America's 'Invisible' Poor - An Infographic

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Are more and more people in the western world dropping off the radar and becoming the invisible poor or is the opposite happening?  We are always interested in looking at the financial health of real people. We noted earlier that an astounding 46 million Americans are officially below the poverty line (That's $23,050/year for a family of four according to the official sources). That number really caught's eye and as such they decided to do a little more digging to help put some more facts and figures around it. The below is an excellent visualization of the results they came up with. Conservative MP Norman Tebbit when responding to a question on unemployment noted "I grew up in the 30's with an unemployed father. He didn't riot. He got on his bike and looked for work, and he kept looking 'til he found it." Are the American (and possibly other western populations) poor really in this mess because they are lazy (27% of Americans think so) or is it because they don't have the right work ethic (49% of Americans think this is all it would take!)?


Infographic: The Invisible Poor

The Invisible Poor by Payday

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Pssst... here's a little secret... it's how you increase your voters.

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Of course, since we've also decided to make abortions nearly impossible to get in many parts of the country.

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Perhaps there are too many entitlement incentives to pop out more kids in the first place? I'mm too cheap to have that many rugrats crawling, gnawing and consuming.

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Ask any Latisha or Maria if having kids isn't profitable. There is a reason why they have so many kids, and they make sure "baby's daddy" is either unemployed, illegal 'grunt {can't be traced} or soon to be incarcerated. Who needs a father when you have Uncle Sugar?

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look; humans are biodiverse and you are imputing a calculating nature to this trend that isn't warranted. Different populations of humans have different reproductive strategies. Some have fewer offspring which take longer to reach sexual maturity.  Some have abundant offspring that mature faster.  Some form more frequent families and fathers are invested in the care of their spawn.  Others prefer a more rodent-like strategy of just impregnate then's a volume game.

It is true that different populations reach puberty at different average ages.  Some populations can hit it and be ready to go at as low as 9.  Others may take half a decade longer on average.  So, to ensure that your offspring survives long enough to carry the genes on, it requires a different evolutionary strategy and different investment of time and care into them.  Those that have stronger families and civilizations can do that with the latter, not so much the former.

There are nations where children starve and parents are reasonably well-fed simply because it's not part of the reproductive strategy to really care for the children.  If foreigners will do it by airdropping foodstuffs, all the better, but that doesn't change the biology which created the behavior.

It's not so much that you are incentivizing the people you speak of; you are merely preventing their offspring from dying like they would under natural circumstances of disease or starvation.  These biologically-sourced behaviors aren't going to be "educated" out...they're just how people ARE.

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You need children to draw WIC and AFDC.  Once the kid is born, it might be "handicapped" which allows for a whole raft of benefits.  

Having children is not that bad of a financial decision for those who want to work the system.    

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It's true.


Paid off handsomely for the Bush family.

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Even poor people want to have families jackass - having kids is not a 100% economic decision like buying a new car or TV

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You're flattering them by assuming they apply a thought process to buying a TV. There is a reason walmart does tax returns. Hell, I'm surprised they haven't moved the tax cubicles right into the electronics section.

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People are also poor because they have low IQs. And unfortunately, they are outbreeding the rest of us so the number of poor keeps increasing along with the poor coming here from other countries. At least half of all illegals are on welfare.

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A bit of solace for your troubled soul...  the poor are also dying faster, so no need to worry about an uncontrollable infestation (beyond the normal GDP-related ebbs and flows).


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Nor any mention of "not enough jobs to go around"... or "got fucked buying a house at the wrong time", or "graduated with $30k owing on a student loan and the only job I could find was selling cell phones at the mall".

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If only those homeless children had a better work ethic they would have a roof over their heads. Christ, Americans are really a dumb bunch.

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It's thier idiot parents dipshit. I've met some of these homeless children. It's not their fault, but they don't stand a chance. It's because mom is 20 and already had 3 different kids to 3 different babies daddy's and gets a disability check for being pregnant all the time. The system perpetuates this and it's jack-offs like you who enable it. 

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um, have you done the math?  do you know what it takes to get above the $23K poverty threshold?  52 weeks of 50 hours a week at $8.90 an hour, for just one adult in that family of 4.  the federal minimum wage is $7.25.

so yes, it essentially impossible to have any work ethic and not make $23k. 

