Guest Post: A Message To The 'Left' From A 'Right Wing Extremist'

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog,

A Message To The 'Left' From A 'Right Wing Extremist'

Some discoveries are exciting, joyful, and exhilarating, while others can be quite painful.  Stumbling upon the fact that you do not necessarily have a competent grasp of reality, that you have in fact been duped for most of your life, is not a pleasant experience.  While it may be a living nightmare to realize that part of one’s life was, perhaps, wasted on the false ideas of others, enlightenment often requires that the worldview that we were indoctrinated with be completely destroyed before we can finally resurrect a tangible identity and belief system.  To have rebirth, something must first die...

In 2004, I found myself at such a crossroads.  At that time I was a dedicated Democrat, and I thought I had it all figured out.  The Republican Party was to me a perfect sort of monster.  They had everything!  Corporate puppet masters.  Warmongering zealots.  Fake Christians.  Orwellian social policies.  The Bush years were a special kind of horror.  It was cinematic.  Shakespearean.  If I was to tell a story of absolute villainy, I would merely describe the mass insanity and bloodlust days of doom and dread wrought by the Neo-Con ilk in the early years of the new millennium.

But, of course, I was partly naïve...

The campaign rhetoric of John Kerry was eye opening.  I waited, day after day, month after month for my party’s candidate to take a hard stance on the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I waited for a battle cry against the Patriot Act and the unconstitutional intrusions of the Executive Branch into the lives of innocent citizens.  I waited for a clear vision, a spark of wisdom and common sense.  I waited for the whole of the election for that man to finally embrace the feelings of his supporters and say, with absolute resolve, that the broken nation we now lived in would be returned to its original foundations.  That civil liberty, freedom, and peace, would be our standard once again.  Unfortunately, the words never came, and I realized, he had no opposition to the Bush plan.  He was not going to fight against the wars, the revolving door, or the trampling of our freedoms.  Indeed, it seemed as though he had no intention of winning at all.

I came to see a dark side to the Democratic Party that had always been there but which I had refused to acknowledge.  Their leadership was no different than the Neo-Cons that I despised.  On top of this, many supporters of the Democratic establishment had no values, and no principles.  Their only desire was to “win” at any cost.  They would get their "perfect society" at any cost, even if they had to chain us all together to do it. 

There was no doubt in my mind that if the Democrats reoccupied the White House or any other political power structure one day, they would immediately adopt the same exact policies and attitudes of the Neo-Conservatives, and become just as power-mad if not more so.  In 2008 my theory was proven unequivocally correct.

It really is amazing.  I have seen the so-called “anti-war” party become the most accommodating cheerleader of laser guided death and domination in the Middle East, with predator drones operating in the sovereign skies of multiple countries raining missiles upon far more civilians than “enemy combatants”, all at the behest of Barack Obama.  I have seen the “party of civil liberties” expand on every Constitution crushing policy of the Bush Administration, while levying some of the most draconian legislation ever witnessed in the history of this country.  I have seen Obama endorse enemy combatant status for American citizens, and the end of due process under the law through the NDAA.  I have seen him endorse the end of trial by jury.  I have seen him endorse secret assassination lists, and the federally drafted murder of U.S. civilians.  I have seen him endorse executive orders which open the path to the declaration of a “national emergency” at any time for any reason allowing for the dissolution of most constitutional rights and the unleashing of martial law.

If I was still a Democrat today I would be sickly ashamed.  Yet, many average Democrats actually defend this behavior from their party.  The same behavior they once railed against under Bush.

However, I have not come here to admonish Democrats (at least not most of them).  I used to be just like them.  I used to believe in the game.  I believed that the rules mattered, and that it was possible to change things by those rules with patience and effort.  I believed in non-violent resistance, protest, civil dissent, educational activism, etc.  I thought that the courts were an avenue for political justice.  I believed that the only element required to end corruption would be a sound argument and solid logic backed by an emotional appeal to reason.  I believed in the power of elections, and had faith in the idea that all we needed was the “right candidate” to lead us to the promise land.  Again, I believed in the game. 

The problem is, the way the world works and the way we WISH the world worked are not always congruent.  Attempting to renovate a criminal system while acting within the rigged confines of that system is futile, not to mention delusional.  Corrupt oligarchies adhere to the standards of civility only as long as they feel the need to maintain the illusion of the moral high ground.  Once they have enough control, the mask always comes off, the rotten core is revealed, and immediate violence against dissent commences. 

Sometimes the only solutions left in the face of tyranny are not peaceful.  Logic, reason, and justice are not revered in a legal system which serves the will of the power elite instead of the common man.  The most beautiful of arguments are but meaningless flitters of hot air in the ears of sociopaths.  Sometimes, the bully just needs to be punched in the teeth.

This philosophy of independent action is consistently demonized, regardless of how practical it really is when faced with the facts.  The usual responses to the concept of full defiance are accusations of extremism and malicious intent.  Believe me, when I embarked on the path towards the truth in 2004, I never thought I would one day be called a potential “homegrown terrorist”, but that is essentially where we are in America in 2013.  To step outside the mainstream and question the validity of the game is akin to terrorism in the eyes of the state and the sad cowardly people who feed the machine. 

