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We realize the subject matter is about as tangential to the core themes discussed here as possible, but since hypocrisy of this magnitude has to be seen to be believed, and traditionally was only possible when emanating from the Federal Reserve (did we say tangential?) we present: Liestrong... in his own words.

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I'd blame it on my nut cancer - Bernake that is!

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Finally, the last thing I’ll say to the people who don’t believe in the global recovery, the cynics and the skeptics: I'm sorry for you. I’m sorry that you can’t dream big. I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles. But America is one hell of a country. This is a great economy and you should stand around and believe it. You should believe in our corporations, and you should believe in our government. I'll be a fan of America for as long as I live. And there are no secrets — this is a hard recovery and hard work wins it. So long live the American dream!

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The amerikan dream where million dollar bonehead has to be asleep to believe it.

Dream on

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Did MDB take my advice?  Surely he did not.

Line shift on Seattle did help



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Why is that anyone is caring for Lance Armstrong. Fast bike dude is doper - so what is that!? Boris is sometimes drink heavy vodka before bicycle trip and is nobody is caring about Boris!...

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Yeah. Letting Lance back into professional sports is about the same as letting Corzine run a hedge fund. He...wait a minute...

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More distractions from Liemerica as the global coup d'état progresses in the shadows.

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Armstrong is a personal hero of mine.  Sucks he cheated to accomplish what he did.  Say it ain't so, Lance.

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Anyone believing that this country hasn't been taken over is delusional. Find the book "Behold a pale horse" by Milton William Cooper.

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Here's to more "hope and change!" Liestrong too! Because if you tell a big enough lie...

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As george Carlin said, they call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.

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...and Armstrong dreamed it. 


defraud a sleepy world for greater glory, riches, bitchez and fame.


of course no nuts is some poetic justice,


Bernak beware.





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Liestrong and Hard is worth $125 million.

He wins...make your confession and move on.  They never ask for the money back....just like with banksters, and lawyers, and doctors who make millions on medicare/medicaid fraud.

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Bartender... I'll take two of whatever MDB is drinking...  Step aside coffee, this is a job for alcohol.

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MDB, you missed the banks.  C'mon, you're better than that.

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Not too good MDB,  I only give you a 3 out of a possible 10 on that one.  BTW,  who is the impostor that occasionally posts under your pseudonym and password?  Actually, I'm not entirely sure if you really posted this reply

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There is MillionDollarBogus_ and MillionDollarBoner_ that are imitators, I think. The real MDB posts are all by the same person, I'm fairly certain.

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I saw those others appear after mine appeared.

I don't frankly dedicate enough of my time to MDB mockery to live up to the moniker, however, and probably should have stuck to 'goldpricemodel' which I use otherwise.

For obvious reasons,

goldpricemodel 2013 projection

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Amen and Hallelujah, Brother! Testify!

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(Ahem - clears throat) I believe I can flyyyyyyyyyy, I believe I can touch the skyyyyy.....

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So you believe in corporation's rights and you believe in governmment's rights, but you don't mention human's rights except as a dream. I like when you work hard; it keeps you out of the way while I work easy.

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He is still worth about $100 million though.

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He sued multiple parties for millions claiming "defamation".  I don't know the outcome of all of the suits, but he did win 1.5 million against a Brit newspaper.  Lots of people are going to be looking to get a lot of money back from endorsement deals, individuals, race organizers, etc.  I would like to know what's in it for him to admit this now.

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But he admitted it on Oprah, so that makes it all ok.  See?

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Apparently they're trying to backtrack and say that initial rumors were untrue, rather he admitted "something" that may or may not have anything to do with an express admition of doping...  or give a specific timeline as to when it happened...  who knows...  we'll just have to wait...  stopping our worlds in the meantime.

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Did he get paid to admit it on Oprah?

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Just wait for the book tour, he'll make more off of admitting it than he ever did riding that silly bicycle until one of his nuts fell off.


The part that confuses me is that there usually is a car crash involved in this situations that leads to the admission.  Tiger, Bobby Petrino, etc.

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I would like to know what's in it for him to admit this now.

Deathbed confession?

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The Bernanke certainly has a backpfeifengesicht


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Fuck you bald headed prick.  Keep your masters warm.

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Wait, you mean Timmy isn't the world's most famous one balled man?

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You're thinking of that other drug using bike rider, the one with one ball.

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I never intended to violate the federal securities laws.

- John Corzine

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with these skills to lie with a straight face I say he should run for president in 2016...

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An athlete juiced?   He formed a foundation and provided it with millions?  Everyone benefitted except?

hypocrisy inaction.

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The quesion to ask yourself is:


Whose PAYROLL is he on right now, now that he's decided [timing wise] to come out with these REVELATIONS as a DISTRACTION from something ELSE that is inevitably going on?...

I'm sure the ALGO's have been programmed to figure it out...

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All, I repeat all pro athletes are on drugs.  The only way to compete on that level is to do drugs, because everyone else is.  The only way around doing the drugs would to be so genetically gifted at the sport that it's nearly unreal.  And who cares, they are athletes working with science to entertain.  I think they should be open about it so kids don't grow up thinking that stuff is natural.

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All, I repeat all bankers steal. The only way to compete on that level is to steal, because everyone else is. The only way around not stealing would to be so genetically gifted at the business that it's nearly unreal. And who does not care, they are unskilled thieves working with science to steal. I think they should be open about it so kids don't grow up thinking that stuff is natural.

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This I totally agree with and fully support!  And it would show true sportsmanship if after every theft the banker yelled out to the rube "You just Corzined bitch!"

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it would be impossible to compete in a drugged sport as a clean person.

the people who are in the peloton, and there are a handful, are out of the sport in no more than a couple of years.

All pro athletes use would be stupid not to.

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Drugs and doping are a minor enhancement to keep pace with the other elites who are also doing it. The training, effort and natural ability not to mention comming back from cancer should not be negated because of the minor seconds gained by the doping.


It was wrong to dope but this seems like an over the top reaction. Charities, kids, inspiration, medicine, bikes sales and jobs, so much more than just Lance's ego suffer. It's all shame. lots of bad decisions form everyone.

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Bong-strong so Phelps cleared that bong to save everyone else form testing positive......a true hero, how does smoking help a swimmer breath better?....   ! Oh wait, wait................................................ehr you take it...ahhhhh.

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I did not have sexual relations with that woman.