"The Federal Government Now Requires That We Ask You The Following Personal Questions"

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Welcome to Obamacare in action:

"The Federal Government now requires that we ask you the following personal questions. If we fail to ask these questions, we are subject to a fine."

or visually:

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Some more Obamacare questions…and wondering how these patients answered:

Have you ever played with fake guns as a child? Pulp Fiction Travolta and Jackson

Have you ever played with fake guns as an adult? Pulp Fiction Travolta and Jackson

As an adult have you ever played roles or acted out killing people with fake but realistic-looking guns? Pulp Fiction Travolta and Jackson

As an adult have you been employed by a business that profits by showing murder and mayhem to millions of people? Pulp Fiction Travolta and Jackson

How many millions of dollars of your wealth is due to your role as cold-blooded killers and to your gun violence in movies? Pulp Fiction Travolta and Jackson

Have you suffered any guilt pains from glorifying gun violence to millions of people, including impressionable youth? Pulp Fiction Travolta and Jackson

If you say you have no guilt, are you suffering from a psychological blockage?, or are you "acting" again?, or are you really like the cold-blood killers you portray on screen. Pulp Fiction Travolta and Jackson



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I was amazed at how much information I needed just to renew my library card (hadn't used the last one in too long). They wanted just about everything but my SSI number. I had to put my foot down on giving my DOB. I said no that's too much information (you DOB is linked to too many online accounts). She said 'Oh don't worry. It never goes anywhere outside outside our system." Yeah right I thought. She finally relented an let me slide on the DOB, but I did have to give my driver's license #. She said that was how they tracked members. Shit, just assign someone a random ID. How hard is that?

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the problem is that you care bout privacy - you are in the minority - corporations hate privacy, government hate privacy, and the majority of Americans fall into one of these cats:

1) too stupid to know that their every move is being tracked while online or when they shop

2) subscibe to the totally insane "I have nothing to hide" meme (those fckers are the most dangerous)

3) are under age 25 and don't understand the concept


(I love it when I talk with a friend who lives in the googleverse and then i ask him what websites he was looking at on June 16 2008. He says he doesn't know and then I explain to him how to find his webhistory. He says this is a new computer, I says don't matter chump, your webhistory lives on a google serverfarm somewhere in eastern europe. He is in awe when every single site he ever did see is there in blue and white, thousands and thousands all organized by date.  Then his eyes widen and he says what about the wifes account, and I says is she a googler like you, if so I guess you can have some family fun. )

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I guess the only thing they got on me is all the porn sites I visited, and if they ever do confront me with it I'll say yeah, go suck a donkey's dick. Actually, I think I visited that site too.

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I guess the second observation is that the 21st century will be the century where we all abandoned any idea of having any privacy. Privacy is essentially dead as Dillinger.

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Of course, the drivers license has DOB.

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Yes, but I watched carefully after handing her my DL to see  if she would fill out the DOB, and she didn't. She was cool about it. But still. Fucking Skynet or what.

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Don't ask, don't tell.


It worked great for the military and patriotic homos that just wanted to be left alone... until the .1% radical homosexuals changed all that.

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Don't know yet if when you come see me in my office I will be mandated to ask you questions or risk payment denial but, wouldn't doubt it. Typical big brother response isn't it though when you don't have a obvious fix for a problem you then make an overbearing requirement with a substantial penalty so it causes so much uproar it must 'fix it' right?

Beware of the Law of Unintended Consequences


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Dear americans


Stop blaming the federal government. You elected that government.


Freedom is a choice, so is slavery.

In Nov 2012 you chose slavery.




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Here is the president, informing the US citizens of the potential evil unfolding behind the curtain.  The agenda was expressed clearly and urgently in a fashion that this loyal American president's objective was to save the people from slavery. 


JKF Freedom and Independence speech (5 min)  - Addresses the agenda of the banks.


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By November, 2012, there was no choice but slavery so it didn't matter worth a damn, so don't feed me that neoconman Republican bullshit!  Been there, done that, know goons when I see'em and have the tee shirt to boot!  Ron Paul for truth, RNC for tyranny, not that Barry O and the Democraps are any better.

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I'm neither a neocon nor a republican. I'm a conservative.


I reside in already self enslaved  ...Canada.

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There's always free cheese in a mousetrap.

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From your experience in the communist east europe, did the party win any elections? 

I guess the rape of the proletariat could be excused because they voted for it.  You used to be so perceptive.  What happened?

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There was only 1 party. The proletariat loved it until.....the system ran out of food, literally.

There were 400 million citizens from russia all the way to east germany on food stamps...literally on food stamps.

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speaking of privacy here is some irony

Eric Schmidt's daughter's blog of her and dad's visit to NKorea


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Surprised that I'd see a thread like this here.  I'd expect this came from Godlike Productions?  Produce a factual link please.  Tyler, are you off today? 

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GOOD NEWS!  I was able to get a copy of Hillery's answers to ALL the questions...just follow her lead and you will do fine.....

1) I'm sorry I don't recall

2) I'm sorry I don't recall

3) I'm sorry I don't recall

4) I'm sorry I don't recall...........

27) I'm sorry I don't recall.....

52) Not now I have a headach......

76) Did I show you my newest blood clot

Doin' God's work...GSDickinDaMuppets

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To be followed by:


" The Federal Government Requires That We Ask You To Sign This Declaration That We Have Asked You These Personal Questions "

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Obamacare is looking more and more like a Trojan Horse. What other surprises are in this thing?

Which reminds me, has Nancy Pelosi read it yet?


