Watch As Ben Bernanke Answers Your Twitter Questions Live

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Today at 4pm Eastern, Ben Bernanke, at the University of Michigan’s Ford School of Public Policy, will take live questions from Twitter for the first time as part of the Fed's new policy of openness. Of course, the policy won't be so open for him to answer if banks are actually using reserves as prop trading funding (as was the case with JP Morgan, and any other bank which realizes that when it comes to fungible cash, money is just 1s and 0s in a server somewhere). However, the filter may slip and at least one or two good questions may slip through. So please take this opportunity to submit any pressing questions you may have on the Fed's policy to pump the market to new stratospheric highs courtesy of $85 billion (for now) in monthly reserve injections into the Primary Dealers, by using the #fordschoolbernanke tag to your questions. For convenience, we have appended a twitter module below that captures all tweets with that querry.

Watch Bernanke live below):

From the Ford School:

Join the conversation on Twitter: #fordschoolbernanke


About the event:


Please join us as Chairman Bernanke visits the University of Michigan for a conversation with Ford School Dean Susan M. Collins on monetary policy, recovery from the global financial crisis, and long-term challenges facing the U.S. economy.


Chairman Bernanke will also take questions from the audience and from Twitter.

The twitter tape with #fordschoolbernanke:

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Hey Benny, if I punch you in the face can we call it a hedonically adjusted hug?  If I spit on you can we call it hedonically adjusted rain?



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Fuck you and the beard you rode in on Bernanke.

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how many central bankers does it take to fornicate a country into oblivion?

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How long until the Fed lowers the reserve ratio to 1% for US banks, just like the ECB did?

Are reserves even necessary, now that your cock is balls deep into every bank?


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Why give him the time of day? He is a pathological liar. Just like the rest of his scummy ilk. He will never respond truthfully nor factually. That is what a pathological liar does. If we could only fast forward 10 or so years because that is about the time we can dance on the man's grave and get away with it too.

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Does the Federal Reserve Fractional Fiat Bank monetize the deficit/debt, and does a bear shit in the woods?

Can I borrow some fiat at the fed window like JPM and all the other cool kids?

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Ben, what are your thoughts on the Monetary cliff, ya bastid?

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Three cheers for redpill.

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Ben is right, the twitter does mostly suck.

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Reading these fine questions gives me a real sense of pride.

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You and I don't normally get along but at least you have a finer sense of decorum.


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Why would you steal someone's avatar?

Should I laugh or cry, hypocrite?

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jonny, jonny, it's just your old arrogant self isn't it?

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Tyler asked...

What are Kevin Henry's 2013 vacation days?


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Matt Cocci - you're a fucking LOOSER

Ugh, half the tweets under are crazies talking about gold and insinuating criminal misdeeds by Bernanke. Make it stop.

Some elite kid getting annoyed at the truth which is obviously cramping his lifestyle.

