Bill Gross Gets It

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Last night, when breaking the Buba repatriation story, we summarized it simply as follows "in brief: this is a momentous development, one which may signify that the regime of mutual assured and very much telegraphed - because if the central banks don't have faith in one another, why should anyone else? - trust in central banks by other central banks is ending." We are happy that the implicit message is so clear that everyone now gets it, including Bill Gross:

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Now all Germany has to do is expel the batshit Muzzies, leave the EU and wait out the rest and rule the post-apocalytic world!

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Why would anyone want to expell that fuzzy, green guy that teaches kids Spanish, French, Gernman, and Italian? 

Oh wait, you are just a religous zealot extremist collectivising an entire religion to satisfy your diversionary tactics away from the main focus of this article - sound money.  Carry on shit head.

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Sorry Francis you're fucked...the doc just hit 70-30

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Why would they do that? Turks are nice, civilized and rather secular people. And hard working, too. BMWs have never been better!
Plus, no German could live without weekly dose of kebab anymore.
So, get out of that cave more often. World is not such a bad place.
Sans banksters, of course.

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Also keep in mind that there are 500.000 Alevi in Germany. That is very important. They are almost like Westerners. You can marry an Alevi girl without converting to Islam. Alevis are very different compared to the rest of the Muslim community. So different that most Muslims regard them as infidels.

They are the second largest group of Muslims in Germany.

The most dangerous group of Muslims in Germany is a tiny minority. The Salafi. There about 5.000 of them in Germany. But they are the talk of the town. They appear in talk shows, have a strong internet presence. You know - I have nothing against muslims or other religious communities. But the Salafi will never fit into our society and we should kick them out as soon as possible.

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Does this mean none of the other CBs plan to attend the Fed's secret centennial birthday party ?

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Do our Asian slave nations, such as China and Japan, have their barbarous relic stored in the Land of Brave?

FEDbuster's picture

No, but I bet they would like Obama to crack open the gold window for awhile.  I am sure they are getting tired of buying US gold in one oz. coins.

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bbbbbbbbbbbbbbut i thought thieves always trusted other thieves - code of honor or sumting!

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Let's put it this way:  I have (or HAD) a BOATLOAD of silver.  Now, I don't know what to do with it, where to keep it, so I ask my relatives:  "Hey, brother-in-law, would you do me a favor and hold some of these bars and coins for me?  I know I can trust you, you won't spend it.  I just don't want it around me all the time, the temptation's too much, the risk of theft is too great."


Spread it around to several in-laws.  Question:  Will it all be returned upon request?  A:________________________________________

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I find it hard to believe that they ever trusted each other.  This says something much worse, I believe.  Of course, had I been born when France sent ships to collect their gold, I would have said the same thing... and would have been wrong. 

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We had troops armed to the teeth in Deutscheland.
Now they're a buncha logistical support operations for other battlefields in the Long War.

cranky-old-geezer's picture



I find it hard to believe that they ever trusted each other. 

I don't believe they ever did.  Keeping gold in the US was a bribe for borrowing dollars and military protection.  A "gentlemen's agreement" you might say, that isn't from trust, just an even exchange of "favors". 

It appears Germany no longer feels they're getting an even exchange.  They see dollars losing value from Fed's uncontrolled printing last 4 yrs with no indication it's going to stop.   They know Fed is in a race to the bottom to debase the US dollar faster than other currencies, making German products more expensive here.  All they have left now is military protection which will end when Germany transfers their loyalty to the growing Asian alliance, which they know is the smart thing to do, seeing how that alliance is gonna put the smackdown on our corrupt govt.  I suspect they know how far along that process is, way better than we do.

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Wha?? Are you suggesting that Germany-the EU would transfer loyalty? Damn, that would be a bitch (for me).

cranky-old-geezer's picture



I suspect another reason Germany wants their gold back is they anticipate being part of a new pan-Asian gold backed currency.  Not a basket of currencies, a single currency backed by China's gold, Russia's gold, India's gold, Germany's gold, Switzerland's gold, etc

...along with their combined nuclear arsenals, let's not forget that part.

Look at the big picture.  Everybody in Asia is buying up all the gold they can, and Germany wants theirs back all of a sudden.

Why?  Simple.  A pan-Asian gold backed currency is coming. 

It'll destroy the Euro and US dollar instantly.

Germany will rocket to top dog in Europe, backed up by the combined nuclear arsenals of Russia, China, India, maybe Pakistan too.  They'll rebuild their conventional military in a flash and be given all the nukes they want.  They'll rule Europe overnight then set their sights on middle east oil, flooding into that area, kicking America out.  Israhell will be "disarmed", relieved of all their nukes, told to shut the fuck up and behave or be nuked off the planet. 

Never One Roach's picture

The Roaches are now getting anxious.


Do they, or don't they (have any gold)? Only their hair dressers know for sure!

fonzannoon's picture

I wonder if he will add another .oooooo1% to his .00000003% PM allocation.

Temporalist's picture

War!'s just another type of tradition. 

Freddie's picture

The Germans do not trust Oba-Mao Tse Mugabe or The Ben Bernank.

