Santelli Slams Keynesians: "The Answer Is Always More Money"

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Correlation, causation; cause-and-effect; Birinyi's Ruler; and Bernanke's Hammer. CNBC's Rick Santelli attempts to open some minds to the "nefarious" levels to which banks and politicians will go to infer from data and bolster our crowd-sourced confirmation biases. Santelli dismisses the meme that government dysfunction is the cause of our problems - instead stating that it is the effect. The main cause of this dysfunction is that we have problems we need to solve, politicians who know how to solve them, but that solving them is not only going to be painful for everyone - but most importantly for their respective bases - and therefore dysfunction ensues. From ratings downgrades not being caused by dysfunction (rather by an inability to deal with entitlements spending and debt) to the Federal Reserve losing the nation's trust acting not for liquidity needs but for insolvency; Santelli aims his magic marker finally at the Keynesians, for whom cause-and-effect is all, adding that their answer to everything is "always more money" to paper over short-term pain, as he rhetorically asks "in ten years when we look back, is the weight of all this debt going to take care of all of these impulsive upticks?" Must watch...

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Santelli,  the Alex Jones of Financial Media
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Yeah, but he OUR hambone!'s picture

I like Santelli. He manages his anger so that it empowers his rhetoric rather than derailing it. Good man.

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The Hambone connected to the ..legbone...the legbone connected to the..... footbone...and it all comes tumblin down....


i think thats how it went...

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Then he should be saying: "MO' MONEY, I'M RICK JAMES, BITCHEZ!"

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I don't have finance in my background, but it seems to me the problem in 2008 wasn't so much distrust between the banks - it was more the fact that the underlying assets weren't worth anywhere near what they were being carried at.  Funny how that hasn't changed in the past 4 years.

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Even more funny is these motherfucking TBTF banks never marked their shit to market.


That's the real crime.


Squid always wins.

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never marked their shit to market

Shit that is [now] on the Fed's balance sheet at facevalue, correct? 

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Yeah I never understood why people seem to think Santelli is on their side. He seems to be a hero to all the Ayn Rand reading armchair rebels who populate the internet, but I doubt he is on anyone's side but that of the Cock, err, I mean Koch Brothers. Yeah, keep supporting your social betters and worship at the feet of big money -- yup, that will serve you well. Oh and don't forget to blame the Jews too. I see that quite after around here.


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Ahhh, gotcha: Santelli is all part of the Plot, folks who don't like Jews are groupthink dupes, but the Koch brothers are truly Satan's minions on Earth. Thank God you and only you can see the One True Answer, and explain it all to us simple rubes.

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Guess I hit a nerve vato. Now you can go back to feverishly masturbating to Rand, dreaming of the Fourth Reich and cumming all over your glossy pics of the Koch Brothers.

Thanks for your profound comment!

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Golly. You'd think a guy with the One True Answer would be a little more serene and thick-skinned, wouldn't you. It's a curious phenomenon: all you OTA guys really *really* don't like having your "wisdom" questioned. Ever. See also: Obama, Barack

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LOL. You're a card vato. Love your paranoia. It amuses me to no end. Be careful, reps from OFA are outside your window right now.

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The *other* thing about One True Answer guys I've noticed is that they must, simply MUST, get the last word in. Let's see how long you can hold off, douchebag.

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There is a saying, vato, "when you assume you make an ass out of you and me." But you and your assumptions only make a total ass of yourself. But you are used to that, aren't you, huh sparky?

And I will answer sheep such as you for as long as it amuses me. Thanks again for giving me a laugh on this dreary day,'s picture

Stop hating Ayn Rand just because she was a Jew.

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Hey, in my defense, I didn't know it was a troll until its comment at 16:03. See, I thought it was merely just a pompous garden-variety smug statist asshole. Sure won't make *that* mistake again!!'s picture

It's fun to play with trolls. You made fine sport of that one.

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Hey nice sock puppet you created vato. Maybe you are only 99 percent a fool. Have fun playing with yourself you Nazi fuck. It is because of people like you that Zero Hedge is considered to be a den of idiotic scum.

but still thanks for the laugh at your expense.'s picture


Hey nice sock puppet you created vato


Do you think he has a time machine?



