Boehner 'Back-Down' Or 'Battle-On' - Live Webcast

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UPDATE: He's now over an hour late.

Will the Speaker offer up a watered-down debt-ceiling can-kick extension breaking the spending-ceiling link or will he surprise investors and show some back-bone with a budget-contingent salary-withholding plan? Back-down or battle-on - that is the question. Due to speak at 5ET, let's get ready to grumble...


Full H.R. 325 below:

HR325 by

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Under/over on tears?

Pure Evil's picture

Why anyone is still betting that the Repulicans will hold the line must be taking some powerful hallucinogenic drugs.

Stackers's picture

Think he's aware of the trannies sucking everything today ?

Say What Again's picture

Does anyone have any "Drinking Bingo" cards ready that we can share prior to the epic "speech?"

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Warning! Thread filled with hopium-addicted statist-junkies who do not recognize they're watching a circus, but rather, expect the clowns to lead them to salvation.

Proceed at your own risk.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

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One of these days my SPY and IWM puts will but up over 100,000,000% in one day.... The good thing with options is that the most one loses is only 100% but the gains are infinite. 


Come-on Boehner.... you can flash crash this market tomorrow morning if you want to..... FLASH! CRASH! FLASH! CRASH! FLASH! CRASH! 

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Will somebody please check the hot tub for

prains's picture

....and he stuck in his thumb and pulled out a.......

Say What Again's picture

Boehner is being serviced right now.

You know how we like to be calm when we need to speak to masses.

Theta_Burn's picture

Well someones getting serviced...

After hrs dow just got a Boehner....WTF

Say What Again's picture

"He's late."


The Trannies are having difficulty getting him out of his "restraints."


A Lunatic's picture

Try back tomorrow, when he's scheduled to speak...........

CH1's picture

I'm taking bets on the GOP actually doing anything substantial.

Any suckers... umm... takers?

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How long can the big ratings agencies sit on their balls and watch this go on before one of them has to do something?

I know I know...forever.

Everybodys All American's picture

Republicans have no choice but to let the nation slide and warn that the ratings agencies will downgrade the US again and again. We all know this type of governing is not sustainable but no one can stand up to Obama. The mainstream media just will not hold Obama responsible so they may as well just let Obama have what he wants and hope that when the whole thing goes down they don't get blamed.

Everybodys All American's picture

No I saw that. EJ is a second level ratings agency to begin with and does not carry the regard that the other big three do. However, that doesn't mean that the downgrade will not be politicized and I would bet Obama will do everything he can to intimidate them just like the Marxist he truly is.

SafelyGraze's picture

rule 1 of any security alarm system:

disconnect those pesky alarms

they're loud. and, frankly, kind of alarming

SilverIsKing's picture

The SEC surely didn't treat them like a second level ratings agency.


Pure Evil's picture

They're using them as a scapegoat and definitely sending a message to the other Big 3.

Anyone that disparages The Great One will find themselves suicided.

nmewn's picture

They sure didn't.

On a funnier note, my wife found out why Michelle did the "eye roll" at the inauguration dinner while shoveling food into her face.

Boehner asked her if she needed a doggie


Wait a minute...I completely missed O'Barry jamming TWO fingers up his nose!


El's picture

So. "EJ...does not carry the regared that the other big three do." You mean the other big three that didn't start cutting ratings until AFTER everything had gone south? Are those the "other big three" you are referring to?

I would put my confidence in Egan Jones over the "other big three" any day.

Everybodys All American's picture

Don't get me wrong Egan Jones does very good work. Egan Jones just simply is not regarded the same with the bond community whether we like that or not. S&P, Moodys and Fitch just carry much more weight when they move their ratings.

DavidC's picture

Everybodys All,
If people had read your comment they should have realised - you said second level, not second rate, that's two very different things.


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EJR hushed today.  "new normal".


juicyfruit's picture

they must be getting ready to get  S&P to put the US credit rating back up to AAA, oh, why not make it AAAA+, what the hell.

spastic_colon's picture

maybe equities were ramped today (again) so the repubs had no choice but to concede, niether party wants to be responsible for the first red color in the markets apparently.  There is still a such thing as red and negative numbers right?  Or have I been asleep that long?

