Exposing Europe's "Syphilitic Structural Core" With MEP Daniel Hannan

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In an impassioned 80 seconds, MEP Daniel Hannan exposes the structurally rotten "syphilitic core" of a European Union whose existential crisis has now seemingly been pronounced 'over' by those wondrous self-denying members of the European elite. "There is an extraordinary denial going on," the eloquent Englishman expounds as he notes that they still "haven't addressed the fundamental problem," of 'applying a single monetary policy to countries with widely divergent conditions and means' leaving unemployment rising and growth stagnating. He notes that the crisis in one respect is over, the moment of decision of taking one of two paths, is indeed over - and "the squaller, the wretchedness, the unemployment and poverty have now become structural."

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Apparently, the medicine resistant Gono has landed in continental North America, a warning to all twirling boulevardiers...

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Oh my God, Gideon Gono has landed in North American?!

Quick, somebody guard all the printers!

Bullish Bear's picture

Mission Accomplished

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Look everyone.  Watch the politician talk and do nothing.



q99x2's picture

Dude can't get an audience.

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It always amazes me this guy isn't PM.

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Probably because if he were to stand for that job, he would first have to be elected as leader of the Conservative Party. If he got thru that, a whole army of Establishment talking heads (mostly progressive Lefties and champagne socialists with vested interests), 90% of MSM and the socialist Labour Party would put their superficial differences to one side and close ranks to destroy him. Every one of these groups has a vested interest in continuing with the façade.

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How well he speaks. It would be so nice if one, any one of our politicians could speak eloquently in full sentences without lying. Oh well. It is what it is.

pies_lancuchowy's picture

Good one from Hannan. Soon his penance for moronic endorsement of OBAMA in 2008 will be over.

Flatchestynerdette's picture

um, what happened to Nigel?

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All going according to the EU plan of making everybody equally poor, except for those folks on the hill. Socialism only works if everybody is 'equal'. Takes a bit of oppression and abolition of democracy of course.

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Indeed. As was once said:

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."

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Yep, Dan Hannan is one the very few British politicians (along with Nigel Farage) who not only understands proper economics but has the guts to tell it like it is.

It's interesting to note that whenever Hannan or Farage stand up in Brussels to make a speech, the chief unelected political slimeball "Barroso" feigns disinterest and sits there shuffling his papers as though he has more important matters to attend to than the future well-being of Europe, and no doubt checking his own next speech to tell the world that Europe's financial crises is over.

pies_lancuchowy's picture

also interesting to know that as eloquent as he is now, as recently as in 2008 Hannan didn't yet understanding proper economics , while officialy endorsing OBAMA !

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Indeed. But he's not a natural Obama supporter and I guess, like so many others - he did so believing Obama was the best of a bad bunch. A lot of people were fooled by Obama's empty "yes we can" rhetoric, including myself albeit for a different reason. As an Austrian economics advocate Hannan's obviously appalled at what's going on.

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Please. squalor

Get an editor already.