Japan Warns It May Fire On Chinese Aircraft Over Disputed Islands; China Retorts: "There Will Be No Second Shot"

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A week ago we reported that following what China said was a response to counter "Japanese military aircraft disrupting the routine patrols of Chinese administrative aircraft" over the East China Sea, the world's most populous country (and one which has the largest, 2.25 million strong, standing army) scrambled several jets and put its military on high alert. Now, it is the turn of Japan, and its brand new militant and nationalistic government, to "retaliate" and escalate tensions by one more notch, in the process crashing any hope that Chinese imports of Japanese goods may resume, and obviating the ongoing temporary plunge in the yen (which while doing nothing to boost exports to this 20% trading partner, has made imports so expensive, inflation in the past two months has already soared well above the 2% target for various key goods as previously reported).

Moments ago, Japan says it may fire warning shots and take other measures to keep foreign aircraft from violating its airspace in the latest verbal blast between Tokyo and Beijing that raises concerns that a dispute over hotly contested islands could spin out of control.

AP reports:

Japanese officials made the comments after Chinese fighters tailed its warplanes near the islands recently. The incident is believed to be the first scrambling of Chinese fighters since the tensions began to rise last spring.


According to Chinese media, a pair of J-10 fighters was scrambled after Japanese F-15s began tailing a Chinese surveillance plane near the disputed islands in the East China Sea. China has complained the surveillance flight did not violate Japanese airspace and the F-15s were harassing it.


It was the first time the Chinese media has reported fighters being mobilized to respond to Japanese air force activity in the area and comes amid what Japan says is a rapid intensification of Chinese air force activity around the islands, where Japanese and Chinese coast guard ships have squared off for months.


Though there have been no outright clashes, the increased sea and air operations have fueled worries that the situation could spin out of control.


"Every country has procedures for how to deal with a violation of its territory that continues after multiple cautionary measures," Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said on Jan. 16 when asked if tracer shots would be fired against intruding aircraft that refuse to change course. "We have response measures ready that are consistent with global standards."


Onodera said the use of warning shots has long been provided for under Japan's defense policies and is widely accepted under international rules of engagement. Japan's air force has not actually resorted to them since 1987--against a Soviet aircraft--and none were fired last week.


But Chinese and Japanese media have suggested Tokyo is publicly floating the possibility to test China's reaction.

Perhaps it may surprise Japan, but "China's reaction" will hardly be one of a dog retreating with its tail between its legs. In fact, it will likely be quite the opposite.

And the fact that the US has once again stepped in, and is once again on the side of the party that started this whole escalation fiasco (that would be Japan for those who have forgotten), will not help:

The escalation of tensions has worried the United States, with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton saying on Jan. 18 that while the U.S. doesn't take a position on who has sovereignty over the islands, it opposes "any unilateral actions that would seek to undermine Japanese administration."


That brought a sharp retort from the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Jan. 20. The comments "ignore the facts" that the islands are China's inherent territory, spokesman Qin Gang said in a statement that urged the U.S. to adopt "a responsible attitude."


In Beijing last week, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said China is on "high alert" and suggested Japan is escalating the tensions over the islands, called the Diaoyu in China and the Senkaku in Japan. Taiwan also claims the small isles, which are uninhabited but may be surrounded by valuable underwater natural resources.


"Chinese planes and ships are exercising normal jurisdiction in the waters and airspace surrounding the Diaoyu Islands," spokesman Hong Lei said. "We are opposed to the operations of Japan's planes and ships, which violate our rights around Diaoyu. We are on high alert against this escalation."


As is often the case, Chinese media quoted military academics with a much more fiery response.


"Japan's desire to fire tracer warning shots as a way of frightening the Chinese is nothing but a joke that shows the stupidity, cruelty and failure to understand their own limitations," Maj. Gen. Peng Guangqian of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences was quoted as saying by the China News Service and other state media.


"Firing tracer bullets is a type of provocation; it's firing the first shot," he said. "Were Japan to dare to fire tracers, which is to say fire the first shot, then China wouldn't stint on responding and not allow them to fire the second shot."

Sounds like a catalyst to double down and buy every ES contract in sight: just think of the GDP boost and appropriate fiscal multiplier once Japan is levelled.

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yogibear's picture

There is a hatred of Japan in China. They burned down a Panasonic plant in China. Anyone driving a Japanese auto were pulled out and beaten. Many Chinese in China would like to avenge all of the horrific things the Japanese did to the Chinese people in WWII.


Sept 2012, Panasonic Corp. (6752) factory and a Toyota Motor Corp. (7203) dealership in China were damaged by fire as anti-Japanese demonstrations spread across the country, prompting Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda to urge the Chinese government to ensure the safety of its citizens.

Smoke and flames were reported as comin

jonjon831983's picture

Nationalism is a useful tool until one loses control of it.  But then again Japanese rulers have been stubbornly denying that atrocities took place.

