlikely to hit even if they were "aiming", then what? 

Aside from the Uganadans (met plenty of mercenaries in Iraq, many of whom have/had been soldiers in one form or another since the age of 8 or so) there isn't a professional and experienced Army in all of Sub-Saharran Africa except for what's left in S.A. thanks to the Boers/Afrikanners.  That's about it though: S.A. & Uganda.

W74's picture

Also, more than likely Algeria (another formerly French colony) is funding the Tuareg insurgents.  This is too far away from, and too minor and issue, to be among Saudi's geopolitical concerns.

etresoi's picture

The Tuaregs do not need Algeria and the new Algerian government has no money. 

I have spent some time with the Tuaregs in Mauritania and Western Sahara.  They have been training and organising for years, while the blue helmets of the UN forces see nothing.

etresoi's picture

The French essentally have no equipment either.  The helicopter, which was shot down on the first day was fifty years old.  They could scramble a few Mirage jets but the Mirage home airport only has two or three days of bombs.  Brittain was going to resupply the bombs but have trouble getting their transport planes into the air.

americanspirit's picture

I spent a lot of time in Mali, Niger and Tchad in my younger days and I can promise you that except for some mineral resources there is absolutely nothing worth fighting over there. The only reason for any group to want to take over the government is that foreign 'aid' is the only source of cash in any of those countries. So a few thugs get to drive around in Mercedes and a few hundred more thugs get to wear spiffy uniforms with mirrored sunglasses - that's it. And the police get to extort and rape anyone they like. No infrastructure, no industries, no agriculture, no wealth. Sick and dying children, emaciated men and women, scrawny animals, and filthy water. Ever been to southern New Mexico? Imagine that landscape multiplied a hundred times over. Many centuries ago some great civilizations flourished in Mali and Niger - even Tchad had a semblance of a flourishing culture for a few hundred years. Then along came the French colonials. The French always, always followed the same strategy to maintain control of their colonies - they found the two groups who hated each other the most and egged them on. Show me a former French colony anywhere in the world that is not the victim of this strategy. The French like to admire themselves for their civilization, but underneath it all they are mostly pigs.

AnAnonymous's picture

It is obvious that 'americans' are not big consumers of mineral resources, so indeed, there is nothing to fight over...

etresoi's picture

The other French colonial process was to strip the country of all known assets and then proclaim the colony 'independant.'  However, the French colonialists never heard of the law of unintended consequences and now the French cities are occupied by their former subjects.

Mali is simply a staging area for the future drive southward.  The ultimate target is the oil fields of Nigeria.

Joe A's picture

The American strategy is to bomb the shit out of a place regardless who lives there. Call the French pigs, take a look in the mirror. The US killed millions of people since WWII in order to get to the resources or the geopolitical power they want. And you all get off on it.

tony wilson's picture

excuse me english butt eye is france.

we ares very sad today to sea dis webshite spunking dis anti france rasciailims.

are paraptooters and are legion airs are on der ground and winning.

many black fellows av felt der rath of der france man

der idea dat we are loosing is filth english and amerigan proppiganja.

evry time a france marine meats a black man he is slaughter housed.

we beets all cumers you may try to mock butt like der usa in iraq,afghanistan and vietnam

we winnining

holland ares leeder is der new jewish french napoleon

only much taller and bigger in der penal love making area

viva la frence

jplotinus's picture

Bring back General Alex Dumas, the real Count of Monte Cristo!!

French problem solved. ;-p

Volaille de Bresse's picture

Slow day at ZH? The village was attacked by TEN pick-up trucks and its startegic importance must vary between nil and zero... If you think this is a major blow, well...

But at least it enbaled the ZH regulars to barf the same old Pub jokes about the French army... which is rich coming form a nation which has lost TWO wars in a decade, one against a disarmed country (Iraq) the other against a Middle-age shithole (Afghanistan). 

Yeah rich indeed... I wonder the US Army will react when it faces an enemy of comparabel force, like the Chinese army... 10 000 deaths on the first day of fighting is my bet. 


Oh well Monsieur Edge (sigh). 

Joe A's picture

There is always much rejoycing on ZH when the French are in a predicament. Like the US never bungled an operation. Remember the Iran hostage situation? And for the comment regarding insurgents ever making it to Paris: they are already there, terrorizing the banlieus. Europe is being overrun by these muslem scum. Everywhere they go they cause trouble, rank the crimi statistics, etc. But that is of course all the fault of these horrible Europeans.

pashley1411's picture

wtf are doing conducting near simultaneous military operations on opposite sides of Africa?    If we want to do map-hoping-for-headlines, why not throw in New Guinea and the Falklands, to boot?

Mad Muppet's picture

Is seems damned strange to me that France would go to Mali to fight radical muslims when they won't do it at home. I guess mortars going off would spook the vaches, spoil the milk, and screw up the cheese industry.