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Thank God for my health insurance that does not dance with Obamacare.

Then, if you got the presence of mind, and a passport, you can always offshore your surgery and pills at a fraction of the cost -- and at either the same 'quality' level as here, or often even better quality when your MD does not have have to 'churn' patients just to cover the Malpractice insurance.  If I didn't have hi-grade insurance here, I'd pay cash for minor stuff and get big-ticket items taken care of outside the US. 

For most people, only the insurance companies and Big Health benefit.  Like  everything else, Big Money corrupting everything.

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Brick by brick, they slowly built a Berlin Wall around you. Soon to be garnished with razor wire.

Way to go America!

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Looking at the photo of shit,someone with italian heritage like myself,id take a muthafucking ball bat and smash it across his fuckin head.I might be half,but your brining it out you sell out elite cock sucker.Fuck you,you don't represent.Be a fuckin soilder,a patriot.

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Bumrungrad Hospital Thailand. Superior care one third the cost. Some American insurance taken there.

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Only if you don't mind that that their top-end is below our low-end and not having recourse if something goes wrong.


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Take the fifth! Fuck Obama-care!

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FYI: "Four Horsemen" is now available for online viewing or purchase.

This is a good overview of the Financial Global Terrorists and their history for all those getting up to speed on the history and what is really going on. Includes: Noam Chomsky, Herman Daly, Joseph Stiglitz, Max Keiser, John Perkins and Ha-Joon Chang.

Hope you enjoy and pass this on to others!


"Four Horsemen is the debut feature from director Ross Ashcroft which reveals the fundamental flaws in the economic system which have brought our civilization to the brink of disaster.

23 leading thinkers –frustrated at the failure of their respective disciplines – break their silence to explain how the world really works.

The film pulls no punches in describing the consequences of continued inaction – but its message is one of hope. If more people can equip themselves with a better understanding of how the world really works, then the systems and structures that condemn billions to poverty or chronic insecurity can at last be overturned. Solutions to the multiple crises facing humanity have never been more urgent, but equally, the conditions for change have never been more favourable."

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The US has been ruled by martial law since 1863. The Lieber Code was the first codification of the international laws of war.  Finally, we have mostly all become 14th Amendment citzens with 'benefits and privlidges' instead of 'rights and freedoms'. Also, Federal Reserve notes are nothing more than military scrip.


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I didn't see anything stating the requirement to answer the question so who cares.

 I have noticed over the last year or so that once my child reached the age of 10 our doctor is required to ask him if he uses tobacco products.  I thought what a stupid question.  I suppose now he will be asked if he drinks soda or eats ice cream or cookies or Mickey D's etc?  

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If you are watching each other who needs to work

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So what?

Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid only operate (subsidize) prescription drugs or related activities.

None of them pertain to health.  Every prescription drug is a poison, and has to be approved by the FDA.  Before a concoction will be accepted by the FDA for examination, the applicant must submit a form LD50 (Lethal Dosage 50%).  By this form the applicant specifies the dosage that will result in a 50% kill rate.

American government subsidize prescription drugs because they want taxpayers to die as quickly as possible after they retire; this delays the day of reckoning for SSA paybacks and Public Retirement Systems for government workers (chair warmers).

If you’re concerned about health, you want to get as far away from the ‘cut, burn and poison’ industry as possible.  It is bad for your health.  I a year shy of 70; I hit 2000 to 2500 baseballs a week (60-85 mph), and former pro and college players tell me I would lead the league if I played men’s senior league (a level of play equal to a major college).  And I'm not a body builder; instead, 5' 10", 135 pounds (not a misprint).  It’s all owing to ten health principles I’ve developed over the last 40 years.

Come on guys… get off your meds.  You’ll live longer… actually, you’ll grow younger… and stronger… and be able to better enjoy the coming financial/political storms.


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FDA:  Fatal Drugs Allowed.  This is DEATHcare.  Hitler 2.0

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Impressive methods (from the link you provided). Congrats on such success.

Let me test this.

You speak of LD50.

Seems to me there would be an equivalent 'LD50' for the fat soluble vitamins ADEK. A little bit does one well; too much is lethal.

Further, fertilizer for plants is lethal for the plants beyond a certain level, but otherwise makes them thrive.

So, what may be growth-enabling in one case, can be fatal in another.

Can you clarify?

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haven't been to a doctor 40 years and will never unless they carry me in

vegan 25 years, 3 kids vegan since birth never saw a doc, or vaccinated

weigh 50 pounds less at 64 than at 24

good health is a political act as you say

eating well a political act


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I will respond as my government does..




   (picture unavailable due to national security)

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yeah right the questions that you are allowed to decline to answer are the real story here (for ZH readers that is sarcasm) 17 idiots rate this NON-STORY 5 stars.

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"I plead the fizith"

-Tyrone Biggums

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I believe that was the "crack cocaine dealer" known as Tron.

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I'll be pleading the 5th

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Let's hope the 5th is still intact when and if we need it.

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I'm....not sure any of those numbers work anymore.....

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I was at a Ukrainian - American lunar new year party last night, nice people. The older Russian Ukrainians were discussing how much nicer the us was 20 years ago with a more free feeling. They said it now feels somewhat more like old Russia in some ways. With government controlling more and more of everything. Some of them grew up under the stalen police state. They would know.

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Line up and die folks - like every other socialized healthcare system out there.

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Time to stand up folks... No turning back now. "lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world."

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Ask away all you want bitchez, I aint tellin you nuthin.  Feds may require you to ask, but I'll be damned if they think they can require me to divulge my personal info.  It's so on.....