During the rise of any despotic governmental structure, there is always a section of the population that is given special treatment, and made to feel as though they are “on the winning team”.  For now, it would appear that the “Left” side of the political spectrum has been chosen by the establishment as the favored sons and daughters of the restructured centralized U.S.  However, before those of you on the Left get too comfortable in your new position as the hand of globalization, I would like to appeal to you for a moment of unbiased consideration.  I know from personal experience that there are Democrats out there who are actually far more like we constitutionalists and “right wing extremists” than they may realize.  I ask that you take the following points into account, regardless of what the system decides to label us...

We Are Being Divided By False Party Paradigms

Many Democrats and Republicans are not stupid, and want above all else to see the tenets of freedom respected and protected.  Unfortunately, they also tend to believe that only their particular political party is the true defender of liberty.  The bottom line is, at the top of each party there is very little if any discernible difference between the two.   If you ignore all the rhetoric and only look at action, the Republican and Democratic leadership are essentially the same animal working for the same special interests.  There is no left and right; only those who wish to be free, and those who wish to control.

Last year, the “Left and the “Right” experienced an incredible moment of unity after the introduction of the NDAA.  People on both sides were able to see the terrifying implications of a law that allows the government to treat any American civilian as an enemy of war without right to trial.  In 2013, the establishment is attempting to divide us once again with the issue of gun disarmament.  I have already presented my position on gun rights in numerous other articles and I believe my stance is unshakeable.  But, what I will ask anti-gun proponents and on-the-fence Democrats is this:  How do you think legislation like the NDAA will be enforced in the future?  Is it not far easier to threaten Americans with rendition, torture, and assassination when they are completely unarmed?  If you oppose the NDAA, you should also oppose any measure which gives teeth to the NDAA, including the debasement of the 2nd Amendment.

Democrats Are Looking For Help In The Wrong Place

Strangely, Democrats very often search for redress within the very system they know is criminal.  For some reason, they think that if they bash their heads into the wall long enough, a door will suddenly appear.  I’m here to tell you, there is no door. 

The biggest difference between progressives and conservatives is that progressives consistently look to government to solve all the troubles of the world, when government is usually the CAUSE of all the troubles in the world.  The most common Democratic argument is that in America the government “is what we make it”, and we can change it anytime we like through the election process.  Maybe this was true at one time, but not anymore.  Just look at Barack Obama!  I would ask all those on the Left to take an honest look at the policies of Obama compared to the policies of most Neo-Cons, especially when it comes to constitutional liberties.  Where is the end to Middle Eastern war?  Where is the end to domestic spy programs?  Where is the end to incessant and dictatorial executive orders?  Where is the conflict between the Neo-Cons and the Neo-Liberals?  And, before you point at the gun control debate, I suggest you look at Obama’s gun policies compared to Mitt Romney’s and John McCain’s – there is almost no difference whatsoever…

If the two party system becomes a one party system, then elections are meaningless, and electing a new set of corrupt politicians will not help us.

Democrats Value Social Units When They Should Value Individuals Instead

Democrats tend to see everything in terms of groups.  Victim status groups, religious groups, racial groups, special interest groups, etc.  They want to focus on the health of the whole world as if it is a single entity.  It is not.  Without individuals, there is no such thing as “groups”, and what we might categorize as groups change and disperse without notice.  Groups do not exist beyond shared values, and even then, the individual is still more important in the grand scheme of things. 

As a former Democrat, I know that the obsession with group status makes it easy to fall into the trap of collectivism.  It is easy to think that what is best for you must be best for everybody.  This Utopian idealism is incredibly fallible.  Wanting the best for everyone is a noble sentiment, but using government as a weapon to force your particular vision of the “greater good” on others leads to nothing but disaster.  The only safe and reasonable course is to allow individuals to choose for themselves how they will function in society IF they choose to participate at all.  Government must be left out of the equation as much as possible.  Its primary job should be to safeguard the individual’s right to choose how he will live.  You have to get over the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect social order, and even if there was, no government is capable of making it happen for you.   

Democrats Can Become As Power-Mad As Any Neo-Con

I think it is important to point out how quickly most Democratic values went out the door as soon as Barack Obama was placed in the White House.  Let’s be clear; you cannot claim to be anti-war, anti-torture, anti-assassination, anti-surveillance, anti-corporate, anti-bank, anti-rendition, etc. while defending the policies of Obama at the same time.  This is hypocrisy. 

I have heard some insane arguments from left leaning proponents lately.  Some admit that Obama does indeed murder and torture, but “at least he is pushing for universal health care…”.  Even if it did work (which it won’t), is Obamacare really worth having a president who is willing to murder children on the other side of the world and black-bag citizens here at home?  Do not forget your moral compass just because you think the system is now your personal playground.  If you do, you are no better than all the angry bloodcrazed Republicans that bumbled into the Iraq War while blindly following George W. Bush. 

There Is A Difference Between Traditional Conservatives And Neo-Cons

Neo-Cons are not conservative.  They are in fact socialist in their methods, and they always expand government spending and power while reducing constitutional protections.  The “Liberty Movement”, of which I am proudly a part, is traditional conservative.  We believe that government, especially as corrupt as it is today, cannot be trusted to administrate and nursemaid over every individual in our nation.  It has proven time after time that it caters only to criminally inclined circles of elites.  Therefore, we seek to reduce the size and influence of government so that we can minimize the damage that it is doing.  For this, we are called “extremists”. 

Governments are not omnipotent.  They are not above criticism, or even punishment.  They are merely a collection of individuals who act either with honor or dishonor.  In the Liberty Movement, we treat a corrupt government just as we would treat a corrupt individual.  We do not worship the image of the state, nor should any Democrat.

