Seven Americans Among Hostages Captured In Algeria In Retaliation Over French Mali Incursion

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Just because the endless Israel vs Iran foreplay seems to no longer be exciting the world as much as it did all throughout 2010, 2011 and 2012 when military action seemed imminent over and over, it appears the world has a new geopolitical tension point: the recent incursion into Mali by French (and soon many other) forces, to protect "European interests" against "extremists" operating in the North, and as a corollary - the retaliation by the locals against Western Democratic powers. At least such is the simplistic plot line. Sure enough moments ago Reuters reported that islamist militants attacked a gas field in Algeria on Wednesday, claiming to have kidnapped up to 41 foreigners including seven Americans in a dawn raid in retaliation for France's intervention in Mali, according to regional media reports. The raiders were also reported to have killed three people, including a Briton and a French national. Subsequent reports indicate that the Algerian captives have been let go, and that this is purely an escalation against the invaders, an act which the US state department will harshly condemn at a 1pm press conference, and likely use as a catalyst to unleash US forces in the air or on the ground, to support the French campaign which at last check was going horribly.

The attack took place in the gas field in Amenas, Alegeria, operated by a joint venture of BP, Statoil and the Algerian state company Sonatrach, presented below (via Google Maps)

And just so the average American is up to speed, the keyword "Al Qaeda" has been unleashed. One assumes this is a different Al Qaeda than the one organizing and coordinating the Syrian opposition activities against the local government which the US is also not a fan of.

From Reuters:

An al Qaeda affiliated group said the raid had been carried out because of Algeria's decision to allow France to use its air space for attacks against Islamists in Mali, where French forces have been in action against al Qaeda-linked militants since last week.

The attack in southern Algeria also raised fears that the French action in Mali could prompt further Islamist revenge attacks on Western targets in Africa, where al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) operates across borders in the Sahara desert, and in Europe.

AQIM said it had carried out Wednesday's raid on the In Amenas gas facility in Algeria, Mauritania's ANI news agency reported.

The Algerian interior ministry said: "A terrorist group, heavily armed and using three vehicles, launched an attack this Wednesday at 5 a.m. against a Sonatrach base in Tigantourine, near In Amenas, about 100 km (60 miles) from the Algerian and Libyan border."

The gas field is operated by a joint venture including BP , Norwegian oil firm Statoil and Algerian state company Sonatrach.

BP said armed men were still occupying facilities at the gas field.

"The site was attacked and occupied by a group of unidentified armed people at about 0500 UK time. Contact with the site is extremely difficult, but we understand that armed individuals are still occupying the In Amenas operations site," it said.

Algeria's official APS news agency said a Briton and an Algerian security guard had been killed and seven people were injured. A French national was also killed in the attack, a local source said.

Also among those reported kidnapped by various sources were five Japanese nationals working for the Japanese engineering firm JGC Corp, a French national, an Irishman, a Norwegian and a number of Britons.

A member of an Islamist group styling itself the "Blood Battalion" was quoted by Mauritanian media as saying that five of the hostages were being held at the gas facility and 36 were in a housing area. APS said the Islamist raiders had freed Algerians working at the gas facility.

"The operation was in response to the blatant interference by Algeria and the opening of its air space to French aircraft to bomb northern Mali," the Islamist spokesman told Mauritania's ANI news agency.

ANI, which has regular direct contact with Islamists, said that fighters under the command of Mokhtar Belmokhtar were holding the foreigners.

Belmokhtar for years commanded al Qaeda fighters in the Sahara before setting up his own armed Islamist group late last year after an apparent fallout with other militant leaders.

The Algerian army was in the area of the gas facility, according to French and Algerian sources.

The attack was the first time in years that Islamist militants are known to have launched an attack on an Algerian energy facility.

The attack could have implications for security across the whole of Algeria's energy sector, which supplies about a quarter of Europe's natural gas imports and exports millions of barrels of crude oil each year.

Such an attack would require a large and heavily-armed insurgent force with a degree of freedom to move around -- all elements that al Qaeda has not previously had.

However, the conflict in neighbouring Libya in 2011 changed the balance of force. Security experts say al Qaeda was able to obtain arms, including heavy weapons, from the looted arsenals of former leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Statoil, a minority shareholder in the gas venture, said it had 17 employees at the plant and four of them had been evacuated. The company declined to comment on the other 13.