Squid Vicious's picture

no you just need to wake up by 10:30 to see any red #'s

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The markets are under the control of the Federal Reserve and its big bank owners.  Since they do not answer to anyone, it is hard to believe the markets will ever fall while there is money to be made.

unrulian's picture

Matter of national security...they are terrorists...or something

Dr. Engali's picture

Two words Fonz...... Egan Jones.

fonzannoon's picture

I hear ya Doc. Egan got tied up and whipped in the back room. He will be away for a while. 

Zap Powerz's picture

The most substantial thing the GOP could do right now is give Obama everything he wants except tax increases.  Eliminate the debt ceiling.  Let Obama borrow all he wants.  In fact, the GOP should out "obama" Mr. Obama and INCREASE spending by 100x.  Write a check to every citizen for a million dollars courtesy of the GOP.  Then the GOP could campaign on the slogan: We gave you a million bucks and Obama didnt!

This is a no lose situation.  If the Kenysians are right, then all that printed money being spent will savel the economy.  If Im right and massive debt is lethal to an economy then it will crash all the sooner and we can get to work building a new nation without as many fuck ups, retards, morons, idiots and statists (but I repeat myself).

fonzannoon's picture

"Write a check to every citizen for a million dollars courtesy of the GOP"

They should propose that just to see Obama veto it and explain why that money needs to go to the banks first and then to the public in the form of debt, not cash. Maybe then all the stupid people will wake up.

kaiserhoff's picture

Me likey.  We too can play the dumb ass card.

JLee2027's picture

If you were a merchant and everyone just got a million dollars to spend, I'd be adding a couple zeros to all my prices. Result: Instant hyperinflation. Which is why all the bailouts are basically electronic and involve changing excel spreadsheet numbers only. Very little trickles into peoples hands and therefore inflation is kept controlled for a time. 

fonzannoon's picture

you would be thrown in jail for price gouging.

JLee2027's picture

Can't be, it's not illegal. Especially since everyone with a brain would do the same.

SilverIsKing's picture

Perhaps a petition should be started asking the Federal government for $1 million per person so they can pay the banks the money they owe rather than give the money to the banks directly.  It's a "win-win".  It will surely obtain the required 25,000 signatures and force the White House to respond.

TheSettler's picture

Takes 100,000 sinatures now

DosZap's picture

 It will surely obtain the required 25,000 signatures and force the White House to respond.

No, the Whitewhorse now makes you submit a 100k petition befre any reply.

Bastiat's picture

I would like my check two weeks before anyone else, please.

Pure Evil's picture

No way we can allow you to profit by buying gold/silver at rock bottom prices before the hyperinflation hits.

Harbanger's picture

"All the stupid people will wake up"?  Really?  Most people don't even understand basic economics.  Politicians have been promising and delivering us IOU checks for our woes for decades, that's just the way they roll.  The national debt bill is now due, bitches.  Blame who you want, but there's no getting around the fact that we're fucking broke.

tango's picture

I could not agree more.  The vast majority of folks have no idea what a deficit is, how much it is or what its consequences are.  This is especially true for Obama supporters who seem not to think about boring things like about long term planning and investment, taxes or saving.  The democrats have drunk the Koolaid, the GOP has a spine of an amoeba and most are too busy simply trying to pay for all the crap they've bought on credit.   Sorry for the rant but the absurdity of all this is too much to take. 

kaiserhoff's picture

Hell yes.  Let it bottom out on Rufus' watch.  Fuck the Dictator.

Zap Powerz's picture

Give him all the rope he wants to hang himself.  The more rope the longer the fall and the more sure of the snap of the cervical vertebra.

FL_Conservative's picture

Given how big a pussy he is, I'm betting on the former.

Pure Evil's picture

How do you trust anyone that willingly plays golf with the enemy (Obama) and knows full well it will be shown on MSM newscasts for all to see.