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Couple of stories. (Based on the UK)

1) My mate works in the SS office and she says a daily occurence is a mother bring in her 16 and one day old son/daughter and demanding a house for their child as they are not willing to support them anymore now they are 16.

2) My mate was out as you do drinking, he met a girl and ended up in an alley with her doing the dirty, a couple of months later he finds out shes pregnant but has no idea who the farther is, it turns out she has 4 kids (The max you can claim for SS) but one of them had just turned 16 and she had kicked him out (See #1) and needed to replace him to get her maximum child benefit.

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In America we can smell those girls a mile away. They usually work at the waffle house.

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Fuck the poor.  Most of them are there by choice and are fucking parasites.

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It's from a company called PAYDAY LOAN.

From the UK.

Look at the UK, LOLOLOL!!!


The limey's like to throw rocks while standing naked, that's why we have to bail their pansy asses out all the time.

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We are all poor and up to our eyeballs in debt. $16.5 Trillion divided by 130 Million workers = $126K in debt. How many American workers have $126K to pay their share of the Federal Debt? By the end of 2013, American Workers will owe $136K. How many American Workers can pay an additional $10K inl taxes, per year, just to keep the debt from going up further?



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But isn't disability an occupation?

It should be included in BLS figures.

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Underground economy.  No data for your infographic.

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I've trained my mind to stop reading when I perceive it, anti-sensory

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What percentage of those "pinkies" are Jewish?... It's a simple question [junks unwarranted until AFTER statistical & scientific research & rebuttal]... 


7 million 'drug addicts'  ~ Does that include INVESTMENT BANKERS?

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 If jews were your only problem, you'd be in good shape, they aren't, you're not.

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Ironically ~ Jews aren't MY problem, They're YOURS [Mostly ~ because I don't borrow money that shit-fucks print out of thin air]... ~~~ So 'CLASSICLY' ~ The JOKE is on you...


For the record ~ If there is any perception of francis_sawyer [towards JEWS] now & in the future... It stops there... I don't want to burn them in ovens, I don't want to spray paint grafitti on their temples... I JUST DON'T WANT TO BORROW FUCKING MONEY FROM THEM THAT THEY OWN THE FRANCHISE TO PRINT FOR THEMSELVES OUT OF FUCKING THIN AIR...

Ha Ha Ha... THAT's the most heinous crime [of all] in their eyes... [which is the reason for the "junks" above ~ unless you think ZERO investment bankers are jewish & only GOY snort coke]...

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what is your opinion of Aaron Schwartz?

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"For the record ~ If there is any perception of francis_sawyer [towards JEWS] now & in the future... It stops there... I don't want to burn them in ovens, I don't want to spray paint grafitti on their temples... I JUST DON'T WANT TO BORROW FUCKING MONEY FROM THEM THAT THEY OWN THE FRANCHISE TO PRINT FOR THEMSELVES OUT OF FUCKING THIN AIR..."

Good for you, Frank.  You're making excellent progress.  I'm glad you're past the "burn them in ovens" stage.

Nobody here is going to make you borrow money from them, if you don't feel comfortable doing so.

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Great ~! that's what I've said all along...


Now I'm 100% satisfied that the worlds DEBT MONETARY FIASCO has been solved in a way that is EQUITABLE for the entire planet & enslaves or 'kills' NOBODY... We must be making overnight progress on the issue...

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Considering the Jewish population is around 2% in the US, basic statistics leads me to believe that sub 1% of the pinks are jews.  

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I only posed the question because I believe that THAT dissemination of the social fabric is RELEVANT in ANY discussion...

Numbers [pink numbers, as the case may be, on a chart like this] cannot be HONESTLY viewed unless you take that into account...

If you DISLIKE my 'social' reference to JEWS ~ may I also suggest that if that is the case, then there NEVER should have arisen any question about CIVIL RIGHTS in the 1960's... It's a sword that cuts both ways [as the case may be]... 

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I get what you are saying but a better term would be something like "the elite". The vast majority of politicians, lobbyists, are high level execs at fortune 100 bank and media companies are white. The jewish pharmacy or jewelry store down the street are simply people trying to live like you and me, no great conspiracy going on there.

