Guest Post: In Case It Wasn't Obvious...

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Via Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog,

Sometimes the writing on the wall seems painfully obvious. But occasionally it's a good idea to step back and look at the big picture:

1) The Land of the Free is set to impose fresh restrictions on firearm ownership... to include a ban on assault weapons, increased background checks, psychological screenings, and criminalizing ammunition magazine clips with a capacity beyond ten rounds.

And if they can't pass these measures by law, the President is prepared to enforce them by royal decree, i.e. executive order.

It's amazing that people have become so fearful, they are now abdicating one of the most fundamental responsibilities of humanity-- protecting and safeguarding our families.

Instead, many Americans are choosing to outsource this responsibility to the same folks who bathe them in radiation at airports, spy on their phone calls and emails, wage senseless wars in foreign lands... and have a horrible track record of screwing up everything they try to do.

Great idea, seems like a hell of a trade-off.

2) The German central bank has announced that they will begin withdrawing their massive gold holdings from the United States.

In what is likely to be the first move among many other sovereign nations, it's clear that governments no longer trust each other, and that the goodwill of the United States is being viewed with increasing suspicion.

As gold holdings flee the United States, how long will it be before they 'close the window' and ban gold exports? Do you really want to find out first hand?

3) The United States government is just weeks away from defaulting on its mountain of debt. Having already technically breached the debt ceiling, their only temporary fix is to seize federal pensions and engage in fraudulent accounting tricks.

Obviously this forebodes a number of potential consequences-- seizure of private retirement accounts, capital controls, etc.  And yet, people in US will merely trust that their government is going to 'fix it', and do absolutely nothing to hedge their bets.

4) European politicians have declared an end to the euro crisis. Notwithstanding the wave of riots across the continent, or the record level of unemployment that was just reached this month, politicians are engaging in self-congratulatory back-slapping for their courageous handling of the crisis.

At this point, Europe has almost become a caricature... its politicians like monocled cartoon villains, twirling their moustaches in dark room.

Absolutely nothing has changed on a fundamental level. Most countries still have massively high debt burdens, pension obgliations, and deficits. And they're still living hand to mouth on the backs of German taxpayers and quantitative easing.

Pretending that the situation has magically resolved itself is either the height of incompetence or intellectual dishonesty.

Curiously, most people seem to know this. Yet they will do absolutely nothing.

They know, for example, that a US default is an entirely feasible option on the table. They understand that the consequences would be disastrous. And yet, most folks will do nothing and simply hope for the best.

The best response is to take steps which make sense in either scenario... no matter what happens.

You won't be worse off for taking control of your retirement account. You won't be worse off for holding some of your hard-earned savings in a strong, stable bank overseas, in a jurisdiction where your politicians can't seize it. You won't be worse off for having some precious metals stashed away overseas... or owning productive land abroad.

All of these steps make sense no matter what. And it's an important strategy to adopt.

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Shit happens...

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I'm still having a problem understanding people in this country.

If they watched that press conference and weren't disgusted by those ghoulish, lying vampires then they really need an intervention.

I feel like throwing up as soon as they open their mouths

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"You won't be worse off for holding some of your hard-earned savings in a strong, stable bank overseas, "

So those living in countries other then the US, should store their wealth in US Banks?

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Name one place US jurisdiction doesn't reach these days - it's as if we think we own the planet and act on that assumption.  Remember DVD Jon - their courts finally woke up and realized what he did wasn't illegal where he lived, but it was a close call.

Remember secret swiss bank accounts?  No longer secret.

If you can't hold it, you don't own it.  It's a farce to think somewhere else on this planet, most of it in even worse shape, is safer.  Wish on, I just heard hope is actually a viable invesetment strategy, and since it was in print, it must be true, right?

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banks can provide you what you want but it's going to cost you.

Identity is available for a price, everywhere.

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Property taxes force you to be a slave no matter where you live.

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Devil Patrick has proposed an increase in income tax and sales tax. Increase in gas tax to .51 cents and 2.4 cent per mile tax on mileage. WTF! Most of do not live in or around Boston. Nor do we give a shit about rail service to Hyannis. I hope Obomba has a place for him in DC. 

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Well, you'll certainly be pissed when Deval runs for President and wins.  All the morons that voted for the Vote-Buyer-in-Chief are most certainly going to vote for the Gubnah of Massive-Two-Shits.

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I'd tell ya, as I've done my own dilligence during the years I worked for a "Fortune 50" and collected many airmiles to far away places, but then we'd both have the Fed trolls going after that place too.  Screw 'em!  B4 they screw you.

But yes, young Paduan, there ARE places.  Big, mothertrucking :-)

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

I'll name one place US jurisdiction doesn't reach these days - Russia

Pool Shark's picture



North Korea?



[of course; I wouldn't want my money in any of those places...]


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Just got back from two weeks in Cuba (Awesome)  was there in Feb 2012 and the tourist peso (CUC) was par to Canadian Dollar.

Now for Canadian Dollar gets 96 CUC and get this.... the Big Dollar (USD) gets 86! 

Fidel says bend over Yankee's

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I'm pretty sure the Cook Islands still thumb their noses at the US authorities, but good luck trying to move there...

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I want to know which foreign jurisdiction besides Switzerland that will allow either citizens or non citizens to own military style firearms such as the AR or AK, or handguns. I've been to most third world shi'ite holes in the Middle East, Far East and Central America, and so far haven't found any that will do so without jumping through many .gov hoops, and it's usually the upper class wealthy that get the proper permissions. As bad as the USA gets, at least here I own the means to defend myself already, and can understand them when they say "Let's kill him".

