Goldman's Most 'Event-Risk-Prone' US Equities

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With the Dell LBO potentially heralding the renaissance of re-leveraging risk transfer from equity-holders to credit-holders, Goldman's screen among investment grade and high-yield companies attempts to uncover the names most likely to engage in shareholder-friendly (or more specifically bond-holder unfriendly) events. From quantitative screens on cashflow, leverage, and cash to stock 'cheapness', industry suitablity, and management reputation, the following 47 names warrant further attention (in both CDS and equity markets).

Investment Grade Names...


High-Yield Names...


Charts: Goldman Sachs

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Really? "buy Dell computer"? Wow. Hard to imagine this site was founded by a guy who got fired by Goldman. Anywho "obviously buy energy and transportation stocks." This is shaping up rather quickly to be the first privately funded war since the US Civil War (where you had to show up at Brooks Brothers first to get your uniform. Long Orvis this time around.) i would also be long Remington Arms as "France needs 20 million assault rifles...made by pro French American rebels. And they need them tomorrow." I would also go long "CIA contracting division." Anyone with a budget and an attitude problem will be showing up in Mali in short order. Trust me..."the last thing we want is someone in charge."

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high cash balance companies are always targets.

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Strange - I do not see any banks on that list...

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whatever the squid does, do the reverse, the jewsquid always lies.

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Absolute Denial