Visualizing Silver As An Investment

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Silver is like gold in many ways; both are precious metals with long histories as currencies. They are malleable, lustrous, ductile, resilient, and rare. However, as Visual Capitalist illustrates in this spectacular infographic, silver investors should be aware of the three main differences between silver and gold. From silver's relative volatility and correlation to industrial demand, track record, diversification benefits, and the three ways to get exposure to silver, this colossal image provides everything you need to know in one place.

Click image for massive (legible version).


Source: Visual Capitalist

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Is too manipulated and why price is stuck in a rut.

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Is completely manipulated, keeping the price at a percentage of its' value, making it a steal. How many currency products can you say that about? No counterparty risk. It is like christmas every buying opportunity.

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Silver fundamentals:

  1. Vital for space-efficient PV solar panels in era of Global Warming (not used in thin film). 1oz silver in every panel!
  2. Wide range of industrial uses (no substitutes for most of them), and growing
  3. Poor Man's Gold.
  4. USGS predicts extreme scarcity by 2020. One of the first metals to disappear.
  5. Carbon taxes (inevitable) will limit mine supply.
  6. Peak Oil will limit mine supply (mines use a lot of fuel).
  7. Much less of it above ground than gold, so it's a tiny market that can go ballistic.
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You mean they just print Monopoly Money on paper?

rehypothecator's picture

No, there are houses and hotels that back every single Monopoly dollar ever printed.  They are admittedly rather small, and, come to think of it, are made out of red and green plastic, but they still back the money - which is something that can't be said for the US dollar.  

Pinto Currency's picture

Interesting graph of silver shorts showing the deception of the commercial futures shorts being beyond the physical available for delivery:


EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

I buy my kids 100 ounce bars. They understand completely, more so than your average Zerohedge reader.

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Threadjack here

This post is directed to Sacrilege or anyone else who knows.

Is there a method to determine if someone has responded to one of my posts? This used to be a feature on the old website, and if there is no method, I would like to request one. I am sure most people here value their time, and would appreciate some kind of notification mechanism.

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"Is there a method to determine if someone has responded to one of my posts?" yeah, you're reading it..................

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Sacrilege said something like 'we want people to view from the top' or some shit when I cornered him about it. Must be for the ads.

So best you can do is track yourself to see the posts you commented on and them use find and find next on your name

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The gist of the piece imo is that the silver market is small, and the value is obviously dependant upon whether it is hoarded (saved) or just traded in passing.  It is such a small market it could be cornered by HFs.  And if the people loaded up prior to said HFs putting on pressure, the HFs would become the people champions, and this is fitting for such a astute bunch.  Cooperation is such a manner would be fitting for their knowledge and aspirations being provided to all who wanted to participate.  And this could theoretically happen, particularly in a situation where the government is trying to spend too much and tax too much. 

in Aldo Raines voice:

And the gubmint would fear these HFs

And the people would appreciate these HFs

And the people would be prosperous

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basically...not as good as gold


It is goldman Sachs NOT Silverman Sachs

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If you limit your spam,

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and then on "Follow this user's comments"

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You cannot see if any replies exist though.  :-(

You then have to pull up each of your spams to see if anyone replied. :-(

mr_T's picture

I got both types of honest money... Silver and Gold.

90% of the people know the bansters/politicians are theives, but they feel more safe leaving their savings in fiat stored in their banks...makes no sense to me.

I pity those fools..

hairball48's picture

The lil green houses and red hotels were made out of wood in our Monopoly set when I was growing up. Later we added the money from other sets. The increased money supply allowed the game to go on longer. Imagine that :)

geekgrrl's picture

I remember wood houses and hotels from when I was very young (and metal pieces to represent the players), but I never tried to expand the money supply. I'm interested to know if you have any more details of what you learned from increasing the money supply beyond just making the game last longer, a useful insight in and of itself?

hairball48's picture

Yeah a couple things...keeping in mind this was late 50's and early 60's and I was like 12.