Liberty Minded Conservatives Are Not “Terrorists”

There will come a time, very soon I believe, when people like me are officially labeled “terrorists”.  Perhaps because we refuse gun registration or confiscation.  Perhaps because we develop alternative trade markets outside the system.  Maybe because some of us are targeted by federal raids, and we fight back instead of submitting.  Maybe because we speak out against the establishment during a time of “declared crisis”, and speech critical of the government is labeled “harmful to the public good”.  One way or another, whether you want to believe me now or not, the day is coming. 

Before this occurs, and the mainstream media attacks us viciously as “conspiracy theorists” and traitors, I want the Left to understand that no matter what you may hear about us, our only purpose is to ensure that our natural rights are not violated, our country is not decimated, and our republic is governed with full transparency.  We are not the dumb redneck racist hillbilly gun nuts you see in every primetime TV show, and anyone who acts out of personal bias and disdain for their fellow man is not someone we seek to associate with.  We fight because we have no other choice.  Our conscience demands that we oppose centralized tyranny.  We do what we do because the only other option is subservience and slavery.   

Many of the people I have dealt with in the Liberty Movement are the most intelligent, well-informed, principled and dedicated men and women I have ever met.  They want, basically, what most of us want:

  • to be free to determine their own destinies.
  • To be free to speak their minds without threat of state retribution.
  • To be free to defend themselves from any enemy that would seek to oppress them.
  • To live within an economic environment that is not rigged in favor of elitist minorities and on the verge of engineered collapse.
  • To live in a system that respects justice and legitimate law instead of using the law as a sword against the public.
  • To wake up each day with solace in the knowledge that while life in many regards will always be a difficult thing, we still have the means to make it better for ourselves and for the next generation.
  • To wake up knowing that those inner elements of the human heart which make us most unique and most endearing are no longer considered “aberrant”, and are no longer under threat.

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F. Bastiat's picture

Sure you are.  The funniest thing is that you don't even know it. 

The term "useful idiot" is one you may want to familiarize yourself with.  But you won't.

jwoop66's picture

with you it has; you mention every diversion in the book- straight from the new york times playbook, I believe...

UGrev's picture

Let me know when I can get me some of that yummy cashola that the immigrants get for starting a biz. You want to talk equality? how about the gov't stops giving money away for both sides. Don't give me that shit that the immigrants don't have the same ops..  Everytime I turn around, there's another foreigner running a biz and I'm left scratching my ass on how the fuck that happened. 

Lost My Shorts's picture

I certainly get your point.  Brandon Smith spends a thousand words stereotyping the left to show how they sterotype the right.

Whenever I post comment to an article like this, and fail to sing from the choir sheet, someone immediately calls me a Marxist and mentions how many guns they have to deal with people like me.  Mr. Smith might be an idealist, but a lot of his fans are not.

They vote you down because you don't believe in Freedom.  Actually you do believe in freedom, but you aren't one of them, so you don't believe in Freedom.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Don't blame Brandon Smith, the fact is, Libtards stereotype themselves. Labels like Republican and Democrat have lost all their meaning, but a Libtard will always be a Libtard.

It is clear to non-Libtards that Libtard ideas inflict damage to those that cling to them. If it stopped there, then it wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, Libtard ideas are extremely dangerous to non-Libtards-- witness the hundreds of millions slaughtered by Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, etc., all in the name of Libtard-ism.

When the ideology that you cling to always devolves into the use of re-education camps or wholesale slaughter, then you might be a Libtard.


ImfallibleK's picture

Right on. Sad how many 'tards downvoted you. 

Oquities's picture

the "left" is now absolute rejection of faith, collectivized abortion, reactionary environmentalism, equal opportunity for non-citizens and favoritism for minorities.

Abaco's picture

The reason we get stuck on the "left" is because the "right" is now characterized by an absolute rejection of science, a woman's right to choose, environment stewardship, and the ability for immigrants and minorities to have the same opportunities of advancement as Americans have had over the last generation.

Start with an intellectually honest description of the positions which you are rejecting.

1) Absolute rejection of science? That is an absurd characterization. You my try listening to the arguments instead of dismissing them in such a cavalier way?

2) Absolute of a woman's right to choose? At least be fair and state the issue which is a woman's right to choose abortion. A difficult question because it involves a complete conflict over supremacy of rights. We can all agree that men and women should be able to have dominion over their own bodies. Only women have the ability to carry another human being within them and only some women claim the right to extinguish the rights of the life within them. Many on the "right" (labels obscure truth) believe that the widespread practice of disregarding the life in the womb, rather than protect it,leads to a disregarding of life out of the womb and to such things as drone attacks that obliterate children. Not an unreasoned position.

3) Absolute rejection of environmental stewardhsip? Alternatively, the "right" also wants to preserve the environment but believes that protection of private property rights is a more effective way to go about it.Government <> good in all cases.

4) Absolute rejection of the ability for immigrants and minorities to have the same opportunities of advancement as Americans have had over the last generation? Seriously this is a mindless statement. Minorities in America have more opportunities for advancement than non-minorities. There are all manner of preferences, quotos, and subsidies for minority advancement. Wanting the "same" opportunity for minorities would mean ending affirmative action and minority set asides. Likewise with immigrants. Generations past came from all over the world and built their lives in America. They did so in accordance with the laws of the land and without subsidy from those already here.  Today the stream across the border without regard to law and then are provided with all manner of subsidies including free medical care and education. I respect those who come here illegally and work hard to better their lives and the lives of those back in ther home country. America is better for them.  We are not better for having millions come, not assimilate, and collect welfare benefits paid for by others.