The enemy is the state, not people. Hatred toward other citizens is exactly what the state wants.


I don't follow you civil rights sentence.

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Zionist ashkenazi jews. They aren't your typical run of the mill synogague types. 

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There are many 'Jews' that are fine people... I have re-iterated many times that that is the case...

What THEIR OWN identity [unfortunate for them ~ those 'regular types] has to contend with is the immesurable & statistical MAJORITY that they've achieved in the POWER NODES of investment banking, political lobbying, & mainstream media... If you 'GET' my drift, THAT was my 1960's civil rights reference...

IOW ~ 35 years AFTER the 'civil rights' movements of the 1960's [& as we stand today]... there are MANY people who still view the UPRISING as a voice of the FEW versus the MANY... I'm not here to call that 'RIGHT vs. WRONG' I'm just saying that it's palpitable... Now think about it [I don't even know the exact numbers ~ but what was it? ~ 12% blacks vs. THE POPULATION]?... Now ~ FAST FORWARD... If a REAL CRISIS occurs [Economic Wise], trust me... SCAPEGOATS will be ushered forward [as ALWAYS occurs in MOB mentalities]... In this case it will be FAR WORSE... Firstly ~ Because the JEWS aren't only 3% [vs. 12%] of the POPULATION... But that economics & banking are FOREMOST in everyone's lives... Alabama 'BLACKS' in the 1960's didn't rate as high on the 'richter scale', by comparison, YET the MSM had no problem whipping up everyone into a TAKE YOUR SIDE frenzy about it...

I feel SORRY for the future of the 'GOOD JEWS' in this country [& around the world] when that day arrives... VERY FEW seem to be outspoken or vocal about this impending crisis [they seem more content to CASH THEIR CHECKS in the process], so I guess it's THEIR problem when it happens... 

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I'm not a good Jew because I am outspoken, debt free, armed and will blow your fucking head off if you come after me. There is not a single banker, wall streeter, government official, corporate officer amongst my extended family. The only lawyer used to do pro bono work and was tenacious in trying to keep his indigent clients out of jail if during his investigation was convinced of their innocence. That's right he investigated and gathered facts at his own expense. He usually won, from the first charity case of a wino accused of murdering his best friend with Sterno added to the cheap wine they both drank.

It is easy to judge people that are a different from you and your comfortable know nothing superiority about another culture, religion or ethnic group. It is called prejudice and scapegoating. This is pretty much a universal human trait akin to tribalism that views all other tribes as suspect and not as worthy as those in your tribe.'s picture

francis is trying to destroy ZH one insane post at a time. I have idea what his motive is.

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Okay, i'll buy that....IF you tell us you sympathize with Palestine.  Otherwise, you are a hypocrite. 

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and btw I've been told that my ancestors were out of the Tribe of Dan, when can I expect my cut of the modern day "Promised Land" action?

the rest of the twelve tribes are sort of curious about that too.


"In common speech, the word "Jew" is used to refer to all of the physical and spiritual descendants of Jacob/Israel, as well as to the patriarchs Abraham and Isaac and their wives, and the word "Judaism" is used to refer to their beliefs. Technically, this usage is inaccurate, just as it is technically inaccurate to use the word "Indian" to refer to the original inhabitants of the Americas. However, this technically inaccurate usage is common both within the Jewish community and outside of it, and is therefore used throughout this site." ~ Who Is a Jew?


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why does lincolnsteffens' tribe get all the fucking ink? oh boohoo...woe is me. ;p

I guess my tribe just wasn't as good at being professional victims...

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All of these explanations are off the mark. Paul Krugman told me the reason these people aren't working is because Bernanke isn't buying enough MBS.

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Paul Krugman is a Keynesian - he does not care whether people are not working as long as they get an unemployment check to spend and stimulate the economy - they do not need to dig and fill in imaginary holes in the ground - they may as well stay at home. There is no difference between an unemployed person and and any other government worker - both are takers rather than makers - neither produce any tangible product that anyone else can consume.

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Next time you talk to Paul Krugman do me a favor and kick him in his twat.


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Anyone hear this from Sean Egan?

It sounds to me like he has sold out too...

He seems to imply that we can grow our way out and there is a chance at an Upgrade. Right after monkeys fly out of my ass.