34 Hostages, 14 Kidnappers Killed In Algerian Standoff

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The Algeria hostage situation reported yesterday, where alleged Al Qaeda operatives took numerous hostages at a local BP, Statoil and Sonatrach JV gas plant in retaliation for the French incursion into Mali, has rapidly gone from bad to worse as some 34 hostages (out of the 41 originally reported) have been killed.

From Reuters:

Thirty-four hostages and 14 of their al Qaeda-linked kidnappers were killed on Thursday in an air strike by the Algerian armed forces, Mauritania's ANI news agency reported, citing one of the kidnappers holding captives at a desert gas field.


It was not immediately possible to independently verify the information from the agency, which has close contact with the group which has claimed responsibility for the mass kidnapping.


ANI reported that the spokesman for the kidnappers said they would kill the rest of their captives if the army approached.

And since of the original 41 hostages taken, 7 were US, the question is how many Americans were just killed. Expect a prompt response by the State Department as well as rapid escalation in West African hostilities.

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ha, and you say the us is not a manufacturing giant?


how about the wars we manufacture?


you go Hil, 



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Clearly they need to ban magazines that hold over 7 rounds in Algeria.



....and their doctors should screen them for any terroristic tendencys.

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bit of ritalin here and some zoloft there, good idea


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No they were told this was coming.




That nuke plant they raided is still running without staff.  The Oil wells are just them slapping assets around.  This is just the foreplay.  They still control the nuke plant.

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Mali: The result of Germany repatriating its gold!

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Laugh now, but some unimaginative pencil neck will probably draw the line somehow to gold, the common cold, the weather and any other mountain made out of a molehill.

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Fuckin airstikes, on hostages????


CPL's picture

I predict zero engineers enlisting to replace them.  

Those oil fields are as good as closed.

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yup - i think the commentors above missed that part

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What do you want? Kill them one by one manually? That is barbaric when you have technologies including planes, helicopters, missiles, drones... Progress!! 

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Tyler, you jumped too quickly in the story, again...

Only 6 hostages and 8 terrorists are confirmed dead as of now.

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Story is from Reuters and yours is from? What a piton.

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His numbers are clearly seasonally adjusted.

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Hedonic hostages and kidnappers.

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Have you ever heard of google news? Apparently Reuters contradicts itself...


here is for you, from Canadian CBC:

lgeria raided a remote Sahara gas plant on Thursday in an attempt to free dozens of foreign hostages held by militants with ties to Mali's rebel Islamists, U.K. and Japanese diplomats said. The militants claimed strafing by Algerian helicopters killed 35 hostages and 15 kidnappers.


Reuters, citing an unnamed source, reported that six foreign hostages and eight militants had been killed in the Algerian military operations.


The number of remaining hostages is unclear. A militant spokesperson told the AP that seven hostages remain alive, from the U.S., U.K. Belgium and Japan. The militants originally said they had seized 41 foreigners, including Americans, Britons, French, Japanese, Romanians, Malaysians, Irish and Norwegians, among others.


An Algerian security official had said, however, that around 20 foreign hostages had escaped earlier Thursday.

It was not possible to reconcile the conflicting reports from the complex, which is jointly operated by BP, Norway's Statoil and the Algerian Sonatrach company."


Piton you said?

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Africa, the next killing fields.

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LOL  whatever.  

My suspicion is the French no longer have the money to bribe the warchiefs in the area so the local REAL land lords are kicking the tenants out.   Economic collapse has a unintended side effect.  At one point the people you've been bribing to maintain the empire understand the money given is worthless.

There is a lot more of this coming if countries wish to continue business in worthless paper.  When a warlord says gold, they mean gold, not paper gold.  

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Warlord 101: "Always stick to the basics. Gold, Guns, Pussy, and Jack Daniels."

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Give a warlord a witchbuck & he will not hunger for a day...

Teach the warlord the cult of the witchbuck & he'll start shooting at you...


I'm trying 'witch' on for size here...

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Yep:  The new Southeast Asia; three way proxy wars China v. old European Colonial powers that think that it still belongs to them, vs. U.S. who wants all those natural resources too; with plenty of cannon fodder to go around...

