Live From DC, It's Obama's Second Inauguration Address

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The crowd is ready; the pundits are anxious; the country mostly watching American Idol on their DVR but in an understated moment in Washington D.C. Barack Obama is about to begin the 57th Inauguration (retail version following yesterday's 'real' version) to be followed, perhaps, by his "I have a drone..." address in remembrance of MLK Day...


ABC's embeddable pre-coverage


This is the White House's live feed...

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and the waters... receded...

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i wonder if BHO will be able to keep a straight face when he SWEARS UNDER OATH to uphold and defend the constitution  ? ? ?

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Strange to see so many people ignoring principles, ethics, and reality just so that they can fill their pockets, go on with their meaningless lives and worship murderous hypocrisy. America is no longer America; its death began with JFK's death and its corpse has been rotting since. It's stinkiest with bush and obama.

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I would argue it began several generations before JFK was even a twinkle in his poppy's eye.

"We have to destroy the republic in order to save it."


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NWA in the WH.  Fuck that shit.

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He just read the teleprompter wrong...he said that America's possibilities are limitless....I think he meant to say America's money printing is limitless.

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Everything out of Obama's mouth was a lie.  I can't believe he said we "have an endless capacity for risk". 


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This would have been the perfect event for the US debut of the flying penis copter.

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I can accept either answer, really. JFK was kind of the beginning of the end, not really the "beginning"... A point of no return, maybe.

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What happenned to Abe 41 days after his second inauguration address?


Isn't it interesting that the movie - Lincoln - directed by Speilberg, was released late in 2012 depicting Abe Lincoln's life. Why late last year -why now? And the movie has a bunch of awards nominated for it.


Also, TIME magazine - Person of the Year -cover of a dejected/sad looking Obama in the non-tradional black&grey cover instead of the usual red. Something tragic coming?


Whats in store - for #44? (symbolically - #44 is no good)


(looks around)



I wonder if hes going to get snuffed out sometime in the next 4 years?

Its happenned 8 times before...almost as if we are 'due.'


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Be careful what you wish for... #2 & #3 [in order would be Biden & Cry Baby]...

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot's picture

I was referring to Lincoln's chances at winning an Oscar. What are you guys referring to?

francis_sawyer's picture

Biden is the Teleprompter's best INSURANCE POLICY that someone doesn't take a plink at him...

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You guys are crazy. Why would the establishment want to get rid of him. he is the best uncle tom money can buy. he has been  toeing with line drawn by the cia, military industrial complex, big bansters.

Now if you looked at JFK who refused to start wars, refused to escalate vietnam. He was a goner.

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Because you think "what comes next" would be an improvement?

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot's picture

No. It most definitely wouldn't be an improvement. Not in the near term. 

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No, definitely no improvement.

In fact, it gets much worse.


All cycling within a 19-24 year period...


Richard Nixon - figuratively died in office

before Nixon, it was J.F.K - died in office

before J.F.K, it was F.D.Rdied in office ( i dont care that it was 'natural causes')

 before F.D.R., it was Warren G. Harding - died in office.

 before Warren G. Harding, it was William McKinleydied in office.

 before William McKinley, it was James A. Garfield - died in office.

before James A. Garfield it was Abraham Lincolndied in office.

before Abe Lincoln - William H. Harrisondied in office.


I'm sure if some of the smart ZedHeds on here were to graph this^ would be bullish:)

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It would be the ideal excuse for a zionist military coup.  The last thing lovers of liberty should hope for is more sympathy going in the State's direction.

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Maybe we'll get a nice commemorative O-edition silver eagle.  That'll be the one and only time you'll ever be able to purchase silver for below spot price.

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nah they only kill the good presidents.

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Current historical and financial problems have more in common with the American Civil war than they do to a World War.  Personally I hope I'm wrong.  There are lots of good people I've met over the years from the USA.  But asking an American to give up their guns, it's just asking for trouble.  It's part of the national identity.  Football, guns, crazy fusion food, cheap beer and nice people with some geniunely weird characters that add to the idea pool.


Again I certainly hope I'm wrong.  I would miss those aspects a lot of the US.

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The problem is who would fight?  The boomers just want to draw this thing out long enough to die happy so they dont want it to happen soon.  X is too old to fight but not wealthy enough to fund it. And Y had nothing to do with the mess and are generally too soft to fight a civil war that they have no immediate gain in (that they are aware of).

Americans are going to sit on their asses and take the bullshit for at least another 20 years unless something blows up big.

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Boomers aren't going to get out of this mess anymore than a kid born yesterday.  There just is no place left to export inflation and interest rates weren't jacked up when they should have been five years ago.  It's just simply far too late to assume printing will fix this.  The half life of each QE deminishing the return by half each time, both in time and return.  Eventually this leads to market compression and it all blows out.


Pop.  Done.  Reset.  Just like the US civil war.  Collapsed practically every currency out there in the US and markets weren't worth shit then either.

