Guest Post: Inflation Rocks The UK As Beer Gets Watered Down

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Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg

Inflation Rocks The UK As Beer Gets Watered Down

These types of stories are popping up with increased frequency throughout the western world.  Products are simply declining in quality, and in many cases these declines are being accompanied by price increases.  Remember my article from a week ago Inflation Hits Coffee as Brewers Secretly Swap Robusta for Arabica.  This is more or less the same story, except this time in the UK and centered around beer.  From CNBC:

Britain’s favorite pint of bitter is being watered down as austerity continues to bite and taxes rise.

John Smith’s Extra Smooth, billed as “no nonsense beer”, is being reduced from 3.8 percent alcohol to 3.6 percent in response to rising costs and reduced beer consumption.

Heineken, which is also raising the cost of the famous bitter by about 2.5 pence a pint, said it was bringing John Smith’s “in line with competitor smooth ales that already sit at or below this alcoholic strength”, including its biggest rival, Carlsberg’s Tetley Smoothflow.

Now here is my favorite line:


“Extensive research conducted with retailers and consumers consistently confirmed that a 0.2 percent reduction in [alcohol content] does not compromise on the taste and quality,” a Heineken U.K. spokesman said.

Um yeah, but it does compromise on the alcohol…the main reason most people drink beer in the first place.

Heineken blamed the rising cost of energy and ingredients such as barley – as well as higher beer duty – for the increase.

There you go.  Finally the truth comes out; the culprit is inflation.  Taste that beer?  That’s the taste of you getting poorer.

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U4 eee aaa's picture

The water isn't. It's coming in smaller packages

LMAO's picture

Oldwood,I concur.

U4, the quality of said water though is getting increasingly worse; so hey still paying more for less in one way....

kito's picture

Stop drinking crappy multinational beers and switch to higher alcohol content/better tasting local microbrews.......well worth it......

Overfed's picture

Sheaf stout was on special today at the local store. :-D

Missiondweller's picture

Easy to say if you live in Oregon (my former home).

A Nanny Moose's picture

Microbreweries are popping up all over the place. It's a good time to be alive, if you are a beer lover.

percolator's picture

Yeah totally agree, Sierra NV Torpedo is my fav or even better start brewing beer yourself.

A Nanny Moose's picture

I only drink local stuff. Whenever I travel for work, I make it a point to find the local microbrews, and give them a try.

Last time I flew Horizon Air they had free micro-brews. They lost money on my seat.

taniquetil's picture

Belgian Trappist and Abbey Ales all the way, although you'll pay a few bucks more for them.

TruthInSunshine's picture
Westvleteren 12


I do not buy into "hype" of any kind. In this case, I can honestly say it's in my top 3 (maybe 2) ales of all time. It was just recently sold in the U.S. as of December 12th, lines formed, and it fetched $85 per 6 pack.- Westvleteren 12 On Sale in U.S. for First Time Ever for 12-12-12

I wouldn't pay that for it, because there are nearly as good trappist ales for about $12 to $14 for a 750ml bottle (Chimay Grande Réserve, etc.).

Contrary to popular opinion, small U.S. Breweries (kraftwerk) are making some kick ass ales, stouts, pilsners. Two such breweries are New Holland Brewing Company & also Bell's Brewery.

If you can get your hands on some New Holland Dragon's Milk, DO NOT HESITATE. It's as good if not better than some of the best that Europe offers.

duo's picture

3Floyds if you're in the Chicago area.

Doomer's picture

I find that good microbrew lagers are like hen's teeth - hard to find.  A lot of breweries don't even try because a good lager is harder to brew than an ale, and when they do, it is pretty hit or miss, with more misses IMHO.

That being said, Prima Pils from Victory is outstanding if you really like hops.