The five Japanese work for the engineering firm JGC Corporation, Jiji news agency reported, quoting company officials. JGC has a deal with Sonatrach-BP-Statoil Association for work in gas production at In Amenas.

A reporter for Japan's NHK television managed to call a JGC worker in Algeria.

The worker said he got a phone call from a colleague at the gas field. "It was around 6 a.m. this morning. He said that he had been hearing gunshots for about 20 minutes. I wasn't able to get through to him since."

French troops launched their first ground operation against Islamist rebels in Mali on Wednesday in an action to dislodge from a strategic town al Qaeda-linked fighters who have resisted six days of air strikes.

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Doctors Without Brains?

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Fucking Hollande.  Socialists are always so literal.  When someone said if you wanted to distract from the economy you should start a war in Timbuktu, they didn't mean it you dumb fuck!


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I thought conservatives were literal, and integral, and fundamental and the soclalists were superficial, gutless and forked tongued.

What gives? You mean John Wayne was a socialist? Poor Marion! He didn't even know it. Next you know you will pretend he was gay!!! Aww, the true GOP icon; gay! 

I can't tell Hayek from Keynes when I read ZH! 

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NONSENSE!   You are witnessing that 'complex, multi-faceted French thinking' that we heard so much about when Bush was acting like a 'cowboy'.    Don't you see the difference?

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No what this is is French desperation to do something to energize their sinking economy, and they figured they could take out the Mali rebels quickly.  LOL!

But everybody knows war is expensive, so if this thing gets longer than its time to issue massive amounts of French debt, with the ECB as the buyer.  Germany does not like this one bit ... any wonder the Germans want ALL of their gold out of Paris?

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"any wonder the Germans want ALL of their gold out of Paris?"


lol. And didn't the German took some of their gold out of the fed too? Relating the gold rapatriation with the intervention in Mali is ludicrous. The number of morons on this site if fucking astonishing. ZH used to be a good place to get great information. Its quality has decreased proportionately with its popularity, unfortunately.

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 Its quality has decreased proportionately with its popularity, unfortunately.


So true, you should leave immediately!

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Speaking on gun control - will someone please remove all guns from France! They have demonstrated for centuries they are incapable of handling and or using them properly. 

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"They have demonstrated for centuries they are incapable of handling and or using them properly."


It's true that americans have been much "capable" at using them on defenseless kids in Connecticut... 

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So it's okay for gang bangers to use them against each other?

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You should be more thankful. You could be speaking German. 

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I didn't know Germany tried to invade Canada during WWII...

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You could be more thankful too. If it weren't for european resistance, you would be speaking german too - or russian... Oh, and don't forget that much of vital nazi financing and support was provided by such fine americans as Ford, Rockefeller, Kennedy, Bush, etc.

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what,  tying a white towel to the barrel and waving it around isn't proper usage?

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After their WWI Machine gun sucesss....I don´t think they made anymore...but Puegot is such a nice car.........their guns instead of bayonet attachements...they have surrender flag attachements....sorry....I hate the French

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"sorry....I hate the French"

Do you actually know any of them? Have you ever talked to one? I feel sorry for you actually, your life must be pretty miserable.

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In Canada we put all the beautiful French strippers in Quebec with the gay males. Strange you say?

I've tried to ask locals what's going on but what they all say is French to me.

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I stand corrected. Bravo!

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The french were a super power witht the largest land army for longer thatn the USA will ever be.

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Somehow I don't think there will be much risk of the Stockholm syndrome kicking in - by now they all have likely been sodomized and the boss is trying to figure out who will be served for dinner

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"ZH used to be a good place to get great information. Its quality has decreased proportionately with its popularity, unfortunately."

So you get your information from the comments section?  I'm guessing you also get your investment information from Yahoo messagebaords too?  You truly do live up to your name my friend

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"So you get your information from the comments section?"


Did I say so? ZH used to be a place where you could have decent, informed conversations in the comment section. Not the case any more as it is parasited by an unlimited number of fucking morons. And the quality of the posts on ZH is also going down hill as well, as ideology and hate for certain of groups, countries, etc. has more and more taken over fact based analysis. This post is a prime example of it with statements like: "to support the French campaign which at last check was going horribly.", which is in contradiction with what's really happening, as anybody who's following the events closely knows.

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which is in contradiction with what's really happening, as anybody who's following the events closely knows.