As the properties became "bought up", and privately owned with houses and hotels on them..."Strategic negotiations"(buying and trading properties) with other players became more expensive. Everyone scrambling for the better properties with higher rents bid prices up...because they had the cash....the money supply having been expanded and access to "cash" easier. Amazing huh?

I always wanted to be the "Locomotive" as a playing piece. And yeah the pieces were "pewter" or some silver/grey "pot metal" in our early game set.

:) :)

centerline's picture

That is some serious hard core monopoly playing.

hairball48's picture

My older brother(by 6 years) was responsible for incresing the money supply and yes, the game did go on a long time. Not much TV back then and on rainy days playing Monopoly was what we often did.

geekgrrl's picture

Thanks hairball. I think it's fascinating how much the world resembles Monopoly (especially its money). I think my distrust in banking is partly due to that game.

And I think you're right, the older pieces were pewter. I remember the top hat, especially.

francis_sawyer's picture

In the future, it'll be CHEAPER for Parker Bros to use FRN's (from the recycling center), than print Monopoly money...


PS ~ I always liked the wheelbarrow... I never understood the reason for that gamepiece [as a kid]... Now ~ it's EASY to understand...

philosophers bone's picture

Francis I am wheelbarrow guy for same reason.
Monopoly is truly timeless, other than inflation and if they made the game now there would be a new Chance card that whoever is the banker can just randomly fuck whoever he / she wants!

francis_sawyer's picture

my guess is that if came down to that, EVERY 'Chance' card would be printed that way...


Well, I take that back, there still would be:

- Pay poor tax of $15 billion + Street Repairs (for the sheep)

- GET OUT OF JAIL FREE (for the bankers)

Shigure's picture

My Monopoly set has wooden houses and hotels and pewter pieces :)

The game started out as "The Landlord's Game" with the object of showing that rents enriched property owners and impoverished tenants.

The 1936 German edition of Monopoly was denounced (allegedly by Goebbels), perhaps because the high ranking members of the Nazi party lived on those sections of the game board with the highest property values.

Monopoly was also banned in the Soviet Union - they obviously didn't get the original purpose of the the game.

Edit: my favourite player token is the dog. Would be great if we could all meet up for a game sometime!

perchprism's picture


Hairball, we are of an age, yet I can not recall any locomotive game piece.  Boat, Scotty Dog, Shoe, Hat, Thimble, Cannon, Race Car, Iron, and wheelbarrow.

No Coo-choo, sorry.

scrappy's picture

How Henry George's Principles Were Corrupted
Into the Game Called Monopoly

Umh's picture

Why would you want a Monopoly game to last longer?

JeffB's picture

Don't forget "The full faith and credit" of Hasbro International.


Papasmurf's picture

A house or hotel can become worthless or worse, and become a liability. 

GeorgeHayduke's picture

Haha! Excellent point.

Further, in the future you could use Monopoly money to start a fire for cooking your daily ration of a can of beans that the feudal lord so generously provide us for a 16-hour-day's labor. The vast majority of mass produced Federal Reserve electronic digi-dollars won't even provide that much value.

jonjon831983's picture

I think on another site it was theorized that Buffett's recent investment in a solar company will be a driver for buying up silver.



"Warren Buffett to build world's largest solar energy project

Billionaire US investor Warren Buffett is taking a $2.5bn (£1.5bn) bet on solar energy, acquiring what is set to become the largest photovoltaic development in the world."

ptolemy_newit's picture

What happens first if the world economies tank?

Is it severe deflation?  And what does that mean for copper and silver?


typing in the dark

THX 1178's picture

If world economies tank then world markets tank. If world markets tank then the derivatives structure implodes. If it is allowed to implode, the entire worldwide financial system is toast. If it is not alllowed to implode and it is balied out... we're talking hyperinflation. Either way, the USD is worthless. There is zero hedge. Except PMs I suppose.

JeffB's picture

It seems to me that in a deflationary environment the relative value of "money" goes up. People economize and purchase fewer things, preferring to save &/or store money for emergencies that may come up.

Stocks would tend to go down as sales would go down, and they would be perceived as more risky than having "money".

