Presenting The Working Poor Of America

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Much has been made of the slow but steady 'improvement' in the unemployment data we are treated to on a weekly and monthly basis from the hallowed eves of the BLS. Just as much has been written on the ugly under-belly of this apparent improvement with the work-force becoming dominated by older workers forced to stay in jobs for longer and an increasing downshift in the kind of jobs available and taken. To wit, Reuters cites a report from the The Working Poor Families Project that highlights the surprising levels of poverty so many Americans find themselves in. The number of low-income 'working' families has increased three straight years - and now stands at over 10.2million, with more than 46 million people living in low-income families. "Although many people are returning to work, they are often taking jobs with lower wages and less job security, compared with the middle-class jobs they held before the economic downturn," which means that nearly one in three working families in the United States is struggling to meet basic needs. Although they are often overlooked, the number of low-income working families has been increasing steadily, resulting in a shrinking middle class and challenging a fundamental assumption that in America, work pays - as we have pointed out before (at these levels, it simply doesn't thanks to the benefit availability).


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Yipee Kay Yay motherf*ckers!

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Haven't reach much US economic history I guess then or ignore the severe limitations that a state like AR or MS faces. 

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don't look at % black either, your head will explode from all the juice coming off your mental third rail.

Maybe overlay crime rates to poverty to minority population county-by-county...hell do it all over the world and see what jumps out.

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Well, this jumps up -- -- this former Midwestern being delighted to live in a South that will rise again because its pride of place will no more be vanquished than its gun ownership will.

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As a midwesterner in the south you have a huge advantage - you know how to work.

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Well, there's that. But I do think the South will lead the charge out the door.

If at first you don't secede . . .

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Actually crime rates have a DIRECT felationship to the percentage of population with Southern heritage.  The whole concept of 'disrespect', 'solving' conflicts with violence and an easily insulted concept of 'honor' all go back to Southern Plantation mores - emulated by both the poor white and black populations.  Those with nothing material to be proud of were even more likely to react violently to perceived insults to honor.  

In the North commerce took precedence.  You couldn't easily take offense to people you had to deal with on a regular basis.  Big difference from isolated plantations and small widely separated towns where thopse with money made more and the rest had few prospects.  While Southerners were preoccupied with 'honor' and 'disrespect', Northerners were busy with business and commerce.

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That, and the whole feudal attitude in the South is confused with business friendliness - as opposed to the North where businesses learned to treat workers as equals.

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when you guys get done jerking off each other, you can take a big look at the shit I took on your yankee exceptionalism...

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Interesting the closer you are to the border with Mexico ... 



The South is dumb. All the hillbilly jokes, the rednecks, etc, etc they didn’t come to be without a reason. Did you ever hear a stupid Russian joke or dumb-ass Chinese joke?


The closer you get to the equator natural selection is way more forgiving. If ya make a mistake near the equator it is usually not a big deal. For example: if ya build a hut in the tropics and the thunder gods makes big wave and knock down house – no big deal, build another. The same hut falling apart in Siberia for example would probably mean you’re dead – nature has a way of handling these things.



Note: Wife is Mexican so I know what I'm talking about.

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let's try an experiment.


Black people are dumb. All the nigger jokes, the porchmonkeys, etc, etc they didn’t come to be without a reason. Did you ever hear a stupid Russian joke or dumb-ass Chinese joke?


Note: Wife is Black so I know what I'm talking about.

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LOL. This is media at it's finest! I'm gonna miss freedom of speech in the FEMA camps. Note: My wife's Homeland Security so I know what I'm talking about.

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Let's hear more about your wife's job.

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Ask about my wife again and I'll come over there myself, you mothf#@!r!

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That one too... joke. Tinfoil hats back on now.

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jokes are dumb.


note: my wife is a comedian so I know what I'm talking about.

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Oh, blow me.

Note: my wife is a cocksucker, so I know what I'm talking about.

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JFC - Tongue-in-cheek bro. The wife reference should have made this clear.


Here is the world IQ map Link - just to throw some gas on the fire, which I love doing by the way.


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i didn't junk you.  just an experiment.  careful with that gasoline.

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I'm a southern transplant  -- When the sh*t hits the fan -I'll take 10 people you would call hillbilly rednecks on my side before I'd take 1 stereotypical NYorker, NJersey, etc.   While I don't really fit in around here I have a lot of respect for these God-fearing, good southern souls.

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What you meant to say is you would rather take 1 hillbilly redneck to watch your back than 10 Northeast liberal turds who can't find their ass with a map and a flashlight. Right?

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Yeah, that is what he meant to say and I agree, I would too - 100%

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You obviously have never had to face down the business end of petite housewife in a Land Rover.  Feeling lucky, punk?