Divide and conquer works where the ability to think critically doesn't exist or is not employed.


NOTfromSanFrancisco's picture



"The reason we get stuck on the "left" is because the "right" is now characterized by an absolute rejection of science, a woman's right to choose, environment stewardship, and the ability for immigrants and minorities to have the same opportunities of advancement as Americans have had over the last generation."

Absolutely not!... As to your points in your statement...You are labelled "Leftist" because you are at opposite ends of the conservatively defined spectrum. You may not be as far left, but left none the less...

The right has as large if not larger an army of credible scientists proving the "Man Made" global warming myth is just that, a myth. That is not a rejection of science, it is a refutation of warm, fuzzy, tree hugging, make money off the "Must Have Green Technology" cadre that is spewing this propaganda.

The right agrees with a woman's right to choose to do with "Her Body" whatever she wants to do with "Her Body". The right fights to defend a developing baby's right to be born. The left says this is not a baby, even to the day he is being born, so long as he hasn't passed through the birth canal yet. The right says he is a baby and a human life at conception and must be protected and defended in the womb just as he is outside the womb. But then, location is everything to some folks.

The right believes that environmental stewardship is important for everyone and everyone's legacy. The right believes private enterprise should be allowed to develope ideas and technology that will protect and preserve the environment, and should be allowed to profit from their investment and entrepreneurial endeavors. The right does not believe the state can do a better job than entrepreneurs and that the state should NOT be spending tax dollars to buy votes, I mean, to fund these endeavors. 

The right believes immigration is valuable and necessary, but can be best accomplished where the growing population can be supported by a free market economy that assimilates and educates immigrants to be productive and effective in society,  not a drain on the resources and productivity of the society. If good laws are in place to see that this is accomplished, then they should be defended. The right believes minorities should be encouraged to study and work as hard as anyone else and should be as free as anyone else to profit and benefit from their hard work and dedicated efforts as anyone else, again, not be a drain on society and its resources. No special privileges to any class of people because of race, creed, color, etc. etc.

If you think you are labelled left for an unfair reason, well then, I guess it just depends on what your definition of "Unfair characterization" is... IMHO

A Lunatic's picture

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.   -George Orwell-

Muppet Pimp's picture

And it is treated as such(unfortunately).  We have reached the end times when truth and integrity are punishable offenses.

Transformer's picture

Look, it's just the Left/Right Paradigm

The Left-Right Paradigm is a concept from political sciences and anthropology which proposes that societies have a tendency to divide themselves into ideological opposites. Important contributions to the theory of the paradigm were made by British social anthropologist Rodney Needham, who saw it as a basic human classifying device. It shares affinity with the cultural "romantic-classic" paradigm.[1]

Used in another context, the phrase refers to a political theory that alleges that members of opposing major political parties such as the Republican and Democratic parties in the United States share common interests and goals, as well as a covertly unified ruling authority over the political issues of the masses. The two major political entities act in concert to create divisiveness among the population while keeping control of the political spectrum.

This Left-Right Paradigm Concept theorizes that the two opposing political parties utilize their tremendous hold over mainstream media to dramatize political distractions and engage in covert warfare and operations, in grand performances of bureaucratic rivalry meant to propagandize and divide the populace.

Divisive issues are purposefully fed through the major media outlets to divert attention away from the ruling class's hidden and ulterior (and sometimes global) agendas. By drawing attention to the differences between the two embedded political systems, ideologies, races and classes, the political groups obscure political clarity and divide unity among the masses.

The tactic creates confusion and frustration among the population, which enables the ruling class to increase and consolidate their wealth and power through maintaining an illusion of a two-party system of checks and balances that actually works.

What this is saying is that the two major political parties have the same basic goals.  Like... keeping the wars going and not discussing it or how much they cost...  pretending to want to cut spending... while piling up more debt...  passing laws to take away our rights and establish a police state... protecting at all costs the Federal Reserve and the corporatocracy...  allowing the transfer of private losses to the public debt mainly through bankster bailouts.

At the same time, the Main Stream Media pushes divisive issues, like gay marriage, abortion, racism, green issues, welfare... and the politicians stand up and take one side or the other, so as to look like we have two diametrically opposed parties, when really, on the most important issues, they are the same.  They both stand for War, big deficits, Fed/Corporate control of the financial system,  banker bailouts, police state, etc.

Another way this is promulgated to the people is to get either one side or the other riled up on a particular issue and get all the persons who care enough to be politically involved, out and doing something about a particular issue.  If people are passionately involved in stopping gay marriage, or global warming, whatever... then they don't have much attention left to put on the real issues of War, Debt, Bankster bailouts, the police state, etc.

An excelllent example of all this is what has occurred about and around the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement.  The OWS movement, probably more than any recent populist movement, cut right through the Left/Right paradigm, and aimed itself at the very heart of money and power, Wall Street itself.  OWS stepped outside of the L/R paradigm and pointed the finger at what is wrong in our system.