Poor bastards aren't going to know what hit 'em... 

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The U.S. is included in the "old European Colonial Powers" and is ultimately subservient to UK interests.  You're also forgetting Russia, who is "frenemies" with China.  This is really just the UK vs. China/Russia.  Continuation of the Great Game.  

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There's always a silver lining:


Kidnap insurers eye sales as euro crisis bites


"LONDON (Reuters) - Insurers see opportunity to sell protection against kidnap risk...."




"Money never sleeps."

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CPL, do you have any information on the nuke plant you refer to?  I can only see reference to a gas plant in the ZH reports and your link. ty

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You can buy it online with a simple google search.  The uranium mines and processing in Mali are well known and the spine of the French energy industry.  The oil wells are just foreplay.  

Global Hunter's picture

Thank you for your reply.  I can only find 2 nuclear plants in Algeria, and zero in Mali, Chad or Niger, so I assume the plant you are referring to that they took over is in Algeria.  I will keep searching because I am intrigued.

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Check with ricefarmer.blogspot.ca


He's always got a third eye for digging up articles that get buried.  Otherwise google translate in to Russian, Chinese, Hindi and Spanish should give  you a better idea of what's going on.   The english news meme space is broken.

Japanese meme space...lol.  whatever.

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

I may be confused, but I think he's talking about the extensive uranium mining processing plants in Mali, a disruption of which would be a rather significant blow to the French (and others) power strucutre.  

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Kinda like the NYC shooting where the cops fired over 20 rounds, "at" the perp who died of a self inflicted single wound?

Collateral damage has gone the way of the dodo bird too i see.

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negro is not going to be happy about this, ...that is his turf and if there are going to be any cowardly killings from the sky, he will say who, what and were....

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Obummer just signed executive order 24, banning killing terrorists. Sighting they had a troubled childhood and should receive counseling instead.

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Another merit badge for Obama.

He's a funny guy: he wants to arm the rest of the world but disarm his own citizens.

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So how does our crumbing empire finally end?  Do we go the way of the Soviet Union with a slow collapse and a fairly amicable parting of ways in a couple of decades?  Or do we go out in some ill-conceived blaze of glory moment?  Or are our "leaders" even intelligent enough to recognize the end at all?

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It ends like Thelma and Louise.

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Whimpering in the dark covered in shit waiting for the big phony check from publishers sweepstakes while watching TV.  True story, watched five minutes of something called hoarders a couple of weeks ago.


That's how society ends.  Baffled by it's own bullshit and no clue what's for supper.

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"Expect a prompt response by the State Department as well as rapid escalation in West African hostilities."

I am no longer certain that the U.S. has a State Dept.  The silence from there, DOD, and the White House have been deafening.

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I hope this means we can stop pretending on "engagement" and start exterminating al quaeda an all affiliates like the cockroaches they are...

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Are you the last person on the planet to figure out that "Al Qaeda" is a CIA black op?

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Who's running that operation - Putin?

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Putin if it fails in the end

Obama if there's a sudden victory


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That one was awful.  They used an aerosolized Fentanyl derivative and they OD'd the whole place.

My old boss used to work for the DEA and was telling me about it.  

I guess there are worse ways to go?


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Nonetheless that incident has had the effect of discouraging hostage taking in Russia ever since.

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In 2005 wasnt there another hostage crisis where terrorists took hundreds of kindergartners hostage. Maybe they were withdrawing.

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Putain actually. Or perhaps Puta.

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His name is Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo.  Oh no, that's the dude who played hoops for Georgetown and the Houston Rockets.  He went back an calmed things down in the Congo by waiving his finger at anyone misbehaving.  That, of course, is why Kinshasa has been so peaceful since he retired from the NBA.  Maybe we can hire him to take his talents to Mali?

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so... who goes to Algeria anyway?!

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The boogerman "Al Qaeda" obviously.

Al Qaeda and Global Warming are the perfect enemies. Invisible to the eye, and the politically correct brigade will happily attack anyone questioning either.