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This is how fucko rolls.

hr 347

For one thing, the law makes it easier for the government to criminalize protest. Period. It is a federal offense, punishable by  up to 10 years in prison to protest anywhere the Secret Service might be guarding someone. For another, it’s almost impossible to predict what constitutes disorderly or disruptive conduct or what sorts of conduct authorities deem to “impede or disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business or official functions.”


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I would argue that The Un-Tied States are operating in exactly the same manner, which all States have always operated since the beginning of government. Totalitarian rule by an oligarchy.

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i wonder if BHO will be able to keep a straight face when he SWEARS UNDER OATH to uphold and defend the constitution ? ? ?

He is a liar, and he doesn't believe in it at all.So he is a hypocrite for even placing his hand on a Bible to take it.

When he should use the Koran.(if he were honest).


Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Muslims have a special word for muslims who pretend to be Christians in order to undermine and deceive them. It is highly elaborated. They are a filthy people.

"Taqiyya" is deception by Muslims and pretending to be a Christian can be an act of "taqiyya."

"Falsehoods told to prevent the denigration of Islam, to protect oneself, or to promote the cause of Islam are sanctioned in the Qur'an and Sunna, including lying under oath in testimony before a court, deceiving by making distorted statements to the media such as the claim that Islam is a "religion of peace". A Muslim is even permitted to deny or denounce his faith if, in so doing, he protects or furthers the interests of Islam, so long as he remains faithful to Islam in his heart." (Islam Watch)

"To better understand Islam, one must appreciate the thoroughly legalistic nature of the religion. According to sharia (Islamic law) every conceivable human act is categorised as being either forbidden, discouraged, permissible, recommended, or obligatory." (Islam's doctrines of deception - by Raymond Ibrahim - Jane's Islamic Affairs Analyst - October 2008)

""Common sense" or "universal opinion" has little to do with Islam's notions of right and wrong. Only what Allah (through the Quran) and his prophet Muhammad (through the Hadith) have to say about any given issue matters; and how Islam's greatest theologians and jurists – collectively known as the ulema, literally, "they who know" – have articulated it." (ibid)

"According to sharia, in certain situations, deception - also known as 'taqiyya', based on Quranic terminology, - is not only permitted but sometimes obligatory. For instance, contrary to early Christian history, Muslims who must choose between either recanting Islam or being put to death are not only permitted to lie by pretending to have apostatised, but many jurists have decreed that, according to Quran 4:29, Muslims are obligated to lie in such instances." (ibid)

(Also see

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Generally brothers are too stupid to have any solid beliefs.  Generally they worship twigs and sticks, whatever is close by.  What we have here is a NWA who hates white people.

Disenchanted's picture

Oh I see. Similar to conversos and marranos...

Unprepared's picture

OK. Taqiyya originally means exactly the opposite of what you say. The legalized form only exists in Shiite world. The purpose of which is simple; if a Muslim individual is under presecution risk because of their faith/beliefs, they are allowed to lie (deny they are Muslims) if that saves their lives/torture.


You are allowed to be disgusted by that "evil" behavior if you wish.

duo's picture

did you see how many times he blinked when reciting that part of the oath yesterday?

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He is a noble liar though, swearing over the bible is perfect.  


In politics a noble lie is a myth or untruth, often, but not invariably, of a religious nature, knowingly told by an elite to maintain social harmony or to advance an agenda. 

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Divine right of kings vs. divine right of the majority.

Anusocracy's picture

Actually, only individuals would have rights.

Rights are made up, and therefore, can be unlimited. Like fiat.

Just another con on the masses.

Anusocracy's picture

He is an Alpha-POS.

And 99% of the population is too stupid to understand that.

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If he only would believe in a creator. But the globalist scum believes that only people from yesterday were religious. It's the same with honor. They laugh at normal upright people with honor and a believe in a higher might. They MISUSE it to suggest, as if they would be like normal people are. But they aren't. They have no honor, no faith only ideology. And this ideology is: WORLD GOVERNMENT. We want to control the whole planet.

Sadly people don't recognize these are the most radical megalomaniacs in history. Governing one country, one nation, one people is not enough for their "vision". It must be the whole planet. And to achive this, they play the role of the smiling democratic politicians, while in reality they always wear a big stick behind their back ( (c) Roosevelt).

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"Even as I speak, the stock market is back five year highs, because of the responsibility I have taken towards the economy..."


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I wonder how many drone death orders he signed before his coronation?

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Is that the Koran he has his hand on?

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Can't combine the Superbowl and MLK Day, which would make perfect sense BTW, but we can do the Obama party. OK. No agenda here. No. None at all.

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I just can't wait to see who's dress Chewbacca ia wearing!

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I refuse to watch this abomination. Is the wookie smiling?

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I attended a gun-grab "forum" hosted by some of his North-Shore, Chicago pals yesterday and  we beat them at their own game. We outnumbered them 10-1 with another 500 outside who could not get in. The lies, inflammatory rhetoric and hypocrisy were mind-numbing. Breitbart was there and got it all on vid/audio.

Waiting for them to post it.

Here's their team's spin on it.-