So, what did TPTB (the powers that be) do about OWS?  Their first strategy was to try and get control of it.  To attack it head on, is not what TPTB like to do, because it exposes them and their real intentions to the light of day.  The Tea Party had almost the exact same complaints and agenda as OWS, and it was neutralized by a takeover.  The Tea Party started out separate from the L/R Paradigm but was brought into the Republican Party and is today established as whacko right wing politics.

With OWS, this was attempted through such groups as MoveOn.Org, donating funds to OWS, recruiting and training facilitators to work within OWS, and trying to set up leadership and goals that would weaken the OWS stance on issues.  OWS refused to be compromised and held steadfast to its principles, and as result stayed separate from the L/R Paradigm, growing in numbers and public awareness.

TPTB saw this as a huge threat, and after all attempts at takeover had failed, attacked it head on, using all the surveillance assets of the big banks and government to implement the crackdown.  The OWS had to be taken down before the presidential elections got underway in 2012.  If you haven't seen this, take a look:

OWS was a direct threat to the Banksters and Wall Street, and from their point of view, it had to be neutralized or stopped, at all costs.  If such an awareness were to become hugely popular amongst the people, it could bring about the end of Banker/WallStreet dominance.  Imagine if somehow OWS had joined forces with the Tea Party, or factions of the Tea Party not under Republican control?   It could have quickly grown across the whole culture and had immense power.

TPTB do not want any scrutiny of what they are doing and their agenda.  They want to consolidate power, rape the public purse, and virtually own everything of value.  If they can keep the populace busy fighting about issues they don't care about, they are most happy.

So, with OWS out of the way, it's back to the normal functioning of the Left/Right Paradigm.  Here in my town we have seen a big involvement recently by local activists in trying to stop trains from rolling through town carrying coal to the coast ports.  It's pretty much the same group that was passionate about the Occupy movement before.  I'm sure TPTB love to have these activists spending their time opposing coal trains.  The local Left leaning weekly newspaper has really promoted this. 

See how it works?  Local activists now have something harmless (from the point of view of TPTB) to spend their energies on.  Even if they were to stop the coal trains going through Eugene, it wouldn't make any difference to TPTB.  Eugene will be a little less contaminated and the neighborhoods by the tracks will be a little cleaner.  A good thing.  The coal trains would just take a different route to a different port.  But it does achieve the purposes of the L/R Paradigm, and keeps those activists busy and away from the important business of the Elites..

The concept here is deception.  It is not as it appears on the surface.

Ident 7777 economy's picture




It's NOT left vs right, it's emotion vs rationality ... 


Reason vs feelings.


Cerebellum vs frontal lobe



The distributed autonomic nervous system vs the conscious processes in the frontal lobe.




ZeroAvatar's picture

I've been doing some research into the 'Left vs Right' BRAIN hemisphere as the reason for the RED/BLUE way of thinking:

Frankie Carbone's picture

Quick challenge if I may. 

From your excerpt on the Left-Right Paradigm. Had it ever dawned on you that you have read a manufactured pseudointellectual construct put forth by the (well funded) academia/intelligencia wing of the elitest class? 

In other words, penned with elegant prose and compelling sophistry, such constructs, when repeated ad nauseaum, take on a life of their own and become potent code in the Matrix. 

A celebrated pseudointellectual clown, likely chock full of hubris and self-serving arrogance, and in the good graces of the power elite, puts quill to parchment and declaratively states that "the left-right paradigm is an intrinsic function, an innate, built-in sociological behavior of the species Homo Sapiens Sapiens, and therefore we are stuck with this eternal, never-ending bi-modal struggle amonst ourselves". 

So my serf friend, you have two shitty options. Pick one. It's the law of nature. Why? Because a guy with impressive letters after his last name said so, and other people with impressive letters in their title concurred. 

In fact, according to this fucktard, we are enslaved to it, like a blood sin. 

Which, when you think about it, once beaten into the collective conscious of every individual on Earth via clever echo effect and the methods of Edward Bernays, then forces upon humanity the fertile soils of the policies so effectively devised and mastered by the East India Trading Company such that a small island in the North of Europe could literally control China with a handful of men. 

Divide and conquer. Such an easy crop to raise when the soil has been made so fertile by nonsense such as this. 

Whenever I read ANYTHING anymore, my first inclination is to try to get inside the author's head and ask myself. Qui Bono? To who's benefit is this written for? 


Argumentum verecundiam and argumentum ad populum. Until we can get the masses to STOP thinking that these fallacies are bonafide logical approaches then shit like this phony struggle will continue to enslave all of us. 

Transformer's picture

Jeez, man.  Did you read what he said, or were you talking about what I said.?  It's pretty simple, and it works for them.  Once you get it, you can see it operating all around you on almost every level. 

The Left/ Right Paradigm, along with the Problem-Reaction-Solution Paradigm, just about explains the whole system.

How the Problem-Reaction-Solution Paradigm works

1. The government/elites create or exploit a problem then attributes blame to others.

2.  The populace reacts by asking the government for pretection and help to solve the problem.

3.  The government then offers the solution that was planned by them long before the crisis occurred.

Outcome:  rights and liberties are exchanged for the illusion of protection and help.

Frankie Carbone's picture

My criticism was not targeted to you my friend, even though my style may have erroneously suggested otherwise. Allow me to clarify that.

Your post was a mere springboard for a pre-existing thought. A segue into a diatribe so to speak.  

You're outlining the Hegalian Dielectic I see? Any man that can recognize that shitty inspired-by-Satan political tactic has an awareness that 99.9% of the serfs in this nation lack. 