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  • Mr. Bernanke, what is the historical normal rate of interest in the United States?
  • Mr. Bernanke, do you believe a low interest rate implemented for any significant period of time creates speculation, asset class bubbles, malinvestment, and other market disequilbriums? If no, why? If yes, could you please elaborate as to how this 'plays out?'
  • Mr. Bernanke, do you believe that the low interest rate policy implement by The Federal Reserve since 2008 has caused or contributed to, in whole or part, speculation, asset class bubbles, malinvestment, and other market disequilbriums? If no, why? If yes, could you please elaborate as to how this manifested itself?
  • Mr. Bernanke, is there any risk that the types of assets now held on the balance sheet of The Federal Reserve could fall in value in any significant way that would cause the Federal Reserve to either have to borrow money, raise more capital in another manner, require U.S. taxpayer assistance, or not be able to otherwise meet its financial obligations?
  • Mr. Bernanke, you had previously told Congress that the Federal Reserve would "not monetize the federal deficit," yet The Federal Reserve has been and is still buying 50 billion worth of treasury notes per month, which constitutes 60% of all treasury note issuances. How is this "not monetizing at least 60% of U.S. government deficit spending?"
  • Mr. Bernanke, you had said that The Federal Reserve was printing money back in 2009 in several interviews, including one on '60 Minutes.' However you now say that The Federal Reserve "is not printing money," and in fact, you said that in another '60 Minutes' interview this year. I have brought those two interviews with me and can play them for you and everyone here if you'd like to see them; it won't take more than a minute or so to watch the relevant parts of your statements then and now. How do you reconcile these two contradictory statements?
  • Mr. Bernanke, you and other members of The Federal Reserve have stated that your policy of Quantitative Easing has contributed significantly to global inflation, including inflation in commodities, such as those related to energy and food. Many notable economists, such as Jim Grant and Laurence Kotlikoff, disagree with that assessment, and in fact, they claim there is data available which shows a direct and highly proportional relationship between Quantitative Easing and a rise in commodity, food and energy prices. Are you correct and are they wrong? If so, what data can you provide that supports your position?
  • Mr. Bernanke, The Federal Reserve has supported policies that allow banks to essentially pay savers little to no interest, and interest that is far less than even The Federal Reserve's own official rate of inflation. Does this policy punish savers and the fiscally responsible American Savers, does it subsidize large financial institutions, including what many have deemed 'Too Big To Fail Banks,' and is this a healthy policy to maintain in lieu of America's large deficits and large national debt? As a follow up, shouldn't prudent monetary policy essentially do the opposite of this policy, by encouraging and rewarding savings, and discouraging and penalizing speculation?
  • Mr. Bernanke, does or has the Federal Reserve ever directly or indirectly purchased equities, equity futures or options on equities - or any other intruments bearing on or related to equities? If so, which broker-dealer has the Federal Reserve used to purchase such equities, equity futures or equity-related instruments?
  • Mr. Bernanke, has The Federal Reserve ever intervened in dealing between The Treasury Department and market participants, including but not limited to negotiations between The Treasury Department and AIG and its counter-parties, and has The Federal Reserve advised The Treasury Department as to what course of action to take with respect to the rate or amount of monies counter-parties to AIG or any other financial actor would or should receive via taxpayer-backed 'bailouts?'
  • Mr. Bernanke, does The Federal Reserve have the intent to preserve the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency now and in the future? If yes, what measures are you taking and will you take to see this polocy objective achieved? If your answer is no, please elaborate on what the intent is?
  • Mr. Bernanke, does The Federal Reserve have the intent to strengthen the U.S. dollar? If yes, what measures are you taking and will you take to see this polocy objective achieved? If your answer is no, please elaborate on what the intent is?
  • Mr. Bernanke, should any financial institution or bank be allowed to get to a position where it alone or in conjuction with other entities represents a systemic threat to the U.S. or global financial system? Are there any such entities that exist today? If so, can you name them? If you can't name them, why can't you name them? If your answer is no, what did you do and what are you doing now to ensure that no such entities exist?
  • Mr. Bernanke, did you ever smoke hash or drop acid & "trip" with Paul Krugman and talk about hostile extraterrestrial invasions of earth & how such events may shape monetary policy?
  • Mr. Bernanke, is pathological lying more "nurture" or "nature?"
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Neither the Fed nor its representatives are legitimate. Their powers are illegitimate and their money as well as our debts are odious.

Time for revolution is here.

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My only regret, end the fed, is that I can only hit the up arrow once.

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Me too, so I gave you an up arrow.

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Nice buncho questions. I'd like him answer the international reserve one but whatahela.

Obviously da revolutions are coming and they know it and have a ticket to the moon.

Free usa, free europe and free energy. Thus, must leave these dumbasses whereever as long as they do not mess with any single human (and animal) being anymore.

From France, with you lads.

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Vive la France. Vive la libertad.

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Ben: tell us HOW we fix this horrible spending/debt addiction? And don't say that Congress has to do it. THEY WON'T, so stop enabling them!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When hitting "ctrl-P", do you use "pinky-middle finger" or do you two-hand it?

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How many quantitative easings does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

By what specific metrics does a central planner...I mean banker...draw the line between a "virtuous" & "non-virtuous" circle?

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When hitting "ctrl-P", do you use "pinky-middle finger" or do you two-hand it?

Bernanke replied, "Neither, I use the reach around!"


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can you print stool legs? if you can, can you print them faster than i can kick them off?

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don't waste your time sheeple! not a single real question will slip through and not a single open honest answer will be given. and i'm obviously wasting my time writing this up in the fucktardo-hedge.

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I liked this question:

Jim Grant ‏@GrantsPub

Could you help me understand the difference between central banking and central planning? #fordschoolbernanke

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a tweet by Hap @hap317

When do I JBTFD?

Cupid's Cannon @DepletedO2

- are you a fan of @williambanzai7 work?

red pill @__redpill__

Why do you hate savers?

afraid and impotent @r0yce1

Do you disagree America would be in less trouble if you simply implemented policies you read in Zero Hedge?

 LOVE IT!!!! Well Ben?


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Maybe you can buy a CDS on that!

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Dear Ben,  How much ink do you have left?


Thanks, Barry "Choom" Soetero

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An empty chair? I thought this was going  to be the Bernank instead we get Obozo???

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I was gonna ask how he sits down with that puppeteer hand so far up his ass.

He doenst like personal questions.



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You could charge $2,000/punch and you would be a rich man. All that would be left is Bernanke's beard by that time.

I know a lot of old ladys with guns that would like to have the federal reserve banksters as target practice.  Hmmm, I wonder why?

I'm surprise people are so civil with him. About the only person that was frank with this liar was Ron Paul.


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This should get interesting quickly

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America or Israel ??

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If a Jew eats coal does he crap diamonds?

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No, but copper wire WAS invented by 2 Jews fighting over a penny.

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Dear bearded clam, will you eat a bullet on live TV?

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Each and every dip, little and large get bought up like magic. 200% all in on Red... Ben's casino allows no losers and you can keep taking the house, over and over... like it's the village whore.