Visualizing Silver As An Investment

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Silver is like gold in many ways; both are precious metals with long histories as currencies. They are malleable, lustrous, ductile, resilient, and rare. However, as Visual Capitalist illustrates in this spectacular infographic, silver investors should be aware of the three main differences between silver and gold. From silver's relative volatility and correlation to industrial demand, track record, diversification benefits, and the three ways to get exposure to silver, this colossal image provides everything you need to know in one place.

Click image for massive (legible version).


Source: Visual Capitalist

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Aurora Ex Machina's picture

No, you've not answered a single question of mine.


Look upwards, I asked a few questions. Answer those, and you can get smug. [Hint - it's the post with about -20 junks on it]



Still waiting.

Sean7k's picture

I hoped you could follow a thread. (the answer lies below). I've answered all your questions, too bad you have no references for any of your ramblings, I guess that is the sure sign of a keen mind. Good night!

Agstacker's picture

Jesus loves you my angry friend... :)

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

There is no top to sell into.

By the time we're ready to get something non-gold for our gold and non-silver for our silver the current exchange papers won't even exist anymore, at least one of them. By the time I sell my gold Euros will not be legal tender anywhere. US dollars probably won't be either.

Sean7k's picture

Silver was used as currency in the US, up to 1964. How is this 1000 years out of date?

Why hasn't it been leveraged? Have you seen fiat currencies destroyed? Have the CB's not been able to kick the can down the road? Consequently, what power would you have in the market?

We could consider history and the famous attempts to corner the market, but those were frustrated by the government. You do know what the ESF is? 

Your ignorance of how fascism functions, how elites control systems, seems to cloud your vision. 

Exchange is the story of history itself. Many forces have attempted to hijack exchange and they have succeeded to various degrees, but if you are not one of those elites, your choices are few.  Anyone can operate within the system, is it not a good idea to plan for other possibilities? 

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

No, it wasn't, it was merely a % of coin. And yes, all the rest of that is obvious, and yes, I know what the ESF is. Silver / Gold diluted %  in coins is a different matter to what we're really talking about.

Hint: Back then, silver wasn't an industrially useful metal.


Name me a single man [hint: Greek history] that held enough to force a determination of a currency on his own holdings, when he was based on an industrial metal. [You may, if you wish, attempt to reference Athenian Silver mines and their usage / final exhaustion, and I might respect you for that.]


That is what this is about. And in the land of binary, you're snorting unicorn dust.

Sean7k's picture

The definition of currency is a method of exchange. So, yes it was. You like to make grand statements alluding to power and control. THAT is NOT what it is all about. Whether you respect me or not is meaningless. My god, you are full of yourself.

The land of binary is exactly that. A space in time. It is not the only place, nor does history guarantee it will exist in the future. 

You are betting on the status quo, you are defending the status quo. There are different definitions of progress. One may include liberty being more important than wealth or power or influence. 


Aurora Ex Machina's picture

No, actually, I'm not: don't tilt at windmills. Oh, and shut up: Money is always about power and control; that's the fucking point of it.

Simple question: if you're able to parse the modern science of the periodic table, then why is silver and gold so special?


Hint: they aren't. And if you cling to their historical properties, you're doing more to cling to the old definitions of power and control than I am.



If you want a grown up discussion, then I'm happy to do so: you might have to ditch a few of your own mental chains before we do that though.

Sean7k's picture

No, money is about exchange. Power and control merely use it as a tool. Though they aren't as effective if they have to depend on silver and gold.  Which is the point. Shut up? That's the best you got? What a child.

Silver and gold have a history of scceptance as wealth mechanisms. As do platinum amd paladium. No matter how many new elements we discover, regardless of their market values, people continue to choose gold and silver. I guess, THAT is what makes them "special". That's the problem with subjective values. Tulips, tobacco, fiat currency, they come and they go, but silver and gold remain. You may not like the fact they are special, but then, you don't have to own them. 

If you want to have a grown up discussion, you'll have to grow up...

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

As do platinum amd paladium. No matter how many new elements we discover, regardless of their market values, people continue to choose gold and silver.

Here's a fact, and solid tip:

#1 The periodic table doesn't get larger - we can manufacture some crazy hard-core combinations in zero G and zero C conditions, but you don't get to make more elements (on Earth). It's called, "Science, Bitch". That you don't understand that worries me; look up when we discovered all the elements. Kinda like... hmm. A lifetime ago.

