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We realize the subject matter is about as tangential to the core themes discussed here as possible, but since hypocrisy of this magnitude has to be seen to be believed, and traditionally was only possible when emanating from the Federal Reserve (did we say tangential?) we present: Liestrong... in his own words.

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and the Beeeitch he rode in with?

Nay, we should save that for Barry.

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So you chose to compete, to see where you stood with the competition, to try to prove that you were best...

... and you cheated...

... and then you lied about it for a decade...

You were correctly removed from the podium.  Now get off the stage, Armstrong, you fraud, you disgrace.

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I raced against this asshole for years...worst of all is he blackmailed and destroyed peoples lives, livelihoods, reputations to try and pretend and extend his own "myth".  Hope this guy gets what he deserves.

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Did you ever beat him?

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Naww, he was good from time he was a kid...just took the drugs to make him great. 

But his doping has been common knowledge among the community (sponsors included) for at least a decade now.  Nice to see the lies and bullshit eventually called.

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Flance is the quintessential modern athlete, all bullshit, soulless narcissist looking always to get his and doesn't bat an eye to destroy anyone in his way,

Sorry lost my train of thought, was I talking about banksters?

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you left out huge numbers of loyal fans, who can rationalise his actions for him.

of course, not as true for the banksters, though there are many who envy their "rewards"

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The last time that was tried, the perp ended up in the klink.  But you knew that, didn't you....

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You could have gotten even by flashing your ball bag at him.

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Yeah and if you race tomorrow you'll still be racing against someone doping.

Pro bicycle racing is awash in drugs and has been for 20 years. Everyone accepts this.

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There is no pro bicycle racing.

There is pro pharmacist racing.  The winner is the guy who blends the best drugs.

You know, that guy does the urine checks to be sure his patient is getting just the right amount.

That why they call it the yellow jersey.

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Bullshit.  False dilemma.  It just might be that personal effort and skill combine with performance enhancing drugs to yield performance... it isn't one or the other, it's a combination of all.

There are limitations to the effectiveness of performance enhancers...  and the people who tend to have your opinion haven't ever used them or known people who use them...

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Your silliness only has merit if every racer had the same pharmacist.

They didn't.  The pharmacist was the definitive parameter, not the racer.

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Well...  every racer also has different genetics as well as work ethic (duration/intensity) and work science (methodology)...  by desperately focusing on performance enhancing drugs, you're ignoring all the other aspects of an athlete's performance...  aside from teamwork [team orders on the tour, drafting, etc.]

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We had a saying in the racing world...Better Cycling through Chemistry.

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Can't really argue with that...what made Lance so different was his willingness to destroy other riders careers who dared say anything, support staff, etc.  Fucker was all in for #1 and cared not a shit who he destroyed to propagate the lies...hmmm, wonder if Lance is interested in Congress or the Fed, he'd fit in wonderfully.

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Sociopath. Put him in a suit drop him anywhere inside Wall and Pine Streets in Manhattan and he'd look and act just like he was born to the place.

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shame these folks are revered and emulated, that these behaviours/traits are held up as the standard to attain the "fame & fortune" on top of most life-lists.

self perpetuating death spiral.

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+1 He bullied MANY people.  Greg LeMond for one.

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I always thought the folks who wore those yellow rubber thingy's were douches.

Love to see how much money he made off of his foundation. That's the next leg to fall.

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Hardly tangential. We are living in an age and society of complete criminality and fraud. It permeates and destroys everything. What you see with steroids, PED's, any other form of cheating ( Bellichek/Pats ) in sports; it seeps downward throughout collegiate sports and even further dwown to high school; Cheerleader Moms killing rivals!! Our poiticians set the bar for criminality, blatant lies lies lies; the MSM parrots them; the utter fraud of the banking system, the hoho "watchdogs" SEC CFTC, on and on it goes.

Divorce rates, Sandusky, priests and little boys the cover-ups afterward. Fraud Fraud mor Fraud everywhere. Disgusting our society is way past the point where even an enema woulod help much.

Whew! Where did that come from?

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Seems you were reviewing base human nature gone wild in a savage land cut adrift from traditional ethical standards.

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"Disgusting our society is way past the point where even an enema woulod help much."