Wash-rinse-repeat until the stranglehold is complete. 

gwiss's picture

No.  Not Hegel.  Hegel takes Western linear thought and bends it into Eastern circular thought like a mobius strip.  Think of women.  Too fat -- not good.  Skinnier --- better -- skinnier --better, but at some point, you pass optimal and as you proceed further towards skinny you are once again inexplicably heading towards not good again.  See?  That's Hegel.  Thesis - Antithesis- synthesis.  Master-slave dialectic: master thinks he gains control by dictating to slave, but inexplicably finds himself heading towards dependence on slave.  Slave thinks he is saving his life by submitting, only to find that he has lost his life in the process.  Life goes in circles, not straight lines.


What he's talking about is triangulation.  I taught my daughter about it like this:  Her kindergarten class was talking about the presidential race, and she wanted Obama to win.  I asked her to imagine that each day every child in her class was given an M+M, and the other children ate theirs and she saved hers.  At the end of the year, she broke out her large bag of M+Ms and started wolfing them down, but the teachers made her stop and share with everyone else.  She had no difficulty understanding that this was not fair.  But then, I asked her who her friends would be grateful to when the teachers made her share -- her, who was providing the M+Ms, or the teachers, who were making her share?  She got it right away.

That's triangulation.

jwoop66's picture

You are all engaged in mindless sophistry.  Here in the United States we have a Constitution and a tradition of limited govt and individualism.   There are people that believe this is the best system, and there are people who believe the state should have more control over individuals. 

This is not some artificial construct  created to keep us separate.  It has nothing to do with philosophers; eastern or western.   There was a system set up and there are people trying to destroy that system.   In the US, for the sake of labeling these different groups have been called left and right.  Surely you sophists are aware that human beings name and classify everything.   There are other names, but these seem to work as well as any other.    In the US,  left is statist(of whatever denomination therein), and the right is Constitutional/individualistic.     You are one or the other or you are one of the sheep. 

No one put the idea into my head; I am an individualist, and I believe the Constitution is the best possible governing document yet created.  I consider myself on the right.

Republican/democrat?  okay, maybe not so much difference there. One is spineless and yearning for a status quo, the other; ideologically driven to destroy the existing system to gain power.  

Oldwood's picture

Yet you have obviously positioned yourself on the left. OWS is the bastion of centrist apolitical true believers and Tea party people are right wing wackos cause they want smaller government and freedom rather than free stuff. I just love the people who are forced to understand the corruption not only of their historical political affiliations but of their actual beliefs, only to suddenly claim non partisan, yet still cling to their team jersy.

F. Bastiat's picture

Individualism vs. collectivism; civilization vs. barbarism; liberty vs. servitude; freedom vs. coercion; classical liberalism vs. today's liberalism; democratic processes vs. totalitarianism; knowledge vs. ignorance; reason vs. emotion.

That is the conflict.

jwoop66's picture

Thank you.  Why is it so difficult for some to grasp?

johnQpublic's picture

american idol is so much better with niki menaj


no one is doing shit



blahbitybla blahblababa

its going to be whatever them thar theys say its gonna be

the sooner you get tht thru yer damn skulls the less time i need tospend re educating you

MinnesotaMD's picture

We should reform The Sons of Liberty. Form up like "Fight Clubs", and then go to work.

XitSam's picture

I'm reading about the Sons of Liberty groups now. What fun! Demonstrations, burning in efigy, funeral processions for "Liberty", riots, house razings, threats of violence, threats of death, burning of stamped paper. That was just in opposition to the Stamp Act.  I encourage everyone to read Rothbard's Concieved in Liberty.  So much history I didn't know.

Watauga's picture

I think ALunatic was being sarcastic.  Right, ALunatic?

Go Tribe's picture

He's not the terrorist. I'm the terrorist! No wait, she's the terrorist. No...they're the terrorists.

I guess we're all terrorists now.

Harbanger's picture

"And all you hear now are crickets from the left....."

The MSM is almost completely run by the left, bias doesnt even begin to describe it.  It's State run media folks, brought to you by progressive America.  I wish I heard crickets from the left, all I hear is propaganda, disinformantion and marketeers. 

RockyRacoon's picture

We have to get this far down in the comments before the left/right paradigm reinstates itself.

Boy, that was fast.

Frankie Carbone's picture

I think of guys like him as "victims" not unlike the poor schlepps at Jonestown who drank the Flavoraide and then laid down willingly to die rather than fight and struggle. 

They made their own bed. Let them lie in it. They sense something is wrong but still lack the fortitude, the courage, to stare into the looking glass. I'm betting that when the Matrix finally gets unplugged, and they realize that it's all been an illusion, the psychogenic shock that they experience will lead them to be the first ones to blow their own brains out. 

I hate cowards with an unbridled passion. I really do. 

They need to believe that there is a good guy - bad guy paradigm in real effect. Because that's all that keeps them from putting the muzzle between their molars and saying "Sayonara, I can't handle this shit". 

To them I say: Don't miss with the first shot. I'll need the other 5 rounds to fight the bastards that drove you to madness. It won't be on your behalf though. 

You never mattered. 

Harbanger's picture

"I hate cowards with an unbridled passion. I really do. "

So do I.  So why don't you challenge my statement rather than talk shit?  I'm far from a victim kid.

RockyRacoon's picture

Then act like it.  This left/right stuff is garbage.  We don't need a 3rd party, we need a 2nd one.