But I think there's a very good chance that more and more people will begin to see gold and silver in their historical role as "money" over against fiat dollars that at one time were literally "as good as gold". As more and more of them flood the market, the realization that at the end of the day they are really green pieces of paper with pictures of dead presidents on them, and "the full faith and credit" of an insolvent nation isn't really worth all that much.


geekgrrl's picture

My sense is that even with the full-court press of fiat proponents, the concept that gold and silver is money cannot be eradicated. These ideas, as you point out, are long standing, to the point where "good as gold" and "silver linings" are part of our vernacular, even in a world of fiat. When fiat fails, good as gold will be right there to replace the void of confidence, followed by lots of silver linings.

otto skorzeny's picture

as long as uncle sam has a shitload of carriers and bullets and can project power around the world then the dollar is worth something-"Fuck you -pay me"-Ray Liotta in Goodfellas. if the US is ripped apart internally-that's a different story-then I'm guessing 5.56 and 7.62x39 ammo is worth more than some shiny coins. last night my fave online ammo seller got about 125 1000 rd boxes of 7.62x39($100 more per box than a month ago) up for sale at about 9 pm and by 10 pm it was gone(I bought 1)-I refreshed the page every 5 minutes and another 5 boxes would be  gone.

Room 101's picture

The take away then is to diversify.  PMs are part of it, but so is Pb, food, potable water, etc.  The PM market is feeling an awful lot like the ammo market of about 6 months ago. 

new game's picture

if things get shitty, the world will let u rub your shiny silv, someone will shoot u with pb and take it for free.

sorta like the bankers only without force.

the time will come to bail and become mobile.

or take a stand and loose it all and your life..

be the wolve or die.

centerline's picture

+1.  Just don't expect PMs or anything else to make you rich in the process.  Also, don't expect the term "rich" to mean the same thing in the future.

TheGardener's picture

Centerline, some ZH`er said here long time ago (2 years ?)
"if an ounce of gold is $ 5000 this will be the least
of your problems " .

I haven`t figured out yet what I should wish for my stack
of poor-mans-gold , considered a highly speculative investment and entered into when the dealers where out
of the real thing back then.

P.S. The commercial above presented as an editorial
advertises ETF`s and junior miners, we `ve been had,
Tylers troll trap...

jmcadg's picture

So much of the 'presentation' is crap. To be offering paper assets as an option is laughable, including mining stocks in my opinion.

Musical chairs - 400 people dancing to the music, one chair left, and I'm already sitting on it.

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture


There will "first" be:

  • price deflation of things you own (house, equities, PMs, ...)
  • price inflation of things you need (energy, food, bullets, ...)

Somewhat later comes hyperinflation, whereby the currency is rejected by sellers.

tango's picture

You mean the law of supply and demand still works?  Send memo to FED.   In a way this trend has been in place for some time now.  I noticed that Filet Mignon has been excluded from the list of items for inflation since they  the inflation board sicnce (their logic) folks will switch to cheaper cuts.  Of course, Ribeyes are higher than Filet was just a few years ago and readying for another spike.

Xinu's picture

HHHMMMM, where have I heard that before? ;-)

hivekiller's picture

There is no global warming other than the normal climate changes produced by the sun. Get a clue.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

If that were true then the moon would see increases in temperature where the sun's radiance hits and it is not seeing rising wattage per meter squared, nor are the other surfaces (planets, moons) hit by the sun. It's us. It's the high infrared reflectance of CO2, methane & absorbance of H2O vapor. You're not fooling most of us.

Ookspay's picture

In July of 1991 Mount Pinatubo in the Phillipines errupted ejecting a massive plume of ash. Within months the Earths temperature was almost 1 degree cooler. There are many ingredients simmering in this Global Gumbo. What God wants God gets, God help us all.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

INDEED, and would that not be ironic if we were saved from unexpected massive cooling from having excessive heat early? Or would we get a double-whammy so that heat reduced our crops & food supplies and then excessive cold & lack of sunlight further depleted our growing capacity? My, that would be bad.