... but your stripper avatar helps a little.   ;)

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This reminds me of the Mooby boardroom scene from the movie Dogma.

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LOL. Thanks post turtle saver! I hadn't seen that clip, and it's classic George, curmudgeon that he was...

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And, Bernanke was the father of that lie.

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what a shame this guys rides a bike for a living ! he could have been a brilliant central banker, president, congressman ...

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He can write the book, do some more prime time contrition, claim to have learned from mistakes, find God, and rise to the level of Congressman easily.

That's a pretty standard script.

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If nothing else, Lance and the global Central Banking cabal have taught us that with the right "tools" anything can be accomplished... you can figure out if it's good or bad for society years afterwards.

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... and there is a very good chance you will completely get away with it!

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How long I wonder before the Cass Sunstein memorial 'cognitive infiltration' trolls try blaming Lance Armstrong's doping on the Joos or Joobux? Because we can't have a legitimate debate site about economics without a generous helping of posts by government paid trolls sent to make all dissent to the Banker Regime look like a Ku Klux Klan barbecue get-together...

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Only a minority are paid.

The genuinely insane do it for free.

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You're right, there are very few Jews in the Obama administration running stuff, so anyone suggesting that there seems to be an over-representation is simply here to discredit...

eh you know what, francis_sawyer might be.  Might be.

Meanwhile, Cass Sunstein is a Mossad agent.   Didn't you know?

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So have everyone in the sport sign a statement they don't and have never doped and accept a lifetime ban if caught and will repatriate any winnings back to the judging bodies, not that I trust the judging bodies but it's a beginning.

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It used to be that way (without anything even needing to be signed).

Think back to how Ben Johnson was crusified and his future running career pretty much destroyed for testing positive after beating Carl Lewis in the 100Mtrs.

Tin foil hat time but I wonder if the outrage would have been the same if it were Carl that won and then tested positive and instead of a Canadian.

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Not tangential at all. The US has become a nation of cheaters and liars. Look no further than DC, Wall Street, professional sports and college sports (including coaches breaking rules to recruit talent).
Talking to a friend the other day about cheating in college sports, he said everyone does it, so to be competitive one must also.
And that ladies and gentlemen says it all:
The nation has sold it's morality to the highest bidder or shrugs to what's happening and implicitly condones it.
Trust is deteriorating and the people will endure the social consequences, sadly.

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Who's Lance Armstrong?

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A liar and a cheat according to his own confession.

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A liar and a cheat according to his own confession.

EDIT:  Sorry for the duplicate but apparently it bore repeating.

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Bring me the head of Miguel Indurain.

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Let us not forget about the cycling business aspect of the equation much like what transpired with baseball. Look the other way as money rolls in, because winning is good for the game. Rumors of misconduct threaten the revenue stream. Find a scapegoat to take the fall to preserve the "integrity" of the game.

When sprinters start winning mountain stages or average players are leading league stats, fans question and sponsors hold back advertising. The behavior that was overlooked or even encouraged needs to stop and the business side needs to be absolved of its wrong doing. An investigation using an "unbiased" revenue partner is conducted. The conclusion labels the organization of having lax controls or oversight to absolving it of active participation. It is the act of contrition by the scapegoat that closes the book on the businesses active participation. The process of rebuilding the revenue stream can begin anew.

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You might have noticed that though many players with glittering records were eligible for Baseball's Hall of Fame this year NOT ONE was voted in. No Barry Balco Bonds, no Mark McGwire, no Sammy Steroidiaosa, no Roger Clemens. Until the doping stuff surfaced, I thought Clemens was a lock for unanimous first ballot, but he was snubbed by almost everyone.

So, there isn't just "a" scapegoat; there's a whole passel of them.

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Baseball management was giving a pass on early doping because home runs were good for the game. The purpose of the big investigation is to wash baseball management clean when doping started to interfere with profits. They threw a few players under the bus to show they are tough on crime. They wind up charging themselves with lax control mechanisms, it is the same with baseball and cycling. It is the same formula that was used to cover up Penn state complicity with Sandusky.

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For a guy with no nuts, he sure has a lot of nuts.

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For a guy with no nuts, he sure had a lot of balls


There fixed it for ya.

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Hey Tyler, maybe you should slap a TM after's so good that it defines us (I mean them).