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Plenty of rednecks up north too. (I'm one of em, and we red necks stick together, North, South, don't matter. We're all southerners now, Civil War II will show that. We're all southerners now

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There's no "if" or "when" here- I've got a quartermaster and lieutenants now, not "someday after the SHTF."

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ooo...I love the business ends of petite housewives roving the land.

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The military LOVES good old boys.    Give an order to charge straight up a hill into withering machine gun fire, southeners will go 'Yes SIR!' and go get slaughtered.  Damn Yankees will say.... 'Uh... Sir.... that's a dumbass idea... we're all gonna get shot that way.... maybe we should trty flanking them, or better yet, call in an air strike, or maybe simply wait here until they leave....'   (same thinking goes all the way back to Pickett's Charge)

I heard this from a First Sergeant at Buckner during 'Beast'.      My USMA class set a record resignation rate towards the end of Vietnam and I'll bet that most of those leaving were northeners thinking 'What the F is wrong with you people?' (at that point NOBODY 'believed' and those that stayed had lortter numbers that guaranteed them a trip to 'Nam no matter what)     The good old boys were all 'Airborne Ranger Let's go kill a Gook' without ever questioning what in the hell was going on........

There's much to value in Southern ethos - the 'warrior' Scots Irish thing and all, but too often you don't have a lot of serious THINKING going on - just 'reaction'.   Getting pissed and fighting those you consider 'enemies' isn't always the best solution - especially when you're vastly ouitnumbered. n The South DID lose teh Civil War btw - and it seems that the basic educational base there hasn't expanded much since then.  And I always thought Jesus taught compassion and love - God was not someone to be feared.  Funny how my 'born-again' relatives are the worst schemers and cheaters - they'll try and screw you out of a dime while in contrast I've always found that dollars freely given come back and multiply.

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You are a dickhead, cynical one. Do you, perhaps, work in banking? Political class maybe? Education? DMV?  Question...have you ever went to the tittie bar with the "guys from work" and been stuck with the bar tab? You have? They said it was a mistake, but I know why that happened.

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you are so "smart" that do NOT even know how to read the map. MT, ID, and OR up the North very next to Canada has exactly the SAME high poverty rate as most state in the south!


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Been to Houston lately ?

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Not on my side of town

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No, it's not.


And Houston isn't in the "South" anyway.



Actually most Native Houstonians would probably disagree with you and houston is fairing better along with Austin and Dallas that most of the other top 30 citties in the US 

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thank the Bernank's cheap money for $90 a barrel for Houston's "boom" while the other 49 states get fucked w/ $3.50 a gallon gas- if oil was $35 a barrel like it should be then Houston=Detroit

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Houston is not just oil. World's largest medical district is in Houston. Space. Finance. Largest bulk tonage port in US, it is the mega port for the Gulf coast far out reaching New Orleans in freight and railroad lines. It's not the oil that makes Houston rich, but the concentration of refineries like no where else in world that turns that oil into usuable stuff.

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I can't afford any of that stuff so they (like the gov.) must be feeding off each other (like the US used to).

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"Medicine, space, finance" are all pretty much fed directly by FEDGOV subsidy, yep.

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Austin has  become a nightmare with a shooting or stabbing every second night. When my son finishes shcool there he's mov'n on out to a safer town:

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Austin, aka People's Republic of Travis County. I am a Longhorn and know of what I speak. I am sitting pretty in East Texas now, thanks be to God.

akak's picture

Sadmamapatriot, I've always been curious, why do people in Texas talk about "North Texas" or "East Texas" or "West Texas", as if there were distinct and separate states with those names?  Shouldn't they be referring to "Eastern Texas" or "Northern Texas" or "Western Texas"? The way I learned it, you only use the words "north", "south", "east" or "west" with distinct political entities, such as states (West Virginia, North Dakota, South Carolina), never with ill-defined regions or subdivisions of a state.

When I lived in Michigan, NOBODY ever used the phrase "North Michigan" or "South Michigan" --- it was always "Northern Michigan", "Southern Michigan", etc., as it should be,.

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The South has a lot of blacks.

Look at the poverty rate, crime rate, education, unemployment rate (or any other metric measured by society) as a percent of the population by demographic.

I know, I know...white mans fault.

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I'm not black, but I am startin' to feel the whole "f*ck that honky sh*t, I ain't workin' fo no peenuts just so some cracker gets rich" vibe they all got goon' on

Insideher Trading's picture

I suspect facts and statistics befuddle and intimidate you as well to the point of ignoring them completely.

What was the point of declaring that you weren't black? Some attempt to prove that your reply wasn't seeded with bias? #fail

Insideher Trading's picture

You clicked "reply" to my post.

So yea, you were. Unless, the word "reply" confuses you as much as facts and statisitcs.

Or you're a troll, in which case, congratulations, I fed you.