Harbanger's picture

Republican/Democrat is garbage, Left/Right difference is very real.  To deny that is completely disingenuous.  Leftist ideology REQUIRES a Big centrally planned Govt.   This is totally at odds with the limited Govt powers set forth in the Constitution and individual liberty.  Why is that so hard to understand? 

Assetman's picture

The Leftist ideology requires a big centrally planned government like the Rightist ideology requires a big government committment to defense, and what we now know as "homeland security"-- a euphmism for the modern police state.

It's all tyranny.  And its not that hard to understand.

Republican and Democrats alike have played the Left/Right paradigm very well in favor a system increasingly controlled by the State.  Divisive issues like abortion, global warming, and creationism fuel the fire for these tyrants because it naturally places its potential victims in a left/right paradigm camp.  Voters have been conditoned to believe they have only 2 available choices under this paradigm.  The two-party system lives!

However, the real grab for power is happening among the statist/libertarian paradigm.

Those who truly believe in individual liberty and the powers set forth in the Constitution are primarily libertarians, that have either left (civil) or right (economic) leanings.  Very few are actually in the Libertarian Party, but stay at the fringes of Republican and Democratic circles-- because that's where the power is.  The Tea Party started out as a primarily right-leaning libertarian movement... until the neocons totally destroyed the movement by co-opting it and identifying the movement to certain "hot touch" neo-conservative social issues.

Right now, those social and economic libertarians are getting their collective asses kicked in conventional Democratic and Republican circles-- and those that currently have that power have no interest in giving you back your individual freedoms.

Until social and economic libertarians unite and develop a real political movement with sustainability, we will continue to see a political system gravitate toward a totalitarian state.  The orignial article does a GREAT job of highlighting how Obama has consolidated that power.  He has actually managed to take more of your economic liberties through Obamacare, higher taxes and continued deficit spending-- while not giving an ounce back in terms of civil liberties taken away in the Bush area.  In fact though NDAA and numerous executive orders, he's done even more taking.

Leftist and rightists alike are getting duped by a really corrupt group of powerful people.

Harbanger's picture

I agree with most of what you're saying and you're right, the real grab for power is happening among the statist/libertarian paradigm. It's true that Republican and Democrats alike have played the Left/Right paradigm in favor a system increasingly controlled by the State.

However, I disagree that Rightist ideology requires a big government committment to defense. That's Repub ideology. Right wing ideology as defined in the US by paleoconservatives, is traditinal, non Statist and fiscally libertarian. You can have national defense without nation building, pre-emptive wars or infringing on the Constitution. Leftist ideology, American or not, is Statist by definition. You may be a civic libertarian(left), but if you're not also an economic libertarian then you're probably a misplaced democrat. European examples like the Nazi's or other fascists were not right wing, they were socialists, maybe in some ways socialist conservatives, but more akin to our Repubs establishment and it's move towards Statism. Which is why I say the Repubs don't represent the right. My original point though was that the US media is controlled by the left wing and it's looking more and more Govt controlled because of their attempts to cover up for their guy. They've crossed the line into manipulating the News for political reasons. They all work together with the same set of talking points and that's dangerous in any free society.


secret_sam's picture

    fiscally libertarian

That sounds like a nonsense term.  Would you provide some definition?

Harbanger's picture

A fiscal libertarian is a laissez-faire capitalists. Thanks.

secret_sam's picture

We tried that for awhile in the USA.  It achieved some stuff, created some problems too.

The "commies" running businesses in China are doing that now, and it's turning the country into a toxic waste site, but they're making good money.

Assetman's picture

I think I understand a little more what you are getting at...

Look, the locked-in 2-party dominated system we are stuck with today serves more or less as umbrella for an array of social and economic interests.  Like it or not, Republicans DO represent the Right because those on the Right eventually vote that way a majority of the time.  The Tea Party movement tried to redefine the Republican Party more along the lines of what you see as Rightist, but was usurped in the process by increasingly Statist neo-cons.  That should scare the heck out of any traditonal paleoconservtive.  Like it or not, the traditional Right is probably better represented by the Constitution Party than the today's version of "Republicans".

So what's more accurate is to say that the Republican Party doesn't represent paleoconservatives well-- at all. But when you go to the voting booth and your choice is Red Pill or Blue Pill-- which do you choose?  Most of the so-called Rightists did not abandon their Republican roots, despite being poorly represented. 

As for the Left, I think its inaccurate to say that Leftist ideology is purely Statist by definition.  There are many Left-wingers that love their civil liberties and additionally DO NOT want a nanny state (and they probably SHOULD be voting Libertarian).  What IS accurate is that the Democratic Party as it exists today IS Statist by definition.  What civil libertarians generally give up by voting Democrat is less economic freedom.  Unfortunately those poor fools who voted for Obama the past 2 elections got less civil freedoms to boot.  Bonus!

I generally agree with your take on the mainstream press.  They seem to love the left-leaning socialist/statist model endorsed by the modern Democratic party.  Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has wholeheartedly endorsed an Administration that doesn't mind hunting and pecking away at civil liberties (notice the hypocrisy by the press as compared when Bush II was in office).  For sure, this press has no problem whatsoever overlooking 2nd Amendment and/or miranda rights when Obama starts placing "constitutional limitations" via assorted Executive Orders and terrible laws.

Just wait until this Administration starts pecking away at the 1st Amendment.