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Jersey. You can pretty much own any weapon, there, but good luck relocate, unless you're (very) loaded - you need a permit (not likely) and even if you get it, housing (renting, owning) is, to put it mildly, expensive as shit.

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why wouldn't those overseas governments just do the same thing the US government will do? seize assets to pay for business as usual?

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I wonder, at what point did Romans begin to despise their citizenship?  Was it during inflation? Invasion? The Chirstian revolution?  But what was the tipping point???  I can only imagine what histoy books will tell in 25 years....because I'm beginning to despise my US passport and everything it represnts.

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Just now? Have you been asleep for the last decade?

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Dispise the govt not the passport and certainly not the country.  

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It doesn't represent ANYTHING! That's all just one giant, indoctrinated fiction existing wholly within your own mind.

Did it ever occur to you that there's nothing real about citizenship, other than you consenting to your own enslavement?

Meanwhile, you're likely blaming everyone but yourself for this trauma.

Consent of the governed, bitchez!

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A nation and citizenship meant something (blood links and a common culture) until the cultural Marxists/parasites who control most of the media, academia, big businesses, and politicians decided all white countries would be flop houses for the third world until they replaced the natives (the definition of genocide by the way). So, yes, a US passport has very little meaning today but it wasn't always so and who knows how things may shake out over the next decade or two as the current process of economic and cultural implosion plays out.

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That is exactly what a passport represents: the holder's obligations to the country of issue.

mumbo.jumbo's picture

in enlightened circles passports are called slave cards...

and while we are at it, up until WWI practically pretty much no passports were needed to travel around, and when needed it was "a means of helping his subjects prove who they were in foreign lands". (

verum quod lies's picture

"Bingo", said the troll with a passport.

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Thanks for remiding me.A couple of mine are due for renewal.

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Yes - but some slave owners are more civil than others

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"Did it ever occur to you that there's nothing real about citizenship, other than you consenting to your own enslavement?"

There is a basis for that in nature. Male hunter-gatherers were stuck in their tribes whether they wanted to be there or not. If a male left his tribe, he was likely to be killed by another tribe, or not be able to reproduce. Maybe that's why there is so much support for whatever hellhole one is stuck in - there wasn't a viable choice and that belief is still with us.

The outcome wasn't so bad for wandering females.


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Love "European leaders declare an end to the debt crisis."

With falling real GDP across the board? It looks like it is just beginning!

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You know, you could be a little more subtle with your constant fucking spamming.

If you've got something to say to us, at least make an effort to say it here.

Nobody respects a blog pimp.

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President resigns after riots leave 22 dead in Argentina


President Fernando De la Rua resigned and fled the government palace in a helicopter, driven from office by a devastating economic crisis and days of rioting that left 22 people dead and homes and supermarkets across Argentina ransacked.

De la Rua's sudden downfall yesterday came amid Argentina's worst unrest in a decade. Screeching tear gas canisters arced across the capital and police fired rubber bullets at thousands of anti-government protesters in the runup to his fall.

Rioters looted houses and stores in other cities, and more than 200 people were injured nationwide.

Read more:
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Bush administration?  From the article...

Before De la Rua's resignation, a senior White House official said President George W. Bush's administration would wait for the dust to settle before deciding what, if any, action to take to help Argentina recover.

The official said limited direct financial assistance has not been completely ruled out, although the Bush administration still wants Argentina to resolve its problems through the International Monetary Fund.

Earlier, U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill said the Bush administration, the IMF and the World Bank would continue working with Argentina to pull it back from the brink of economic collapse.

Read more:
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Is this today's news or old news?  Seems like old news, but then I'm not following Argentina right now...

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I believe the Lady president of Argentina now is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

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Flying around the world in a rented jet begging for money, if I remember correctly.

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"You won't be worse off for holding some of your hard-earned savings in a strong, stable bank overseas, "


Because the banks overseas are far more trustworthy than the banks over hear. I only have faith in one bank...and that's the bank of Engali.....I'm still looking for my bailout though.

Shizzmoney's picture

I only have faith in one bank as well: The Bank of Sealy Posturepedic

ihedgemyhedges's picture

Yep that's a great bank. And it serves 3 valuable purposes: safely holding your cash, comfortably getting your sleep and screwing your chick like a mad dog.....

AlaricBalth's picture

I use AnyBank.  ;-)

Their motto: We're AnyBank. We're richer than you think

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If you have a bed buddy it will hold your second best friend as well. 12 gauge tactical,...ready to hand.

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Yeah, where the fuck is MY helicopter full of money!

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"Yeah, where the fuck is MY helicopter full of money!"

Well, the helicopters were replaced with B-52's to provide liquidity to the TBTF banks. Unfortunately the TBTF need so much money, that there is no chance of your delivery.. Unless your TBTF!


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Not if you present a US passort to open them.

No problem with another.

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Ya know, he's right!


I'll quit my 12-dollar-an-hour part-time job and take my $52.68 in savings, sell my 10-year old Minivan (it IS a Honda...), and with that cash go start my new life in some south american padagonian paradise! I'm sure I can get acres and acres of productive land for pennies, and the local's will no doubt welcome a gringo like me w/ open arms and unilateral trust, because, ya know, American's are perceived as being soooo trustworthy.

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Lucky you. I moved to beautiful Jamaica... (Queens)