Meet Mike, The Most Radioactive Fish Ever From Fukushima

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Almost two years after the awful nuclear disaster occurred, a fish caught near Fukushima on Friday January 18th had a record-breaking level of radioactive contamination over 2500x the legal limit. TEPCO measured 'Mike the Murasoi' at 254,000 becquerels per kilogram (with the limit for edible seafood at 100 becquerels). As Le Monde reports, the previous record (caught on August 21st 2012) was a mere 25,800 becquerels/kg. As further precautions, TEPCO is installing new nets 20km around the Fukushima Daichi site to avoid highly contaminated fish gettig too far and being consumed by other species. While Mike's family are no doubt distraught (at him being caught and being so radioactive), it appears (somewhat disappointingly) that there is no apparent third eye, lazer fins, legs, or other 'expected' 'blinky' malformations.


Mike - the slightly crispy looking Marusoi...


Doesn't look anything like Blinky...

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Insideher Trading's picture

Better than evil carbon producing fossil fuels.

Go Green!

Payne's picture

find some Radioactive anchovies and you will scare me, Tuna food chain !

HardlyZero's picture

Tuna has been off my food list for over a year now.   I guess farm raised food will be in our future...or maybe this will be a fantastic business opportunity for the Soylent Corporation.

The Second Rule's picture

Fleet boats have been hauling in radioactive tuna in San Diego for over a year. They just don't report on it anymore. I think ZH did actually report on it though, quite awhile ago.

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Except for me .... this is a who's who of the Saturday morning socialist nerds who infest this blog .... make a copy for post "bubble pop" extermination contingency plans !  Good fishing, Tyler .... the net is full of glittering monuments of socialist naivete ! These are the handi-capped parking space users of the ZH super market !

mkhs's picture

Don't be so modest, Mondas.  Oh, damn, now I'm on the list.

Atomizer's picture

Japan: we yell filer in happy theater in hopes to cash in..

S&P Japan unit rapped over CDO ratings mistakes


Everything comes full circle in exposing a gambling mess & who collects what..

Dr. Engali's picture

Did something happen in Japan? I don't believe it because the TV didn't tell me.

FoeHammer's picture

I'll fill you in. Everything is A O.K.!

Now back to your regularly scheduled PROGRAMMING.

Martin Silenus's picture

One fish, two fish, red fish...MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT???

ZeroAvatar's picture

That, my good fellow, is a Black Snapper.  What next?  Clams with  beards?

AgAu_man's picture

What's wrong with "clams with beards"?  Don't you like hairy clams?  Or pearl-diving? 

Martha keeps telling me that I should try these.  ;-)

moonstears's picture

Reminds me, saw on the boob-tube BK rolling out a fish "sammich" to compete w/ McD's here in the South Eastern USA. Coincidence?

Oh, guess they're (BK glowing(?) fish sammich) "bigger" too?

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Radioactive fish are no problem for "The Irradia Couple". They need to eat radiation to survive.

Love the glowing green eyes.

JackT's picture

How much sea life exists from the Fuku shoreline to the 20km net?

What about sea life that can easily flow through the net, like plankton? 

2nd generation of tuna, born off the shores of Japan should be arriving off the US coast soon.  Can't wait to see what those test results show. 



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Radioactive tuna already reported in San diego over a year ago. Article's somewhere here on ZH but I'm too lazy to search for it.

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Here in Japan, one must always endeavor to appear as though you have a solution to a given problem, despite the fact you have nothing but stupid, government funded gimmicks.

Otherwise known in Japanese as "ganbaru", which loosely translates to "look busy".

Inthemix96's picture

This fish out side the harbour in Japan says to his mate,

"You know what?, I am sick and tired, of feeling ill and fatigued"

(think about it ZHers)


ShrNfr's picture

What's that in BEDs (Bananna Equivalent Doses)?

