Live From DC, It's Obama's Second Inauguration Address

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The crowd is ready; the pundits are anxious; the country mostly watching American Idol on their DVR but in an understated moment in Washington D.C. Barack Obama is about to begin the 57th Inauguration (retail version following yesterday's 'real' version) to be followed, perhaps, by his "I have a drone..." address in remembrance of MLK Day...


ABC's embeddable pre-coverage


This is the White House's live feed...

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My father was born in rural, coal mining Kentucky with an outhouse as commode and a father who took great pleasure in beating him. My father worked very hard and got a scholarship to a local college and worked his way up to good grades and the Dean's list. He worked his tail off and never mired himself in excuses. His favorite story to tell me was of one of his college friends who came from similar means and had a rough learning disability. They would study together sometimes for 12 hours a day to garner an understanding of their coursework. It paid off for both as they are successful. We reward ineptitude now. It pays more to lay fallow than to "pull yourself up by your boot straps". My father was not a minority so i am sure that helped, but he did everything he could to advance his position in life. America still has great social mobility compared to most nations, but that time is now ending. If people want change, they must achieve it. Nothing is given to you, but now our country does just that. It gives blindly with no reward for avhievement. This must change.

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Balanced and fair

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Mr. President, get to work.

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He will, he'll be working on the 9th hole by 3 pm.

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As the coronation of this puppet takes place, brutal assaults on small businesses across the country by IRS agents in service to the Federal Reserve and IMF overlords are underway. After all, the interest on the $100 trillion debt must be paid by the serfs and just so all the rest of you out there know who's boss, we're going to make a good example of these hard working Americans, just in case anybody gets any funny ideas.

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This is a great day for freeloaders everywhere........

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OH gawd, it's Chuckie the psycho doll Schmuck. Why couldn't that asshole be the victim of an errant drone strike?

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I have lsitened for 1 minute and I already feel physically unbelieveably sick this is just vomit inducing bull shit if the highest magnitude, as they look down on the serfs below.

I cant watch this i just cant it is just unberable propoganda bull shit for the stupid serfs oh my good lord who can watch this seriously.

Its like the end of Indian Jones the lost AArk when they open the Arark and everyones faces melt off and Indian Jones is like 'Dont Look at it'.

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I think I will spend this day re-reading Washington Irving's, biography about George Washington.

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Obama's 1st-Term Approval Rating Among Lowest of Post-WWII Presidents, Only Carter, Ford Fared Worse, Unemployment Rate Same Today As It Was When He First Took Office, Gas Prices Nearly Doubled, The Biggest Spender In World History.

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EH. That's a tired old dog that will barely hunt.

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So you are saying, after you call Obama the shittiest POTUS ever, it kinda loses it's impact?

Maybe. But he's still the shittiest POTUS ever.

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And, yet, he was re-elected.  Isn't that strange?

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Meanwhile, taking a page from his stint at organizing, funding, and defending death squads responsible for the deaths of 4,500 union organizers and activists for his bosses at United Fruit in Honduras, Columbia and Guatemala, Attorney General Eric Holder, fresh from his exploits in the ATF's Fast and Furious Gunwalking enterprise which provided caches of semi-automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels resulting in the deaths of thousands of Mexican nationals and at least three US DEA agents, has gone a rampage in his capacity as AG here in the US. After his protégé and understudy Massachusetts Attorney General Carmen Ortiz, an Obama appointee, engaged in obvious "prosecutorial overreach" in the governments case against Internet savant, pioneer, and outspoken critic of Obama's "kill lists" for American citizens, Aaron Schwartz, he hung himself, conveniently "suicided" at the age of 26. His trial, in which he faced decades in federal prison for alleged theft of documents from MIT, was set to begin next month. 

The same Justice Department overreach was witnessed in the prosecution and trials of medical marijuana growers after raids in several cities in Montana which legalized cannabis in 2004. The growers received stiff sentences of several years and one, Chris Williams, was slapped with an unbelievable 82 year sentence on federal drug and weapons charges because he had the temerity to opt out of plea bargain and stand for trial. Perhaps Williams was unaware of the fact that an equally unbelievable 90+% of all federal prosecutions end in guilty verdicts a figure which far surpasses the conviction rates in the Stalinist Soviet Union of the order of 60+%.

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The Nazis would have been jealous about Obama's propaganda machine. Schmuck Schumer is such a Statist a-hole. I am getting sick listening to this drivel.

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Nice "I have a drone..." Tyler!

That laugh saved me from creating a list of all the things I would rather do today than watch a pathological liar wax poetic while his loyal subjects get frostbite and the tv pundits compare him to Lincoln. So thanks again as I end my rather do than watch inaugeration list with just one entry: slit my wrists

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Battle hymn seems appropriate: The Dictator is about to "loose the lightning of his terrible swift sword" against the Constitution and a formerly free people.

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You guys get the symbolism right? What with Reagan using the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and O chooses Brooklyn TC to do the same song. Actually, it's a clever move, politically speaking. Gotta give props where it's due.

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So which name wi he use swearing in Barack ,Barry ,or Beelzebub.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Or which last name? Obama, Soetero, or Chin?

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His Drone is flying on!!!!!!!!!!

