America: This Is You - An Infographic

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Who are we, the people? The following 15 simple charts from the WSJ offer insight into Race, Demography, Attitudes, Sex (not a yes/no question), Politics, and Religion across the unified society called the USA.



Source: WSJ

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I just have trouble with people who preach love tolerance and kindness of their leaders who turn about and in their very own words entice further divisions; racial, political, social, economic....
Like what the fuck are they not seeing?

Blinded by demagoguery.


Like an uber-liberal bud of mine in conversation (we were talking about criminal punishment) said that in select Muslim countries, people have their hands amputated for robbery.  To which I responded that chopping off somebody's hand with a fucking sword does not constitute "amputation".
He got all the fuck upset that I was accusing the Muzzies of being barbaric...

Oh, don't say anything Knuks dear, or you'll get them mad at their stereotypical inferiorities on display.  I for one am just sick of the uncivil behavior, particularly when married to the hypocrisy of political correctness.

Listen.  The uber-liberals keep playing the fucking race card accusing everybody who disagrees about anything not even vaguely related to race as being a racist, pretty fucking soon, people will behave like they're falsely charged out of resentment alone.

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Went to a double-header in Riyadh one local "weekend".

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Mmm reminds me of the wonderful liberal institution put in charge of educating Europeans in the 1950's.

Frankfurter Schule: replace traditional Western ideals of loyalty, honor and family with diversity, self-loathing and collectivism. Freudian psychoanalysis in heavy doses, make the individual feel as if pride in one's history and pedigree is a dangerous psychosis. Turn them against their family, blame their parents on the horrors of the last century, and make them applaud immgration of millions of poor from overseas.

"Racist" is a shut-up word, a blunt instrument used by media and politicians alike to marginalize any challenges to the current status quo. "Soft" totalitarianism. Far more subtle and effective than the USSR's Gulag and psychiatric hospitals, the United States simply runs smear campaigns on heretics.

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"Cultural bias" like say "people clinging to their guns nd religion" from the lips of leader of the "free world"

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"Indoctrination Speech"? Nope, missed it. Move along, nothing to see here.

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In the words of John Fogerty, "it ain't me". You can keep this fucked up society, Americans, you deserve it.

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Should have included how much money each person owes the governemnt.

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The following from a QZ webpage that has pictures of the US from space (courtesy NASA) taken in 2003 & 2012 showing a decisive shift towards a greater fossil fuel based economy. Are we doomed as a planet?

(following from )


That new constellation of lights is evidence of a major shift in the American—and global—economy. They come from the fire of natural gas burning as companies work all night to extract petroleum from the Bakken formation under North Dakota, a place whose citizens now refer to it as “Kuwait on the prairie,” according to NPR’s Robert Krulwich.

This is “fracking,” the controversial technology using water and chemicals pumped into the ground to shatter bedrock and gain access to the surrounding oil and natural gas. While some drillers are specifically tapping gas reserves, others that are going after the oil often just flare off the accompanying gas, because the oil is more profitable. As a result, some 29% of the gas being extracted goes to waste—or rather, into creating this spectacular light show.

Fracking opened up access to previously cost-prohibitive deposits, putting the United States on pace to once again be the world’s largest oil producer in 2017, beating Saudi Arabia. It has reduced America’s energy imports from around the world, setting off a chain reaction of economic consequences that include making US manufacturing more competitive, reducing the economic clout of the OPEC nations and Russia, and even undermining environmental regulations in Europe.

And the race to exploit the Bakken formation has made a boom town out of this part of North Dakota, giving it low unemployment, rising prices and unique business opportunities.

It’s only fitting—and a little frightening—that such huge changes be visible from orbit.

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The planet's going to be just fine.  We, on the other hand, are fucked.

Sambo's picture

If we are not going to survive, we take the rest of the planet's inhabitants with us. Ofcourse the planet will contnue to go around the sun lifeless for a few more million years before it is consumed by the expanding sun.

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completely absurd.  We can in NO WAY kill all the life on earth.  It's not even remotely possible for us to do.  It's the pinnacle of terminal arrogance to think we're that significant.

Look- Chernobyl dead zone is now one of the cleanest, most pristine wildernesses on the planet.  How?  All the humans left.  The flora and the fauna rebounded almost immediately and are in awesome shape.  Species long driven away have returned.

Animals don't live long enough in nature to get cancer and birth defected mutants die young.  I saw a baby buffalo with a hind leg defect while on safari; that thing will live just as long as its mom can fend off predators, which was probably about another day.

You want to ensure earth's future?  Nuke it. 

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The GMS generation....give me sh__

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53% approve of the job Obama is doing and 57% think the country is on the wrong track?  That pretty well sums up what handouts will do for you!

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It's an easy seeming contradiction to reconcile. They simply blame the Republicans.