#2 Humans price markets - until you discover the usages of elements, they're worthless. In AD 70, Uranium ores, and Oil were largely worthless. If you want a 20th Century example, Indium traded at about ~ $60 / ounce. Until we discovered a use for it. Hit $1,000 / ounce pretty sharp.

Oh, wait. Gold and silver should always have the same value? Remind me when the Romans wanted silver to put into fucking Cruise Missiles, you idiot.


You're a child; and not even a special-snowflake one at that.


The plus point is: you can cure that ignorance by learning some shit. That's the beauty of the World-Wide-Web.

Sean7k's picture


Although precursors exist, Dmitri Mendeleev is generally credited with the publication, in 1869, of the first widely recognized periodic table. He developed his table to illustrate periodic trends in the properties of the then-known elements. Mendeleev also predicted some properties of then-unknown elements that would be expected to fill gaps in this table. Most of his predictions were proved correct when the elements in question were subsequently discovered. Mendeleev's periodic table has since been expanded and refined with the discovery or synthesis of further new elements and the development of new theoretical models to explain chemical behavior.

All elements from atomic numbers 1 (hydrogen) to 118 (ununoctium) have been discovered or synthesized. Of these, all up to and including californium exist naturally; the rest have only been synthesized in laboratories. Production of elements beyond ununoctium is being pursued, with the question of how the periodic table may need to be modified to accommodate any such additions being a matter of ongoing debate. Numerous synthetic radionuclides of naturally occurring elements have also been produced in laboratories.

It's called science, bitch. Further, known of those elements are thought of as money. Just because we place a value on an element does not make it money. Worse, you confuse value with the dollar amount affixed to a commodity. 

Of course humans price markets, it's called, "Human Action" I have never said gold and silver should have the same value. Do you have to create an objection to think you're right about something?  That is really pathetic.


Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Just because we place a value on an element does not make it money.


Thank you, I love it when people see sense. I seem to remember Ag and Au being elements, no?

Just proved my point. Hint: look upwards, at the first line in this chain, and indeed, the point of this OP's thread, and what I've been arguing against all this time.



So glad when they agree with me; shall we just agree to agree then? :)

Sean7k's picture

You are so desperate that you attempt that nonsensical argument? You're not a very good loser, not surprised. 

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

People are putting their "fiat" into tiny, small, and paltry stacks of silver coins. And you're attempting that argument?

Stop being a troll, and go back to my first statement: Without a Syndicate, buying metal [Ag / Au] means nothing, unless you have over $10 mil in it.


I can easily demonstrate this from the last silver buying bubble, from the 1980's. Want to know who killed him? >REDACTED< mentally ill clock-work plant, my friend. (You know; that program)


Oh, and you're not a very good troll, not surprised. Not a good shill, either. Next time, get them to spend a bit more dollar for my pay grade - the only reason I'm answering you is to send a message to your handler about how demeaning it is to talk to your pay grade.


In the old days, I'd have just sent him your head. Progress, one supposes.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Take five steps back and look at the forest instead of staring at the fucking stem in front of your nose!


It's currency debasement that's leading people to purchase any physical asset, PM's are most common because of 5000+ years of traditional usage as vehicles of value storage & exchange. I don't need an effin syndicate to manipulate prices or make profit, the only thing I'm interested in is storing the product of my hard honest work into an instrument your beloved gubbermint cannot destroy (since you're adept at hinting, let me return the favor - google 'FED + 85 billion/month' and see what results you get).


Oh, and one last question to test your profilgacy in history: which motherfucking Syndicate made those poor Romans from 1900 years ago to save and bury their pots full of old, rusty, "worthless" 40%-silver coins?


Enjoy your serfdom, bitch!

francis_sawyer's picture

@TWD +1


Thank You for finally saying it...

Syndicate Schmindicate... (all being directly applied to some non-sensical "value" argument (on Ag ~ priced in dollars)... [&, using a 'statu quo' background to boot]...

Jesus Tapancing Christ ~ Next thing you know, we're going to be 'schooled' into believing water is worthless because it covers 70% of the Earth's surface & that hydrogen [it's primary ELEMENT] is ubiquitous...


jmcadg's picture

Worthless water and hydrogen - LOLLAPOLOOZA.