Also, I must say that just because a beer doesn't bowl you over with flavor doesn't mean its a bad beer; sometimes I want subtle, but still pure flavor.  Flame at will, all you ale chuggers, but Hofbrau Original or Spaten Premium fits the bill for me on a summer day, especially with food.  If anyone has any suggestions for good German helles-style or Czech-style pilsners made state-side, I am open to suggestions.


legorf's picture

Good job with the picture, I suddenly felt enticed to click on the link.

FinalCollapse's picture

As long as these boobs don't get downsized...

JackT's picture

99 Bottle Of Beer On The Wall..99 Bottles...

francis_sawyer's picture

You're not 'getting poorer' if you brew your own & grow your own barley & hops...


If you're a JEW ~ junk me for not buying my beer at your pops liquor store... Sorry to NOT LET YOU steal money out of my pocket... Write your local lobbyist to inform them there are TEAR OUR WRISTS still lurking...'s picture

That crap is getting really old. And who are these braindead idiots who upvote you when you blame everything under the sun on Jews? Might be time to stop hanging around here.

SilverRhino's picture

Truth often offends.

GTFO then of you dont like the posts.'s picture

Maybe I will. Hey, Tylers. why are you letting these idiots vandalize your property?

A Nanny Moose's picture

It would be unfortunate to lose your voice of reason.

ForTheWorld's picture

Your resposne to CrocketAlmanac is the same as his to francis_sawyer, so perhaps you should heed your own advice if you don't like what CrocketAlmanac posts?

francis_sawyer's picture

You're right... 'It's getting old'...


Wanna know what's getting OLDER?... Do you REALLY wanna go there?...

Blow me... [together with all the 'braindead idiots' who you wish to be relegated to be SENTENCED TO DEATH in the ZH gas chamber]... Look ~ my BROTHER is a salesman for a liquor distribution company... Half his clients are Koreans & half are Jews... There are at least 2 dozen other 'SALESMAN' in this organization (who do the same job as my brother) ~ half of their clients are Koreans & half are Jews...

Got any BETTER numbers for me Einstein?...'s picture

Tylers, this guy should be show the door.

francis_sawyer's picture

Yeah bitch ~ It would be MUCH more in Tylers interest to tell LIES & HALF TRUTHS than to publish anecdotal stories about what goes on in the REAL WORLD... Dickwads like you should be more worried about whether or not they bring back the MATH QUESTION...

francis_sawyer's picture

Frankly ~ this is a YAWNER of a thread... [evidenced by the sheer fact that MARK HAINES got a junk ~ probably from Crockett]...


Best thread of the evening was this one:

francis_sawyer ~ naturally got 4 JUNKS from the pussies he BITCH SLAPPED in that thread... Crockett!?!... Stand up & be counted... YOU'RE WELCOME SIR ~ YOU MAY HAVE ANOTHER...'s picture

I'll post again when your username yields an ACCESS DENIED. Goodbye francis.

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Crockett ~ I'm going to give you an unsolicited piece of advice... [Sorry for that ~ it's not usually my style to do so]...


Nature is CYCLICAL... As such... & as Ecclesiastes might say... Everything has it's TIME under the sun... You?... Francis_Sawyer?... We are but mere mortals... Neither of us has a SAY in what is to become... However ~ That should not DETER either one of us, as individuals, from MAKING BETS as to what may or may not occur...

So go ahead & place your bets... I'll 'respect them' as I place mine & plan to collect my winnings [which may or may not materialize]... Let GOD collect the 'vig'... Oh yeah ~ I forgot... You're an ATHEIST... You don't believe in God... Therefore YOU must be right... There is no vig to be collected... Sorry ~ my bad... TYLERS ~ cancel my accout IMMEDIATELY!


Lastly ~ Crockett??? Are you fucking STONED or something... More than half [WAY more than half] of the threads that get reported each day here are a bunch of LIES told to you by:

- The Teleprompter in Chief

- Some 'lying ass' central banker

- some media stooge [like Steve LIESman]

- some banking ANALyst


Thank Dog you have your priorities straight in calling francis_sawyer out for TRUTH & reconciliation...