Two seem stick out:

1) Removal or downplaying incidents from their high school history books.

2) Keeping war criminals within their holy shrines and their PMs continuing to visit them to honor the dead.


I had a funny professor who said he visited one of the shrines and inside a donation fountain he threw the lowest denomination coin 1 Yen (which is so completely debased into a penny sized aluminum round) and spat into it.


Dieselclam's picture

China has about the same number of single men with no hope of marrying as they have in uniformed military service. I find that frightenly dangerous if war breakes out in large scale. Long sex slaves....

knukles's picture

That creates such a strange mental image of the unmarried chaps and enlisted men bonding together solving the problems of loneliness and repressed sexual urges....

luna_man's picture



Oh, boy!...My "NIKE" sports wear, will become collector items!


selling cheap-er

gimli's picture

Isn't the average age of the Japanese 109 yrs old? Many of their

pilots probably can't see what direction they're headed.

Dieselclam's picture

Hope they fly better than their wives drive.

HardlyZero's picture

Yes, they will need the eyesight of a young helper in the co-pilot seat.  It will be the inexperienced young leading the aged blind.  Double-Trouble !!!

Sizzurp's picture

Well we finally have a solution for the Fukushima debacle.  I'll call your splashed F-15 and raise you a Dirty bomb......

earleflorida's picture

"Inside China's Secret Arsenal" {21/2012}


Thankyou,  Dick and Henry?!  *4-2-Scores-of-Shit!?

q99x2's picture

This is not serious. This is not serious. This is not serious. And Spring semester starts early February. I'm going to college.

Holy Shit Russia planning new N-bomb shelters

ShakaZulu's picture

Face facts gentlemen.  War is one of the most entertaining spectacles known to man, providing it isn't fought by you or on your land.

--Shaka...destroyer of kingdoms

edb5s's picture

Enough with the foreplay...let's get this show on the road.

sablya's picture

An interesting thought from wikipedia:

Although the United States does not have an official position on the merits of the competing sovereignty claims, the islands are included within the U.S. Japan Security Treaty meaning that a defense of the islands by Japan may compel support from the United States military.

Anyone ready to go to war against China?

magpie's picture

Has the USA ever gone to war over a mutual defense treaty before

buzzsaw99's picture

Better question: When has the usa NOT gone to war?

ziggy59's picture

If its sunday, its a good day to invade someone..
If its monday its a better day...

mkhs's picture

Only the days that end in Y.

sablya's picture

I don't think so but we've called other countries to uphold their commitments in MDTs, such as the Rio Treaty and the North Atlantic Treaty, following 9/11.  Since we've insisted other countries stand into their commitment, it's only fair if Japan asks the same of us.  It would be a terrible predicament for the US.

Jugdish's picture

The US gov't always stood by its' word when making treaties with the Indians so I would suspect nothing less now if I were you guys.

Cabreado's picture

Be concerned about the little boys who pretend to lead.

When their personal illusion is in jeopardy, in private they quiver, in public they become arrogant and testy.

yogibear's picture

So many Chinese nationals have links to the US defense industry the Chinese defense manufacturers  probably do revisons before the Americans get it done.

The US technology leaks are incredible. The Chinese are well aware of the US military's weaknesses.

One reason China has the  DF-21D Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile. Take out the US carriers in an instant.

All The US and European technology companies helped build up the technology in China. Now it will come back to bite the US and Europe.


Sizzurp's picture

I hear that in China, MIT is known as "War University", because every Chinese national that attends MIT goes straight back to China to work at the Dept. of defense.  

akak's picture

Hey, at least they put an end to the stray dog problem in Cambridge MA.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Hey, at least they put an end to the stray dog problem in Cambridge MA.

...and yet somehow the curbs there are not any cleaner.

akak's picture

Make me laugh.

Confuscionymous say: You can take Wong out of China, but you can't take the Chinese roadside shitizenism out of Wong.  Ancient Chinese secret!

Alas, alas, three times one thousand times #2 alas, just have to bear with it.


mkhs's picture

Both of you are incorrigible. You know, two Wongs don't make a right.

akak's picture

Incorridirigibility is indeedingly the zenith, the mettle, the crustiest bit of US 'american' citizenism.

When symmetry is being seeked in the pursuits of 'american' consumptionalizing (being less actually than the Chinese such), just float a incorridirigible.  They are almost as handy for 'americans' blobbing-up eternal nature as the time-traveling flying rickshaw of Benjamin Franklin inventionizing, 4 July 1776 being the mattering date here. 

Not as maneuverable through the skies, though. 

New Jersey, Lakehurst people know this.  Oh the insanity!

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Did not Schumpeter write something else? That the mass defecation of Chinese citizenism citizens would end with a society unable to absord them all, bringing in an ever increasing number of squatting, grunting people?

In this kind of race, the best strategy is to eat periphirical dog and cat resources first while preserving those resources close to your center for later snacking.

