How Many Central Banks Does It Take To Generate 1% GDP Growth In 5 Years?

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By order of their various 'independent' masters, the world's central banks have "got to work" over the past few years. Running the printing presses under the guise of various multi-syllabic programs designed to optically lower interest rates and feed fungible resources to its banking systems - that will inevitably (surely) flow to the real economy and make everything right with the world. Well, perhaps the following chart will explain just how good a "job" they are doing with that real-world, real-economy recovery...


(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)

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A brilliant mind with a good heart has no place in this techno-nightmare. Many wise men (and women) have said that information is the ultimate resource. Hell, even Gekko would admit that. Well, in this version of the matrix, open source information is a cardinal sin.


Aaron Swartz - Young, brilliant, moral and courageous enough to try and change the function of the great machine. He wanted information to be a public utility, one that is free to be used by all. He was healthy, wealthy and wise...and so he hung himself?

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But of an old friend of mine once said......"kli there are hangings and there are the hangers....either way you are hanged"...........In this case it will remain closed on Aaron............

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But Goldman's profits are soaring.

What part of God's work don't you understand you ungrateful peasants?


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did they get the VIX to 10 yet? 

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Hard to hoe the rows with a vampire squid on my face.

Lets_Eat_Ben's picture

My head is the noose already; as are many of ours.


And to the hangers: You are cowards! Know that for the rest of your shitty lives.

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No it will not.

His property rights to all systems intergration and management plus RSS is going to his parents.  The removal of open source statuses on certain products will be removed and charged through the nose to reflect the entire DoD budget.


Whoever killed him was incredibly stupid to understand what IP Aaron developed and now it's changing owners.  Change of owners, mean price change.  From open source, to closed and since they are all hooked on the crack of easy systems intergration with open source.  I predict layoffs.


Lots of them, to pay a single license of usage.  Site licenses will be available as well.  Departmental budgets must be presented prior to the price change to reflect the direct client cost.  No estimations will be given, the price will reflect 27.8% of any government client's gross budget.  That's that.  They wanted him dead, now there's the cost.

Here's where the kneecap for Aaron happens in typical passive agressive technology management.  Everyone has 6 months to migrate all of it once the changes are in effect.


Cough up 40 trillion dollars or no more updates and security holes stay open.  


Patches will be pushed with no notification or regression testing.


Patches and announcement will not sync up to fit into project plans.  Don't count on a patch tuesday...count on one every day, it might have release notes.




This one is my favorite.  Keep the level work around the same standard as the FAA is upholding.  No testing, won't even submit for peer review.  Claim we did, rubber stamp that fucker and deploy.  Then hold our collective professional breath to see how it breaks.

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Christ, I can't even imagine crimping RSS.  It's everywhere.

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Make plans to find something else then.  The price WILL be revised from Open Source to full on rape mode.  His parents are pissed.  Really pissed.

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Hey, leave 'm (the CB'ers) alone! It's hard work....all those 7 course dinners...champagne and hitting the 'print' button repeatedly.


Not evryone is cut out for that line of work.

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Yes, being the main architect and one of the most widely sought after professionals in the field of systems intergration and management is a heavy burden with all that money in past and future.  Aaron was obviously just wasn't happy with a close group of friends, a tight online community, money, girls falling over themselves to suck his king geek dick....


Yeah I don't believe the story either.  Neither do any of the Engineering Guilds..


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I thought he was gay.

And isn't free information like info-communism?

/sarc (wow, I never do that)

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What's up with the sarc tag? I know it's the free comment right? 

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Ahhh - because I have really deep feelings about this particular issue that prevent me from being a fully sardonic bastard. In the end, I don't think there is anything remotely funny about it.

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It's a hard pill to swallow that a happy 25 year old man with friends and a bright future regardless of some pissant kangaroo court case would decide to off himself.  Makes zero sense.  No letter either.

The one thing that is driving me crazy about it is Aaron had his place wired to the tits with cameras and video.  He's the RSS, broadband, multicast uber geek assuming that he didn't is naive, he invented it all (again 14 year old jedi knight).  