PrintemDano's picture

The fact that this fish was @ 2500x the LEGAL limit and was still alive tells me all I need to know about the veracity of government limits [the same government that calls CO2 a pollutant, prints $$, and tries to disarm it's citizens].  Never believe ANY utterance of government.  I'll have some chips with that live, and apparently healthy fish.   

     Apparently the fish didn't get the Cover sheet on it's TPS report or else would have died from being @ 2500x the government limit for radiation.


  Down arrow away, just remember the same government that you completely distrust you suddenly trust on radiation limits.

Lore's picture

Keep the fish alive and revisit it when it's old and grey.

I have known a few people who were exposed to SOMEthing early in their lives who died decades later with their bodies riddled with tumours.

Most ZHers understand that the long term ramifications of Fukushima are not being discussed. Fukushima is like depleted Ux: verboten in Western media.

It is STILL pouring radiation. They STILL haven't got it under control.

PrintemDano's picture

Lots of living things get cancer when they are old and grey.

Freddie's picture

There pretty much is not a way to get it under control.  If you saw the pictures you would understand.  It is like that game where you pull sticks out and hope and the marbles do not fall out.  They almost cannot move anything especiall BLDG 4.  If 4 collapses then the world is pretty mcuh ****ed.   Meanwhile Operation Mockingbird (CIA news and TV) including TV and Hollywood give Ben Affleck awards about the fictional capture of Bin Laden who was dead years ago.   F TV F Hollywood F the libs.   Affleck wants to run for the Senate in Mass.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

You wrote:

"Affleck wants to run for the Senate in Mass."

Tells you everything you need to know about the once great state, or great until some 100 years ago.

AgAu_man's picture

Rhetorical question:  Why would they have knocked off THE best poster boy of all time?  I.e. The Poster Boy for DoD's budgeting and free-range ops.

Heck, if he weren't a genuine "Rebel Without A Cause", why, a person with even a bit of imagination + deviousness (found by the hundreds or thousands in intel agencies and think tanks), would have to think that he was the best double-agent of all time.  The controllable FLY STRIP to attract all those uncontrollable Flies.  That, my friend, is what you call a paradigm-shift in how to see that... "rebel"/"asset":  Project Fly Strip.

At some point, as John Le Carre pointed out in one of his spy novels (The Spy Who Came In From The Cold), even the best agents need to retire, and "come in from the cold". 

Don't know who or what they dumped into the ocean under such... 'controlled' conditions (we've all seen the Bond movie!), but my fiat says that The Rebel (The Asset) is having a jolly good time shaggin wife number... whatever on his estate back home.  You'd never recognize him if you were to see him now -- all shaved, hair cut and in a nice Armani suit.

PrintemDano's picture

I didn't hear anyone say unlimited radiation is not harmful.   Read into things much?

Super Broccoli's picture

so good side of the line is for japanese consumption, tepco's side for export !

Inthemix96's picture

In fact fuck it.

We know the world is fucked so lets have a laugh.  Pretend its Friday, and I'll go first,

This doctor comes into the ward and has a grave look on his face, he goes up to the seriously ill patient who screams at him,

"DOCTOR, Help!!!, I can't feel my legs!!!!!"

"Thats right", says the doctor,

"After the car crash, we had to amputate them".

Boom fucking boom, next?

rufusbird's picture

New convenience food, NO cooking required!

razorthin's picture

Fukushima will be renamed Leukeshima.

Ham-bone's picture

Luckily it's a really big world and Japans problems will never affect me here in Oregon...phewww.

...or is it effect me...always perplexed by that one...will the glowing in the Pacific affect me or effect me???  Hard to say.

JustPrintMoreDuh's picture

Just a little highly energetic snow ... nothing to get into a fit over.  So did you hear about Lance Armstrong?