That is one first stone in this AnAnonymous guy's garden.

ebworthen's picture

They were all, no doubt, spies as well; pillaging the MIT networks at will for whatever 100 years of U.S. Taxpayer funded research can do for their starving masses (and to keep them in slavery).

eddiebe's picture

The elite has ways to knock back all those worthless vermin that are just using up their resources and polluting their planet. There are only so many of us they can make use of.

tooriskytoinvest's picture

BREAKING China-Japan: Beijing Orders Helicopter Units To Be Combat Ready! China Sent Its Ships Into The Island Waters After US Warning!!


cowdiddly's picture

When the U.S. intervenes all we have to do is strap Hillary, nude as a figurehead on front of a Navy ship like the wooden mermaids on front of the old pirate ships. War would be over in 5 minutes as the opposing side would all incapacitated with uncontrolable dry heaving over the sides.

not responsible for violations of the Geneva convention as to the use of inhumane weapons

willwork4food's picture

+10. Or Janet would do if they closed their eyes..

lolmao500's picture

Meh. The only Chinamen helicopters worth anything are Russians Mi-17s. They've got 160 of them...


lolmao500's picture

If it kicks off and China loses badly enough and then people are pissed/forbidden to invest in China, crashing the Chinese economy, China could fall into civil war... maybe that's the goal. Most of Asia would be happy with that result.

Nobody likes China in the world, they think they are better than anybody else and the world is theirs... kinda like the Japanese thought of themselves during the 1920s.

jonjon831983's picture

Probably almost every country out there with significant influence on the globe probably thinks they're the best in one way or another...

AgAu_man's picture

So, taking your theory to the next step/level:  After China, it's.. Russia!

Argentbilly's picture

Russia does have the most advanced ICBM system.

ozman's picture

China is not the aggressor here, they are the ones asking for talks but it is Japan and the US who are denying this.  They are the aggressors provoking the situation in order to solve their economic issues.

If you think Russia (who will be next) will not be involved think again, a war with China would lead to war with Russia and Iran, the party would lead to destruction of both Japan and USSA.

Magnum's picture

In the mid 1990s a very wise customer of mine in Malaysia, the largest player in that market and a very wealthy man, pointed to a huge map in his office and saud in the future Europe will be back at war and China will become aggressive in Asia.  He said "Mr America and Mr Japan will join together to stop it". Sounded far fetched at the time...  

ozman's picture

The Mayans predicted the coming of the 13th Baktun which lead to a war that will end the reign of the imperialist powers (US, Europe and Japan).  I trust the Mayans more on this.  The Native Indians' white buffalo also spells end to the white dominance of the world. 

The person you mention wears rose colored eyes, China is defending itself from the aggression of the US.  If you look around the world, the US has bases around the world, and in China's/Russia/Iran's periphery you can see who is really threatening who. 

Japan and America are the aggressors, they are the ones starting it, China did not start the situation which started with the nationalization and seizing of Chinese fishermen.  In fishing protocols you do not arrest fishermen, coast guards escort them out.  Japan is known to always have fishermen going to Canada to fish salmons illegally, Canada usually escorts these ships out, not arresting and putting them on jail outright.

In history, if China backs down like it did in the 1800s, the country will fail to defend itself in future invasions.  The invasion of Hong Kong by the British in 1832 started with the British seizing all the naval lanes of China and started with invasion of these islands including Taiwan with the help of other European powers.  China gave in so not to provoke a war which eventually came in land, China today understand the situation and will do its utmost power to preserve its shipping lanes clear.


Everybodys All American's picture

and suddenly entitlement obligations becomes solvent or irrelevant.

AgAu_man's picture

Well, THAT would ensure a guaranteed passage of the pricey JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) project. Would also guarantee funding of the Stealth Bombers, to replace the ancient B-52 fleet (for striking deep into China).

Shit, Bernanke prints more in month than these programs, so what do YOU think the odds are of their passage?

Lots of work for the US, and the makers of the J-10 -- who would benefit nicely from a real field test of their HW.  No wonder Boeing stock did not nose-dive on the B787 grounding!

You get the Big-JPG -- from 50,000 feet?

Son of Loki's picture

I love the ads on ZH.


On one side is "Christian & Single: Find God's match for you."


On the other side is a hot ad showing some Asian Foxes promoting either dating an Asian (in a tiny mini skirt, of course) or chat with a Vixen online.


Sumthin 4 every1


jonjon831983's picture

You've been going to too many porn sites.  Clear your browser cache, cookies, and history.

Orly's picture

Not necessarily.  The algos read what you're reading, too.  In a story about China and Japan, of course something Asian might show up in the ads.

silverdragon's picture

Guess the Chinese will buy even less Japanese products now. Hope the Japanese weren't hoping to export their way out of depression.  All that raping and pillaging in WWII may not have been forgotten by the Chinese. Payback is a bitch.

lolmao500's picture

May not have been forgotten? More like WAS NEVER FORGOTTEN...