Frankie Carbone's picture

Where was your libr'ul media's Watergate/Pentagon Papers moment when the Bush/AT&T wiretapping was unfolding? 

What kind of lefty media embeds reporters in tank platoons then instructs their reporters to rally around the flag (for 10 years!) and report the wars like they're some kind of exciting video game? 

These Haight/Ashbury type media outlets you speak of. What kind of good leftists are they where they blow the opportunity of a lifetime to expose "greedy capitalistic exploitation of the masses" by banging the drum of Wall Street corruption on a day in/day out basis? Yet almost next to *peeps* on TARP, TBTF, SEC corruption, regulatory capture, soviet-style civil liberties and human rights violations. 

Pray tell, tell me, where is this "libr'ul media"? 

Are you fooled merely because they are favorable towards gays and gun grabbing? Is that it????????????

Harbanger's picture

I never said liberal media.  I said the MSM is controlled by the left, progressives in particular.  There are many progressive Repubs, I get that.  Bush, Collin Pwel, Bloomberg. etc.  They are or were all Repubs but they're all progressive statists.  Which is just another flavor of leftism.

Frankie Carbone's picture

Does it matter at all if an entire society, a community, a nation is controlled by its government via corporations or a direct beauracracy if the end control of that system is the same entity? 

In other words, why would the power elite in this nation give a rat's ass what "system" was in place as long as they controlled said system and reaped all of the benefits from it? 

This is not a struggle between right and left. 

This is a fight that dates back to the days when Jesus beat the shit out of the money changers in the temple. 


akak's picture

I am tired of being polite and civil in this matter.

Harbanger, you are simply full of shit.

For the last fucking time, there is NO "left-wing media" or "right-wing media" --- the entire corporate-controlled media is all PRO-ESTABLISHMENT AND PRO-STATUS-QUO!  They LAUGH at your meaningless partisan labels!  Please leave this left/right nonsense in the intellectual kindergarten where it belongs.  Or do you still believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy too?

"Divide and distract".  I see you are dutifully doing your part.

Harbanger's picture

Are you telling me there is no difference between L/R ideologies? and the MSM is unbiased.  You're kidding.  Who has divided our culture and country? who has labeled every American into a category, protected or otherwise?  The left has my friend, divide and conquer is rule 101 in the the Saul Alinsky playbook.

akak's picture

Sorry, Harbanger, but you are as wrong as wrong can be.

First, no, there is NO meaningful difference between the two equally statist, so-called "ideologies" (they are nothing of the sort, just a mishmash of mutually and logically contradictory positions which continually shift over time) that currently go by the labels "left wing" and "right wing".  BOTH are responsible for the decline of liberty, and the decline of the USA more generally.  EQUALLY.

As for bias of the so-called "Mainstream Media", as I already stated, yes, it is biased, always in favor of the political, financial and monetary status-quo, and the establishment that stands behind and upholds that status-quo power structure.  All else is trivial sideshow distraction and "divide and conquer" propaganda designed to confuse, fool, misdirect and effectively neuter the masses.  You may count yourself among the latter.

Harbanger's picture

Republicans do not represent the right.  Once you get THAT, we can have a meaningful discussion about progressivism, Wilson,The Fed, Saul Alisnky, the MSM, Obama and the destruction of this country.

gwiss's picture


Divide and conquer is a military strategy.  The concept is that you split an enemy into more than one group, with the firm intention of going after ALL OF THEM, one at a time.  ALL OF THEM.

Sure, mainstream media is fascinated with some pretend difference between Republicans and Democrats, between some imagined "Left" and some imagined "Right."  They are figments of your imagination.  They divide the population so the population can be conquered. All of them.  Piece by piece.  One by one.  Divide and conquer.

The only division is between those who believe in freedom and those who believe in control.  The end goal in life is not freedom.  The end goal is happiness.  Freedom is the route to get to happiness.  Freedom is the means to the end, not the end itself, which is why it makes no sense to say you are using the mechanism of freedom to get to happiness and then use the mechanism of control.  That's an obvious non-sequitur and folks balk when you do that.  But if you trick people, and tell them that freedom is the goal, then you can talk very smart people, who are predisposed to deferred gratification anyway, into "temporarily" giving up some freedom now in exchange for more freedom later. 


This is of course bullshit, but some people don't figure it out until they are face down at the bottom of a trench.


Those who believe in group decisions can still cooperate and fight side by side with those who believe in fierce individuality, as long as those who believe in groups recognize that group membership must be voluntary. 


Throw away your old labels, they are traps.  Open up to new friends.  Begin to see the paradigm as the problem, because the paradigm is the wool being pulled over your eyes as the mainstream media drones along with its hypnotic sonorous story telling about democracy clicking along as it should as the Right and Left trade punches.  Professional wrestling is not real.


We'll be fighting in the streets
With our children at our feet
And the morals that they worship will be gone
And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgement of our wrongs
They decide and the shotgun sings the song

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again

The change, it had to come
We knew it all along
We were liberated from the four-minute song
And the world looks just the same
And history ain't changed
'Cause the banners, they all flown in the last war

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
No, no!

I'll move myself and my family aside
If we happen to be left half alive
I'll get all my papers and smile at the sky
For I know that the hypnotized never lie

There's nothing in the street
Looks any different to me
And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
And the parting on the left
Is now the parting on the right
And the beards have all grown longer overnight

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
Don't get fooled again
No, no!

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss