US Mint Out Of Silver Coins - Suspends Sales

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As we noted earlier this month, the demand for both gold and silver 'physical' coins has been record-breaking as 2013 began. So much so, that now after selling over 6 million silver coins in 2013 so far, the US Mint has run out of silver eagles and has suspended sales. Furthermore, the Mint is saying that it will not restart sales until January 28th! With all asunder proclaiming victory and crisis averted based on the nominal price of stocks at five-year highs, Swiss interest rates no longer negative, and Spanish bond yields at 5%, it seems there are still a few that demand the wealth-preserving safe-haven of hard assets as the escalation of the currency wars shows no sign of abating.

Authorized Purchasers,


The United States Mint has temporarily sold out of 2013 American Eagle Silver Bullion coins.  As a result, sales are suspended until we can build up an inventory of these coins.  Sales will resume on or about the week of January 28, 2013, via the allocation process.


Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.




Jack A. Szczerban

Branch Chief, Precious Metals Group

Department of the Treasury

United States Mint

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lakecity55's picture

Divergence from paper begins....

boogerbently's picture

Gold coins next.

THEN the "bidding" war begins.

Snakeeyes's picture

Yes indeedy. Panic is beginning to set in.  And those silver eagles are beautful!!!

Pinto Currency's picture


Empty shelves are exactly what you get with price controls.

Silver is no different.

Almost Solvent's picture

Remain Calm!


As this morning's article points out, SLV added like a billion tons the other day. They simply bought it all from the US Mint.



Everything is under control!





nope-1004's picture

If I stop selling guns, will demand subside?  Hmmm.....


fourchan's picture

ounces just like the law of the land defines.

berlinjames02's picture

Yeah... Check out the 'coins by bag' section at APMEX. Before Christmas it was no problem to buy some old Morgans or Peace dollars. Now, it's like a ghost town (Virginia City??).  Hardly any old coins in stock.

AllThatGlitters's picture

Funny thing, premiums on Eagles are rising dramatically TONIGHT, but Spot Silver is still holding back:

An advertiser on that site says they have the best prices, but I only see 900+ Eagles in inventory there!



SafelyGraze's picture

ruul 1 of economy 101:

the lower the price, the lower the supply


SilverIsKing's picture

Perhaps they want to knock the paper price down a few dollars and don't want to sell the coins when the price is depressed. If we get a raid or two now while those who buy from the mint cannot do so, maybe that is indeed the case. A dip now and a ramp before January 28th?

Shocker's picture

How that recovery working out. Just a sign of the times.

mick68's picture

I guarantee central bankers and the like are very nervous right now. The vampires have just been shown the silver cross.

GetZeeGold's picture




Calling Buffy the vampire fiscal chicks with an attitude.

Raymond Reason's picture

I always wanted to grab Jeff Christian by the hair to see if he wears a wig.  Everything else is false. 

Al Gorerhythm's picture

I always wanted to grab him by the throat.

akak's picture

I tried grabbing the leprechaun by the balls once ... couldn't find any.

francis_sawyer's picture

Same deal at the local coin shops... All junk inventory is gone...

EasterBunny's picture

Anyone know if the sales volumes of Canadian Silver Maples and Austrian Philharmoniker are published anywhere?

It would be very interesting to see the volume trends. I've tried to google, but no dice....

debtor of last resort's picture

Over here (Netherlands) also, bags junk silver "not in stock". Since several weeks.

Zwelgje's picture

If you are willing to pay 28 euro's per silver round you can get plenty in Holland.

EasterBunny's picture

get maples or philharmonikers here for 27


berlinjames02's picture

Also FYI - Cash component of M1 is ~$1.0 trillion. So, if the trillion dollar coin idea had been instituted, it would have doubled the supply of currency overnight. I kept thinking, 'I wonder how the Chinese a feel about that?' Probably pretty similar to Zimbabwe creditors. 

bigkahuna's picture

Daniel Carr take notice, there will probably be no ASE proofs again this year.

peter4805's picture

Wow! Just wow!. Checked APMEX prices on the few 100 coin bags of Morgans that they have in stock. These coins are AG to VF junk grade and they're getting anywhere from 30-50% over spot! and selling out! It appears there is just a slight disconnect between reality and official spot price.

San Diego Gold Bug's picture

Premiums jumped big today at the dealers.  Most got one shipment from the mint earlier this week and are now out.  Apmex is out, Libertycpm has boxes and so does Gainsville.  Premiums up 3-7% today but don't worry about inflation.  Price jump is at hand!!

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Tulving out too. It's 3.99 over spot for a MB at Apmex and 3.89 at Provident. Add in postage and you are over $5 for smaller amounts. not much inventory at the local stores that I check.

fourchan's picture

lol ill trade mine for fiat paper,,,not! look at the out flow, all paid for with fiat, jokes on ben.



Bullion Proof Uncirculated 1986 5,393,005 1,446,778 1987 11,442,335 904,732 1988 5,004,646 557,370 1989 5,203,327 617,694 1990 5,840,110 695,510 1991 7,191,066 511,924 1992 5,540,068 498,543 1993 6,763,762 405,913* 1994 4,227,319 372,168 1995 4,672,051 407,822 1995-W 30,125* 1996 3,603,386 498,293 1997 4,295,004 440,315* 1998 4,847,549 450,728 1999 7,408,640 549,330 2000 9,239,132 600,743 2001 9,001,711 746,398 2002 10,539,026 647,342 2003 8,495,008 747,831 2004 8,882,754 801,602 2005 8,891,025 816,663 2006 10,676,522 1,092,477* 466,573* 2006-P Rev Pr 248,875* 2007 9,028,036 821,759 621,333* 2008 20,583,000 700,979 533,757*    2009 30,459,000    2010 34,764,500   2011 40,020,000

El Tuco's picture

The Canadian Mint has silver coins still available.


Same price as the US....

akak's picture

Buy from Kitco, feed the Nadless.

No thanks.

SilverRhino's picture

Screw that want a decent conversation piece?   

Buy silver bullets ....  

fredquimby's picture

Sweeeeeeeeeet! Gotta have to get one of those .22 puppies for sure

Moe Howard's picture

The problem with those "rounds" is the NorthWestTerritorialMint. 


Do a BBB search. They are quick to take money, slow to hand over product.

gold_bug's picture

Why can't SLV simply re-hypotheticate but need it in physical form ? Are SLV buyers demanding physical delivery ..... and if that is the case, physical delivery has to be made else the fraud becomes evident....


Am I connecting the dots right.... ?

lincolnsteffens's picture

ding-a-ling..... better read the fine print. If they don't have the silver they can give you cash or a check!!!

Oh I forgot, you have to fork over hundreds of fiat notes to buy the full prospectus. You didn't do that, did you?

gold_bug's picture

I am not in SLV and hold physical. But trying to imagine why do they need to buy physical when they can just go without it like you mentioned... "give cash or check if it demands so".

fredquimby's picture

Because everone hates paper and SLV wants to be seen as a genuine allocated/backed-by-physical option for investors. Also, the more phys they buy, the better that helps the phys price advance so win-win for them to get as much as possible IWT



Freddie's picture

Ammo and gun mags have gone total retard.  Guns too.  The prices are through the roof and the supply is zero.

Hope & Change


Molon Labia aka Come and get them pu**y


Manthong's picture

Labia works for me.

On a related topic, in their rush to crush the Constitution, the idiot liberals in New York look to make all of their cops criminals.

Maybe the two or three right minded people in the legislature there can use this SNAFU in their Nazi law to knot it all up.