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OK. It's hard to tell what's going on in this video because there's no information in the about section. But, the unit on the left is an Inspector Alert Nuclear Radiation Monitor, a unit that sells for about a $1000 and is considered fairly accurate, if you don't contaminate the sensor (the sensor is shielded in plastic so we can assume the user followed the directions). According to the user manual here is how the Inspector works:

The Inspector Alert uses a Geiger-Mueller tube to detect radiation. The Geiger tube generates a pulse of electrical current each time radiation passes through the tube and causes ionization. Each pulse is electronically detected and registers as a count.

Here's the key to this video. Stop the video at exactly 0.22s. In the still frame you can see clearly that the "mode switch" is set to milliroentgens per hour (mR/hr). You can also see that the unit is using SI settings because the LCD screen is clearly displaying µSv/hr in the lower right hand side of the panel. So, now that we know what system of units we're using and what mode we're in we can see that the unit is reading 62 µSv/hr  avg. referencing a table from Wiki:


1) 5 to 10 µSv --one set of dental radiographs
2) 80 µSv --average dose to people living within 16 km of Three Mile Island accident
3) 400 to 600 µSv -- two-view mammogram, using weighting factors updated in 2007


1) 0.27 µSv/h avg -- Human exposure to natural background radiation, global average
2) 2.7
µSv/h avg -- Natural background radiation at airline cruise altitude
) 15 µSv/h avg -- Ambient field inside most radioactive house in Ramsar, Iran
4) 90 µSv/h avg -- Natural radiation on a monazite beach near Guarapari, Brazil.
5) 100 µSv/h avg -- NRC definition of a high radiation area in a nuclear power plant, warranting a chain-link fence.

So the chronic dose examples are rather alarming. If I got the dosimetry calcs right this is equal to 230X global background radiation average! 6-10 hours standing in this spot is the equivalent of a 2-view mammogram. Just a little less than 40 µSv/h shy of the NRC threshhold for a nuclear plant high radiation area.

The Second Rule's picture

Nihongo ga wakarimasen.

But I just calculated that if you spent 64 weeks on this spot you would have received the equivalent of the highest dose by a worker responding to the Fukushima emergency. 0.67 Sieverts. A massive dose. Almost sure to cause cancer -- 0.1 Sv is the lowest annual dose linked to increased cancer risk. But, according to our trustworthy friends at PBS:

"...spending a day in a town near the Fukushima plant will expose a person to an extra 3.5 microsieverts of radiation"

Hmm. I would move to "that" town, because that works out to about five minutes spent in "this" town.

Rusty Shorts's picture

Thanks, the Fukushima catastrophe is an ongoing catastrophe. Unbelievable indeed.

The Heart's picture

Holy macaroni! THAT!!! high, maybe the highest publicly recorded reading to date.

Where is this located? Do you know?

Normal background should be .020-.080 uSv/hr.

These redings are very very high. One Sievert is too high!

The Second Rule's picture

Yes, you're right. These are incredibly high readings. I forgot to mention normal background readings and corrected the post.

Joebloinvestor's picture

What should scare the crap out of everyone is that it started out as a crab.

foxmuldar's picture

Remember when acid rain was the big scare? They recommended you eat only one fish you caught per week. Now they radiate everything you eat and say its good for you. WTF!

seek's picture

Just FYI... That works out to 3 millisiverts per year if you ate a kilogram of fish.

On one hand, not significantly dangerous (short term) ... on the other, eating a fish would basically more than double your annual radiation exposure. That can't be good.

Japanese annual fish consumption is 70kg per year, if they were all Mike, they'd be getting an extra .25 Sv per year.

TIMBEEER's picture

I'm not an expert, but you cannot compare background radiation with eating or breathing radioactive material. If you eat the fish, you will not just be bombarded with radioactivity, but in that case you have all the Cesium, Plutonium and other substances within your body. These radiactive materials will remain within your body for a long long time, exposing you to considerable alpha (not Cs) / beta / gamma radiation from within, which is totally different than the radiation "in the air".

CoolBeans's picture

If I already have cancer I wonder if I can cure it by eating more fish.

I know, there is no winning in this mess.