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I wouldn't watch it even if it were his impeachment hearings. I don't care to see Banksters treat the office of president that way. 

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If today was a normal work day there would be 500K-700K in attendance and only 30 of those attendies would be missing work.

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This is the day that marks the culture shift in America.

Two aspects of this day are critical. On Martin Luther King Day one has to remember that his memory, while critically important for civil rights, also has been extremely divisive as indicated by the politics of black culture - with its emphasis on diversity and division rather than unity. King, with his activities outside of marriage, also fits into the implications of the continuing sexual revolution in America as well.

Also, on this day of Obama’s inauguration, his recent conference of the 2012 Kennedy Center Award to the British rock bank Led Zeppelin underscores the abandonment of America’s traditional mores.

Obama conferred “the nation’s highest award for those who influenced American culture through the arts” to the three surviving members of the band – John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant - noting they were being honored because “they made us all feel young” and, more importantly, because they “redefined the rock 'n’ roll lifestyle.”

Never mind that most of their “musical achievement” was plagiarized, or that the Led Zeppelin lifestyle leaves behind sexual mayhem, particularly among the young, or that during the 1970s, Led Zeppelin, “when they weren’t trashing hotel rooms in rock ‘n’ roll’s halcyon days…Led Zeppelin spent its time sexually molesting teenage girls.”

As E.  Michael Jones explains it in Obama and the Shark Episode:  “The simplest way to decipher Obama’s cryptic endorsement is by taking a look at the photo that was taken after the medals were awarded. There standing shoulder to shoulder in the back row were Bill Clinton, Led Zeppelin’s three aged survivors, and David Letterman.”

But, hey, that’s okay. The president thanked the old boys for "behaving themselves" during the awards ceremony. And, oh yes, it was Hillary Clinton who hosted the awards ceremony at the State Department. That’s her sitting in the front row of the already mentioned picture.

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Guy says, "there's no coup or insurrection." That's the problem. #nationaldayofmourning

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If your sick of watching this crap here is a link to the Cambridge Silver and Gold investment conference "LIVE" with investors to come such as Peter schiff and Doug Casey.

Here is the lineup today as its live now


Monday Januray 21st

8:30 AM: Greg McCoach - 10 Reasons Precious Metals Prices are Ready to Break Out in 2013

9:00 AM: Glenn Ives - Tracking The Trends 2013: Deloitte’s 5th Annual Report on the Top 10 Issues Facing the Mining Industry

9:30 AM: Danielle Park - What a Slower Growth World Tells Us About Present Stock Valuations and Gurus

3:30 PM: Peter Schiff - The Canadian Yuan: Why Canada Will Divorce the US and Marry China

4:00 PM: Brent Cook - The One Certainty for Miners and Explorers, 2013 and Beyond

4:30 PM: Thomas S. Drolet - North American Energy Investment Opportunities ... A Detailed Review In The Wake of the 2012 US Re-Election of President Obama

5:00 PM: Chris Lewicki - Asteroid Mining: The Compelling Opportunity and What It Means For Mining On Earth, Today

5:30 PM: Marin Katusa, Louis James, Jeff Clark, Doug Casey - Casey Research  

Lore's picture

Wonder how many attended. The room seems quiet.

The speaker lineup looks interesting. Peter Schiff's catches my eye: "The Canadian Yuan: Why Canada Will Divorce the US and Marry China."  Wonder if he'll comment on the lobbyist frenzy to stop the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

Chris Lewicki on "asteroid mining" sounds quaint to the point of being glib in the current global context.  Asked last year about potential backers, he responded: "The investors aren’t making decisions based on a business plan or a return on investment, they’re basing their decisions on our vision." Where have we heard that before? Even assuming he puts a craft into space with the potential to actually bring a potential projectile weapon of mass destruction into close Earth orbit, what convinces him that somebody won't hijack it? Let's check his progress in a century or so. "Global Warming" will probably be the least of our problems.

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God, he's quoting Alex Haley, Roots no less.

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot's picture

Lol. swearing to support the Constitution. Good one, Joe.

TheVirginian-HGWT's picture

Is he swearing on 2 bibles? WTF?

IridiumRebel's picture

did he just trip on the word "States"?

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot's picture

Notice how Obama choked on his words? He couldn't swear to uphold the Constitution with a straight face. 

magpie's picture

Relax, this is the stage oath

mkhs's picture

And he still couldn't get it right

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Won't suprise me to see a memo to the media saying all media must be censored by the ruler Obama.

irie1029's picture

It is a coronation.

The Second Rule's picture

Interesting. You know Napolean grabbed the crown from the Cardinal at his coronation and crowned himself! Bit of history for you history buffs.

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Lets be honest here folks,

The man is a cunt.  A first-rate, second hand used cunt.  If this cunt told me it was the 21st of January 2013, I would check just to make sure the cunt hadnt stolen my watch.

Bo, you really are a cunt, and the whole world knows it you cunt.

Fucking war criminal, child killing, NDAA signing, gun grabbing cunt.

10044's picture

dude, a little strong but point well taken...hysterical!!

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Fuck that Traitor sell out. It's all over but the crying at this point.

GrinandBearit's picture

Sell out? 

Obomba has always done exactly what his masters tell him to do.