There is 300 points of video in 3D of the whole affair and my better's are keeping all the videos private.  Probably why the price change is coming.  As I've mentioned, his parents are spitting nails so are alot of very senior and powerful engineers.  Aaron had a lot of friends that understand his contribution to IM/IT/IS.  His death will be used as an example on how Engineers can pull the eyes, ears and wallets off the corpse of an enterprise if they are fucked with

It also means a company like Oracle, Microsoft, IBM are all now out of license and illegally using a product out of scope and cost to their projects.  And more importantly all of their clients are now also in deep shit because of the death of one man.  Like Apple can't keep it's shit together without it's chief architect guiding the technology.  Aaron guided all that is IM and interconnectivity which is a lot fucking bigger than all the companies put together.

This is how nuclear systems are managed.  This is how stock quotes are delivered.  This is how databases can mine for information.  That agent to carry the water is all owned by a single guy.  Aaron.  And the ownership has changed.  Risk on times infinity should be burned into their minds by the end of 2013.


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It's amazing. We are witnessing the death of truth.

Truth is the most precious thing to me.

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Meh, gay or straight, at conferences he always had some girls chasing him.  Maybe they were fag hags.  Anycase.  He's the 14 year old wizard that invented the sole reason we can get most databases, network gear and other junk out there to talk to each other in a agnostic manner versus the garbage before RSS.


14 and he invented that to develop the entire field of system information management.  Up until Aaron, well...I certainly hope everyone has a back up plan because after he was hero'd there is no replacement in the wings and all operational costs are going to become severely expensive.  Last job position I would recommend to anyone as of his death is CIO or Director.  

All your budget will belong to us, versus bases.  If people like being financially punished though, maybe that's the point. They need anyone using a database...ANY database to be run out of business.

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I couldn't agree more with you, Lets_Eat_Ben, regarding the Many wise men (and women) have said that information is the ultimate resource comment. And how spooky that we share it together today.

Posted by amanfromMars on 01/17/13 12:12 AM ….. asking a simple enough question on

"But the Fed does the exact same thing all the time using sophisticated accounting and state of the art computing. The Fed "expands its balance sheet" by buying government bonds from private banks. In exchange for these securities, the Fed credits the banks with funds it creates out of thin air. The banks then pass the funds to the general public through loans. But it's important to realize that the Fed does not have any money to actually buy the bonds in the first place. The funds are "created" by a Fed computer. The process is easier (and equally duplicitous) than minting a trillion dollar coin (which at least requires the production of something other than computer code). The only difference is the lack of window dressing. It's a shame that the platinum coin episode did not result in a wider recognition of this brutal truth."

Many thanks for those clear and honest observations and explanation of a criminal ponzi, Peter  ...... which would appear to be the modus operandi/vivendi of the global terror banking/fiat capital system?

And is it inevitable as intelligence grows and information is freely globally shared, unless there is a radical fundamental change in that system, that bank owners/executives will become the live targets for those whom they have dispossessed and forced into a world of unnecessary pain and despair?

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I didn't know who Aaron Swartz was until last night when I watched a part of a Democracy Now show on TV dedicated to him.    This kid was a brilliant patriot, a hero; a patron saint for social justice and this has to be one of the saddest and most tragic losses of this generation. And because what happened to him was criminally tragic, I expect a tsunami of reactions from the online community.   Watch this first: Must see video right afterwards:
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Game of Thrones: gov't and central banks now running (or ruining) our lives.

Lets_Eat_Ben's picture

Only the good die young...


And for you old fuckers out there: take up a cause and follow it to its end even if it means your end too. Don't just linger until time slowly turns you to dust. Make this world better for your posterirty.


A man who won't die for something is not fit to live.” - MLK

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If matter made any noise as it crossed the event horizon of a black hole, I'm pretty sure it would sound a lot like a Central Bank's printing press running full blast...

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What is it in dollars?

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Delta since Dec 07

GDP: $1.438T

CBA: $5.470T

(percent changes in graph are CAGR)

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I concur. By my back of the envelope calculation, CB's Return on Assets comes to 0.459%. At that rate they could have just bought 4 year U.S. Treasury paper. Oh wait....

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Will continue until the supply lines break or EBT cards no longer work. Hedge accordingly.

Winston Churchill's picture


Whats your timeline ?

Parameters will do.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Based on what the people of India, China, and Africa are willing to accept as "living standards".  It could be a while.  Of course there are many exponential equations at work here, so who the fuck knows. Things can get ugly quick. Never underestimate the stupidity of humanity, or what they are willing to do in a desparate situtation.

