Widest Discrepancy Ever Between AAPL Reality And Analyst Hopium

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With price-targets now apparently nothing more than a 'talking-point', it is, perhaps, of little surprise that the gap between the average sell-side analyst's price target for AAPL and the current price is the widest it has ever been. And of course, the 'buys' versus 'sells' has not budged at all... for your reading pleasure, the 50 analysts' price targets for AAPL... and the two non-lemmings (Per Lindberg and Edward Zabitsky) that see potential downside for AAPL.

Average price target (orange) vs price (black)- and the difference (lower pane)... Evidently the number of 'buys' versus 'sells' has hardly budged...


with Topeka proudly clinging to their $1111 price target (talking point)...


Data: Bloomberg

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"Average down," said the brokerer.

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Usually happens.....right about now.


Buys the dip and hold....the green chutes are on the way.

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"If you liked it at $700, then you'll love it at $490!  But that's me, I'm an aggressive gambler."

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I put my short to start at $10.  


Takes too long to wait for people to smarten up.  Besides, it's a better short at 10 than 700. 



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"I'm in it for the long haul"  Let me check my Nortel

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"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one." —Charles Mackay.

Easy for me to see...Shorts are working up an appetite.  I think an apple will do.

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"Pump and Dump"...that's what I see about to happen. I saw this happen with Lucent back in the internet crazy days....brokers pumped Lucent up to about 75 then it cratered down to 12. The problem was there was massive oversupply of what Lucent produced.....

I mean, how many iThings do people need?



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...there was massive oversupply of what Lucent produced

Come on...you can never have enough flaming red assholes.

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I mean really, does anyone really think that APPL is worth more than about $30-$60 a share?  

Yeah, they created a product (Iphone) that has paradigm shifted our entire culture but eventually there would come along something that would improve upon the technology.  The Iphone wasn't a new type of computing - it was an improvement on many existing technologies.



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..a product (Iphone) that has paradigm shifted our entire culture but eventually there would come along something that would improve upon the technology.

"I can read the writing on the wall." 

EK, now also on sale at OTCQB:EKDKQ



ZNGA, the new FOTM, also with plenty of support at around $0.00

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nostalgia lane; I like the car and Kodak invented the  iconic GUI but never put it to profitable use! 

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that used to be Fotomat by me in NJ. there still is an empty one two towns over

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does anyone really think that APPL is worth more than about $30-$60 a share? 


i, even i, believe it is worth more than that. even after the selloff a market cap of almost half a freaking trillion 2013 clownbux is laughable but they have more than $60/share in cash.

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Well, they have a lot more cash than the US government has and will continue to innovate and keep a following .. That having been said, I still have a few Apr P390's I picked up in November that I believe have some life left.

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I think the company is worthless without the strong man Jobs micro managing the place, historically that's Apple.  He leaves, place goes to shit.  He comes back, goes on a CEO storm through sections and hands out ass beatings.  Then the company smartens up.


He isn't coming back this time.  Sometimes a man is the idea that drives something.  That company is dying proof of that fact.

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What!? You don't believe in Steve Jobs' Second Coming!?! Heretic!!!

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Look at their balance sheet, $150/share in cash and short term investments.  Plus even if they stop growing, they are earning $44/share/year.

So yes, they are worth more than $30-$60/share.  In fact, they are worth way more than the current stock price. 

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You can down arrow the guy all you like, but if you don't like the truth, you might be a liberal....

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It's hilarious how ignorant people are on here, $30/share?? Maybe $400 or even $350. 

Anyone suggesting a double digit share price is a complete tool. 

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I also agree that they are a fadish wonder, although their intellectual capital and patents are worth likely more than $60/share, of course I do not have any factual backing because that would take some cipherin' but tangible book is gotta be worth somethin'  (that is a hint for someone to actually do the math for me)

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I am (easily) amazed that with the drop in AAPL and it's (alleged) heavy index weight that the S&P is at or near - what - 5 year highs?!  

And YoY electronics sales down .8%?!




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they use BAC when they need to keep the indexes stable for AAPL exits / sarc

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Shouldn't that be the other way around? Congratulations to Market Watch for having the good sense of referencing Zero Hedge ,the best financial site on the web?

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Market Watch = good sense?


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480 is the bottoming out level of the months-long sell-off.  Substantially higher than the hyperbolist Gundlach.