Hope & Change

Peter Pan's picture

Is the gold being sent to Germany from the FED or is it the stuff they picked up in Lybia and other places? Or is it just an announcement?

It appears that de Gaulle wasn't so crazy after all when he used to cash in all his US dollars for gold and just befoe the closure of the gold window he even sent a French frigate to pick one load up.

wandstrasse's picture

de Gaulle and Nixon 15 August 1971... that was my first thought, too... but... 

does our Buba REALLY believe there is any physical gold in ANY central bank = tooth fairy??????????

or do they know that real patriation would be the end of the world as we know it????

I really have absolutely no clue what Buba wants...

buzzsaw99's picture

the fed and jpm are one and the same. only a fool would trust jpm.

francis_sawyer's picture

Finally, someone said it


Jerry Maguire

jeff314's picture

who will be left holding the bag...

Dr. Richard Head's picture

My guess would be the American pubic......I mean public.  Pubic since we are getting fucked. 

willwork4food's picture

Maybe if I give them all my guns, and rat on others in my neighborhood that have guns  I can make enough reward money to pay for rent, food and a trip to Cancun someday.

Sean7k's picture

I would imagine SLV, GLD and all the others. CB's get the allocated stuff and what's left will be subject to lawsuits over lease arrangements and posession lawsuits. Good luck ETF's.

MyBrothersKeeper's picture

And once they figure out where the rest of the real stuff is, the CB will seize it

ebworthen's picture

"Trust me" said the spider to the fly.

The Central Bank wars will be fun to watch.

Hilarious that Germany is asking for their tangible gold assets Buffet calls "a barbarous relic".

Dr. Richard Head's picture

if anyone is a true barbarous relic it would be Buffet.  A corporate welfare monger who's existence is relative to the theft by the state.

Zap Powerz's picture

Buffet is an open faced roast beef sandwich.....if ya know what I mean.

new game's picture

we shall see who has what when the tide goes out.

gotta a hunch, there aint gonna be enuf to go around.

seems like a signal to add as much as one afford...


mercenaryomics's picture




Buffet calls "a barbarous relic"

He clearly doesn't understand Germany's love of tradition. 

Mad Mohel's picture

"No honor among thieves" ?

I'm willing to bet there is more gold in my uncle Chester's mouth then there is in that goddamn vault.

chubbar's picture

Look, it's just my opinion and I have no proof, but this idea that Central Banks are just figuring out that Gold is money and/or everyone is printing the shit out of their currency is just nonsense. This is a well orchestrated ballet that will show an ever-distressed banking system appear to withdraw into their separate corners until the collapse. What is really going on, IMO, is that they have the gold, they always knew this system would crash. The families behind the banks have accumulated massive amounts of gold. When this goes tits up and the world clamors for a hard currency,  or at least one somewhat backed by gold, the families will have historic and massive wealth. There will be no going back to a pure fiat world currency and the ones with the bulk of the gold will be unbelieveably wealthy forever. Everyone, which is most of the rest of the world, will forever be trapped in servitude, period. It is a fantastic con job and one that will go down in the history books.

dick cheneys ghost's picture



I likes the way you thinks

francis_sawyer's picture

It would be HIGHLY IMPROBABLE that any of those 'families' would be Jewish [now would it]?...


I say that because they are only less than 1% of the worlds population, it would be STATISTICALLY & MATHEMATICALLY impossible to even CONSIDER such a thing...

How many 'FAMILIES' are we talking about here?... [I only inquire for means of ENTERTAINMENT value ~ I mean, your ratio of UP ARROWS to DOWN ARROWS is 44-0 as we speak... This 'well orchestrated ballet' of which you speak must mean you MUST be on to something]...


2 'JUNKS' to francis_sawyer say you're FOS... Unless ~ oh wait!

ForWhomTheTollBuilds's picture

Not only do I agree, I positively hope you are right since its the least worst of the alternatives.


Imagine if these guys genuinely have no idea how a hard, redeemable money system operates.  They would genuinely have no idea what to do when it all starts to come apart and we would be powerless to do anything while they screamed their magic fiat formulas louder and louder and wondered why it isn't working anymore.


As much as the restructuring is going to suck for all of us, gold gives us a chance at stability on the other side.  Otherwise its gonna be chaos for a very long time. 

LawsofPhysics's picture

Can't wait to accept only gold for my soybeans.  BRING IT!!!


NidStyles's picture

How about if I'm hungry enough and I just shoot you instead?


That's more likely to happen.

willwork4food's picture

Yup. Those that say "BRING IT!" don't understand how utterly horrific it could get.

You got guns defending your soybeans? Better have A LOT of ammo...the first wave of dead bodies will only give reason for the second,third, fourth wave that knows you have something to defend.

SmallerGovNow2's picture

But the amount of cash or paper equivalent dollars dwarfs gold at current prices.  US gold is worth much less than a trillion right now.  There are hundreds of trillions in derivatives, bonds, cash.  If that paper collapses they lose their asses, even with gold going to $5,000 and ounce...