Good call FS

jmcadg's picture

Just out of interest. Working by your thoughts, if you are currently a paper millionaire, a multi millionaire or even a billionaire, you can't do shit, because you need to be a multi billionaire to play in this world right?

I can live a very comfortable life as a millionaire thanks, I don't need to be a PLAYA.

But please come back to me with a bitter and twisted retort.

Cosimo de Medici's picture

Indium for you, rhodium for me.  Now there's a chart showing what's possible, even for an element.  Newton could have used that instead of the apple.  Well, truth be told, the same thing (~90% wipeout) happened to silver as recently as the late 20th Century.  But it's money!  All those dead people can't be wrong!  History doesn't ever repeat, does it?

Personally I find all these beliefs silly---paper or some element---but I'm willing to go along with the majority and genuflect with the rest of the faithful.  Maybe that makes me a spectator instead of a player, but like Groucho, I'd never belong to a group that would accept me as a member.  Right now the masses worship at the altar of infinite fiat, and between the time I produce something and when I have the need for something else, I'll carry my energy in whatever form the majority accepts.

Should something ever hit the fan, I suspect that if humanity ressurects any of the old gods, it will be the golden idol and not it's neer-do-well brother.  Germany didn't ask for any silver back, did they?  The kid behind the counter at the local 7-11 might recognize Au, but present him with Ag, pyrite, steel or solder, and he won't know one from the other.  And who's got time to assay when being chased by zombie hordes?  And that heavy bag of coins?  I'd rather have a bicycle than try to buy off the zombies.


ActionFive's picture

I'm waiting to see what  Asia determines, not you.

Stand up when you pee.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Jesus fuck you are an idiot.

Elements now up to 118 have been made ONLY by humans NOT by nature & due to nucleic instabilities some theoretical element numbers may NEVER be produced

Cosimo de Medici's picture

Heck of a job you're doing here, AexM.  Bold, cocksure and original.  It sure beats the tired old one-note song of "bitchez!".  If we're all supposed to be about challenging assumptions (that try to disguise themselves as "logic"), then it's fair to challenge any and all assumptions.

You raised a lot of interesting issues (but about ten comments ago you left out Firenze, and the ancestors get irritable when that happens).

Silver is the "Poor Man's Gold".  Silver is the "Poor Man's Fantasy".  In this attention deficit and economical MTV Era, the latest edition of Merriam Webster reduces those two phrases to one simple word:  Retail.  The US Mint being out of coins one can buy by the ounce (plus commission, shipping and handling) suggests retail's got the fantasy fever.

The moonbats around here, who are usually on top of every conspiracy man-made and supernatural, always seem to leave out the eternal curse put on the Tarnishable One for its role in a certain Friday Massacre some two Millennia ago.  I'm shocked, shocked I say, that a brilliant analyst like David Icke never "proved" that curse is what took down Nelson Bunker Hunt.  I mean, it's all there for the linking.

Forwarned is forearmed.  Doesn't 'Tulving' even sound like an alias of the Evil One?  I seem to remember my great^x grandcousin Dante Alighieri "coined" that name.

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

I'm also well aware that Machiavelli wrote a satire on said rule, and was cursed (and this is real power) for all eternity for people to think he was espousing the same ideals. What better purgatory than an avowed Republican and man of the people to be forever lashed to the ideology of power?

And no, I mentioned Florence? Oh, dammit, I said Venice and did not include that. Mi dispiace. [Short form and hurried are my answers; errors will be made]


~The rest, will wait. I tire, and need rest.  If you're bored, trying GREPing my comments for reference to L'asino.

tickhound's picture

I see you're settling in nicely and all parties have now been properly introduced. 

Gli estremi si toccano.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

rare, malleable, safe to handle, ductile & conducting electricity as well as highly reflective - and solids - yes it matters VERY MUCH which part of the periodic table the money is in, more than almost anything else.

You may as well be Max Fischer. You're more of a troll than MillionDoucheBag.

Anusocracy's picture

Liberty, and perhaps property, are the latest moral spheres.

e_goldstein's picture

I think the correct question is:


Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Yes, I thought that.

-8+ junks, and I'm the only one selling the idea that syndicates are the way to leverage commodities.