Expect AAPL (or its vast market support network) to defend the stock this week--through rumors, manipulation, or an outright announcement. 

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I hope nobody wants to buy ammo at Walmart.




Nevermind the fact that there is any available to begin with.

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Or online Doc!!!


Completely out of 5.56, 7.62, 22 LR, and 38 special!!!!

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Next up, Walmart stops re-ordering fertilizer.

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Wal-Mart killed the downtown in my hometown, whereas nobody ever died there from a gunshot.  Wal-Mart has done more harm to this nation than all the guns and ammo ever could.

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but, but, but, they are as iconic of US expertise/general culture as Smith & Wesson, Remington n Colt...n Coke n BigMacdo. 

"Y pick on me I'm just the richest, smartest guy in town, I make those chinamen drop their profits into my till for a meager pittance. You've never had so many 1$ tee shirts in your malls. You've neva had it sooo good!"

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third from the bottom is still higher than it is trading at this very moment. BUY! BUY! BUY! LMAO!

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So......when does the short squeeze arrive?

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Only 2% short so very little squeezability

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My two H&S formations says $425 on it's way the down to $370 one year out.

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Benny sees your two H&S formations, and raises two trillion dollars over the next two years, for $1500 on AAPL and $75 on FB!

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LOL. Yes, the market could surge but 70% of the GDP is maxed-out in debt and will not afford the next iThingy...not at these prices anyways.

Idiosyncratic risk at its finest.

AAPL @$1500 only = iBamaFone


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There is an analyst in that list named Eugene E. Munster.  I wonder if that is Eddie's cousin?

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Where are all the fanbois that were trashing Reggie M's analysis on Apple?


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Isn't that the biggest sign of the shift?  6 months ago, this article would have had 3 times to comments and would have been posted all over the web on applonian sites with people bashing it left and right.  Today?  Damn near crickets!


My 70-yr old parents and in-laws, all have iphones/ipods/ipads.  And they can actually use them.  My 6-yr old can work all those devices, too.  I ask you...what can a device possibly be capable of if that kind of demographic can skillfully work it?  Hint: not much more than flinging cartoon birds at cartoon pigs on the death star or posting things on the Facebook or the twitter (that you will one day wish you have never done...).

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Edward Zabitsky FTW!

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But sadly I suspect it will be Brian White who gets the bonuses.

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widest discrepancy between the maxim : the Market is the Economy, and the current situation.

Today, the manipulated market is killing the real economy as it careens in accelerated mode fed on FED/ECB printing into financial mal investment.

And Apple is the Iconic company of this outsourced and gimmicky age; where innovation does not feed general good but only lines the criminal pockets of the happy few; until it hits the asymptote.

All things have an end. We may fight the inevitablity, use all our weapons of deceit and can kicking, pretend we own the weapon of mass destruction, it only makes it come more suddenly when we least expect it.

Ask LAnce about that; he is another icon of this sleight of hand age.

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Reggie is high-fiving somewhere right now.

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We can speculate from here to eternity as to how low it will go, but NOBODY knows.


What EVERYBODY should have know was that Appl made groundbreaking technological achievements and products which have reached maximum saturation in the summer of 2012. At that point the wise man says, "thank you my wonderful investment vehicle, but I now need a new ride."


The unwise man says, "I think I need a new ride, but my boys Joe Terranova and Jim Cramer are saying it will surge to new highs. I think I will listen to them since they are on cnbc and so they must know what they are talking about, because in no way what-so-ever would cnbc hire wall st. shills to help them do their bidding."


I just can't believe why so many hedge fund managers would have bought up so much of this stuff for so long, oh wait, Jim Cramer used to manage a hedge fund. Nevermind. I can believe it.

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I think that you will be eating a bit of crow on the 24th.

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What EVERYBODY should have know was that Appl made groundbreaking technological achievements and products

So what were these then? Cos a bit like Microsoft, Apple have really just followed the tech leaders, waited till the market matured a bit & then slapped their logo on to a similar device.


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Did anyone really think a gadget maker was going to hold the largest company market cap title for very long?  You're only as good as your next product in the short term but not even that good in the longer term.  You know the entire market is going to change and your gadgets will be rendered irrelevant, no matter how good they are.

Ask RIM, ask MS, ask HPQ.  Growing old is no fun, especially in the technology business.