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1 year 31 weeks
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2 years 32 weeks
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Think you need to have sock puppet defined. It is when you create multiple accounts under different names -- and this can be done at any time, such as 2 years 32 weeks ago for one,and then 1 year 31 week ago when the other was created. But that said, I apologize because it is obvious you are not vato. I have read your comments and although I do not agree with you you do not appear to be a ball of paranoid anger like vato.'s picture

I know what a sock puppet is. But if your theory had been correct the timeline would suggest that I created vato, not the other way around. Do a little research next time you make a false accusation. No need to be doubly wrong on a single issue.

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Keep trying, maybe you will make a logical point. Does it matter which name came first? Either way a sock puppet is a sock puppet. But, eh, this is what I get for admiting I was wrong about the sock puppet thing and trying to be nice to an asshat who bows down to monied interests and kisses the ass of corporate shills like Santelli.

CrockettAmamac another armchair rebel in action! You get 'em big man!'s picture


CrockettAmamac another armchair rebel in action! You get 'em big man!


Whereas you post to ZH while riding on your mighty stallion.

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Alex Jones did a good job on Piers Morgan!!  Keep it going!!

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Unfortunately I think Santelli has been exposed to anyone with their eyes open. Bummer.'s picture

How so? For a guy who lives inside the TV he seems to get it to some degree.

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Unfortunately for me I watch a lot of CNBS Crockett. I am tired of watching Santelli start sentences with "I know Ben Bernak is a great American but I disagree with"....

Stop ot with the compliments.

I have also (lately) heard him too many times proclaim that treasuries are not in a bubble.

Treasuries are the largest, most dangerous bubble in my lifetime. He needs to call a spade a spade. They may not pop tomorrow. But I would not go near them, and he knows them better than anyone.'s picture

As you watch the show you'd know better than I, however I've found found that when I have a disagreement with someone and I'm sure I'm right, the fault in the other is more often a result of inconsistent thinking rather than bad intent.

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You make an excellent point, and part of me is inclined to agree. But I think when those CNBS employees show up everyday they are handed a script, and they know damn well not to go off script. They are bit players in this big giant play. At least that is how I see it. But I may be too far down the rabbit hole by now. I admit it.'s picture

I steer a wide course around the rabbit hole. Too much fuss about being late for a very important date. I don't even own a watch.

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If UE ever gets to 5.5 by 2018, I'll walk in downtown blackface.

Unless, of course, there's a war.  Then so many people will die off, that we may actually hit 5.5 UE.


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I will go one better... if the REAL UE gets to 5.5% or LOWER by 2018 I will walk down the worst streets in Detroit, South Central LA and Harlem in a black face, naked, and with Obama is a - insert word here - written on my chest, back, ass, and anything anywhere else you want...


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"Obama is a - insert word here"


How about two words?

Obama is a house negro (or house 'nigga' if you prefer)


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We sick boss...

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Have been told before I needed to give Malcom X a read sometime, but that quote above just sold me, thanks.

Reminds me of the Jay Gould's "I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half."  

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You don't have to be black to be a modern day "house nigger." We've got a whole lot of caucasian Gentile(and many other races and creeds, including many commoner* Jews as well) house niggers running around the world these days. House negroes figuratively living in the big house on those Red Shield bankster plantations...

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"We sick boss? We sick!"


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Of course the answer from those who profit from loaning money is to loan more money...especially if you can just turn on the printer and get more to loan.

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So the Fed and other Central Banks are teh cause of the Zombie apocolypse? Who knew ?!?! 

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I dig Greg Walker but the yellow/green/gray face gotta go.

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Soylent Green is bath salts, bitchez.

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Arm the drones.

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Mo' bridges, mo' problems.

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I hate having an iPad.... Sigh's picture

What might the algos make of that?

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Santelli will soon be eyed by eric and company if not already.

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Santelli is a heretic. One may always question the effects of the system, but never the system itself.