Put it nicely: the wolves are merely howling at my moon, and you're the meal this year.

nmewn's picture

I realize you're going out of your way to pick a fight (and you've come to the right place) but WHY are you valuing silver in fiat terms?

You thinking that the soldiers of a dying empire will fight (trade their services for) a piece of paper no one respects as payment anymore?

How many loaves of bread does an ounce of silver trade for vs a dollar? How much was a loaf of bread ten, fifty, a hundred years dollars?

There is your answer...ow ow ow-wooooooo!

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Dammit! Stop that! [Baby steps for silver hoarders] ;)

My point is breaking through several paradigms here; silver in "the perfect world" is only useful for it's industrial properties.


Put it another way; I think we both know we're aiming for a system that cuts all this crap out, aren't we both?



(And yes; of course I'll take the junks to present some ideas. I'm not a coward or sheep)

nmewn's picture


"Put it another way; I think we both know we're aiming for a system that cuts all this crap out, aren't we both?"

Yes, cut out the manipulation of value(s).

We both know something will have to be exchanged of intrinsic value between the soldier (protecting the baker through his labors) and the baker (feeding the soldier with his labors) with something a little more tangible than just a smile.

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

And we both know, in a perfect system, that doesn't have to be a metal from the periodic table.

Dictum meum pactum.


Economics is more complex than a smattering of base metals on the hand, as we all know.

nmewn's picture

Well, I guess the onus is on you then, what is your vision of the "perfect system"? ;-)

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Hey, that's cruel: I'm not Stalin.

First rule of A club: we'll probably discuss this until the Sun goes Red and the planet ends. [The point is: you get to discuss it, and adaptive changes to society are much quicker than a formalised and hierarchal set]

nmewn's picture

I never said you were Stalin.

First Rule of N Club is don't fuck with my

Seeya round ;-)

espirit's picture

Me too. Now pass that unicorn dust please.

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

If I mention "Bronies" and link you to the /chan/ board that deals with that, your mind is going to be totally blown.

Put it this way: the largest growth sector in the toy industry, apart from lego, last year was males aged 18 - 30 buying "My Little Pony" merchandise.


You have no idea how fucked your culture is :)


"Friendship is magic!"

Cathartes Aura's picture

((pssst, over here. . .furries.  yup, "culture", fuk'dyiff yiff))


I normally stand back from your always well argued points, but that dangled bait was too much for me, oops!  I blame the interwebs, heh)

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Glad to see I'm not just being silly; Bronies are different from the yiffs (and yes, I know all about them), for this reason:

It's a memetic pulse that reduces tension in the beta males that usually (classically) results in patriarchal aggression. The old "First son inherits, Second son to War, Third son to the Church".


If the second sons [beta] love the ponies, then we're on the next step towards the BG rule. Friendship is indeed magic, but perhaps just a little deeper than expected.


Oh, and yes: disclaimer: ravings of a total lunatic, nothing like social conditioning is happening, it's all accident yadda yadda yadda.

Cathartes Aura's picture

perhaps when cultures elevate the male to top o' the pile status, those cultures should not be so surprised that males find. . . each other. . . to be most attractive.  it's merely aspirational, to be seen with the most admired objects.  of course, again, who is it they're impressing?  the further up the pyramid you go, the more obvious the "arm ornaments" on the suited arms, preferably decorated with much shiny gemstone bling - again, the target to impress is who??

only the dreaded terror of being seen as teh ghey stands between national prosperity (more citizens = taxed) and extinction (so far, men cannot reproduce themselves, but perhaps 3D printing will innovate).

in those cultures where the baby-makers are kept covered or incarcerated at home, where 90% of humans seen in public are men, often those men are seen walking about holding hands - as friends, of course!

I've used the story before. . . in another life, I managed "rock" bands, who would play their guitars slung crotch level (mmmm vibrating strings), gaze into each others eyes as they sang/strutted/rock'd out, come offstage, grab a quick willing female admirer, *relief* - then immediately back to the company of men for the balance of the evening's drinking/gossiping, etc.  I've seen the same habits in many different settings, in my travels since.

the online communities of males, be it /chan/ or MMORPG, or spaces I've yet to discover (phew!) are full of dudes looking to impress other dudes, no homo bro!!!  I see it as a harbinger, and not at all unexpected, and perhaps it will eventually wean the hyper-polarities of stereotyped "man" and "woman" action figures available into something, err, more soft, plush even.