Winston Churchill's picture

Ther is a big difference between being born into those living standards,

and being submerged into them from a much better one.

TPTB don't have the time left IMO,for the slow gradulist approach which would

have to be multi generational.A short sharp event is more probable,the old

standby is of course war for delivering it.Then supply lines do break.

Talking of which,now the Chinese control the Panama canal,thru'

Hutchinson Whompoa,a tragic 'accident' could really screw the US miltary,

and commercial supply lines.

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Laws is right....

I can't remember how many times in the recent past I've said 'desperate people do desperate shit'

Glass Seagull's picture


So you're saying there's a chance.....

HD's picture

If your central bank erection lasts longer than five years consult your doctor...

mayhem_korner's picture



So what's the "money multiplier", 1 -E09? 

francis_sawyer's picture

Quit bitching people ~ The magnitude of the problem & policy* response [by the CB's themselves] is allowing you to purchase PM's [not to mention other hard & soft commodities] at what STILL are ~ bargain basement prices...

Why all the hand wringing?


If it's gonna take 7 years to repatriate Germany's gold, then that's all you need to know about policy ~ as well as their HOPED FOR timeline... [The bartender just gave "last call for alcohol"]...

poor fella's picture

The real bummer is having bargain basement prices for the next century. 

That would mean a certain lucky few, a generation down the line might expect  one hell of an inheritance

If so, it's still worth keeping assets out of this farce of a system. 

francis_sawyer's picture

 "If so, it's still worth keeping assets out of this farce of a system..."


You do what you can do... If you're worried about PROFIT yourself, then you're just about as bad as the ones you're accusing... Instead ~ if you take the HIGHER ROAD of refusing to participate in a corrupt system, then you gain a measure of FREEDOM...

I've finally come to the idea that I cherish the FREEDOM more than the PROFITS.,..

poor fella's picture

I hear ya. I'm not thinking like Stephanie Ruhl where everyone has to be a BIG DOG and GET PAID and BANG SOME PROFITS cuz THAT'S THE SYSTEM and DON'T HATE THE PLAYAH' - can't stand that chic

I know things are unsustainable, think long term, and do the little things (like working on the garden and energy projects around the house) - but there are some around me that absolutely refuse to see the forest. A little scare would go a long way to getting people to THINK.

I NEVER would have thought we'd see millions of walking dead that watch those stupid fucking shows on t.v., get plastic surgery, go into debt over a vehicle to look wealthy, etc.

In the words of RAtM, "WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!!" 

that's all. I just want to see what more the Central Bankers will do during a little 'OH FUCK' moment that affects those that think things are fine. Sick of Ben's SMUG FUCKING FACE.

If we don't see change soon, it'll be too late ecologically - which I feel it almost is. 

poor fella's picture

I agree about freedom. I was driving today and saw a quanset hut house, with a ghost town facade, a little garden and shop on the side and mature trees all around. There were hand made 'things' around like tables, chairs, wind-chimes, weird tools, etc.

For some reason, that made me think about that dude in Reno that was found with millions worth of gold. 

I had a sense that these people really figured it out. Save enough to not have to worry about basic needs and spend time doing the things you like. The time to get it together is now. Technology never did award people with more free time. My goal is the middle ground of not 100% free time (homeless on the street) and productive/satisfying work. TIME for yourself.

Watched "Riding the Rails" about the 250k hobo teens that took to the rails during the Depression. Showed the cities filled with homeless teens and talked about how they (barely) got by. One guy who experienced it said, "We went west thinking somebody is going to need us, we're young and hard working, and we're going to find good work. Nobody needed us."

The jobless cancer in Europe will be hard to ignore much longer as it really starts to take hold in the U.S. 

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The new normal is the same as the old normal(in the dark ages), SERFDOM!

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Remember when they said this stuff was for the purpose of getting small business and consumer lending going again? Ha ha ha ha!

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I suggest they use a different color like Australia did on their weather maps  when the temperature exceeded all previous records. Would have more impact and instill more confidence!

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Hell, all that pumping and the real world economy is earning passbook savings account rates. This has got to be bullish for stawks !

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How much of that is the iPhone5?