So which comment section should i be visiting to be following current events more closely?  I wanna be like you!  I wanna know "what's really happening!"

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You just have to read the news from multiple sources. At the end of it, you might have a fairly good picture of what's happening... I thought that was obvious, but apparently not to you!

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This source, one of many, shows France has a 'chicken' on its flag:


Drop 'em and git, boyz!

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"the offensive will be France's Afghanistan - and its downfall."

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Yeah like the JOO thing NEVER came up in the previous comments on ZH - it just appeared with all new savages.  Right....

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+1 FF


I was disgusted by both the article and the comments on the French rescue attempt and Mali air attack two days ago.  You will now get attacked by small minded ideologues who have never done a day's military service in their life.  One poster earns his crust in an arabian tax free emirate.  Two faced twat.

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Fuck 'em (the hostages).  They knew where they were working.  They are insured.  Are we supposed to start a war over some carpetbaggers?

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Jenkin's Ear set the standard.

After that, a beer fart on a still and muggy day is sufficient grounds for hostilities.

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Treasure hunt 3, Mansa Musa`s gold is after all real ,not
just in "alluvial sands" mining scams ...who else has the
guts to fly over featureless barren deserts with antique
Gazelles (real funny bees!) and maybe Mirage self defying

Being victimized by the Arabs of El Andaluz for centuries (being raided and raped while Spanish collaborators were then spared in submission) the French are the most pitiful tribe
out of Europe, genetically speaking.Even worse than our weasel vassal German rape victims, who got it from all
sides in their plains and have all the bastards to prove it.

Franks they all are no more, the color of their colonial history just mirrors their own abuse and the desire to pass
the curse upon others.

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"to support the French campaign which at last check was going horribly."


And where did you get that information from? All information coming from the ground seems to indicate that the operation is going according to plan... Wishful thinking much Tyler? Don't let your hate for anything related to France blur your vision of, well, the facts.

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All information coming from the ground seems to indicate that the operation is going according to plan

Well, don't know what 'ground' is talking to you, but the ground in  Diabaly and Konna are saying that the rag tag rebels are still holding their ground.   And Konna was not retaken as previously reported... 

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Up until today, it was the Mali's army that was "fighting". French forces only got involved on the ground today. Just give it time and see for yourself where they're at...

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NATO couldn't even deal with bearded backward hill people called the Taliban. I figured after the election this would pop off looks like the US is going get into another war.

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So 41 foreign hostages was "going to plan". Yep, sounds about right for French foreign policy.

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As far as I know, Algeria is not the same country as Mali, or is it? Didn't the US led intervention in Afghanistan had implications for, say, Pakistan? In which year were you born?

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The gas field is operated by a joint venture including BP...



fucking shoot them.  we don't give a flying fuck if you sent BP fucking shitheads through a fucking Algerian lamb grinder.  assholes. 

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Beg pardon, sire... Won't we hit our own troops? 

Yes... but we'll hit theirs as well.  We have reserves.  Attack.

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It will all be about oil and gold, with a little water rights sprinkled in, from now to the "great reset"!

And the funny thing about gold is, once it's in YOUR vault or safe, you start to think it YOURS!! Even if its your mother in laws, fathers, or closest geopolitical ally!

Can't wait for France to say to Germany, sorry it was stolen on transport to your loading location! The French know god damn well, what this request really means!!! If fucking Germany wants its gold back, ALL of it, what do you think the other weaker Countries are gonna say, that have Gold in Paris?

I agree with Tyler on this one, this is fucking BIG!!!!!! This may well be the crack in the Keynesian damn!

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Or the undoing of some damn Keynsian Syphilitic crack whore !  (cheers, good stuff)

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People Get Ready, there's a storm coming!

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Did any of the 41 foreigners have g*ns ?  Maybe the nice captors were just trying to perform a g*nectomy on the BP team ?  Maybe we aren't allowed to defend ourselves any more with g*ns ?  I sure hope they can talk nice to the leaders with their AK's.  Is the executive leadership aware of this conflict and do they need someone to write some nice letters to the terrorific men who took the hostages ?

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BP aka House of Roth***ld

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Hope & Change!

Oba-Mao is Amerika's muslim. A few co*ks posting here voted for him too.  F U! 

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they used to be kept under control by MoMar but-thanks again to the French and the oil companies-that was fucked up. also-will I have to get rid of my VW Tuareg if they are now considered ter-rists?