Aurora Ex Machina's picture

There's a world of comment in there (and love the youtube references), but I'm zapped tonight [too much Mali]. All I have to say is that: thank the Goddess we're moving beyond the "let's "emancipate" females by allowing them to act like males" crass bullshit of the last 20 years, there's a something else.

Look up empathy and bonding in the youth today; the fact they're all doing disaster relationships is purely a matter of bad training. The bedrock of real social cohesion is actually there, there's simply no guidance though.


Hint: Chances are; it's the males these days who are getting screwed over in emotional terms [in non-Alpha social settings, and yes, all of that rape stuff. Again. For a few thousand years. Hmm. Let's be stopping that].


Bleh - 7am, this is too long to stay at the helm, I apologise.

Cathartes Aura's picture

yes, back away from the computer, where time stands still, even if the body/eye moans.

I'll look for you around the threads, and if the appropriate moment arises, bother you again *smiles*

meantime, I of course will add to what you've posted, since it's a favourite topic of mine (doh) - re: emancipated females, they've been image-in'd for centuries, and are only very recently (in terms of time passed) finding their *voices* outside the memes created just for them by the cultural meta-narratives, so of course there will be dead ends that prove use-less over time.  the main trends I have observed is either throwing off "feminine" to compete with "men" (archetyped or stereotyped, but definitely typed) because they've correctly ascertained that feminine = weak, particularly culturally;  or they're retreating to hyper-female roleplaying, yummy-mummy types competing with each other for attention - attention which culturally used to be reserved for men, and maybe not so much any more.

(and I'm sure I'll get major shit on that last assertion, but all one need do is look at the roles culture offered to women prior to the '60's "cultural revolution" - virtually all television presenters, newsreaders, politicians, figureheads of business, higher learning professors, corporations, military, church, sports - male.  women were taught to display, hence the over-emphasis on appearance, whilst men could just be, culturally, naturally.  of course, the narrative has shifted somewhat, some say intentionally, and men are getting the scrutiny payback)(I am mainly referencing amrkn cultural stories here, global differs, despite the attempts of Hollyweird to homogenise consumers)

the disaster relationships, friends with benefits, polyamory, yadda yadda - all experiments in freedom, having shed the leash. . . and yes, I'm seeing a lot of young males "getting screwed in emotional terms" - although I believe in order to understand what you believe (in), pain causes one to upgrade their personal awareness, over time, if one can steer clear of bitter self pity parties, or acting out control-rage.  so perhaps this is all an appropriate rite of passage, on the way to emotional maturity, which is sadly very absent in the cultural story of late.

fascinating time to be alive, as seismic shifts rock our world(s). . .

Jendrzejczyk's picture

How in the yiff do you two know about this?...and why can't I stop clicking on your links?


Cathartes Aura's picture

heh, I can only speak for myself, but I am always curious about how cultures arrange themselves, the stories they tell to each other, what they believe in, and the excuses offered. . .

the Brony & Yiff stuffs is a study in the mostly under 30's kids, and more closely, the 13-25yr olds - older ones were raised with Pokémon & anime, with My Little Pony & Hello Kitty accessories. . . fascinating to see what they pick up, put down, run with. . .I do volunteer work with folks of all ages, so I get quite the spectrum of beliefs on display.

and if one is at all curious about possible future trends, that's the place to focus the lens ^^

Almost Solvent's picture

Culture culls those who don't want to conform, or at least it used to.


 Now, it's all good.


And that's great. 

Cathartes Aura's picture

culture polices on behalf of the scriptors,

believing in itself, and the scraps thrown its way.

the global web of communication is showing alternatives

to cultural restrictions.

and I agree, it's great.

Cosimo de Medici's picture

So men play guitars and women go horseback riding, but occasionally the twain do meet.  And the rest is

Don't tell me you thought "hot to trot" was just a random series of words?

Cathartes Aura's picture

Nayeighhhh. .


you once berated me to "lighten up" - hope this works for ya.

Cosimo de Medici's picture

As Lauren said to Bogey in The Big Sleep:  I like that.  I'd like more.