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Francis, i'm not sure a beer article qualifies for j00 hating, maybe save your ammo for something better so you don't cheapen your argument.

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It disgusts me to see ZHers call for the exclusion of fellows.

Reminds me of the trash that wanted trav out.... Fucking Mosley and pals.

Fuck you crock of shit

Don't post, you're no loss

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I have this thing about always wanting to up arrow any post mentioning AC DC. Let there be rock!

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Dude, I've been reading this blog daily for 2.5 years. What the f. Quality control, someone? Its not that I take the bait in terms of the childishly retarded content you somehow seem to prolifically spew lately... guess I'm just selfish. I just want to read the stories and peruse the comments without retard trolls ruining the experience. Its that simple.

I picture a Midwestern quasi foreclosed split level ranch strewn with anarchist cookbooks and simple racist literature and probably a plastic name tag from your workplace. And you. Meth'd out in a darkened room silhouetted against a CRT monitor.

Do us all a favor, sign off, and STFU for awhile. Jesus... am I the only one sick of listening to this idiot?

akak's picture

No, you are definitely not the only one sick of his shit, and that of similar trolls.


Tinky's picture

While I do agree that readers are free to ignore posts, this:

"my BROTHER is a salesman for a liquor distribution company... Half his clients are Koreans & half are Jews... There are at least 2 dozen other 'SALESMAN' in this organization (who do the same job as my brother) ~ half of their clients are Koreans & half are Jews..."

tells you all you need to know about the foundation of francis_sawyer's bigotry. Only a moron (and/or someone deeply troubled) would assert the above, as if it is somehow meaningful, then follow up with this idiotic challenge:

"Got any BETTER numbers for me Einstein?..."


Random's picture

I'm no fan of the jews myself (the twisted ones at least, easily the majority of the lot) but imho is not making any sense bringing them in regards to everything, like blaming the jews for beer watered down (although you could argue that due to QE+ infinity this a direct consequence). You can call it "blame-the-jew inflation" if you like. Also, if you really go down the rabbit hole, jews (the nasty and very powerful ones) are merely lackeys and scapegoats to the papacy, acting as a PR shield.

percolator's picture

Ignore Francis Sawyer he's an idiot. 

This summer I made the mistake of engaging him when he thought the mid-Atlantic states excellent crop of soybeans would be enough to offset the drought reduced crop in the Midwest.  When I pointed out the fact that Iowa alone grows more than 4 times the amount of soybeans than the entire mid-Atlantic states combined he went on a nonsensical spiel.

What's funny is Francis was probably looking at tobacco and thought it was soybeans. 

Check it out here francis proves he nothing but a troll.

SilverFish's picture

Ok, name one really good Jew beer.




Case closed.


*bangs gavel*

CrimsonAvenger's picture

Do what you want with the beer. But if you touch my whiskey you're getting a swift kick in the nuts.

Richard Head's picture

Jack Daniels watered its whiskey down from 90 to 86 proof in 2004.  So much for their vaunted tradition.  How many people were aware of this?

Falconsixone's picture

Watered down jobs here. Like walfart saying they're going to hire 100k mercury dead military  people for min. wage at 20/30 hrs a week so they get no med. cover for what the gov did to them. One of the main veins that made u.s. companys move to compete with slave  owner corps. They are miltary, couldn't they just take walfarts headquarters like they do in other countrys?

Rusty Shorts's picture

What a minute, the very first law, (punishable by hanging.. till death), on the books was:

1) Do not water down the Beer


...the second law on the books was:

2) Do not water down the Beer


The Code of Hammurabi ...I think, I'll have to dig out my notes...

Schmuck Raker's picture

Haben usend Google search on dis imagine Eich bin haben Google sux.

[via Google translation software]

gimli's picture

I'm so unhoppy...........

FiatFapper's picture

The fuckers just found horse & pig DNA in burgers in Ireland.

Austerity - the palpable taste of margin compression.

Harbanger's picture

Big deal, pig sausages are delicious.